Chapter 3!

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The rest of the day for Jack was spent aimlessly wandering around, rubbing his forehead and trying to collate the thoughts in his mind. Eventually, after coming to the conclusion that he was not going to get any further in his decision, he retreated to his lab. He was grateful the Xiaolin monks had not been privy to his current work space, as it was not a place he shared with anybody.

He walked in and ordered the music-bot to put on his work playlist, comprised of all his favourite rock songs. He sneered at the first song "Next." The second song proved more fruitful as he shrugged in compliance and walked over to his workbench. He took a deep breath in and began tinkering with one of his latest creations. He pursed his lips, brought his goggles to his eyes and began welding two large sheets of metal together.

He knew he always had an affinity for metal. He knew it from the very first time he turned his mother's juicer into a blade shooter. He sighed heavily and looked at the wall opposite to him, searching for answers. He'd never been able to create metal, as he would've thought he could as the supposed 'Dragon of Metal'. He silently scoffed at the name. What kind of Dragon was that? How lame!

He'd always been resourceful and clever, and these skills only seemed to improve with time, but they proved useless in this situation. He just could not fathom being good. Truth be told, he had left his evil days behind, and resolved himself to being neutral, but good is not something he had really considered in the long term. He didn't know if he could stick out the trials of being good. Not to mention, who would take over running his parent's company?

There was a problem. In the years since Jack's parents had died, he had taken over the company. He had done wonders with it, and although it was successful when his father ran it, it had profited a hundred fold with Jack at the helm. He had grown to love his company, and being the head creator for their inventions certainly kept his interest. He was sure the board of directors would be all to happy to take over from him, but he was not sure they would allow him back, if he did come back. No, he needed someone with some experience. Someone he could trust. He had no idea of anyone who fit these criteria. He sighed and resigned himself to giving control to the board of directors.

Jack removed his goggles from his eyes and laid them atop his head. Usually, tinkering in his lab would have removed him from reality for a while, however it had done absolutely nothing of the sort.

"Music-bot, songs off." He said as he walked out of the lab.

He looked up "Clock-bot, what's the time?"

A robot appeared from a cavity in the roof and came to his eye level "The time is seven thirty-eight Jack!"

Jack grunted in acknowledgement. "Bath time then. Jack bots!"

Immediately, two Jack-bots whizzed down the hallway toward Jack "Yes Jack?"

"I think it's time for a neutral genius bath!" Jack beamed at his robots

They wordlessly flew into one of the bathrooms in the hallway and began running the tap, filling up the bath.

"And Jack-bots, I'd like bubbles this time!"

Once the Jack-bots had finished running the bath and added the bubbles to it, Jack walked into the bathroom. "Thanks Jack-bots, I can take it from here."

The Jack-bots whizzed out the door and into the hallway, no doubt to go clean something up. Jack shut the door behind them and sighed as he peeled his singlet off. He dumped it on the floor next to the sink and observed himself in the mirror. Finally having left his teenage years, he had put on some bulk. He wasn't muscle bound by any stretch of the imagination, but he was satisfied with the muscles he had built on his arms and chest.

He removed the rest of his clothing, dropping it on the floor and stepped into the warm, bubbly bath. He lowered himself down and submerged his body in the water.


He lay his head against the side of the bath and closed his eyes. He absorbed the relaxing nature of the bath, it seemed to clear his head. Reflecting on the unproductive day, he pursed his lips. Did he have to save the world? Was that really something someone should be able to ask of a super genius? What if he died? He shuddered at the thought of having to leave his beloved technology behind.

Of course, he had only been wrestling with himself so much because he already knew the answer he had to give.

"Though" He mused "I'm not just going to give them my allegiance. They'll need to offer me something in return!"

On the outskirts of a large cave, three beings watch the darkened valley below. The first, a tall, dark haired man, and standing next to him was a woman with large, maroon hair. In her arms, she held a baby girl with dark lines painted under her eyes.

Chase turned to Wuya "Something is different. The monks have found the final Dragon"

"Hmm. We may have to do something about that." Wuya replied.