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A/N: For those that have read my Kate/Bella story, I just want to let you know that I decided to go back and re-write the ending. I just don't know when I'll do that; for all I know it could take a year before I go back and fix it.

Summary: Bella's mom died in labor and her dad blames her. Since her mom's death, Bella's dad has been distant and uncaring. As Bella grew older, Charlie became more abusive. By the time Bella is a senior in high school, Charlie is psychically abusive. When the Cullen's move to town they turn Bella's world upside down. Two Cullen's in particular have made it their goal to save Bella.

Warning: Alice's visions go into play a lot in this story. So far I've decided to keep this strictly in Bella's PoV, so you won't always see/read the visions. Even though this deals with Bella being abused, I won't go into detail about it because I just don't want to write that.

A/N 2: In my previous stories I've always made it clear I really hate Edward; in this story I'm going to give him a break. The only reason I'm doing this is because I really doubt Edward would do anything to upset Esme, including being rude to her mate.

I've been waiting in my room patiently for Charlie to leave. Just like he likes it, I made his breakfast before he woke up and then went straight to my room. Charlie doesn't like to have to deal with me in the morning before he has a chance to wake up; which I can understand.

The slamming of the front door let me know that Charlie has finally left for work and that it's safe for me to leave my room. I go straight towards the kitchen to see if there are any leftovers for me to eat, which there are this time. I ate what was left, which was a little bit of eggs and some crust from bread that Charlie must not have wanted to eat this morning.

I spend the next half hour cleaning the kitchen and the living room from where Charlie spent all night drinking and watching T.V. This has been my morning routine since I can remember. It's my job to clean and cook for Charlie, which I think is fair. He goes all day to work as the Chief of Police of Forks, he puts his life on the line for our town; this is the least I can do. I have to make sure I clean and cook correctly though because if I mess something up, Charlie won't hesitate to remind to do better next time.

After I clean up breakfast and the living room I would usually just clean the rest of the house and wait to cook dinner for Charlie, but today is different. I start my senior year of high school tomorrow, so I have to go get school supplies. Charlie was nice enough last week to give me some money to get supplies, so that's what I'll do before I clean the rest of the house.

Charlie doesn't like it when I go to school. He says that it's just a waste of time and that if I didn't legally have to go, he would just keep me home. He says that since all I'll ever do with my life is stay at home and clean and cook for him, there's no point for an education. I personally think that he just doesn't want me to go because he's afraid that someone will see my bruises.

I'm not stupid like he thinks I am; I know that normal parents don't hurt their kids like Charlie does. The problem is, is that I just can't bring myself to tell anyone; not that anyone would listen in the first place anyways. Charlie is the Chief of Police; he has too many connections to get out of trouble if I were to report him to someone. Plus, if he were to find out that I reported him… I don't even want to think about how much pain I'll be in.

The best I can do is just hope that someone notices; but I doubt that will ever happen. Thanks to Charlie, I have no friends at school. I'm actually the go to person to pick on when you're bored. I've already accepted this life that I've been dealt, I just have to survive the best I can.

With Forks being a small town, walking to the store doesn't take too long. As long as I don't get too many items, I'll have no problem carrying it all back to the house. I've gotten good at knowing what is too much for me to carry and what isn't, all the way down to what specific combination of items will work. Charlie never gives me a ride and he would never even dream of letting me get my license and since I'm the one that does all the shopping, I had to learn what I could and could not carry.

Because I'm shopping so early, the story is practically empty, which is what I like. Shopping early means that I don't have worry about running into anyone from school. Normally Charlie sends me to the store after dinner, but because this trip is a unique one, I get to go early before I'm sure any of my school mates are even awake. Unlike my past morning shopping trips, this time I see an expensive looking car parked in front of the store. I couldn't tell you what the make or model is, but I can tell that this isn't from any of the normal Fork's vehicle's I've ever seen. I wonder if this means either someone got into some money somehow or we have new people.

I quickly put the new car out of my thoughts, it's none of my business and I have no way of figuring it out anyways. It's not like I can ask Charlie or even anyone at school. So I just enter the store like normal, grab a hand cart and head straight to the school supplies area to get my things.

My plan was to get in the store, find everything I need and then get out as quickly as possible. Even though Charlie let me leave to get school supplies, I still have to have everything cleaned for him and have dinner cooked. I was completely lost in the world of picking out my supplies that I didn't notice anyone else in the isle until I bumped into them.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." I said, quickly putting distance between myself and the hard body as a reflex while avoiding eye contact.

"It's all right dear, are you alright?" The woman asked.

I finally found the courage to look at the person I had bumped into. Her voice sounds so warm and inviting that it's almost impossible to not want to look at the woman.

I quickly found myself looking into the most amazing pair of honey colored eyes I have ever seen. I don't think I've ever seen a shade of eyes like hers. They seem to radiate warmth just like her voice did. I actually had to struggle to be able to answer her.

"I'm fine yes, thank you." I said as politely as I could; Charlie wouldn't expect anything less.

"Are you sure? I would hate to see you hurt and I didn't do anything about it." The woman said, making my face flush a little at her unexpected kindness.

If I didn't know better I would have thought this woman knows about the bruises I'm currently sporting from Charlie; but that's impossible. I always make sure to wear long sleeves and pants and Charlie never leaves a mark where someone might see it. We're careful that way.

Her questioning though is making me nervous. Charlie has ears and eyes all over this town. I'm not sure how he finds out, but he always knows everything, especially when I do something that I'm not supposed to do; that includes talking to adults outside of the classroom.

"I'm fine, I promise. I'm sorry again for bumping into you, but I have to go." I said quickly while taking small steps backwards to hopefully show that I want to leave.

"Well, if you're sure, I would hate to hold you up. But if you need anything, let me know, my name is Esme Cullen and I'm sure I'll be seeing more of you." Esme said with a gentle smile that made my face flush again.

I'm not sure what she means by she'll be seeing more of me because in all honesty I'll be ignoring her. Even though for some reason I find that I want to spend time with her, I know Charlie won't allow it, so I can't.

I only nod to her in response and then make my escape to the checkout. I paid for everything as quickly as I could and then walked home in record time. Hopefully Charlie won't find out that I talked with anyone and tonight will only involve me sitting in my room waiting for Charlie to pass out from drinking before going downstairs to eat the leftovers and clean the kitchen.

I just hope he passes out early so that I can get enough sleep for tomorrow. It is the first day of school, I don't want to get in trouble for sleeping in class so early in the year.

A/N: So, I'm not used to writing like this at all. By that I mean that I'm not used to writing about anything dark like this. I hope that I wrote Bella as a believable abuse victim. I've always pictured Bella being in an abusive home situation and Esme or Rosalie coming to the rescue. I still haven't decided if this will be Bella/Esme/Rosalie or just Bella/Esme and just have Rosalie be really close to Bella. I have a poll up on my profile; I'm kind of leaning towards the B/E/R, but still haven't decided.