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I woke up during the night. I checked my phone and it was the 3:24am. Santana is asleep beside me with her head facing me. I don't want to take her but I won't be able to get to sleep for another hour or so and I don't want to up alone. We're in her trailer, because I followed her back to her house after Quinn's. We spent some time with her mom. I found out she really likes card games, so we played simple ones like Go Fish and Spoons. Her breathing seemed so forced. She really wants to be alive to Santana grow up and get married and have babies. She's slipping away everyday, but she fights harder as well.

Santana thinks her mom wouldn't last a week after they found out she was ill. I know she's really happy to be with her mom just in case something bad happens. I would want to be with my mom too if I knew she was going to die. I'd want to be with her anyway, even if the doctors said she would live passed 100. Mom's are the best things we have, so I understand why Santana said she would have flown all the way here just to see her even if she wasn't sick.

I pat Santana's shoulder lightly and her eyes open. "What is it Britt?" She says still in a sleepy state. I slide down the bed so I'm at eye level with her again.

"I miss you," I whisper, "I miss you when my eyes are closed."

She smiles shifts her face closer to me. "I'm right here when you open your eyes Britt."

"I know," I reply softly. We stare at each other for a while, like we always do. Her fingers brush the stray hairs from my face, then continue to slide against my cheek.

"Why are you awake? Is it because you missed me?" She asks gently, bringing her fingers to my lips. I open my mouth slightly to kiss her fingers and she shivers.

"I think so," I tickle up and down her waist with my own fingers, "I got bored."

She giggles, "you got bored of sleeping?" I smile shyly and nod. "So you want to do something to get rid of your boredom?"

I can sense the change in her voice. Before she's able to try and take control, I roll over and settle on top of her. Our faces hover a few inches away and her breathing is shaky. I lean down and take her bottom lip between mine slowly and gently. She releases a satisfied whimper, so I press harder against her mouth. She arches her chest into mine and I'm aware we're wearing barely anything. Santana leant me a singlet and shorts and she wore the same to bed.

When we first got into bed we kissed for a while then fell asleep. Now we're both wide awake and my lips are trailing across her jaw to her neck. I suck softly at first, then nibble at her skin. She releases loud breaths into my ear as her breathing quickens. I continue to move my lips down to her chest and pull down her top, aware she isn't wearing a bra. I tease her nipple with my tongue, then take it in my mouth hungrily. I massage her other boob with my hand, pinching her nipple every so often just to hear her moan.

"That feels so good," she whimpers. I kiss her nipple then move further down her body. I lift up her singlet and lick across her stomach as she arches into my like one of those acrobats at the circus. My hands find the waist line of her shorts and pull them down to her ankles. I sit up and watch her expression transition from desperation to satiation. The heel of my hand presses against her centre and she gasps. I rub her in circles until her underwear is soaking.

I pull the material down to her ankles and attach my lips to her clit. I swirl my tongue against her until I feel her first orgasm hit her. When it does, her thighs enclose my head between her legs. I run my nails down her stomach soothingly until she's settled down again. Then I swipe my tongue against her entrance and she squeaks.

"Fuck." Her legs are now over my shoulders as I probe my tongue inside and out of her. She thrusts into my touch until she grows tired and weak. When she reaches her second orgasm, I slide my tongue up and down her folds slowly, so she can ride it out. I then sit up on my knees and run my hands up and down her thighs to relax her. She smiles up at me with her eyes half lidded. She sits up and kneels in front of me, staring and keep quiet.

Her hands meet my chest and she pushes me back slightly so I'm sitting on my butt. She mirrors me and before I can ask what she's doing, her hands are pulling down my shorts and underwear. She throws everything off the bed and then shuffles forward so one of her legs is over mine and the other is under. I look down at the space between us and it becomes smaller and smaller until our vaginas touch and I breathe in unsteadily.

She uses her hands to lift herself slightly and begins rubbing against me. My head flies back and I thrust into her.

"Oh my god," I moan. She slides her folds against mine faster and I can already feel myself cumming. Her nails dig into my thigh and scrape down the length to my knee.

"Shit, shit, shit," she pants and quickens her pace. I try and keep up but my arms are already sore. I've never done this before. I've thought about it of course - how it would feel. I've thought about how girls actually keep up their stamina to scissor for a long time. I want to do this more often.

My legs shake uncontrollably and I find myself fidgeting to keep them up right - to keep me rubbing against her. Santana falls back, her head hits the bed and she tries to keep going but we're both out of breath. I think of another way and quickly straddle one of her legs. I bend the leg I'm not sitting on so that our centres can touch and when they do again she lets out a choked moan and leans forward to rest on her elbows.

"Fuck, just like that," she says breathlessly. I hump her in lengthy, drawn out movements so I'm able to soak up her wetness. My hands end up taking hers and our fingers intertwine. She squeezes my hands as I thrust faster.

"Oh god," I release a strangled whimper. After I feel her cum down the length of my folds, I lazily fall to her side and bring her hands to my chest. We fall asleep in less than a minute.

