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The plane to Toronto took off with ease as Eli frantically looked at his phone. He had an iPhone so it was allowed to be on during flights as long as it wasn't on during takeoff and landing. Otherwise it worked well on land or in the air.

As the light turned off for the seatbelts, Eli turned his phone back on and immediately called Jake.

"Hello?" A groggy man answered. Eli let out a sigh of relief and said,

"Dude, is Clare there, is she home?" Eli asked questions faster than Jake could register.

"Dude chill, Clare is in her room, I can hear her blasting Domino and tossing stuff around." Eli let out a soft laugh as he thought back to the song she was listening to. It was a song both of them secretly loved, it was theirs.

"Jake, please listen to me. Clare sent me a text a few minutes ago and it said she was going to leave tomorrow and skip graduation. I guess she accepted going to some school far away from me and well everyone." Eli felt his heart break as he explained to Jake what Clare had sent him.

"Dude, I hate to say it, but she got into UCLA. She is going there tomorrow, she told Helen this morning, and was planning on going after graduation but I guess decided to go now. She has a full scholarship." Jake explained to Eli the best he could but both of them knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Eli and Jake talked for a few more minutes until the door to Jakes room busted open and a drunken Clare came straggling in. She smiled at him and said,

"Who are you talking to Jake-y?" He looked at her and quickly replied to her,

"Um I am talking to Katie, yeah Katie." Eli chuckled on the other end of the line but stayed silent for words as Jake spoke to Clare.

"What do you need, Clare?" She laughed and lifted up her shirt and said,

"Eli doesn't want me, no one wants me. Let's fuck!" Jake let out a gasp and Eli let out a shrill cry as he shouted into the phone,

"You better keep your paws off my girl!" Eli was furious, Jake was astounded and Clare was stripping. How can this day and night get any stranger?

Jake hung up on Eli after he said,

"I will get her dressed and put in her own room to sober up, you better hurry your ass up as soon as you land you moron." Jake scooped Clare up bridal style and grabbed a blanket to wrap around her nearly nude body. He quietly walked into her room and sat her on her bed and grabbed her pajama shirt and slipped it over her head and tucked his baby sister in. Before exiting the room, he could hear Clare sobbing under the blankets and her whispering ever so slightly,

"Why am I not good enough for anyone?" Jake's heart broke as he heard her sob, he knew she was hurting, but he didn't know what else to do accept walk out of the room. The sight of the girl he once was in love with naked made him want to take advantage of her, and he just couldn't do that to her or to him. Even if he really wanted to.

Eli's flight landed a few hours later and Eli was the first one off the plane. He didn't have any bags accept the one he had as a carry-on. So he quickly grabbed it and darted towards the exit to get to the terminal for taxis. He quickly flagged one down and told him to take him to Clare's address.

While Eli sat nervous and worried in the back seat of the taxi, he couldn't help but think the worst. Did Jake take advantage of his girl? Did he make a mistake for fake breaking up with her all to surprise her in the heat of a now frustrating moment? No answers came to his mind as the taxi driver pulled up to Clare's house. Eli paid him and got out as fast as he could.

Clare was asleep finally in her bed. She was cuddling the lime green monkey pillow-pet Eli bought her and tears were flowing as she dreamt of him being hers again. In her heart she knew she was never going to be the 'Julia' to him that he so desperately wanted.

Eli rang the doorbell once and immediately Jake answered the door and looked at him. His face had a mix of expressions and one of which was anger.

"Move man, I need to see her." Eli demanded as he entered the room. Jake glared daggers at him as Eli started to walk off towards the old wooden staircase. Before he made it up a step he turned around and looked Jake directly in the eyes and said,

"Please tell me you and she didn't do what I think you did?" Jakes eyes popped out of his head and shook 'no' faster than not. Eli relaxed and said,

"Ok, I'm sorry I put you through all of this. Clare didn't deserve such a cruel joke, I just wanted…" Jake cut him off and said,

"Don't explain to me; tell it to the hurt girl upstairs; she was rejected twice in less than twelve hours. She's hurting man, make it right." Eli nodded and ran up to his beloved girl's room.

