CH.3 Storm Bringer

(A week later)

" Why don't we go troll Walley World." Wolf said, a wicked smirk upon her face.

Shasta sat on the blue couch in thought " Go back under your bridge you troll." She playfully punched Wolf in the arm.

Wolf punched back not so gently.

"OW!" Shasta frowned, holding her stinging shoulder.

" See ya!" Wolf bolted out the door and started her 'beast' up, catching everyone's attention.

"Wolf!" Shasta tried to catch up, her straight black hair whipping behind her.

Slowly rolling out the drive way Wolf looked to Shasta "Have fun with creepy, princess."

"I wanna come with." Shasta pouted.

Wolf seen Bill running out of his house seeminmg to run towards them. Changing her mind she reached over and opened the door "Hurry up and get in before he get's over here."

Wolf wasted no time and put the pedal to the medal before Bill made it to them.

"Thanks." Shasta sighed in relief.

" No problemo little lady."

"That Bill guy is a real creeper, he was watching us through his windows!" Shasta scrunched her face, while hugging herself.

" A real charmer..." Wolf rolled her eyes.


"Mega-lo Mart?" The women said in unison.

"Wal Mart's cousin?" Wolf looked from Shasta who shrugged her shoulders, then back to the store.

" I say we bail!" Wolf U-turned and sped out of the parking lot.

When the girls returned to the Hill residense, Wolf grabbed her chest and fell to the ground overly dramatic.

Shasta put her hands on her hips " Get up drama queen."

"I would be dead if that were real..."

" It wasn't." Shasta felt eyes burning in her back. Turning to check it out, Bill coincidently came out from a blind spot.

"Hello, I didn't expect to find to beautiful ladies at the hill residence." He grinned toothily.

Cringing, Wolf turned and ran face first into Hank's chest. Shoving the man aside she ran into the house, leting Shasta in before sla mming the door and locking it.

"Hank's friends are weirdoes!" Shasta looked at Wolf seriously,"Let's stay at a hotel."

"Or we can sleep under a five million dollar bridge for freeeeeeee!" Wolf smiled goofy, than stuck her tongue out.

"Sure troll."

"Oh chill, it'll be fine."

"Bill is creeping me out wolf!"

"Then let's go kick his ass!" Wolf unlocked the door and walked out slowly, thoughts of how she going to bring on the pain.

"Wolf NO!" Shasta chased after her, by the time she made it out there the scene was already laid out.

Bill was sitting on his ass, tears welling up in his eyes,his hairy hand clamped over his nose, the blood seeping between his fingers. Wolf looking fiercely at the injured man, her eyes a light with anger.

Hank looking between the two as he ran out of the garage. Crossing his arms he looked to Wolf for an explanation.

" Just teaching the neighborhood stalker a lesson." Wolf glared at Hank.

" Bill, he's not a stalker, just lonely..."

"Hank it's my fault, I should've know better." Bill gagged out.

Wolf's expression softened, regret washed over her. Before she knew what she was doing she was helping the man up. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Shasta looked at Wolf in disbelief. " You just called the man a stalker, broke his nose and now you're playing doctor?! You've gone soft!."

"No I haven't, I know when I'm wrong though. Sure he's weird, but he has no life what do you expect?" Wolf said out of character.

Bill stared at wolf, tears streaming down his face.

Sighing wolf looked the man in the eyes, "This is going to hurt...alot."

Bill looked at the blonde confused.

With a few sickening pops Bill's nose was set after a few yowls of pain.

" Sorry bout your nose man." Wolf handed the man a rag she had in her pocket.

"Thanks." Bil smiled, blood streaming from his nose.

"Touching!" Shasta yelled "Why don't you two go to Vegas and get hitched!" Shasta said playfully to Wolf.

Wolf looked at Bill " Any good at Black Jack?"

Bill shook his head.

"Pass, the man can't play Black Jack."

"I can learn!" He exclaimed, hope in his eyes.