I offered to cook us breakfast, but Santana said it would be easier to go into town to the diner to get breakfast because she had to get her mom something from the store. I'm not working today, because Jerry had to run some errands out of town and he closed the store until the afternoon. But I told Santana I had a key and that I could get what she needed.

She's in her mom's trailer right now and I'm out by my truck waiting. I think about earlier this morning when we had sex and how good it felt to know she wasn't going to leave the next day or have someone else to go back to other than myself. I'm excited to spend Christmas here with her, because the whole town goes carolling at night and our last stop is the bar where we all drink eggnog and tell our loved ones how happy we are that they're with us. I'm excited to spend Easter with her, thanksgiving with her and stand by her side when Quinn gives birth.

Santana's stepping out of the trailer with a forlorn expression on her face. She turns to me and waits for a moment. Her hands reach up to wipe her cheeks and I immediately know she's been crying. She looks down at the ground and her mouth twitches to speak.

"Um, s-she wasn't," she clears her throat, "wasn't responding, she, she um, she passed, she's gone." I walk towards her and wrap my arms around her waist. She hugs me back, just as tight. I'm expecting her to cry, sob even, but she doesn't. I think she used all her tears when she was inside with her mom.

I call an ambulance. Santana tells me the funeral will be in next week

The weather is warm the next day, but not as warm as it normally is. You could even say it's cold. Maybe I think it's cold because of what happened to Santana's mom yesterday. Because when people die you feel cold and alone but I'm glad Santana isn't alone right now. When my dad passed away I felt alone. Mainly because my mom was dealing with it in her own way and Sam barely spoke a word. He was so young.

We're at the diner, sitting by the window in the far corner. Neither of us have touched our food because I'm staring at Santana and Santana is staring outside. I can only think of things people told me when my dad passed away. They made me feel a little better, so maybe they'll make Santana feel a little better too. But we are two completely different people, who haven't experienced much as a couple. But I remember my parents relationship and what they would do together. I remember the look on my mom's face when my dad told her she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

"I love you," I say. Santana's lips curve up in a small smile, but she keeps looking outside. Her eyes are as distant from me as the sun is from the earth. She's been like this since yesterday. She slept at my house but didn't want to talk to my mom or Sam. I told my mom not to worry because I'm taking care of her. I can understand how Santana feels because when it happened to me I felt more invisible than I already was - practically non-existent. My heart felt like it wasn't beating, my mind went on a holiday, my lungs didn't allow me to breathe and when I did, it hurt. I understand.

"I want to do something Santana," her head now turns towards me, "I want to show you what life you could have with me if you stayed."

"I am staying Britt," she says softly, with no emotion.

I nod and hesitate to take her hand. She notices the conflict going on in my head and reaches out to link her fingers with mine. "I'll do whatever you want me to, you are my life now."

There was nothing possessive about what she said. It had the kindest meaning to it. She wants to share herself with me and wants me to do the same. She wants to involve herself with my family and friends and make dinner together and drive each other's trucks to work. She wants to holiday with me in Europe when we have the money - I'm sure she does because of her music career. She wants to wake up next to me and hold hands in public.

I never had that. No one ever wanted that with me. Now this girl, this incredible woman, is telling me that I'm her life. Instead of going back to New York, starting her career over, doing something for herself, she wants to be here with me.

"Come on beautiful," I say, stepping out of the booth. She follows me out of the diner and we head to her car. She doesn't say anything on the way to where we're going but I can tell she's happy with where she is right now. I offered to drive so that Santana doesn't have to worry about anything, she can just sit there and watch the beautiful view from outside the window.

She presses a button on the radio and this song comes on. I hadn't heard it before because the radio in my truck is busted and we don't have one at home. The only music I really listen to is played at the dance studio and at the bar.

Santana sways her head and I look over at her smiling. She grins back before winding down the window and leaning up to poke half her body out. She screams so loud toward the trees. I slow the car down a little so I can watch her. The music almost feels like it's going at the slowest speed. It sounds like the artist is screaming really really slowly and the instruments and being played by a turtle.

She screams again. "Faster Britt!" I press my foot to the pedal to drive faster. I wind my own window down and stick my arm out to feel the breeze.

I feel like I can do anything. I've met my person.

I parked out in front of a lake and Santana immediately started kissing me when the car stopped. My hands are in her head, pulling her into me until she has no choice but to move over the centre console and sit on my lap. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her forward. She breaks the kiss and is breathing really heavily. I lean forward and kiss her neck. She grabs on to the head of the seat with both hands to steady herself. I lick up her throat and plant soft kisses along her jaw. She rocks into me slowly.

I rake my nails down her back and listen to her hum in satisfaction. Her eyes are closed when she pulls back and takes in deep breaths. "Santana, look at me," I whisper.

She opens her eyes and a tear fall down her right cheek. She wipes it away quickly and then asks what we're doing here. I tell her she'll find out if she gets off of me. She laughs. We step out of the car and I tell her I'll race her to the field.

She tries to catch me but I'm too fast. I look back and watch the wind whip through her hair and her smile as big as the whole world.

