Dust in the Skies

Summary: When Hiccup and Toothless go on an early morning ride, they discover something unexpected in the forest of Berk. What could this mean for the two and what new adventures will arise with their discovery.

Chapter One: Morning Light Flight

The skies were a perfect crystal clear on the island of Berk this morning and a certain four-legged dragon knew it would be a great flight. As not to waste, any of the precious time to spread his wings the dragon began the usual routine in waking up his partner, bang on the roof until he woke up. It always worked and right on time here, he came. The dark dragon hopped off his perch to greet his friend and in normal fashion blew some of his bad breath in his face.

"Erg, Toothless! Seriously we need to consider changing your diet," the young man roughly around the age of seventeen stated to his closes friend. Toothless glared at him while growling making the male chuckle, "I'm just kidding bud. Are you ready to go?" and with that the dragon's personality switched back to his happy self as they both prepared to go for a ride.

It was the same round trip around their island like every morning, but now that the young Viking was grown and being molded into the next chief their flights went from playful to a chore of checking to make sure the safety of Berk was still in tack. He could not help but smile as they flew over the forest near Raven's Peak, even the Night Fury purred at his rider remembering the first day they met. Even though it was the young Viking's fault for taking down the dragon he did make up for his actions by saving the beast in return and by doing so they both had a bond no one else could imagine.

While flying over the landscape something caught the attention of the deadly Night Fury and before his trainer could stop him, Toothless began to dive bomb the object. The teen was screaming and pulling on the reins. He even went as far as to mess with the tail just as long as it made the possessed dragon stop, but nothing worked. Both dragon and rider came crashing into the earth tumbling over one another as the cord to keep them together snapped sending the boy flying across the clearing. After gaining his bearings again, he glared at his dragon that also was shaking his head and stabling his feet.

"Toothless!" he roared shaking his finger as he went up to his scaly friend, "what in Odin's beard were you thinking you useless reptile!"

Toothless on the other hand was searching around for that glimmer of light that caught his attention, but when he got up it disappeared and neither were focus enough to realize what was going to happen next.

Out of the corner of the dragon's eye, he caught sight of something moving in the shadows of the trees. As soon as Toothless' guard went up so did the Viking's. Slowly the young male move to grab his dagger that lay resting inside his boot. Before he could even touch the handle, Toothless was attack and on his back kicking and scratching at what looked like to be another dragon.

When he squinted to see what typed and both of them fought, his eyes went wide, "is that another Night Fury?"

That is when he felt himself being shot back to the nearest tree and a pinch in his shoulder. His green eyes looked over at his shoulder and he gasped, there was a dagger in his shoulder! What made matters worse was the Toothless was losing his own battle and he was now pinned down with the other Night Fury's claws aimed at his throat almost waiting for a signal to give the final blow. All the poor lad could do was staring at his friend while trying to remove the blade from his arm and the tree.

His eyes unfocused on the scene for split second when she saw a glimmer appear from the tree line. Moment later he saw something move and his own movements froze when a voice was shot out from across the clearing.

"What are you doing here?" the voice was gruff with a sweet mellow sound to it.

"I could ask you that same question," he replied and that is when he figured stood up and when peering at them he spoke aloud, "a boy?"

They walked up to the pinned male and pressed their forearm against his throat along with pushing the dagger slightly with the other. They leaned in close to his face while glaring at them, "who are you calling a boy." They twisted the dagger a little making him hiss in pain along with his downed friend who was just a few feet away, "Now explain what you are doing here."

He managed to rasp out his answer, "I live here, you're on Berk."

The girl consider the new information she was given before saying," if I let you leave with your life will you let us be?"

Even though he was close to losing his life, he did consider her offer. In the end, he nodded in agreement sense it was getting harder to breathe, in a flash the dagger was pulled, and he fell to the ground clutching his bloody shoulder. The woman backed up and he realized he was beaten by a girl, again. She snapped her fingers and the other Night Fury was off his, but neither of them were backing down in their defensive stance just in case they were to attack.

The girl's eyes narrowed at him, "I've kept my end of the deal now leave." She walked over to the other creature to calm it down and he got up to do the same with Toothless.

While both humans were doing so, he took a glance at the girl and he ended up blurting out his name, "Hiccup."


"My name is Hiccup," he said again this time with a little more confidence.

"Nice," she said it sarcastically while rolling her eyes," now be gone like you promised." And she saddled herself on the Night Fury and dashed off into the trees,

Toothless was about to chase after them when Hiccup stopped him, "No bud we promised, let's just go home." The dragon growled, but listened to his trainer after snorting in the direction the others ran off in. When flying home the young Viking could not help but be curious about the other Night Fury and its rider.

A/N: First story for How to Train Your Dragon. The rating may change later on in the story, but for now hope I was right with my information and please read and review.