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A/N: Okay, so a lot of you kids are a bit annoyed about how Bella reacted to losing Charlie. Now, I could be horribly wrong because I have never personally been in the situation, I've only watched from the sidelines, but some abusers, parental unit wise, can have the kid grow very attached to them. I've seen it where the kid knew it wasn't right and even saw how other parents treated their kids, but that's all they know so that's all they think they will have and in some cases think they deserve. In Bella's case, not only is she dealing with that but also she has a mindset that she's not going to be able to survive without Charlie. So to Bella, she's relieved she doesn't have the abuse anymore, but she also lost her dad, her only family member and the one person that provided her food, clothing, shelter etc. I hope that clears some things up for you guys.

If at all I get anything wrong with how Bella would most likely act/react, please let me know. Again, I've never personally been in the situation so I don't know, but I do want to try and be accurate.

It took a while, a couple hours actually, for me to calm down. Normally I don't let things get to me too that much. I could never afford to let things get to me that much. So many things went through my head about what I have to do now that I'm alone. I've heard Charlie complain enough times to know that there's no way I can pay for the house and its' bills. I wouldn't even know how to pay them if I could. The only thing I could do for that house is to buy food. Even with that though, I don't really know what food to buy; I usually get things Charlie likes and eat his left overs whether I liked it or not.

Carlisle had left shortly after he told me. I had vaguely heard him say that he'll be back later to check on me. I had expected Rosalie and Esme to follow him out, but they stayed in their seats. They both said things like 'It's going to be okay' and 'We'll help you get through this' and other things like that, but I can't really believe what they say. I've since decided that the only reason they are here is because probably this is something they do when someone young loses a family member. I mean, why else would they be here?

I'm sure how, but at some point while I cried, Esme had ended up sitting on the side of my bed and I ended up in her arms. I didn't think she could fit, but Rosalie had managed to sit on my other side and was rubbing my back soothingly while Esme just held me closer to her. For some reason, having these two around me made me calmer. I don't get why since I don't really know them, but being practically in both of their arms just feels right.

When I realized what I was thinking and where the three of us were, I finally started to gather my senses to act normal. I pulled away from Esme, which she seemed to reluctantly take away her arms from me. Rosalie left her hand on my back as I turned around so that I was now sitting in between them.

"How are you feeling dear?" Esme asked in a soothing tone.

I feel like crap. My father just died, what does she think? I basically just lost everything in my life and what I haven't lost yet, material position wise, I'll lose soon because I can't do anything to keep them. I can't tell her this of course because not only is it rude, but as I know all too well, other's don't really care when they ask that question. People only ask that to not be rude. So that's the answer I'll give, I'll say what everyone always says to not be rude; that's all they really care about anyways.

"I'll fine." I answered, trying my best to not sound as defeated as I feel.

"Are you sure? We're here for you if you want to talk." Rosalie said in a gentle voice that for some reason just doesn't seem like her; but her talking to me that way seems… right.

"Thank you." I said as an automatic polite response. I heard both of them sigh at my answer, but before either of them could say anything, Carlisle walked in.

"Well, you seem to be doing at least a little better." Carlisle said, his never wavering caring smile still in place.

"I'll feeling a lot better, thank you." I lied. I now he's a doctor and he's meant to help people get better, but health wise, I'm fine. At least, I think I'm fine. I'm not hooked up to anything, so that's got to be a good thing right?

"That's good to hear Bella." Carlisle said as he once again looked at the chart at the foot of my bed. I really don't think he needs to do that, but is out of habit. "So, I have some things to go over with you if you feel up to it." Carlisle said as he put back down the chart.

I gave a nervous glance to Esme and Rosalie before answering him. Shouldn't these two have already left once I calmed down and clearly don't need them anymore? Whatever Carlisle has to say is obviously private information that I really don't want strangers to know.

Seemingly reading my mind, Esme responded to my nervous look.

"We'll go outside and give you two some privacy." Esme said while giving Rosalie a quick sharp look.

"We'll go get lunch I suppose and bring you back something." Rosalie said in an annoyed tone like she really didn't want to leave.

"We should be done talking by then." Carlisle said with his smile, making Rosalie role her eyes at him which caused me to give a small smile at Rosalie's clear annoyance.

Esme and Rosalie stood up from the bed and both seemed to lean in slightly towards but before they got too close, they instead just turned and left saying they would be back shortly. I couldn't help but give Carlisle a confused look, silently asking what that was about, but he only shrugged and gave a slight chuckle.

"Well Bella," Carlisle said, jumping right into the conversation. "Health wise, you are perfectly fine. You only had a little bump on your head, not even concussion worthy. You were very lucky. The other driver ended up with a couple broken bones and several cuts from all the glass; but you managed to get away unscathed." Carlisle said.

I don't feel very lucky. I may have lived, but what did I get to live for? I'm going to lose everything. Why couldn't it have been the other driver to have died and Charlie lived? No, I'm not lucky at all.

At my silence, Carlisle continued.

"Unfortunately in the crash, Charlie's body was… very damaged. His will was found yesterday afternoon and we found his wishes were to be cremated; so his wishes in combination with the state of his body, that's where he is now. I hope you don't mind?" Carlisle asked to which I simply shrugged.

I know Charlie has a will and I know that in that will his money will go to paying off what debts he had. I also know, because he told me this all the time, that he made sure to keep his debt high and life insurance low so that when he did die I wouldn't be left with anything. He always told me that I didn't deserve to keep anything of his that he earned and I did nothing for. I can see his logic in that; I didn't work for any of it and I knew I never would, so why would I have any claim his things?