We get to the middle of the field - where I usually came to ride horses. She stands in front of me, admiring her surroundings. Then I tell her we're going to dance and she smiles and takes my hand.

"You make me feel like I can do anything," I whisper against her mouth. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and leans her lips up to my ear. She waits.

"I love you so much."

We had been dancing for what felt like hours. The sun was setting behind the trees and Santana was racing me back to the car. I tell her we aren't leaving yet and she asks what else I have in store for her. I smirk and remove my shirt. Her eyes fall to my bra and I remove that too. I slide my shorts down before my underwear is off and thrown in the truck.

"Skinny dipping?" I suggest. She grins and quickly removes all her clothes and chases me to the lake.

"Brittany Pierce you get back here!" She squeals when I splash her but manages to hold my arms down when she finally reaches me. It's getting darker out, but the air around feels warmer somehow.

She's hold my hips and pulling me around in the water. I'm looking at her and picturing our future together. We could move, eventually.

"I'll support you in whatever you want to do," I say.

"I want to do you," she teases and nibbles on my neck. I giggle and lightly shove her away.

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah I do, and same goes for you. Wherever you are is where I want to be." We sway in the water until a pair of head lights hit our faces. We hear footsteps and then splashes as two people get in the water.

"Hey," Rachel greets us. Santana's first instinct is to cover up but I reassure her it's okay.

"Hey Rach," I look to Quinn who dips her toe in the water, "Hey Quinn." She smiles at me and then sits down just so her calves are in the water.

"What are you guys doing here?" Santana asks.

"What are you guys doing here, naked?" Santana's eyes widen comically and she steps behind me.

"We're skinny dipping, you can join if you want," I offer and earn a laugh from both of them.

"No," Rachel shakes her head, "it's okay. We were just going for a drive and we saw the truck."

"So you guys are okay?" I say, but instantly regret it because of course they're okay. They've been okay for the last couple weeks and they'll be okay for the next thousand weeks.

Quinn smiles softly, "yeah we're good."

We all talk about what's been happening in the past few days, including the unfortunate death of Santana's mom. Quinn and Rachel offered their sympathies and asked if there was anything they could do.

Santana said there was one thing; she just wanted them to be there at funeral. They accepted without hesitation.

The funeral was beautiful. Santana said her mom would have adored it. My mom was there and Sam was too. The whole town paid their respects to a woman that apparently did a lot for our small town. The money she earned from working 35 years had been donated to charity when she was alive. She even had money left over which was going to Santana.

Last night Santana got a call from Rosie saying she needed to come back to New York to sign over the apartment they were living in together to her if she was going to be staying in Lima. Santana told me she would be back in two days.

I don't think she realised she still had things to do in New York that she seemingly forgot about when she came here. I'm glad I distracted her from all that while she was here. I'm glad she even came back. I'm glad she got to spend time with her mom and I'm glad that she learnt to love me back as much as I love her.

We're standing outside her truck. She's taking one bag full of documents, her toothbrush and pyjamas. She's staying at a hotel across from her apartment and she promised to call every hour. She said it isn't even to check up on me, just to tell me she loves me.

I hold her face in my hands and kiss her lips hard. Her hands fly to my waist and she pushes me against the truck. "I love you, I love you, I love you..." she pants between kisses.

"I love you too, you better go," I whisper and give her one final kiss.

"I'll see you soon."

Sam walks over to us and Santana pats his shoulder. "Take care of her okay?" Sam nods.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," I tease.

Santana leans close to my ear and whispers, "I'll only be thinking of you, ever second and what I'm going to do to you when I return permanently." I giggle and blush. Sam scratches his head awkwardly and I gently push Santana away. She smirks and steps inside her truck.

She waves at us and drives off. We watch her car until it's a speck in the distance.

I tell Sam that we can go anywhere if we want. If the right opportunity comes our way, we can be on the next plane to New York City. And even if there's no opportunity, we can make ones ourselves by going out and closing the space between us and our dream.

authors note two; I wanted to leave the ending out in the open. I wanted you to interpret what happens in the future yourself because there will be no epilogue.

Some things I want to address:
*Brittany's mother obviously used to have a drinking problem and occasionally she would go out to the bar and sit amongst people there to feel comfort. She wouldn't drink, at all. She thought if she touched one she would hurt Brittany and Sam so she would get quickly become dehydrated. When she did drink that one time at home it was because she was in her bed she shared with her husband. When Brittany offered her wine she accepted because her daughter wanted her to drink with her. She was not an alcoholic during the story, she's been recovering for years.

*Sam started smoking pot because of peer pressure from Brett the stoner but Sam has stopped now :)

*Normally I write Faberry and they already are together or eventually get together. This time they don't end up together, because life fucks you over sometimes and you don't always get who you want. They still remain friends though :)

*Brittana is endgame

These weren't mentioned in the fic because of how much I wanted to focus on how Brittany and Santana work together and how they feel towards each other, Brittany towards Santana especially. Of course I could have mentioned the reason behind Sam and his mom doing what they did but I feel leaving out reasons gives the reader something to wonder about. If you disagree that's okay.

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