"Like the Chupacabra can learn to eat regular food..." Wolf said then began running around in circles.

"Take me to the waffle hut, it's so yummy in my tummy!" The blonde yelled.

Hank took in everything, not saying a word. This woman is something else! He felt giddy watching her.

VwVeV evevaerbtb

"Hey Wolf I'm going to take a nap. I have a head ache." Shasta laid down on the couch and pulled the covers over her head.

"Ok...Hey Hank You got orange juice?" Wolf walked into the kitchen, looking at the brown haired man.

"No, I don't think we do..." The events from earlier still fresh in his head.
"Why'd you do it?"

"Do what?" Wolf asked as she munched on a cookie she stole from the jar.

"Break Bill's nose then straighten it out."

"He was weirding me out, then when you said he was lonely everything clicked, and I felt bad fo him anyways..." She shrugged.

Hank stared into her eyes, seeming to be lost in the sea of blue. He murmured to himself, when he was brought back to reality from Wolf looking in question.

"What? I'm half deaf."

"Oh-uh, nothing!." Hank blushed deep red.

"Right...okay then I'm going to go walk around town since there's nothing to do around here. See ya later" Wolf went to get up, when Hank grabbed her arm a look of desperation in his eyes.

Wolf pulled her arm out of his grasp, "You okay?" 'Man he's acting funny...'

" Well there's not much to do around her so I was wondering if maybe you'd help me change the brake pads on my truck."

" Already done..." Wolf smiled sheepishly.

"Wait, you put them on-"

Wolf cut him off " I can't stand squeaky brakes! Sorry for not asking."

"Don't be, just suprised is all."

Wolf cocked her head to the side "You're in your mid-thirties." She guessed.

Caught off guard, Hank felt boosted by her compliment " Forty-one actually." He said while scratching the back of head. 'Why can't Peggy be more like her?'

" You?"

"Aw now, you never ask a lady her age." Wolf winked at Hank then walked out the kitchen.


"Who washes their car on vacation?" Shasta came out the house, just waking from her long nap.

"Me!" Wolf chirped happily as she scrubbed a particular dirty spot. A devious thought entering her head. She pointed the hose at shasta, instantly soaking her. "Score!" The blone cackled.

"Oh it's on girl!" Shasta launchered herself at the blonde, wrenching the hose out Wolf's hands then half drowned her under it's cold steady stream. Shasta rolled off of Wolf, laughing madly "Pay back is a real cold bitch ain't she!"

Wolf sat up coughing out water, then taking deep breaths. She picked up the hose, giving Shasta a cold 'shower'. "Pay back is a cold bitch!"

"I can join the wet t-shirt contest now." Shasta smirked.

"So can Hank!." Wolf wetted the unsuspecting man with the freezing water.

"BWAH!" Hank looked at Shasta then to Wolf, the two women soaking wet.

The three began laughing, then went in to change.


"C'mon Lanche I'm turning into a popcicle!" Wolf gritted out, arms wrapped around herself in an attemp to keep whatever body heat she had.

Hank walked up behind her, wrapping the soaked blonde in a towel. "Thought you might need one."

"Th-th-thanks." Wolf smiled. "HURRY UP! ALREADY!" Wolf began jumping up and down.

"You can use the master bathroom if you like..."

Wolf ran into the bathroom, forgetting to close the door behind her. She stripped off the wet clothes and began to squirm into the dry ones.

Hank walked into his room and to grab a dry shirt when he realized the bathroom door was open with Wolf half naked with her back turned to him. Blushing scarlet he looked away, then decided to take a small peak. 'She's nice looking, soft curves, fair skin, an angel.' Hank thought as he watched her mess with her bra clasp. Realizing what he was doing, Hank quickly walked out of the room and leaned heavily on the yeloow kitchen counter. 'You're happily married to the most wonderful wife and have a boy that has potential...' He reprimanded himself.

Denying the fact that he felt distant from Peggy, and their marriage wasn't exactly roses anymore. Peggy had become rather boring and self asorbed within the past year or so.

