Hi everyone, every reader, and everyone still hanging in there with me!

I am so sorry for not posting anything, or writing anything! I promise I have a good excuse!

The thing is, I'm currently 16 ½ weeks pregnant. :D exciting news I know! However it was a huge shock to my boyfriend and I and we've been figuring it all out. Plus I am high risk, and no longer able to work. This has changed my life a lot, but we are excited and making it work out. Anxious to find out the sex in three weeks! Basically I have had no energy and every time I try to do something I get very dizzy, I've passed out a couple times and ended up in the hospital. Both the baby and I are fine, and healthy. It just comes down to the fact that I don't eat as much as an average person and my blood sugar plummets. So I've been having to focus a lot on making sure I eat and hydrate enough.

I have been feeling better recently, and with only a couple weeks left of class I'm finally finding myself with the urge to write. So the plan is to have an update to at least two stories! Also I'll try getting all the chapters out that are original to Carpe-deim-seize-the-day for live and learn. I just ask that you please hang in there with me. I have not given up on these at all, and my boyfriend is pushing me to get back into them.

Thank you to everyone still hanging with me, I know I've put you through a lot!

Love always,

The new Mommy-to-be, Markie