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I've learned a lot more about the Cullen's in the short amount of time that they've been here, more than anyone else. Of course there was the easy information that everyone knew: Dr. Cullen was an amazing surgeon for the hospital, Esme was a homemaker, and there were five kids living in the house with them. That was all the similarities between what I knew and what they, the student body at least, knew.

The student body thought that the kids were paired off together, as in romantically seeing each other. They thought Alice and Jasper were together, which was true; and they thought Rosalie and Emmett were together, which wasn't true. Rosalie and Emmett just happened to be best friends and according to Emmett, Rosalie was more fun to hang around than Edward, so he was always with her which only fueled the rumors. Rosalie told me that the only reason she hadn't flat out ended the rumors was because as long as the school thought they were together, other students wouldn't try to ask them out. Emmett had chosen to comment at that point about how even if the student didn't think they were together, no one was brave enough to ask Rosalie out, so if anything, only Emmett was being protected with the rumors. That had caused me to laugh and for Rosalie to say that their fake relationship was over; she had said it with a very small smile, so even though I knew she was serious about taking Emmett's protection from the mass of female students, she meant no bad will.

One of the biggest misconceptions the student body had about the Cullen's though was about Dr. Cullen and Esme. They thought the two were together. Practically the whole town thought Dr. Cullen and Esme were married and that they took in all five of the kids; that is partially true. Dr. Cullen and Esme did take in the kids, but they aren't married, they aren't even a couple. I had asked about this early on; instead of me answering their questions, I would ask them questions and they always answered. I learned that Esme and Carlisle are related, as brother and sister. I personally didn't see any familiar resemblance between them, but I figured that maybe they didn't have the same dad or something. I also learned that the kids were in fact all adopted, but not initially by Dr. Cullen and Esme. The kids were adopted by family members of some sort, I'm assuming a sibling but I had never asked, but they had passed away and Esme and Carlisle opted to take custody of them to keep the family together. It was a bitter sweet story.

I was very happy that they felt close enough with me to tell me all this when they wouldn't tell anyone. I'm sure if someone asked, they would tell, but instead they just let it be. With me though, they decided to explain, they decided to let me know them better; without me having to ask at all. I felt so honored that they trusted me enough to tell me things they didn't really volunteer that I couldn't help but just get closer to them; especially with Rosalie and Esme. With those two, trust was the easiest thing to give them, no matter how much I had initially thought it wasn't a good idea.

When they asked me out, I was shocked. I had never thought I would ever go on a date with anyone. I had heard lots of girls in the halls, in classrooms and in the cafeteria talking about whom they wanted to go out with, what they were going to wear to a date and how the date went. Even though I had heard them all discuss and knew, I think, what it was all about, since I never thought I would date since Charlie would never let, it wasn't something I was interested in. Now that those two asked me though, I'm very nervous and scared that I'll do something I shouldn't. I already knew I was doing something that a lot of people didn't do; I was going on a date with a girl. I didn't think a lot of people at school would think that was a good idea, I was sure I was going to get bullied for it. Not only that though, but I was also going on a date with someone that was older than me. I wasn't sure exactly how old she was, but Esme was definitely older than me, but I didn't think she was that much older than me.

If it was just those things alone, just going out with a girl, just going out with someone older than me, I'm sure it would quickly be forgotten; especially since the other person is a Cullen and I doubt people would hold anything against them. The problem was that there were two of them I was going out with. I was going on a date with both Rosalie and Esme. It wasn't even like I've heard some of the guys talk about it the halls when they talk about going out with multiple girls throughout the week. I was going on a date with two girls at once, in one night. I had never heard about this happening before. I wasn't even sure if this was something that was ever done before. Talk about an introduction to dating.

Not only had I never thought I would date, but my first date was with two girls. This was practically the opposite of what I had ever thought I wanted, of what society told me I wanted. I was feeling insanely nervous about everything, I wasn't sure it was going to be something I would be okay with. I was expecting my nerves to overtake me and for me to back out of this.

