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Black, why does everyone wear black? Why is it even custom to do so? Why call it a celebration of life when it's quite the opposite? Why did he have to die? Ugh, why did my mother force me to wear a white Manhattan loving Prada dress? Oh, that's right, she, nor my father care.

The only good thing coming out of this, is that everything was left to Alice, my beautiful sister, who got out as soon as she was of age.

Envy, is that a feeling you're supposed to feel at a funeral? Because I sure as hell feel it. My sister has her own life, without me, without the monsters we call parents, without regret. Is it normal for me to be thinking about my sister while I'm watching my grandpa being lowered into the ground?

I miss him, god do I miss him. Gramps was the only one that cared, the only one that made my life worth living. My parents are too full of themselves to care, to realize I don't belong in New York. I'm not a snob, I'm nothing like my parents, and I actually have a heart. Right now it just happens to be confused between heartache and envy.

"I'm so sorry gramps," I whispered. My everything— my light on a dark day. He's gone.

I see her, my sister, and I just run.

I run for my grandpa, for feeling the hurt he carried on his shoulders, the regret on his sleeves. Not a day went by that he tried to get my mother, his daughter, to look at me. He loved me enough to make up for the disgust my parents flowed every day.

I run for my sister, for the envy it left me, for the heartbreak I felt when she walked out two years ago. Even for the happiness I feel for her, to finally have her life to herself. For being able to emancipate herself, even if it meant it was impossible for me to do so.

I'm running for myself. Because it's just too much, and I'm left in a bundle of clothes on the grass balling my eyes out. There goes your white dress, mom.


"Bella—Bella?" I hear, opening my eyes slowly, can't they see I want to be alone?

"Why'd you run Bella?" Alice asks, hurt lacing her voice and taking over her beautiful blue eyes.

When it comes to looks Alice and I don't look alike. At least in our opinions we don't. Sure she is two years older than me and her maturity shows more. But her eyes sure are a vibrant blue, so bright you can see them a mile away. Of course they only make her toe-head blond hair stand out even more. She pulls off a Bob haircut, flaunting it well as her confidence emits through her body. I may be younger, but I'm sure as hell taller, thank god, though only by a half foot. However, I only happen to be five foot six. Yay for short jeans.

I stand up and wrap my arms around my sister for the first time in two years.

"It was just too much Alice. Gramps was all I had left, and can you believe what mom made me wear?! I was happy to find a mud pile I could plot my ass in" I all but shout in her ears.

"I can defiantly believe it, image is everything to them. And that isn't true sis, you still have me. I may be seventeen hours away but I'm still your sister, and your best friend. Or at least I was." Alice whispers stepping just far enough away to look into my dark blue eyes.

"But I'm all alone up there Alice. I'm nothing like those snobby a—"

"Your language sure has improved" Alice smirks, dusting off my dress.

"—Snobby people in New York, and Mother wouldn't let me visit gramps more than twice a week. It's a living hell. And I can't leave like you did, even though I practically live alone as it is."

"Couldn't you try and get emancipated like me? The only thing about it that I regret is that I had to leave you, but trust me sis, if anyone knows what you're going through, it's me." She says, tears stinging her eyes.

"They know how to make a judge see that they're fit parents. I threatened it last year, and they figured they're way around me. I'm stuck Alice. I can't imagine this is the life I'm supposed to have. I freaking seventeen years old and I feel like a whiny three year old!"

It's true. I have nothing left to keep my sanity, nothing left to make me feel like the teenager I'm supposed to be. Alice steps away from me and I feel the hurt that's been there for two years. How can I go back to New York knowing everything I loved, and loved me in return was here in Tennessee?

Before she replies, Alice grabs my hand and drags me back towards our parents. I knew this was coming, she has to say hello to her parents sooner or later. I was just routing for the later.

"Mother, Father," Alice nods after we reach them.

They both just stare, as if Alice had grown two heads. She nods to her side, away from the people and our parents follow.

"Bella is coming to live with me. In fact she isn't leaving here. You guys have done enough to me, and you sure as hell have done enough to Bella."

Open mouths—that's all there was, a funeral full of people with their mouths hanging wide open, gawking at my sister, Including myself. Did she just say I'm living with her?

"Alice, you're nineteen, there is no way you can care for two people." Oh my father, the practical one talks.

"Like hell I can't care for two people. I'm the first assistant to the highest paid lawyer in Memphis, and I OWN a three bedroom condo. I am a better parent and more equipped to be one than you guys have EVER been!" Alice shouts.

Yup, my mouth is still hanging wide open, just waiting for a bird to poop on it, waiting for reality to strike. Am I really getting the break I need? The chance to change my life and be the person I know I am?

Just wanted to put a note that each chapter is named after a song that I think matches the chapter or mood as I'm writing it. This one is titled Hall of Fame by The Script because that is the name of the story...and it matches.

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