That's what the note says. That's what I've been doing for countless years now, so many that it seems like my whole life has been spent here. Silently stalking people, terrifying them while they walk among the trees, wondering when I will appear.

Always watches, no eyes.

I never take a break from observation. I am well aware of everyone that enters the forest, and I see all their moves. No eyes… I remember this wasn't always like that, but no one knows this, just me. And it frightens them, the fact that my face is perfectly blank. I can see that in their own eyes when I look at them. My complete lack of expression, of… humanity, is scary for them. They don't understand what I am, and they fear what they don't know.

Can't run.

Nobody can hope to get away from me. They can only run, while I can teleport myself wherever I want to. And that is even more frightening for them, the knowledge that I can show up right next to them.

Don't look or it takes you.

This is the worst of all for them. They can't look at me, or their lives, their precious lives, that which humans value the most, will be gone in a flash. This knowledge is what makes them feel horrified by me, the reason why they run away from me when they see me…

And finally, the worst notes of all, the ones that seem to haunt me wherever I am.

Leave me alone. Help me.

Oh, I wish I could. I wish I were able to put an end to all this, to stop stalking people and let them live their lives, like they want to. Because that's what every human wants, to grow up, get married and get old with a few grandchildren, then die.

However, I can't. I must continue following people, killing them for daring to enter this dark forest in the middle of nowhere. And what disturbs me is that I can't blame them for their courage, or temerity, or whatever feeling it is that drives them here.

I cannot, because I was one of them once. I defied the dark powers of the forest, and came into it without any fear. What could possibly harm me? It was just a couple of trees, nothing special. I could walk in and out with ease.

I was wrong. I never imagined the evil that resided in that forest, kept cautiously away from the rest of the world, to prevent any wandering humans from finding it. But I made the mistake of going there, and I paid the price dearly.

They took my life. They took my body, my friends, my family, my home… everything was stolen from me. I was turned into this monster, and I hate myself for it. But what can I do?

There's no way out of this.

Today, boys and girls everywhere in High Lake are celebrating Halloween, dressed up and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, today's also a grim day for the Randall family, as it's the third anniversary of their son's mysterious death in the Darkwood forest...