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The knock on the front door snapped JJ out of her daydream and she quickly hopped off the couch to see who it was.

"Hey Em." The blonde greeted her friend cheerfully as she opened the door. She hugged the brunette and wondered aloud why she had stopped by.

"I was just passing through and thought I'd say hi." Emily answered quietly, placing a pale hand to her forehead. Before JJ could ask what was wrong, the pounding of footsteps down the stairs was heard.

"Emmy!" Henry squealed as he caught sight of his aunt. The five year old launched himself at her and Emily managed to catch him mid-air as always. JJ didn't miss the hesitation as Emily seemed to put more effort than usual in lifting her son. "Emmy, I miss you!"

"I missed you too Henry!" She placed a kiss on the boy's nose before putting him back down. Will made his way down the stairs and waved at her from the bottom. "Where's Leila?"

"She should be back soon. Come in, let me get some coffee." JJ ushered her towards the kitchen and set a pot to brew. When she turned around she saw Emily rub her eyes furiously and frowned. "Em, what's wrong?"

"Just haven't been sleeping well." The brunette mumbled as she continued to massage her temples. JJ took in how pale and tired Emily seemed and approached her with concern. Placing a hand on her back, she led her to a chair and sat her down.

"How come? It isn't the dreams is it?" JJ was referring to the persistent nightmares Emily had gotten after her ordeal with Doyle but the brunette shook her head. "I'll get you something to eat." As JJ opened the refrigerator door and examined its contents, Emily felt her stomach flop. She stood uneasily and placed a hand over her abdomen. A smell caught her attention- ham, she believed- and sent a wave of nausea through her. Forgetting her fatigue, Emily pressed her hand tightly over her mouth and sprinted down the hallway until she reached the bathroom. She could faintly hear JJ calling after and the blonde's footsteps as she followed but couldn't stop as she lifted the toilet seat lid and emptied what little was in her stomach. She felt JJ pull her hair back and pat her back as wave after wave of nausea left.

"Sorry." Emily mumbled as she rocked back on her heels. JJ handed her a towel as she looked at her incredulously.

"Em, did you go out last night?" the blonde crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"No, no, that's not it." Emily shook her head as she raised herself onto unsteady feet. The pair made their way back to the kitchen where JJ poured her a glass of water and waited for an explanation.

"Well then what is it?" JJ sat on the edge of the kitchen counter as Emily downed the glass in one gulp.

"I don't know. I haven't really been feeling well for days." She explained and shook her head. "At work yesterday I thought I was going to die of a heat stroke all the while planning how to murder Morgan and get away with it."

"So you've been having mood swings?" JJ slowly lowered herself from the counter. "And hot flashes? And random nausea?" As Emily nodded, an idea formed into JJ's head. "Em, when was the last time you saw Chris?"

"About a month ago, why?" Emily frowned, wondering what her current relationship status had to do with the unrelenting bug.

"And when was the last time you…saw Chris?" JJ raised her eyebrow again and attempted not to smirk. Emily caught her meaning and waved a hand in dismissal.

"I know what you're thinking and there's no way-"

"Isn't there?" JJ interrupted, the smirk never leaving her lips.

"No. I mean, well…I don't think…" Emily's eyes widened slowly as realization set in. JJ resisted the urge to shriek as she led Emily to the nearest bathroom and handed her a small, rectangular box. Minutes later, the brunette emerged with a dumbfounded look on her face. "Holy shit."

"Oh my God!" JJ squealed as she clapped furiously and embraced her friend.

"I'm…I'm pregnant." Emily's mind finally caught up with the situation as she stared blankly into JJ's eyes.

"Yes, you are." JJ wondered if Emily was at all pleased with the knowledge and recalled the night she had found out what happened when Emily was 15. "Em…are you... alright?"

"I'm going-I'm going to have a baby." Emily swayed backwards only to be caught. Realizing she had fallen to the ground, she took in the concerned look on her friend's face. "I'm alright."

"Are you sure?" JJ pushed a strand of dark hair out of her eyes and helped her stand. Emily nodded dumbly.

"I'm…more than alright." She looked up and smiled a thousand watt smile at the blonde before returning the embrace. The two women laughed furiously as the excitement settled in, drawing the attention of Will, Henry, and the newly arrived Leila. Will hugged her, a smile adorning his handsome face as he congratulated her. Henry stood passively, confused as to why everyone was so happy but more than happy himself as Emily kissed him on the forehead. Leila reacted much like JJ had; squealing and clapping her hands together furiously while jumping up and down. "I have to tell Chris." The blue-eyed family nodded and smiled as they watched Emily get into her car and drive towards her apartment. They all couldn't help but think how perfect their ending had been.

This wasn't right. This was supposed to be better than the last. She wasn't supposed to give up so quickly. He paced around the room, running a bloody hand through his hair as anger boiled madly in his veins. The blonde had died too quickly, she hadn't lived up to his expectations…she hadn't been her. As Jeremy gazed at the mangled corpse of his victim, he couldn't help but think about her; his Jennifer; how perfectly she would fit against him, how wonderfully the two would collide in a passionate embrace, how their chance had been ruined by that dark-haired bitch. Stepping over the body of his surrogate, Jeremy narrowed his eyes at the shrinking woman who still drew breath. The brunette hid behind a veil of her hair as she trembled against the corner of her prison. He had beaten her previously, enough so that she wouldn't dare oppose him, and now her time was up.

"This is all your fault." He spat at her as she shook violently. A small whimper escaped her lips as he latched onto her dark hair and yanked her forward. Her one eye had been swollen shut, a deep cut ran from her eyebrow to the top of her head, her nose had finally stopped bleeding and her lip had been split open more times than ether one of them could count. The one eye that remained open became wet immediately as she realized what was coming. The deep blue only signed her death warrant as Jeremy tightened his grip in her hair. "This didn't have to happen." He placed emphasize on ever word and drew a large, hunting knife from his back pocket. As he showed it to her, she screamed and more tears stained her once beautiful face. The sound vibrated in the room; not of any concern to the man since there was no one around for miles. Instead, he relished in it since he knew that soon, those same sounds would leave the lips of the one person who deserved it most. He brought the knife down hard and fast, almost laughing in giddy joy every time the tip penetrated the girl's torso. Blood stained his face and clothes as he continued to stab her long after she had died. Only when exhaustion took over did Jeremy finally cease his attack. Standing on weary feet, he tried to wipe away the blood from his face with his blood-soaked hands and closed his eyes. A smile passed his lips as he reached forward and gently touched the picture on the wall.

"Soon." He whispered to it as the woman's blood stained the glass frame. Closing his eyes he pictured the two women he wanted most and almost felt his heart explode. "So soon."

The End