As Alice helped me get ready though, even though I could feel my nerves attempting to overpower me, I couldn't help but actually start to feel a bit excited. I always liked spending time with those two; I didn't feel awkward with them around. I was used to always being ignored and just being pushed off to the side. With Esme and Rosalie, I didn't feel that way. Granted, most of the time we had spent together we didn't really talk, well I didn't. Rosalie and Esme would usually have a conversation between them or with whoever else was there. Even when I didn't say a thing, they always looked my way; they always made eye contact with me every few minutes so that I knew that even though I wasn't talking, I was more than welcome to contribute to the conversation. They made me feel like I was actually welcomed, something Charlie had never made me feel.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Alice?" I asked as I looked myself over in the bathroom mirror.

Alice hadn't let me see what she was doing the whole time she was helping me get ready. I had seen, of course, the clothes she had picked out for me to wear but that was it. I was actually surprised of the clothes she had picked out for me because I didn't recall every buying them. When I asked about it, Alice told me it was a just a little gift that she wanted to give me. I was going to argue with her, but before I could she started talking about what to do with my hair. She took a while to do my hair and make-up and I wasn't able to see it until she was done.

When I had finally gotten to look in the mirror, I was a little thrown off by what I saw. The make-up was very light; I couldn't even really tell I was wearing any. The outfit was something that I would have liked to wear if I had ever had enough money. It was just a simple, yet nice looking shirt and jeans. Fortunately, Alice had me wear long sleeves under the t-shirt so that my remaining bruises would be covered. The bruises were almost all gone, but some were still there and probably would be for another day or so. Even then though, I was so used to wearing long sleeves, I doubt I would ever stop. I was very happy when Alice had at first expected me to change in my room as she got ready to do my make-up, but she didn't fight me when I said I wanted to change in the bathroom. None of the Cullen's had seen any of my bruises and I wasn't going to let them find out about them.

"Of course it is Bella; you look amazing." Alice answered from the door way, where she was leaning.

This was the first time I had ever dressed like this and I was feeling a little uncomfortable about it. At the same time though, I liked it. I could actually see how I could look nice. My clothes weren't baggy, they were form fitting. They weren't anything I had thought girls would wear on a date, but I guess Alice would know since I'm sure she's gone on lots of dates with Jasper. I had thought, based off of what I had heard that girls would wear a dress or skirt of something like that. I will admit I was happy I wasn't made to wear a dress or skirt because I didn't really like those.

"I thought I would have had to dress up a little more." I mused as Alice walked over to fix my hair, even though I couldn't tell anything was wrong with it. All she seemed to do with it was straighten it and put other stuff in it so that it felt really smooth now.

"I'm sure eventually you'll have to on future dates with them, but for this one, this outfit is just perfect. They want to make sure you're comfortable." Alice said as she looked at me in the mirror.

"Do you know what we're going to do?" I didn't remember Alice talking to them before I got dragged off, but I'm sure, especially knowing how Rosalie and Esme are, this wasn't just a spur of the moment date. I was sure that they had planned this out, they had probably been thinking about it for a while. Those two weren't really the kind of woman to do things without thinking it through all the way. I also knew that they were both close with Alice, so I'm sure Alice probably knew at least something about all this.

"I have a general idea of what they are planning. Trust me Bella, I'm sure whatever they have planned you'll love it."

We still had about a half hour before I was told to be ready for Esme and Rosalie to pick me up, that's a lot of time for my nerves to pick up again. I couldn't help but start to second guess my decision to agree to this. There are so many things that could not only go wrong on this date, but there were also a lot of things that could happen once people found out about it. Forks was a small town and I was sure someone would see the three of us and from there, the news would spread around town about three women dating like a wild fire. I had no doubt that Rosalie and Esme would want to hide our date; neither seemed the type to shy away from what others thought. Both women were head strong and they both didn't seem affected by what others thought about them; they only cared about what their family thought.

"Alice, what um, what do you think about this." I hesitantly asked her as we both headed towards the living room where I would wait for them. Alice opted to stay the night tonight so that she and I could do a proper debriefing of the date as soon as I got back. I wasn't really sure what that all entailed, but Alice said all best friends do it, so we were going to.

"Think about what?"

We both sat down on the couch and even though Alice picked up the remote, she didn't turn on the TV. We both just sat there, slightly facing each other.

"About me going on a date with Esme and Rosalie."

