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Chapter I One More

It feels like I have lost this fight

They think that I am staying down but I'm not giving up tonight

Tonight the wall is coming down

I am stronger than my fears

This is the mountain that I climb

Got 100 steps to go tonight I'll make it 99!

One more, go-

Leila yanked the headphones out of her ears and tossed her Iphone on the kitchen counter. Her daily 5-mile run had drained her more than usual today but at least there was a reason. Today was the 6 month anniversary. Six months ago today was the worst day of Leila's eighteen years and jogging into an empty house didn't make the teenager feel any better. She shook the thoughts that haunted her for the hundredth time today and ran the water for a much needed bath. As Leila waited for the water to fill she examined herself in the mirror. According to others she was extremely good-looking, a perfect combination of darks and lights. Her raven colored hair was pulled up into a now messy ponytail with strands of her bangs starting to make their way down her face. Pair of sapphire eyes gazed back at her and were only enhanced by her almost snow-white skin. Leila couldn't help but remind herself that she looked nothing like any of her family members. She scoffed and almost laughed her own stupidity. 'That tends to happen when you're adopted' she thought to herself. Once in a while, she allowed herself to indulge in the fantasy that someone out there saw the same eyes looking back at them every morning; the same pitch black hair and the same pale skin. Again, the teenager nearly chuckled out loud but was stopped by the sound of water overflowing.

"Damn it!" she mumbled and made her way to the faucet. When she stood to start removing her clothing, Leila caught the sliver of a shadow in the mirror reflecting into the hallway of her house. Was someone in the house with her? No, that was impossible; no one else lived here. Leila cautiously took a step outside the bathroom door, paranoia setting in quickly. Had she locked the door when she left for her run? When was that, an hour ago? Was someone waiting for her to get back? A chill ran down the teenager's spine as she grabbed the closest solid object in her reach: a lamp. Leila stalked through the kitchen, painfully aware of the creak each step made on the wooden floor. Maybe if she stayed where the floor was wooden, she would hear whoever it was before they caught up with her. Leila was fairly confident that she could handle any physical confrontation she was confronted with but what if the intruder had a gun? A full ride next fall on a swimmer's scholarship wouldn't guarantee much then. There it was again! The shadow! Leila spun, silently swearing. Before she could complete her turn she was met with a blow to her left temple. She hit the ground before she could understand what had happened. Just as she started differentiating the difference between up and down, she felt a hand close around her mouth. Her eyes shot open only to see a face covered in a ski mask staring at her. Really, a ski mask? How stereotypical.

"Come quietly or we're going to have to do this the hard way." The man beneath the mask growled at her. Which movie did this freak jump out of? Leila replied by bringing a knee to his groin. He rolled off of her and she began to half-walk half-crawl towards the front door. It was 5 PM on a Saturday in June, surely there would be someone outside that could help her. Just as she reached the stairs that connected to the platform where the door was, Leila felt rough hands grab and spin her. There was fire in the intruder's cold grey stare as he mumbled, "Hard way it is" and the next thing Leila remembers is the sound of her bones cracking as she was thrown down the staircase.