Chapter Ten: Sleep Over at the Haddock's

There was a knock at his door in the middle of the night and he grumbled about who it could be when he went to answer it. When Stoick opened the door, he saw a young women standing there with her dragon drench in the downpour that was going on in the background. Looking closer at the lady, he realized it was Eira and he rushed both of them inside. She was shivering as she peeled off the fur blanket and handed it to his waiting arms.

"Thank you," she chattered out.

He nodded as he spoke, "let's get you into some dry clothes," and he wondered off into the back of his home.

She only nodded taking a seat on a stool nearby as Dust laid behind her. Stoick came back and handed her a simple white tunic that was clearly made for a male.

"This is all we have, but it will have to do," he pointed out where she could change at and he began heating up some of their left over dinner, mutton broth soup.

The smell of cooking wafted up to his nose waking him up. He staggered down stairs rubbing one of his eyes, catching sight of his dad stirring the cooking pot. He smirked catching his dad eating so late at night, no wonder he was so big. He planned to tease him, "Making a midnight snack dad?"

He moved to answer his son, but his face said it all when he saw the young woman sitting there sipping on the broth in her new oversize outfit. She sat there with her legs as close as she could get them, along with pulling the tunic down trying to cover as much of her skin as possible all while smiling over at their new guest.

"Hello there Hiccup," she made it her same joke with his name again, which happen to put a grin on Stoick's face, "so glad you can join us." She wiggled a bit feeling like she was naked with the tunic coming to mid-thigh. What made it worse was he was blankly staring at her.

He couldn't help it either, the shirt was only coming up to her mid-thigh, if that, and it was large enough where one of her shoulders was exposed. The fire's light glowed off her skin giving it more color than it was naturally.

"What are you doing here Eira," he finally asked after physically shaking he head to get his eyes off her legs.

She sheepishly replied while trying to ignore what he was just doing, "it started to rain and you did say I could stay here. By the way I think I ruined the fur blanket."

"Don't worry about that Eira all that matters is that you are safe," the older male spoke up for his son, since he had trouble forming words at the moment.

"Of course, "the son piped in making Dust roll her eyes," and you can take my bed for the night too. I just have to get Toothless."

She smiled and took a sip of the broth again trying to keep warm. "Thank you, but we'll be fine down here." A shiver ran down her spine as she tried to stop herself from sneezing. Both men looked at her, but she waved them off, "excuse me."

"Are you sure?" Hiccup asked her.

She nodded determined to drop the topic. Stoick on the other hand hoped that he had raised a smart enough boy to do the honorable thing.

"If you insist, then I guess this is goodnight," he went upstairs after that and the chief could feel his face fall in disbelief at his idiot son. He stood up and wish the young lass a good night before heading off to his own room.

"Good night and thank you sir," she yawned out the last part ready to copy the men to her own dreams. When he was for certain she was asleep, he stalked up to his son's room and woke him up with a shove onto the floor.

"Huh? What? Who? Dad?" he rubbed his head.

"You need to grow a back bone," he harshly whispered.

"What are you talking about?" Hiccup wondered what was going through his dad's head along with if he should see the village doctor.

"You're a Viking Hiccup and you can tame dragons enough to ride them, but Odin forbid if you can talk to the opposite sex!"

Hiccup's eyes budged out trying to come up with something witty to say, but failed.

"Get your sword sharpen son or you'll be the last of the Haddock's," his father left allowing him to sit and think about that.

Scratching his head he looked over at Toothless pondering, "What's that suppose to mean?"

The dragon just shrugged not in one bit caring what was going on between father and son in that moment and more concern in sleeping.

The next morning Eira was lying on the floor with Dust as her pillow still fast asleep when she smelt something horrible. She snapped awake yelling, "What's that horrible smell!" When she looked Toothless was in front of them giving his usual morning wake up routine, by burping in her face. She held her nose when he did it again making her scream out, "by Thor's name Hiccup what do you feed him!"

The said trainer was laughing as he walked down stairs his leg squeaking a little as he took his steps. He pulled his fur vest on while talking to her, "the same as always, fish. I know it smells bad but it does get you up in the mornings."

"I'll say," and she waved her hand in front of Toothless to get him away from her.

"So how did you sleep?" he asked while his dragon tried to wake up his female friend up, which only ended up with her swatting him and his smell breath away with her tail. Both teens laughed at the sight.

"Fine," she pushed the sleeve of the tunic up once again and she walked up to where Hiccup was. "Do you know if my clothes are dry?"

He nodded, "they're over where you changed at last night."

She gave a short nod and went to go change. Hiccup went to go get a loaf of bread and when he turned to his left after grabbing it he ended up seeing Eira's back turned to him as she was lifting up the shirt over her head. Now instead of being focused on the fact, she was changing and pretty much naked, he peered at her back and saw a scar and if he had to guess, it looked like it came from a dragon. The Night Fury's commotion brought him back to reality and realizing that he was watching her change, so he ran back to his spot and started to shove food in his mouth.

She came back out and saw him eating like it was the first sign of nurtiousment he had seen in ages, "looks like some one's hungry," she joked.

He nodded with his cheeks full making him looking like a squirrel as he mumbled.

"Excuse me?"

He swallowed, "I said do you want some?" he offered the bread out to her.

She broke off some of his and ate it. After the first bite, she sneezed again.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she smiled," comes with playing in the rain, right?"

They all were sitting down and enjoying the morning meal, they made small talk about what business had to be done for that day. Between all of them Stoick had the bigger plate in that category and left as soon as he could leaving the teens with the home to themselves. It was awkward for the boy since he saw her naked, but he managed to get through it until his father left and he had to dismiss himself to hang out in his room.

She sat there alone now starring at the objects that hung around the place. Eira wonder what to do, but couldn't come up with anything and since the dragons left to do their own thing she really was alone downstairs. It wasn't long until she heard some type of grumbling coming from up stairs and with her boredom and curiosity mixing; she had to go check it out. Climbing up the stairs, she saw Hiccup working hard on something at his desk. She crept up on him and when she was close, enough she was standing over his shoulder.

He was sketching some sort of container, but she really couldn't make it out. What she did discover was that Hiccup was really enthralled with his artwork that he had no idea what was going on around him. "That's really good, but what is it?"

He was so caught unaware that he ended up smacking her right in her face when he jumped. She groaned in pain holding her nose glaring at him, "what the hell Hiccup! You could have broken my nose!"

"What are you doing sneaking up on people!" he hollered back.

She rubbed her nose a couple of times making sure it wasn't broken before answering him, "I was bored and could hear you talking form down stairs. Just came in to see what you were doing?"

He sighed after calming down his racing heart. He then started off telling her about his drawing. She was right that it was a container, but more specific it was a feeding container for the dragons on Berk. Eira smiled at the fact that he really did seem to care for the creatures and that he wanted to make them just as comfortable as everyone else on the island. She placed a hand on his shoulder to get a better look at the parchment. The grin spread on his face when he realized that she was touching him and not in a hurtful way either this time and came up with the notion that he could get use to it.

"Do you need help building it?"

He frowned and shook his head, "no, the people really don't want these anywhere near the village. They're afraid they'll be smelling like fish all the time."

She was thinking for a few moments when her eyes fell on one of his maps of Berks and that's when she beamed, "who said it has to be in the village?"

He looked at her like she was crazy, but when she point out what she was thinking her smile seemed to be contagious.

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