It was supposed to be the worst day of Beca Mitchell's life. Being forced to attend a university instead of paying her dues as a DJ in Los Angeles (a university where her father taught, no less), meeting her less-than-personable roommate, finding out the Barden DJs had nothing to do with music—Yes, it should have been a terrible day. But for some reason, when she laid eyes on a particular bubbly redhead, Beca forgot about all of that. She almost forgot her own name, even, when the breathtakingly beautiful (No one should be that pretty, she thought) girl asked Beca to join her singing group.

"It's all from our mouths," the girl said. For a moment, Beca found herself unable to remove her eyes from the other girl's said body part. Thankfully, her brain recovered and she remembered to play it cool—"Yikes," Beca said, pretending that she hadn't been picturing herself having her way with those lips (wait, what?) just a second before. Feigning disinterest (okay, not completely, because she really didn't care about this a cappella thing) in the two girls' sales pitch (no pun intended), and briefly getting into it with the blond one, Beca walked away. Actually, it took a lot of self-control not to sprint away, out of the activities fair and all the way back to her dorm—her skin felt prickly all over and her thoughts were muddled. The feeling was entirely new and very much disconcerting. Beca chalked up her shakiness to the fact that she had skipped breakfast. That was it—she was just hungry, and her brief fantasy had been the result of hunger-induced temporary insanity because there was no way (no way) that she actually wanted to fuse their mouths together, tangling her hands in those red curls and—"I seriously need to eat something," Beca muttered under her breath, stalking to the campus cafeteria, pausing only briefly to sign up for an internship at Barden's radio station.

Thank God for that internship because, after a few days alone with her thoughts in her dorm room, Beca desperately needed the distraction. The a cappella girl from the activities fair had been plaguing Beca's dreams by night and seeped into her thoughts during the day. Once, she thought that she had seen the girl out on the quad—she hadn't, it was just another girl with red hair—and her pulse had quickened and her stomach twisted excitedly (she really needed to start eating breakfast more often). Anyway, when Beca pushed open the door and was met with that comforting smell of vintage that records seemed to have and the pulse of music, she forgot all about the redheaded girl. She met Luke, the station manager, and Jesse, a slightly awkward fellow freshman who she vaguely remembered seeing in a car on move-in day. Yes, she wasn't thinking about that girl at all until Luke informed Beca and Jesse of the no sex on the desk rule and her thoughts almost immediately made a U-turn, back down Attractive Redhead Lane. Stop it, she ordered herself. You are straight. You like boys (something Beca probably shouldn't need to remind herself if she truly wasn't interested in that girl). She looked up at Luke, almost forcing herself to admire his sandy hair and chiseled physique. Well, she didn't need to force herself that much. After assigning Beca and Jesse the tedious task of CD-stacking and returning to the booth, and an excruciatingly long few hours of awkward conversation with Jesse, Beca returned to her dorm room. She was met with a cold stare form her roommate Kimmy Jin, so Beca slid her headphones over her ears and lay down on her bed, rolling over to face the wall and, consciously reminding herself of how attractive Luke was and definitely not how pretty that girl is, Beca slipped into sleep.