A Conversation in a Storage Closet

by Satin Ragdoll

In the Mirror Universe, a call went out over the intercoms on board the ISS Enterprise, "Now, hear this! Now, hear this! Code Blue-urgent. Court reporters are to report to Sick-bay, at once! Any delay will result in a session in the agony booth. Statements are to be taken from crewmen Burke and Samno. Repeat, statements are to be taken from crewmen Burke and Samno. That is all."

Valeris crept quietly down the hall to Sick-bay. But before she could reach it, an arm snaked out of a storage closet and abruptly pulled her in.

She found herself face to face with Christine Chapel. The Commander sneered in her face, "Boy, for a Vulcan you sure are stupid! What's the matter? You can't smell a trap when it's three inches in front of your nose?"

The Vulcan gave her wide eyes, "I had to be sure."

Chapel just shook her head, "Newbies. Somebody save me from newbies! Look, you were pretty sure they were dead, right?"

Valeris nodded, "Quite sure."

Chapel spread her hands, "If they weren't, Spock would have squeezed your name from their skulls by now. They wouldn't have had to lay such a pathetic trap. And if they had got hold of you, then Spock would have taken a great deal of pleasure in prying the names of your associates from that pretty little head of yours!"

Valeris stood tall, full of pride, "I would not have told."

Christine laughed, "Yeah? You got some kind of defense against kae'at k'lasa I don't know about?"

The Vulcan withered a little, "He wouldn't dare!"

Christine laughed a little louder, "Oh, honey! That's his specialty. He's the best there is! You wouldn't have lasted three seconds."

Valeris sighed and looked a little wistful, "I had hoped...I had hoped he would have joined us in our cause."

Chapel shook her head, "Listen. Spock will go with the winds of change, as long as that change isn't going to hurt him! No slouch in the self-preservation department is our friend Spock. And this, well, we can't pretty this up, Valeris. This is treason, after all."

Valeris eyed her, "What interest do you have in our cause, Commander Chapel?"

She sneered, "We're taking on more than we can chew by taking on the Klingons all at once. Let them suffer awhile before they come to us. Let 'em crawl!"

Valeris nodded. "What do you suggest I do now?"

Christine tipped her chin to the door, "Go back to your post. Keep your head down, your nose clean, and under no circumstances let Spock touch you! If you do, you're toast. If you're toast, then I'm toast! And if I'm toast, then you're going to be the one to pay, if you're at fault! My operatives will see to that. If you're still alive, you'll wish you weren't!"

Valeris paled, "Understood, Commander. And, thank you."


James T. Kirk slammed his fist into the wall. He cursed. Spock tried to calm him down, "We knew this might not work, Captain. It was fairly crude."

The Captain wasn't mollified, "I want the person who did this, Spock! I want their carcasse on Rura Penthe!"

Spock's brows drew down, "We may never find them. In the mean time, I have used my contacts to alert the Chancellor's daughter. This might turn in our favor, yet. She is known for being very...accomadating...to those she feels she owes."

Kirk sighed. "I guess that's gonna have to do. But when I find who's responsible, I'll have their head on a pole!"

McCoy piped out from the corner, "I get the rest of 'im! I've got plenty of ideas what to do to them."

Spock sighed. Humans. So emotional. Vulcan methods were so much more...efficient. Unpleasant enough to send most Humans screaming (or drive them insane), but efficient.