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If it wasn't for the years of practiced I had thanks to Charlie, I would have woken up screaming. I learned quickly as a little girl that Charlie didn't like to be woken up in the middle of the night, especially not because of me screaming for no reason. I had always had nightmares, and I assume I always will, but when I was around ten, they got a lot worse and I ended screaming myself awake. Charlie taught me real fast to not do that; after a week of him teaching me what happens when I scream and wake him up, I finally learned to at least muffle my screams by subconsciously laying on my stomach and using the pillow to muffle the sound. Eventually, when I was much older, I had all together stopped screaming; on the rare times I did, usually after a particularly brutal reminder from Charlie to not do something, I would scream from my nightmares; thankfully I always used the pillow to muffle the sound.

This time, just like many times before, I found myself waking up from the sounds of my own screaming. I didn't even remember what I had been dreaming about, but I had definitely frightened me. Usually, it took me a while, sometimes up to even an hour, to calm down enough to climb out of bed and begin my day, no matter how early it was. After waking up from a nightmare, especially one that had me screaming, I was never able to fall back to sleep again and soon found it pointless to even try. So I would do chores or study until I had to cook breakfast for Charlie.

This time though was a lot different than any other time. I didn't wake up to find that I had subconsciously burrowed into my pillow, but instead my head was buried in the crook of someone's neck. I felt cold arms, abnormally cold arms, wrapped around me and I was practically laying on top of them. Actually, as I became more aware of my surroundings, I found that I actually was lying on top of them. They had one arm wrapped around my waist and the other was gently stoking my hair. At first I wanted to panic because there was a stranger holding me and I didn't really like that at all, but once I actually heard their soft words, I finally realized who it was.

Rosalie was holding me tightly to her and she continuously whispered comforting words into my ear that helped to calm me down more than I ever thought simple words would. I had never had someone that helped calm me down after a nightmare, I really liked it.

I had to remember though, this is Rosalie, just a friend; a really new friend at that. I shouldn't have let her see me like that. I shouldn't have let her see me break down, Charlie would have been so disappointed and more than likely mad about it. I've never actually had a friend before, but I'm pretty sure friends weren't supposed to break down on each other after knowing them for less than a month.

"I'm sorry." I finally managed to mumble as I tried to pull away from Rosalie. She kept her arms tight around me though and I couldn't even make her budge a little. Instead of Rosalie answering me though, another occupant of the room did, and I didn't even realize she was in here.

"It's okay Bella. Are you feeling better at all now though?" Esme asked as I felt her sit down one the bed next to Rosalie and I and I felt her head rub my shoulder.

I couldn't help but relax further into Rosalie from having both of them here to comfort me. I didn't know I could ever be this calm after a nightmare; but with both of them here, it was practically impossible not to be.

I tried once again to move away from Rosalie, I still felt uncomfortable lying on her. I may not have had much experience with how friends behave with one another, the lack of friends I have had helped with that, but I did know that people that barely know each other don't just lie on each other in bed.

"You're fine Bella, I promise." Rosalie said, once again gripping just slightly tighter to keep me near her. She did though allow me to roll off of her to lie next to. In the process of rolling off of her, she turned as well so that we were facing each other while lying on our sides. She kept her arms tightly around me and I kept my hands very awkwardly at my sides.

"Do you think you can manage to go back to sleep? It is still very early." Esme said from her spot behind me.

I almost couldn't answer because of the trance I was put in from looking at Rosalie. I couldn't tell exactly what kind of pajamas she was wearing, but from lying on her, I could tell they were very nice ones. Her hair seemed almost like she hadn't been just sleeping, but it was still slightly messed up, so maybe she was just very lucky to not be the kind of person to move a lot in their sleep. Her eyes though, they were a bright golden color and even though I had known about her, and actually her whole families, odd eye color, I was still stunned by their beauty. I had never seem them this close before and I hadn't thought they could look any prettier, I was definitely wrong.

"Um, what time is it?" I finally managed to ask as I continued to look into Rosalie eyes, almost like I couldn't look away.

"Nearly three in the morning dear." Esme answered.

I would be going back to school today. Both Esme and Rosalie had suggested that I should take more time away from school since I did just suffer a huge loss. Even Carlisle offered to write a doctor's note if I wanted so that I could stay home; but I didn't want to. There would have been nothing for me to do at home except clean and foolishly think Charlie would be walking through the door any second to yell at me. I didn't want to deal with that. Going to school would help get me back on schedule and keep my mind busy, hopefully.

Normally on school days I would wake up much earlier than what I would think my peers would think is normal because I would do some chores and any leftover homework before starting on Charlie's breakfast. I didn't have to do that here, at least Esme and Rosalie wouldn't let me. I had never really had the chance to sleep in except for when I couldn't physically get out of bed.

