Okay. So call me stupid, but it took me literally three months to figure out "Arabesque" is a combination of "Arab" and "Burlesque". I'm so dumb. That still did not help move the muse to assist me, but I understood it better.

IT'S A FREAKING BELLY DANCE SONG GUYS. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT? ...don't answer that. Especially you, Niki.

So I came up with this. Forgive me.

The hot air of the Arabian Desert was most unpleasant for humans, but Sebastian hardly felt it as he waited outside the tent. He and his young master had been charged with the task of finding and apprehending a criminal who had murdered an entire family and stolen from their newest contracted human. Sebastian found it to be a waste of time for a contract, but Ciel insisted on taking the deal. He had to smile a bit, his young master had become very insistent on getting contracts on a regular schedule, probably to prevent Sebastian from starving. It was taxing to perform two contracts at once, but Sebastian had never complained, yet even still his master insisted to take the contracts and feed Sebastian. So, the elder humored the younger. And that was what landed them in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, hunting after an oil baron who was also a crime boss.

How terribly cliché. Sebastian mused to himself as he waited for his master to appear from inside the tent. Their new master was giving some last minute instructions to the younger demon on how to best trap the baron and kill him. Apparently the solution was one he and Ciel had used many times before: using Ciel's unnatural beauty and charm to seduce the baron. It was not Ciel's favorite technique, nor was it Sebastian's, but it worked.

An unhappy noise came from inside the tent and Sebastian grinned to himself, his young master was not pleased with the plan and would most likely come out and complain to the elder demon before the day was done. The tent flap flew open and out stepped his master, once again dressed as a girl, albeit an Arabian gypsy female. Sebastian kept himself from snickering at the site of his master's powerful scowl and merely held a hand over his mouth to keep the smile from appearing. Ciel glared at him as if being angry at the taller would make his outfit change instantly, but it would not. It was an order, and if the symbol on his small hand was any indication, Ciel was now bound to do the deed.

"I will be all too happy when this is over." Ciel snapped and Sebastian smirked.

"You chose this target for a contract, Young Master." He reminded.

"I know!" Ciel snapped again before stomping away in the sand, Sebastian loyally following. The elder's attire was also very Bedouin in design, though he looked like a male. "That idiotic human does know that a demon can shift genders, right?" Ciel growled. "But no. He wants me to stay male and just pretend to be female." He crossed his arms, growling again when the coins on his belt tinkled softly as he walked. "This is humiliating." Ciel hissed, sitting down in the sand stubbornly.

"Going to defy an order then?" Sebastian asked, standing behind his small master. The smaller shook his head.

"No. I'll do it. I'm not one for giving up. But I'm not going until I'm ready too. He never gave me a time limit." Ciel said, sending a sideways glare at Sebastian.

The elder chuckled. That was almost the exact reasoning Sebastian used to get away with when Ciel would order him to do something. Without a specific time limit, a demon was allowed to do things when they wished too. It was one of the loopholes his lazy little master took full advantage of. Not that Sebastian blamed him, it was rather fun to use loopholes to make a master frustrated (though no one had yet to beat the temper Ciel had during theirs). Slowly he felt Ciel call down and as the wind picked up some sand to once again change the layout of the desert, his young master stood once again. The metals that adorned his belt and top jingled in the wind and Ciel sighed, his bangs caught up to reveal his violet eye.

"Alright, let's go." He said as Sebastian scooped him up.


The belly dancers worked the stage rather beautifully as Ciel sat in the company of the oil baron he was sent after. Many times he had been asked by the baron to join the women on the stage, clearly taken with the girl (boy); every time Ciel refused, claiming poor health. It was lucky for Ciel that he still retained his pale and fragile look from being human; the baron bought the story easily. However, when the baron reached out to pull him closer, Ciel ending up mashed against the rather generous portions of the man, the young demon reached out mentally for Sebastian to calm his temper. Although Sebastian was not nearby, the link remained true as Sebastian overtook his mind and gently reminded his master to be patient. It would all be over soon.

As the women left the stage, to the clapping of everyone in the room, Ciel quickly asked the baron if he could take a rest as the heat of the tent was beginning to make him light headed. Making sure to add just enough allure to make sure the man accompanied him, he grinned internally when the man agreed to let Ciel take his leave. The younger stood and bowed slowly before slowly making his way to the part of the large house that was the baron's room. He waited there, sending Sebastian the message that this would be over soon and that he desperately wished Sebastian could be with him. The elder responded with is typical response of always being with Ciel, no matter what. Ciel rolled his eyes and laid back on the large luxurious bed. It was not long into his feigned sleep that he head the baron approach and felt the man's disgusting gaze on him.

He waited patiently until the man was close enough to put his finger on Ciel's side before his eyes snapped open, the demonic magenta glowing brightly and frightening the man. The baron stumbled back, muttering words in Arabic Ciel recognized as 'demon' and he smirked.

"Exactly so." He responded, raising a black-nailed hand and letting his claws slide out. "You asked me to dance earlier." He responded, stepping towards the man. "So now, let me show you how I dance."

Oh sweet Lord forgive me. That was soooo tacky.

Oh well, it is not the easiest song to right for. I did my best, precious ones. And no. No belly dancing Ciel for you (yes I can read minds). Though I'll file that away for later. Who knows, maybe a dancing Ciel will make an appearance in my other Kuro fic, The Boy in the Trap, or even the one I haven't even posted yet. –cackle–

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