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"I'm sorry, Clare I met someone else." Eli said to Clare as they spoke on the phone during their weekly talks while he was at NYU. Clare let out a small gasps and her voice broke as she said,

"O-ok. Have a nice time with her; bye." She didn't say anything else before she hung up and crumpled into a ball on her bed and cried. She shook and shook as tears flowed down her face as she thought about how Eli could do such a thing to her; she loved him.

Jake was walking past Clare's room, reading a naughty magazine when he saw his baby sister crying. He wasn't much for emotions but he knew when Clare cried it was for a legit reason, not some broken nail or something rediculas.

He walked into the doorway and knocked gently and came in. Clare didn't respond, she just stayed shaking as short sobs escaped her plump lips.

"Clare?" Jake said as he sat on the edge of her bed. He reached over and gently rubbed her shoulder as she shook. She still hadn't responded, and he didn't know what else to do, so he picked her up and sat her on his lap like he used to when they once dated. He looked at her broken face and swept the pad of his thumb under her eyes to retrieve the fallen tears. She said nothing yet, so he kept on holding her.

It had been an hour since Eli dumped her and she didn't have any tears left to shed. She had been in such a saddened daze she hadn't even realized Jake had been cradling her this whole time. He had been a big brother and more this whole time. For once he didn't offer her pot to solve her problems; he offered her a shoulder to cry on and a lap to cuddle on. Siblings or not they still had a friendship stronger than most people realized. They had gotten past the hatred stage, past the loving stage, and now they were on the understanding and friendly stage.

"Jake." Clare whispered as she looked up into her step-brothers eyes. He looked down at her and smoothed her curls and said,

"Yes, Clare bear?" She hugged his torso and said almost non-coherently,

"Eli dumped me for someone else." Jake looked at her with fire in his eyes and gently put her off his lap and shot up off her bed. He grabbed his phone off the table in her room and stomped off. Clare sat there dumbfounded as Jake abandoned her as well.

Jake went into his room and slammed the door shut and called his 'so called' friend immediately.

"Hello?" Eli answered. Jake tried to control his breathing as he said,

"What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick fucker!" Eli let out a chuckle and said,

"I'm guessing you talked to Clare?" Jake grew more angry again and said,

"How dare you do this to her? She was so much in love with you." Eli laughed and said,

"Dude, chill. I only told her I met someone else so I could surprise her tomorrow when I come home. I have something I would like to ask her." Jake let out a breath and finally said after a moment,

"Tomorrow she is graduating, you already broke her… what are you asking her?" Eli stayed silent and Jake gasped and said,

"Oh god, you're asking her to marry you?" Eli let out a nervous chuckle and said,

"Keep it to yourself dude, I am going to surprise her. Now I got to go, I got a flight to catch in an hour. See you tomorrow!" Jake hung up and fell backwards onto his bed, completely forgetting about his naughty magazine. He thought about his conversation with Eli, to the heartbreak of Clare. How did he get wrapped up in such a fucked up drama?

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