Author's note: This is a revised version of chapter one. Please let me know how you like it and if I should continue to revise this story.

Chapter One: Morning Light Flight

The skies were a perfect crystal clear on the isle of Berk this morning and for a certain four-legged dragon, he knew it would be a great flight. As not to waste any of this precious time to spread his wings, he began the usual routine to wake up his partner. He banged on the roof, until he woke up. It seemed to always work and right on time, here he came. The dark dragon hopped off his perch to greet his friend and normal fashion blew some of his bad breath in his face.

"Erg, Toothless! We seriously need to consider changing your diet," the young man roughly around the age of seventeen stated to his closest friend.

Toothless glared at him while growling.

This made the man chuckle, "I'm just kidding bud. Are you ready to go?"

With that said the dragon's personality switched back to his happy self as they both prepared to go for a ride.

It was the same round trip around the island like every morning, but now the young Viking was grown and being molded into the next Chief. This meant that their playful flights were now a chore of checking the safety of Berk. He could not help, but smile as they flew over the forest near Raven's Peak. Even the Night Fury purred remembering the first day they met. Though it was the young Viking's fault for taking down the mighty beast; he did make up those actions by building him a new tail and creating a bond no one could ever imagine.

As they flew over the landscape, something caught the attention of the sleek Night Fury and before the trainer knew what was happening Toothless dive bomb the object.

The teen screamed and pulled on the reins. He even went as far as to mess with the tail just as long as it made the dragon stop, but nothing worked.

Both dragon and rider came crashing into the earth tumbling over one another as the cord that kept them together snapped, sending the boy flying across the clearing. Gaining his bearings, he glared at his dragon who was also shaking his head and stabling his feet from the landing.

"Toothless!" He roared shaking his finger as he went up to his scaly friend, "What in Odin's name were you thinking! You useless reptile!"

The useless reptile on the other hand was searching around for that glimmer of light that caught his attention. When he landed and got up the glimmer disappeared and neither men were focused enough to realize what was going to happen next.

Out of the corner of the dragon's eye, he caught sight of something moving in the shadows of the trees. His slit pupils tried to lock on the thing, but it was too fast moving. Each movement made the dragon's scales stand up and his claws dig in the dirt.

As soon as Toothless' guard went up, so did the Viking's. Slowly the young man moved to grab his dagger that lay resting on his side belt. Before he could even touch the handle Toothless was on his back kicking and scratching at what could only be another dragon.

His green eyes squinted to see what typed, it could be as they fought. When the realization hit, his eyes went wide as he gasped, "is that- another Night Fury!?"

That is when he felt himself being shot back to the nearest tree and a painful pinch in his left shoulder region. His emerald eyes looked over and he choked back a puff of air. There was a dagger in him! What made him worried more was that Toothless was losing his own battle with the other dragon. He was pinned down with the other Night Fury's claws, which were aimed right at his throat. The hesitance in the dragon's movement made the rider believe that tie was waiting for a signal to give the final blow. All Hiccup could do was stare at his friend, while trying to remove the blade from his arm and the bark of the tree.

His eyes unfocused off the scene when the same glimmer that attracted his dragon to the forest floor appeared just around the tree line. Moments later he saw the glimmer disappeared and he saw the shift in the shadows. That's when his own movements froze and a voice shot out from across the clearing.

"What are you doing here?" the voice was gruff mixed with a sweet mellow sound to it.

"I could ask you the same question," he replied. That is when the figure stood up from the trees casting a dark silhouette for Hiccup to see. When peering at the figure he spoke aloud, "a boy?"

The figured walked up to the pinned male causing the trapped male to back up against the trunk, ignoring the pain. Reaching the trapped mouse they instantly pressed the dagger deeper into the flesh as their forearm pressed against their throat cutting off his air way just enough for him to still talk. They lean in close for him to see her feminine glaring face as she spoke, "who are you calling a boy?" Waiting too long for his reply she twisted the dagger a little making Hiccup wheezed in pain. She ignored the same sound coming from the concern beast and moved to the next question rattling in her brain. "Now I will not ask this twice, what are you doing here? And answer truthfully or neither of you will not take your next breath."

He managed to rasp out his answer, "I live here. You're on Berk."

"Try again." She pressed harder on the dagger so the hilt was touching skin.

Hissing in pain as he looked up, he gritted out, "It's true. I swear. There's a town. A village a few miles away from here."

She studied his face for a few moments and watched as he painfully mouthed out a 'please'. After those moments she loosen her arm off his neck and sighed. Her brow scrunched in thought as Hiccup watched in bewilderment. Taking a deep breath she spoke one word, "Sundown."


"You give me 'till sundown to leave and I will let you go with both your lives to your village. Once you do you will never see us again." When he just stared at her, she became frustrated, "Do we have a deal?!"

Even though he was the trapped mouse, he considered the offer. In the end, he nodded in agreement.

Taking that as his word she told him, "Take a deep breath."

He understood her as soon as she pulled the dagger out of his shoulder in flash. He fell to the grass fully as he clutched his bloody shoulder and screaming silently.

Toothless hearing this tried his best to escape to help, but the dragon above would not allow him too. This only made the male more upset. The other Night Fury growled at him to keep still.

With the other two bodies the woman backed up to safe distance, never letting her eyes leave his. With a snap of her fingers the other dragon was off of Hiccup's and was by the female's side guarding her.

The male dragon did the same thing with his rider, helping him to his feet. All Hiccup could do as he stood there leaning against Toothless was stare at the two, mainly the other Night Fury. He noticed that this one seemed slimmer than his; almost smaller, but not by much.

The human noticing that the boy was not leaving glared at him and snapped, "Well, I've kept my end of the deal. Now leave." When he didn't and she was met with his stares, she questioned it, "what?"

Baffled he spat out the words, "you have a Night Fury."

"So what?"

Still perplexed at her attitude, his one working arm went swinging, "So what? Do you know what this means?"

"I don't care," she said.

His jaw went slack at the words that she just said. He was about to tell her why when her mouth opened up again.

"Now are you going to leave like you promised or do I have to make you?"

Confounded by her lack of excitement of two Night Furies in front of her, he blurted out the next thing he thought would allow him to stay, "Hiccup."

"What?" she said in annoyance.

"My name, its Hiccup," he said again this time with a little more confidence.

"I don't care," she said every single syllable very clear and very irritated. "Now you need to go back to that village of yours before you bleed out on the forest floor, like you promise." She snapped her fingers and her dragon and she was walking back into the dense pine trees and shrubbery. The other Night Fury giving Toothless one final glare.

Toothless growled and was about to chase after when Hiccup stopped him.

"No bud, we promised. Besides, I think that girl might be right. I think we need to go back home, I'm feeling a bit woozy." The rider showed this by hopping on the saddle sloppily making the black winged beast worried. He hooked in this prosthetic and both took off back to the village. It might have been the lack of blood, but as they flew the Viking could not help, but be curious about the Night Fury and the new rider.

Author's note: This is a revised version of chapter one. Please let me know how you like it and if I should continue to revise this story.