Even though I was also friends with all the Cullen kids, I was closest with Alice. I didn't have any friends outside of the Cullen family; I didn't have anyone else I could turn to if something bad happened with all this. I knew that if Alice was okay with all this, so would her family. A part of me also knew that Rosalie and Esme wouldn't have asked me out on a date if their family really would object to it, not that I had ever thought the Cullen family would deny someone in their family a chance to be happy. I also knew that if the whole family didn't want Rosalie and Esme to date me, chances were very good that with time, they would just ignore what their family didn't like and did what they wanted to be happy anyways. Rosalie and Esme loved their family, but I knew they would initially follow what their family wanted but with time, they would do what they wanted, they would go against them to be happy. I didn't want to cause any sort of problems with their family if the others didn't think it was a good idea and didn't want the three of us to date.

"Bella, it really doesn't matter what I think." Alice started in a soft, reassuring tone. "What matters is that you are okay with it. Rosalie and Esme just want to make you happy; they just both want the chance to do it."

"Yeah but, it's a bit unconventional isn't it?" I asked with a nervous smile.

"Of course it is." Alice answered right away, making my smile immediately drop. "Three women dating is definitely something that is not normally done, but whoever said that being normal was always the best thing? New trends always start with someone that did something that wasn't considered normal; eventually that new 'un-normal' thing becomes the new norm. Don't worry about it Bella, none of us care that you are going on a date with both Esme and Rosalie, we really don't care. We just want the three of you to be happy. If you three make each other happy, then perfect, we couldn't ask for anything more. So don't over think this, don't get stressed out because there's nothing to worry about."

I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief at Alice's reassuring words. I now knew that I wouldn't lose my only friends over this. Well, the three of us didn't work out, then I might, but that wasn't happening right now. Right now, Esme and Rosalie were going to take me out on a date and their family was happy for all three of us. They didn't think any less of me or of Esme and Rosalie. I was really happy about that, but that wasn't the only thing that I was worried about.

"What about, school?" I once again nervously asked. Alice was my friend; she has always said that friends are meant to be there to not only hang out with and have fun with, but to also help each other. Alice just helped me to not be so nervous about the pending date, perhaps she can help me not be so nervous the impending backlash this date with surely cause in school.

"What about it? They don't matter Bella, do you really think that after high school you'll have to socialize with them at all? After the way I've seen them treat you, if I was you, I would leave them behind and never look back." Alice said with certainty. "Plus, we'll be there; we won't let them do anything silly to you. I also high doubt the school will figure out that you went on date with both Rose and Esme, they'll probably just think it was Rose and she won't let them do anything to you."

I instantly felt happy that I would have the Cullen's watching my back with any possible backlash about this, because let's face it; a lot of kids will probably try to do something to me because of this. I wasn't so sure about them not thinking I was on a date with both Rosalie and Esme, but Alice seemed so sure of it that I couldn't help but believe her.

I only felt sure of the protection I would have for a couple seconds. I couldn't help but remember the bruise I had gotten, that thankfully Alice was easily able to cover up with make-up and even showed me how to do so that no one would see until it was eventually all healed. The Cullen's were there that day, there were at school, yet I still got hurt. Granted, they had never said they would do anything to actually protect me, even though since they started to go to school the bullying had died down a lot. I only had one class with a Cullen in it at the end of the day. How were they going to stop anything from happening outside of that class, in between classes would be fair game to get picked on. I guess I will just have to grin and bear it like I have in the past.

"That's nice Alice, thank you." I said with a forced smile, not bothering to mention what I just thought. I didn't want her to think that even though she was offering to have her family protect me from the bullying, I just didn't see it was an actual possibility. I didn't want her to think I wasn't appreciative, because I'm sure them protecting me, as it has already, will continue to help with the bullying, it just won't get rid of it all together. I just hoped it wouldn't get any worse.

"There's no need to thank me Bella." Something about the way she said that made me think that understood what I was thinking, but didn't want to say anything about. Instead, she only gave me a reassuring smile.

I wasn't sure what else there was to say. I was never really one to have conversations; especially since there was never anyone around that I could have said conversation with. I was fully prepared to not say anything and just wait for me to get picked up in silence. Fortunately I didn't have wait long until someone knocked at the door.

"Well Bella, I believe your dates have arrived." Alice said with a giant grin.