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Sam and Dean stood near opposing walls of the small motel room, staring at each other; trying to gauge one another's expressions and body language. Dean waited, frightened, anticipating Sam to panic, act out, hit him even. While Sam met Dean's gaze, feeling confused, bombarded and yet so very excited.

Dean had kissed Sam, attacked him, lying him down on the bed they shared and pressing his lips against Sam's feverishly, wanting him so badly that it physically ached Dean.

Dean stole a glance at the alarm clock that rested on the nightstand between the two queen-size beds. It was approaching 8:00. John, their father, would be back fairly soon with their dinner. If Sam and Dean were going to hash things out, it had to be right then.

"Sammy, listen-" Dean started, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

"Do you want to fuck me, Dean?" Sam asked, cutting Dean off mid-sentence, nearing Dean slowly, purposely.

Dean was taken aback, staring up at Sam, dumbfounded. "What? Sam, how could you ask me that?"

"Really, Dean? You just fucking kissed me."

"Yeah, I know and that was a mistake. I don't know why I did that..."

"Is it because you want me? Because you want to sleep with me, Dean?"

"Christ, Sam, stop. Stop asking me if I want to... have sex with you..."

Sam smiled cockily, giving Dean a pointed look, running a hand through his ear length brown hair.

"Dean," Sam purred, moving closer to Dean. "I'm not a baby anymore. I'm 17. That look, the look you're giving me right now, is the 'I want to fuck you stupid' look. It ain't the first time someone's looked at me like that."

"Wh-What, Sammy?" Dean stammered, feeling, suddenly, very warm.

"Aw, Dean, you don't think I'm still a virgin, do you? I'm certainly not as... obvious as you are but, I've definitely fucked my fair share. I am a Winchester after all, Dean."

"Sammy, what's gotten into you?"

"Oh, come on, you think I'm always so sweet and innocent and nerdy? Not so much, Dean."

"I don't... this isn't how you are, Sammy..."

"Ah, ok, I see. You like it when I'm all pure and shit, huh?"

"I'm just not used to you being-"

"Sexual? I radiate sex, Dean, come on, look at me."

And, Dean did. Sam was damned attractive. All muscles and height and strong, sharp features. Dean trailed his eyes down Sam's body, his breathing growing erratic. Sam smirked devilishly, relishing in the way Dean was admiring him.

"Now, Dean, answer my question." Sam demanded, moving until he was mere inches from Dean.

Dean stared down at the floor, ashamed, and sighed, "Yeah, Sam, I want to fuck you."

Sam grabbed Dean's chin and yanked his face upward so that their eyes met.

"Why are you ashamed?" Sam asked, his stare softening sympathetically.

Tears filled Dean's eyes as he choked, "You're my little brother. I'm supposed to take care of you."

"You have, Dean."

"I've taken advantage of you, Sammy."

"Oh, Dean, I'm pretty strong. If I didn't like your advances I could have easily fought you off. Don't worry about that."

"But, I want... I want to sleep with my brother, dude. Incest? Come on!"

"Eh. Studies show that siblings who are forced to interact only with each other grow to depend on one another in every aspect of their lives."

"We don't only interact with each other, though."

"Pretty much we do, Dean. I mean, we may associate with people for a week, maybe two, but, nothing has longevity with us."

"I like girls, though, Sam! Everything about them. Their tits. Their asses. Their pussies. Their legs. Lips. Hair. Eyes. Voices. Scents. I don't dig guys."

"Neither do I. Was never a dick man. But, maybe we aren't gay. Maybe we're just, I don't know, interested in each other."

"This is too fucked up."

"... Do you ever fantasize about me, Dean? About fucking me?"


"Who's pitching in your fantasies? If I'm going to be honest, I always picture you giving it to me, Dean. I don't think your ego could handle being a bottom. You're way too butch for that."

"Sam, please, stop."

"I don't know how you like it but, me, personally, I like it rough. Like, when I fuck a girl, I let her tie me up, scratch up my back. I even spank her. Dean, I love spanking. I've never been spanked before but, I'd love to try it."

Dean stirred, the bulge, growing increasingly larger at the front of his pants, becoming harder to ignore.

"I've given a rim job before." Sam continued, encouraged by Dean's discomfort. "She asked me to, and since she'd given me head, I felt like an asshole saying 'no.' It wasn't half bad. I think you'd enjoy it, Dean."

"Sam..." Dean whined, biting his bottom lip adorably. "Stop."

"You know what's fun, Dean? Virgins. Oh, fuck, being able to teach them what to do is just so awesome. Showing them how to suck your cock, wow. And, being the first inside, splitting them open with your dick. Man, there is nothing better than being the first, right Dean? You know, if you fucked my ass... you'd be the first."

"Sam, this is wrong. You know that, right?"

"Yeah, Dean, I know. We don't have to do anything. We can just, I don't know, think and talk about it. Maybe mutual masturbation? You can watch me finger my asshole if you're into that kind of thing."

"Fuck, Sam!"

"Dean, don't be so naive. It's not so dirty if we never actually touch each other. It's more like, um, using our imaginations. Like, if I'm eating a Popsicle, I'll pretend it's your cock. Or, if I'm touching myself, I'll pretend that my hands are your hands. When I'm with some random chick, I'll pretend she's you. You can too, Dean."

"I don't want to do that, Sammy."

"So, incest then, Dean? You ready to cross that line? Solidify our spots in hell?"

"Why can't we just not be like this?"

"Dean, the lives we've led, the things we've seen, have skewed our perceptions of good and bad. Our heads are, for lack of a better term, fucked up."

"I don't want to be fucked up, Sam."

"Oh, me neither. I'm giving us an option here. An option that doesn't involve us having to touch each other in... that way. Let's get lost in fantasy, Dean."

"Do you think that'll be enough?"

"Don't know. But, it's better than sticking your prick up your brother's ass, right?"

"I guess..."

"It is. I'm sure of it."

"You think we'll ever be normal?"

"Sure. I think that once we're older and become different people that we won't want this anymore. We'll both be able to have normal, healthy relationships and this will just be a very distant memory."

"So, for now, we fantasize?"

"Yeah, Dean. We fantasize. If you want to, we can even share our fantasies with each other."

Dean shivered with excitement. The thought of his gorgeous little brother telling him dirty, filthy details of his sexual fantasies made his penis twitch beneath his jeans.

"Yeah, Sammy," Dean crooned. "Let's do that."

Outside the door of the motel room, Sam and Dean could hear the heavy footsteps of their father as he approached, his keys jingling as he walked.

"Ok, Dean, but, remember that this goes no further than fantasy." Sam confirmed, his brows furrowing as he frowned, moving away from his brother.

"I know, Sammy." Dean assured him just as the door opened and their father waltzed in carrying a bag of fast food in each hand, totally unaware of the thick air in the room.

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