Truth or Dare
By Misha

Disclaimer- Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling and is not mine, however much I might wish differently. However, I am not making any money off of this, so please do not sue me!

Author's Notes- This is the sequel for 'Spin the Bottle' that people kept asking me for. Took me a long time to get it written, but here it is. This is set at the end of a non-cannon version of the sixth year since I started this before Order of the Phoenix came out. It follows sometime after the events of 'Spin the Bottle', so you might want to read that one first. This is basically just cute teenage fluff and is not meant to be at all serious. I based the behaviour of the characters in this on my own memories from being that age. Well, that's all, enjoy!

Pairing- Draco/Harry, Minor Seamus/Ginny, Dean/Blaise, Ginny/Blaise, Ron/Seamus, Harry/Pansy, implied Harry/Hermione.

Summery- Sequel to "Spin the Bottle". The gang gets together for a simple game of 'truth or dare'.

Rating- PG-13

Spoilers- Up to "Goblet of Fire".

"No, no, no." Ron stated determinedly. "Last time you were in the mood to play a game, my lips touched Justin Finch-Fetchley's. I'm still trying to recover."

"It wasn't that bad." Hermione told him, her hands on her hips. "Besides, we're not going to be playing 'spin the bottle' tonight."

"What are we playing?" Harry asked calmly.

"Wait and see." Hermione told him mysteriously. "Now come on."

With a sigh, Ron gave in and followed Harry and Hermione to the girl's dorm. This time, everyone else was already there.

Harry sat down next to Draco and then leaned over to give his significant other a light kiss.

"Eww!!!" Ron exclaimed. "Can you guys not do that? I'm trying to live in denial about your relationship."

"How's that working for you?" Draco asked sarcastically, as he gave Harry an affectionate pat on the hand.

"Better when you're not around." Ron shot back.

Draco was about to retort when Harry shot him a look.

"Play nice." He warned Draco and then turned to Ron. "That goes for you too."

They both made faces, but were silent.

"So what are we playing?" Harry asked Hermione.

She grinned. "I thought we'd play 'Truth or Dare'."

"Wonderful." Ron muttered sarcastically, but Hermione shot him and glare and he shut up.

"I'll go first." Lavender declared. "Draco, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Draco stated calmly.

"When did you first realize you had feelings for Harry?"

Draco smiled. "After the first task during the Triwizard tournament." He answered softly. "It took me a lot longer to come to grip with them, but that was the first moment I had to admit to myself that I cared about Harry."

Harry smiled. "Aww." He said softly, leaning over to kiss Draco gently.

Ron made a face, but didn't say anything.

"Draco, your turn." Lavender said with a smile.

"Play nice." Harry admonished, seeing Draco's gaze land on Ron. Draco made a face, but turned to Ginny instead.

"Ginny, truth or dare?" He asked wickedly.

Ginny looked at Draco, then at Harry, and then back again and blushed. "Dare."

Draco grinned. "I dare you to kiss Blaise for 30 seconds."

Ginny blushed and looked over at the Slytherin girl. Blaise just smiled and beckoned Ginny to her. Nervously, Ginny went over and kissed Blaise. Draco kept watch, until finally 30 seconds were up. The two girls parted. Ginny's face was as red as her hair, while Blaise looked unaffected.

"Not bad." She told Ginny with a smile. "Too bad you're so obviously straight, 'cause you're cute."

Ginny blushed even redder.

"Your turn, Gin." Hermione said, glaring at Draco.

Ginny looked around. Her eyes landed on Parvati. "Parvati, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Parvati said matter-of-factly.

"I dare you to owl Professor Snape a love letter." Ginny said with a grin.

Parvati stared at her in horror, while everyone else burst out laughing.

"Fine." Parvati muttered, she got up and got some parchment. She wrote out the letter, with everyone else giving her tips. Finally, she got up and took it out to the owlry. Everyone followed her to make sure she actually sent it.

Once she was done and they were back in the dorm, Parvati looked straight at Hermione. "Hermione, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Hermione answered after a long moment.

"Are you a virgin?" Parvati asked. "And if you aren't, who was your first?"

"That's two questions!" Hermione protested.

"So?" Parvati asked unrepentantly. "What's the answer?"

Hermione blushed and turned away. "No." She muttered finally. "I'm not a virgin."

Most of the people in the room stared. They hadn't been prepared.

"Who?" Lavender asked.