With a sigh with my continued silence, Carlisle once again continued talking. What did he expect me to say? I know he doesn't care; he's only doing his job right now.

"As far as the funeral and legal matters are concerned, Esme and Rosalie have both volunteered to help you if you want." Carlisle said.

That's actually really nice of them. I have no idea what I need to do. I've never gone through this before. My mom had died literally while I was born, so I don't know what Charlie did to prepare for her funeral. I don't know what the process is. I guess I owe it to Charlie to at least have someone help prepare a funeral or something for him. I won't go to his funeral, I know he wouldn't want me there and I just don't want to be there. But he did raise me and kept me alive all these years when he didn't have to or want to. The least I can do is give him a funeral.

"That would be great." I finally said.

"Good, they'll love to help you." Carlisle said as the two aforementioned women walked in, food and a drink in Rosalie's hands.

"We're not interrupting are we?" Esme politely asked from just inside the door way as Rosalie veered around her to give me the food and drink.

"Who cares, he interrupted first." Rosalie muttered under her breath.

"No, I was almost done. I only had to tell Bella one more thing that I'm sure she won't mind anyone else hearing." Carlisle said.

Upon hearing she wasn't interrupting, Esme walked over to the other side of the bed from Rosalie and both women sat back down in the chairs that were still placed there. As soon as Rosalie put the food and drink down I dug right in, politely of course. I don't know when I'll be able to eat this much again and I don't ever recall eating this much except when I somehow managed to get lunch money. There's no way I'm going to let any of this food go to waste because I don't know when I'll be able to eat this much again. Whatever food Charlie still has in the house will have to be stretched thin to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

"What else did you need to tell her?" Rosalie asked when it became clear that I had no intention to pause eating to ask him myself.

"Just that Bella only has to sign a couple forms at the nurses' station and then she's free to leave. The video the police received was enough evidence so that they won't need to talk with Bella." Carlisle said.

I would think that they would have to talk with me anyways, but I guess not. Maybe Carlisle talked to them to get them to leave me alone? I did technically just lose my father, so maybe they are leaving me alone out of sympathy?

"So I can go now?" I asked hopefully in between my last couple bites of food. This meal went a lot faster than I thought it would. I almost pouted down at it for disappearing so quickly.

"If you want to, you can." Carlisle said as if I might actually want to stay longer. Of course I want to go now. It may be because of how Charlie raised me, but I don't like hospital's that much, so I don't want to stay here longer than necessary.

"Then I will." I said as I started to bunch up my trash which Esme took right away.

"I'll throw that away for you dear." Esme said.

"Okay Bella, I make sure your papers are all ready for you then." Carlisle said as he left the room.

"They had to change you into a hospital gown, but I made sure to bring you some clothes. I didn't think to go to your place, so instead I brought you some of mine." Rosalie said as she pulled up a bag from next to my bed that I didn't know was there.

"It's started raining, so I'll lend you my jacket so you don't get wet. Will you need help getting dressed?" Esme asked. I don't know if it was because I'm just not good at reading people because I don't interact that much with them or what, but for some reason I thought Esme's voice held a little bit of hope when she asked if I needed help.

"I'll be fine; thank you for…" I said while blushing and looking. I trailed off because I didn't really know what to say. I didn't want to say thank you for letting me break down you, even though that is what happened.

"Anytime dear, we'll be here to help you whenever you need it." Esme said with I'm sure a smile, but I'm still looking down from my embarrassment.

"Which you've already accepted our help for Charlie's arrangements. If you want we can deal with all that tomorrow, I can pick you up and take you to our house and we discuss things there." Rosalie said.

I finally got my blush to go away and found enough courage to look back up at them so I took the clothes Rosalie offered for me with a small thank you and turned to take Esme's jacket that I'll be borrowing as well.

"Rosalie, dear, you have school tomorrow. I'm sure Bella will be allowed to miss a few days for the death of Charlie. So Bella, I'll just pick you up and we can have lunch together. I would love to cook you a nice home-made meal." Esme said with such a tone and face that I don't think I could have said no if I wanted to. I don't remember when the last time was I had a full home-made meal. Even stealing from Charlie's leftovers they were mostly take-out or food I don't like. I want to have a home-cooked meal; I think that would be amazing to have.

"I would like that, if it's a big bother." I said with a small smile.

"It would never bother me dear." Esme said as her smile grew even bigger.

"Of course it wouldn't." Rosalie grumbled as she crossed her arms over her chest and almost looked like she was pouting. As soon as I thought she was pouting though, her frown turned into a mischievous grin. "Why don't you go get dressed Bella and then I'll drive you home once you're done filling out the paper work. We can even pick up something on the way that way you won't have to cook tonight." Rosalie said with a triumphant smile; though I'm sure what she would feel triumphant about.

"That would be nice, but if you could just drive me straight home I would appreciate it." I said politely. They already bought me lunch; I can't let her buy me dinner. Or worse, I can't let her take me someplace and expect me to pay only to find out that I actually don't have any money to pay for it. That's why I haven't offered to pay them back for lunch. I have nowhere to get the money from.

"Don't worry about it Bella, I don't mind buying you dinner." Rosalie said; her eyes solely focused on me.

"Why don't you go get dressed dear and we can get you out of here." Esme said with a tight smile. Though as soon as she saw I was looking at her, I was only looking at her because she was talking, her smile became more relaxed. Was it me or Rosalie that annoyed her?

"Okay, thank you again for… everything." I said a little awkwardly before climbing off the bed, grabbing the clothes they had offered me and walked to the bathroom to change. The question of how I managed to get a private room briefly passed through my head but was quickly discarded because I'm I got it out of respect for Charlie and he was to the town.