Written for Rhiannamator

Heath made sure to grind his hips against the metal pole as he spun around it. Dressed in only a fluffy fox tail that attached to a butt plug and fox ears placed securely on his head, the dancer known only as Cherry locked his legs around the pole and twirled, making sure to put on a good show for his boyfriend/boss who was watching from near the bar. Smirking silently to himself, Cherry wrapped one long leg around the pole and bent backwards, bringing his hands up to tweak his nipples before roughly cupping his half hard cock and moaning.

Over by the bar, Jay growled softly and rearranged his hard cock in his jeans.

"Cherry-bitch is a great addition to the dancers," his business partner mused from beside him, the red head snickering at the bulge in his jeans.

"Like you can deny soaking your panties through when you go to watch Trish dance," Jay grumbled. Their club was so successful mainly because it catered to men and women. Run in adjoining buildings, men danced in one half and the women dancing in the other, with both sections being able to be accessed from the other, Jay and his business partner usually ran one side each. Amy Dumas was typically on the other side, watching her busty girlfriend dance. But for now, she seemed to be more than happy to be with Jay, tormenting him.

"True," she agreed. "But I usually solve that by bending her over my desk and fucking her with that nice hard strap on that I keep in my desk." Jay groaned and scrubbed his hands across his face.

"If you weren't female then I would punch you," he warned her, voice muffled through his hands. Amy laughed.

"Look, your Cherry-bitch has finished grinding," she remarked cheerfully. "You should go take some of that frustration out on him." Jay sighed and glanced up at the stage.

"I can't," he complained. "Damien and Cody are up there..."

"...and if you don't watch them closely they end up close to violating laws," Amy finished. "I got it. I'm watching them, you go release stress." Jay bit at his lip for a few moments before he glanced over at her, uncertainty clear on his face.

"I've got it!" she assured him with a laugh, shoving him gently. "Go!" Jay pecked her on the cheek lightly, before he headed back to his office.

"I thought you were never going to get here Daddy," Heath purred from his position already bent over Jay's desk. Jay groaned at the sight, shutting and locking the door behind him. Heath grinned over his shoulder and waved his ass, causing the full fox tail to sway with it. Jay was famous in the club for his self-control, but the sight of his boyfriend bent over the desk was enough to cause it to snap. Unzipping and unbuttoning his jeans was enough, and after tugging his cock out-forgoing underwear that morning was a good decision-he easily removed the plug and slid into Heaths already stretched ass.

"Daddy..." Heath moaned, the noise only increasing when Jay smacked his ass hard, the ginger's flesh rippling entrancingly. The fucking was hard and brutal, Heath taking every inch of Jay until the blonde was balls deep, despite the fast pace. For his part, Jay was powerless to resist the tight heat that Heath offered, fucking him steadily and roughly until he gripped Heaths hips and came with a fierce shout, burying himself one last time inside the ginger. The feel of Jay cumming inside him set Heath off, and he let out a scream of his own as he covered the side of Jay's desk in his own cum.

"My god..." Jay sighed as he sunk into his desk chair, Heath following his body willingly.

"Nice stress relief Daddy?" Heath asked sweetly, shifting his weight in Jay's lap innocently, and giggling when Jay growled in his ear and grabbed his hips to hold him still.

"Brat," Jay grumbled fondly, tugging Heath to rest against his chest. Heath grinned to himself. Jay would never know how right he was.