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Chapter 1: Taikatalvi


The snow was falling.

It heralded many things, such as the start of the noble migrations. Even being disconnected from the world of nobles, young Ciel still travelled with the nobles with his faithful butler forever by his side. Call it habit, or even just a whim, he never failed to follow the crowds on their routes to the countrysides as if honoring the blanketing white's wish for silence and peace found only in the expansive properties the relatives of the royal family possessed. Him being the descendant of a royal cousin, Ciel was quite used to the movements of the nobles. But the snow heralded other things as well.

Such as his birthday.

He personally did not care for his birthday, finding it a waste of day to celebrate his birth as well as his parents' deaths, but celebrating it amused his family members and servants, so he allowed it. Now none of them where left, and his birthday seemed another hollow day, another day with pitch-black nails and a decreased understanding of humans. But every year, without fail, his butler would ask him what he wanted for his birthday. How Sebastian kept track of the days when Ciel's years seemed to merge together into one large mess never ceased to confound the younger demon. But he always knew, and Ciel would be at a loss for a schedule if it were not for the elder demon's remembrance of time.

But today Sebastian was quiet. Ciel had already told him what the younger wanted, and like a true Phantomhive butler, he did exactly as his master wished: he made it snow. The younger demon closed his eyes and let the tiny flakes land on his face and stick to his eyelashes like cold angel kisses. The ground beneath him was cold, but to his new demonized body, the feeling was muted, almost pleasant. Like the cool side of the pillow after a long day. Around him the world was still, silenced by the tiny snowflakes that layered the ground in glittering white. His tiny figure stood out easily, his black clothing like a great impure spot on an otherwise flawless lamb. But his demeanor seemed so in place, he was still, still as death, and even his breathing was quiet. Snowflakes landed on his lips and melted instantly, making for icy-cold droplets to fall down from his lips and nose like tears.

He felt rather than heard Sebastian's approach. Over the passing years he had become very intune to Sebastian, he was nearly as good at knowing where the elder was as Sebastian was all knowing to Ciel's whereabouts. But the warmth that accompanied Sebastian's hovering was hard to miss. It washed over the younger's body, a not over-all unejoyable experience but it did clash with what he had been doing previous. But the taller demon merely sat by the younger in the snow and Ciel lifted his head to rest on his butler's leg, feeling warmth overtake his neck as snow continued to fall on his face. His face remained passive, but he knew Sebastian could feel his peace and contentment. As impossible as happy seemed for the tortured young Earl and cheated elder demon, for a moment it almost seemed possible.

Ciel opened his clear blue eyes to see the sky. Silver and grey playfully battled while whites and dots of pale blue danced in and out of the fight. The clouds lazily rolled across the sky, constantly sprinkling the earth with pure white flakes of crystallized beauty. A slight turn of his head and his butler's pitch colored tailcoat made for a startling contrast to the hibernating trees that looked as dead as the feelings concerning that day. Grey and white wood littered with black and brown scars dotted the distance, and the faintest specks of lichen too stubborn to succumb to the cold and die were in high detail as the young demon's eyes trailed over the scenery. Everything was lifeless and quiet under the snow as if not even humans dared break the vow of silence nature had taken.

It was almost mystical, the feeling of calm and rest that overcame the small frame. After a few moments, the velvet voice of his constant companion gently broke the silence, his voice quietly raised above a respectful whisper. "Does this please you, my lord?" He asked softly and Ciel resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Sebastian fishing for compliments? It was indeed enchanted weather. Ciel closed his eyes again and left his butler hanging in silence before he answered. "It will suffice." He said, voice matching the ice that fell around him. He felt Sebastian's smirk and new if the man was anything but a bird, he would be purring. Ciel mentally sighed, allowing his butler a moment of pride before they returned to their reality of immortality. But as the gloved hands of his only constant ran through his dark locks, Ciel allowed himself to relax completely. Humans would have called it "sleep" but demons did not need such things. Completely aware of his surroundings, but relaxed in the presence of his protector, Ciel allowed himself to become weak before the one man who desired him dead over all others.

It was indeed an enchanted winter.


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For those who don't know, Taikatalvi is Finnish for "Enchanted Winter."

And Earls or Counts were distant relatives to the direct monarch. Usually descendants of cousins, since the king/queen gave land holdings to the non-throne inheriting members of the family usually. So it's a safe assumption the first Phantomhive was a cousin or something to a former British monarch.

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