"You still have a few more hours left before you have to get to get ready." Rosalie said, like she had sensed my internal debate.

"I guess, I'll go back to sleep then." I said, hoping that with agreeing to sleep again, even if I knew I would just end up staring at the ceiling waiting to hear the rest of the Cullen children to wake up so that I could leave the room, Rosalie would take the hint and go back to her room that I happened to know was just down the hall.

"Good." Rosalie said as she nuzzled her face into the top of my head and I swear I felt her place a soft kiss there, but I'm sure I just imagined that.

"Shouldn't you um, go back to your room." My voice faded with each word that came out of my mouth in fear that I would upset Rosalie. Both she and Esme had told me numerous times that it was okay to say what I was thinking because they truly wanted to know, but I can't help but be afraid to do that in case I offend or anger them. I'm just getting used to calling them my friends, I didn't want to lose that.

"Well, I'm already here, I hope you don't mind if I stay." Rosalie said then paused briefly before she continued talking; almost like she was debating over whether or not to say what she wanted to before she did. "It will be almost like a sleepover, except on a school night." Rosalie finally said.

Of course I had never been to a sleepover, so I really didn't know what one was like. I wasn't allowed to watch t.v. or go online, so I didn't even have those to figure out what all a sleepover entailed. I had never bothered to listen to other peoples conversations about them because it was rude. I could only guess that Rosalie was telling the truth about our current situation being similar to one. She had never lied to me before, that I knew of, so I had no reason to not believe her now.

"Don't push her Rosalie." Esme said, sounding angry and possibly jealous, but that can't be right. Why would Esme be mad about Rosalie offering to stay here or even jealous for that matter? There's nothing to be jealous of, if anything I should be jealous that they know more about sleepovers than I do; especially since Esme doesn't go to school.

"It's okay, I've just, well, never done this before." I admitted, though I know they already knew about my social life being nonexistent.

"Don't worry Bella, we'll teach you everything you need to know, I promise." Esme said, her voice sounding a lot softer and more caring; it's a tone that I've come to like, a lot.

"May I stay?" Rosalie asked, not sounding as sure of herself as she normally does.

"I uh, I guess." I answered. I'm not one to say no to someone, Charlie never wanted me to. This also isn't my house and I shouldn't even be here right now but they were kind enough to let me stay here after I fell asleep, so it's only fair that I let Rosalie stay here. There's nothing wrong with letting her sleep here, I'm tired and I'm sure she is, she always looks it at least. All of them do actually; all of the Cullen's seem to always look really tired. Even with as much energy Alice seems to always have, like she's always on some sort of energy drink, the dark circles under her eyes make it seem like she should be tired.

"Thank you Bella." Rosalie said as she once again pulled me impossibly closer to her and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight you two, I'll see you in the morning." Esme said, though her voice sounded a bit tight, she sounded upset. I wanted to ask if she was okay, but it really wasn't my place. I'm sure whatever is wrong she'll be okay in the morning.

I kept my eyes open for just a little bit longer and looked at Rosalie as she fell asleep. I had never given much thought into how other people looked. I mean, I would think someone looked better than someone else, but I never thought much about it aside from just that simple thought. I had always heard girls, especially Jessica and Lauren talk about how cute some guys are compared to others and which ones they would like to date. I never thought about it. I had never thought that a guy would want to go out with me, much less Charlie actually letting someone go out with me. The whole dating thing was just something I never really thought about.

Looking at Rosalie now, I couldn't help but think more about her beauty than I normally would. I didn't find myself jealous of her beauty, like most girls at our school seemed to be, but rather, I enjoyed looking at her. That's going to have be something that I'm careful about, I'm sure she wouldn't want me to just stare at her like everyone else does at school. I've heard rumors, even though they haven't been here that long and I was only at school for a couple days with them, that she scared some kid who had kept staring at her during class. I didn't want her to get mad at me like she did at that kid, if it even actually happened.

All of the Cullen's are beautiful and I'm sure the whole town stares, but Rosalie and even Esme especially, are the most beautiful of the Cullen family. I'll have to be careful about that line of thinking. I've seen both boys and girls do really stupid things around those they thought were really cute, I didn't want to end up like those people. I also didn't want either Rosalie or Esme getting the wrong idea about me, we're just friends and I know that's all we'll ever be. I'm perfectly okay with that.

Finally, I closed my eyes so that I could back to sleep. I knew that ignoring their beauty would be hard, but it's not something new for me, so I knew I could do it. I could definitely make sure we stayed friends because that's more than I could have ever hoped for.

As I drifted off to sleep, abnormally fast which I'll attribute to being wrapped in Rosalie's arms, I couldn't help but subconsciously cuddle further into her. She was cold, all of them were, but I found it comforting, especially since it was Rosalie I was cuddling into. Once I sleepily cuddled further into Rosalie, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

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