My dear Augustus Waters
Fearful of oblivion
The quintessential smoker
Of cigarettes unlit

You carefully disarmed me
With honorably broken trophies
And beautiful blue eyes
Your dashing crooked smile

When you marvel at
airplane windows
how am I to keep from
marveling at you?

I kissed you in Amsterdam
But you know I'd do it
Anywhere at all in the world
Wish-granting factory or not

The way I fell for you
You would have thought that I
Had been the one without
The better set of limbs

First thing you ever said to me
Was that I was something else
I never told you this, Gus,
but you were something like no other

And if life throws grenades
It's best to stay in the way
I paid the price of dawn
For this imperial affliction

True to my word,
I write you no poetry
Only the narratives
Of our terminal love

A/N: I really liked writing this, although for some reason I want to add to it and write more! I'm happy with the end result, though, so I might just produce more poems related to TFiOS. I hope it was good! And I know, I know. I'm the worst. I haven't updated Augustus and Hazel's Absolutely Okay Afterlife in two months. I've written a couple words for chapter five, but for some reason I keep getting stalled. I have the lamest of reasons: I went to a couple of concerts, I got post-concert depressed, then I ended up writing like 448230948920 poems and almost no prose. BUT! I am not abandoning the fic. I have a lot more to do with it, and I plan to see it through to the end! I'm so sorry about sucking at updating; in the six years I've been on this site, it's happened to me a lot.

Here's a promise: Chapter five will not take three months to be posted. Just stick with me and wait a little longer! I appreciate the reviews so much. Thank you!