Ron was thunderstruck, just staring at Hermione.

Hermione bit her lip. "Harry." She said finally.

"Harry?" Parvati repeated. "But, he's gay!"

"Bi, actually." He answered. "I'm attracted to women too, I just happened to be in love with a guy."

Draco smiled at his lover, totally unaffected by Hermione's revelation as he had already been informed.

Ron looked torn between anger and hurt as he stared at his two best friends. Ginny looked a little hurt as well, but not devastated by any means.

"When?" Padma asked curiously. Hermione smiled. "That's an extra question."

Padma, Parvati, and Lavender all made faces, but nodded.

"Hermione, it's your turn." Parvati told her.

Hermione looked around the room. "Blaise, truth or dare?"

"Truth." The Slytherin girl said without pausing.

"Are you really bisexual?" Hermione asked. "Or do you just like to freak people out?"

"I'm bisexual." Blaise answered calmly. "Most Slytherins are." "Big

shocker." Ron muttered sarcastically.

"Weasley, truth or Dare?" Blaise asked, looking straight at Ron.

"Dare." Ron answered uncertainly after a few minutes.

Blaise grinned. "I was hoping you would say that. I dare you to kiss any guy here, it's your choice, for 30 seconds."

Ron looked horrified as he scanned the room. He looked at Neville, then turned away. Same with Justin. He glanced at Harry, but Draco glared at him and he quickly turned away. Blaise gave him the death glare when he glanced at Dean.

Finally he looked at Seamus. Seamus looked slightly put out, but finally nodded.

Ron leaned over and kissed Seamus. As soon as the thirty seconds, the two boys jumped apart.

"Are you done kissing my boyfriend?" Ginny asked in mocking tone, wrapping her arms around Seamus.

"Oh, yes." Ron said with a shudder. "I never want to do that again."

"Strange, I enjoy kissing Seamus." Ginny commented, pretending to be puzzled.

"You've spent too much time with the Slytherins." Ron muttered.

His sister just grinned.

Ron looked around. "Lavender, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Lavender said after a moment. "Is it true that you have a crush on Professor Lupin?"

Remus had been reinstated as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Lavender blushed. "Maybe." She admitted.

Harry made a face at the confession. He just found it strange that one of his friends had a crush on his parents' friends.

Lavender's eyes lit up. "My turn!" She looked straight at Harry. "Truth or Dare?"

Harry sighed. "Truth." He said, even though he knew what she would ask. He'd rather that than whatever dare she was sure to come up with.

Lavender grinned. "When did you and Hermione sleep together and what were the circumstances?"

"Last summer." Harry said, referring to the summer before sixth year. "I spent part of the summer at Hermione's remember? Anyway, as we spent all that time together, one thing led to another and we ended up together. It was just a summer thing and we agreed not to tell anyone about it, since we decided that we're better off as the best of friends."

Harry looked at his best friend and smiled. Even though things had not worked out for them in a romantic sense, he still cared about Hermione deeply and in a way he was glad that she was his first. She meant more to him than anyone else in the world except for Draco.

She returned his smile and he knew that she felt the same way that he did.

Harry looked around the room. "Padma, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Padma said without hesitation.

"If you could sleep with anyone in this room, who would it be?" Harry asked, wanting someone else to be on the hot seat.

Padma glared at him and then looked around the room. "Draco." She said finally.

"You've got good taste." Harry said with a grin, not the least bit jealous.

"Thanks." Padma said, before turning to Pansy. "Pansy, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Pansy said quickly, glancing at Harry.

Harry knew that the Slytherin girl still had feelings for Draco and was uncomfortable at the idea of having to confess though feeling's in front of Draco's boyfriend.

Padma paused, obviously trying to think of a suitable dare. "I dare you to kiss the person of your choice for 30 seconds." She said finally.

Pansy glared at her before glancing around the room. She didn't even look at Draco, instead her gaze landed on Harry.

She stood up walked over to him and threaded her arms around his neck and kissed him. It was a pleasant kiss. Nothing on Draco's of course, but not bad.

When it was over, she shrugged apolgetically. "Sorry about that." She said, before sitting down.

"It's okay." Harry answered as Draco grinned and wrapped his arm around Harry's waist. He snuggled against Draco and looked at Pansy.

"Your turn."

Pansy surveyed the room at large, trying to pick a victim as the game went on and Harry enjoyed his time with his lover and his friends.

The End