'wolf, she's something else.' He chuckled at his thoughts.


peggy was invited to go teach at a two week program in Mexico. She called her husband, shaking with excitement. When the other end of the line picked up she began to almost yell at the person on the other end in her excitement "Hank you're not going to believe this!"

" Believe what Peggy?" Hank asked.

"I just got invited to teach spanish children in Mexico for two weeks!"

"That's great Peggy, uh I'm going to have to let you go Wolf's riding the top of an icecream truck." Hank hung up and rushed outside.

Peggy stared at the phne for a moment before putting it on the hook. She smiled and punched the air, before heading towards her car.

"Dang it Wolf get off that truck now!" Hank crossed his arms, flexng his muscles slightly.

"Oh you tell me, but not Avalanche, I see how it is Hank." Wolf defiantly crossed her arms and smirked. "Wanna a popcicle 'Lanche?"

" Yes ma'am!" She nodded wit enthusiam

Wolf leaned over, suprising the man inside the truck, "Two orange dreamcicles please!"

"Get down from there!" The man inside yelled.

" Okay!" Wolf leaped from he top of the truck, tucking and rolling. Shasta jumped straight down, using Wolf as a cusion.

Wheezing, Wolf shoved the other woman off her person, "Eat concrete!"

Hank helped Shasta up, then offered his hand to Wolf who accepted it. Hank's hand lingering on hers.

Wolf pulled her hand back to pay the icecream man.

Scowling the man dropped the half melted treats into her awaiting hands. "Thank you!"

Handing Shasta her frozen treat, then taking a bite into her own, savoring its crreamy orangey goodness.

Hank eyeing Wolf's popcicle, wrapped his meaty fingers around her wrist, then took a bite out of her treat, staring her in the eyes with a look she couldn't place.

"Those dreamsicles are good I tell you what!"

Wolf scowled, and shoved her contaminated popcicle into Hank's other hand. " It's not like I swap spit with ya, might as well eat the rest of it, enjoy." Wolf pulled her wrist out of his grasp, walking down the street then out of sight. Hank stood there , his cheeks ablaze, he threw the melting treat into the garbage then went into his house.

Shasta laughed at the reactions the two were giving each other. "wolf! Wait up there's something I wanna talk to ya about!" The raven headed women bounded off in search of the blonde.


"This park is awesome!" Wolf giggled as she spun around faster.

"It's the shit! There's something I need to talk to you about."


"I think Hank likes you." Shasta smirked.

"Hank's a married man Shasta..." Wolf deadpanned.

"So, doesn't stop him from liking you." Shasta giggled, twirling her straight hair.

Sighing Wolf, ran her fingers through her hair " So what do you think I should do Doctor Phil?"

"I dunno, I however will be parking my ass in a lawn chair with some popcorn watching this play out."

" You're wonderful with advice."

"I know." Shasta jumped when her pager beeped flashing her boss's number, dread filled her.


"Yeah, I wonder what he wants." Shasta mused aloud glumly.

" Probably missing his best worker." Wolf smirked.

The two walked back in silence, enjoying the other's company. Once they reached Hank's house, Shasta was on the phone.

" But's my VACATION! No, I'm not going to go back to work until I come back. Fine!." Shasta sighed heavily, hanging the phone up.

Wolf looked at the raven head woman expectantly.

"I have to go off break because Brittany went into labor, and he can't possibly assign anyone else to take my shift. So that means fun time is over for me, I leave at about eightish for the bus stop."

"Bus stop?! I can take you home 'Lanche." Wolf stated seriously.

" I know, but I want you to stay here and get more aquainted with our new friends." Shasta winked at Wolf.

Rolling her eyes at Shasta's comment Wolf plopped down in the reliner beside her. " Don't leave me alone here!"

" you'll be fine Wolf, besides you'll be having loads of fun."

" Let's play a prank on Bill before you leave then." Wolf's eyes lit up with delight.

"Count me in."