He slowly turned the knob of the door and saw Clare was stirring in her sleep, mumbling and crying as she held tight to the pillow stuffed animal. Eli's heart shattered as he saw her in this state of mind. All of which he caused.

He walked in fully and shut the door behind him as he walked to her bed. He kicked off his shoes and pulled up the corner of her blanket as he crawled in beside her. He rubbed her curls back as she turned over to face him. She slowly woke up and saw the man who caused all her hurt.

"No, this isn't real. You're not here." She said as she buried her head deeper into the pillow. Eli lifted her up so she was lying on top of him and smoothed her sweaty hair back. He kissed her temple as she finally realized he was here. He was in her bed, cuddling with her.

"Clare, please look at me." He begged. She looked into his intense green eyes and said,

"Your girlfriend is probably wondering where you're at. Please go." She said all without a shake to her tone. It took all her strength to get up and not pass out. Still tipsy from the bottle of wine she stole from the liquor cabinet she threw up all over Eli's shoes.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry." She said, then quickly rebutted by saying,

"Actually no, go to hell Eli. Get out and never come back you sick bastard." She tried to walk steady as she reached the door. She walked out and ran into Jake. He blocked her from leaving and said,

"Listen to him, he needs to explain." She glared but still tried to make her way out.

Eli watched as she struggled, eventually Jake grew tired of fighting with her and threw her over his shoulder and tossed her onto the bed; directly onto Eli to be exact. Jake shut and locked the door from the outside and yelled,

"You cannot come out until the two of you have made it work." And then he walked away; leaving them to bicker.

"Clare, to start off, I didn't meet anyone else; I made it all up." He looked down at his hands as he tried to think up a way to explain his logics without ruining his poorly thought out proposal.

"You have someone else, please just go. I have a flight to catch in…" she looked at her clock on the wall and said, "three hours." Eli felt his eyes start to water and he grabbed her hand and said,

"Please don't go. At least go to graduation." She shook her head and slid on a pair of shorts and slipper as she continued to pack up her boxes for college. Eli sat silently looking at her pack up everything she could in a short period of time before leaving him now for good. He deserved this.

Clare had packed up her desk and when it came to one picture left, she looked at it intently and threw in to the garbage bin. Eli got up immediately and turned her around. She yanked out of his grip and said,

"What?" He grabbed the trash bin and picked out the picture she had tossed. He held it up to her and said,

"Don't you remember that day? That was our one year anniversary. That was the first time we made it past first base." A blush spread across her cheeks as she smiled slightly. She sat down on the edge of her desk and said,

"What are you doing here, Eli? You dumped me; remember?" Eli frowned and grabbed his head in his hands and sighed loudly. He then reached into his back pocket and grabbed a small velvet box.

"Clare, I wanted to surprise you, I wanted you to not expect me at your graduation so I could do this." Eli bent down on one knee and opened the box. He smiled at her and saw her expression change from hate to surprise to love all in a split second. The diamond ring was small but tasteful, it had everything she always wanted in it; love.

Clare stayed silent as Eli gabbed her hand and let a tear slip as he said,

"I have loved you since the day I met you, since the moment we talked. I have never felt this way about anyone, I thought Julia was the one back when, and then I realized that even if she had survived the accident and I had met you, I would still have chosen you. You are the beats to the rhythm of my heart; you are the words that flow out when I write anything good. You are the smile on my face every time we talk. I love you Clare, please be mine?" He spoke from the heart and Clare cried hard as she shook and tackled Eli on the ground. She climbed on top of him and kissed his soft lips and said,

"You're finally home. I missed you." Eli smiled wide and said,

"So is that a yes?" She grinned and kissed him once more before saying against his lips,

"That's a hell yes!"

Jake listened through the door a smile grew wide on his face as he finally saw this fucked up drama finally turn into a fairytale ending. Things may be difficult but they always find a way to work.

"I'm coming in!" Jake yelled as he unlocked the door, immediately regretting his decision. On the floor were Eli and Clare, half naked wrestling for dominance, clothes being flung off quicker than Jake could leave the room.

"Um congrats!" he yelled as he locked them back in and walked away; smoothly slipping his naughty magazine out of his back pocket and returning to looking at the photos.

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