Edward fell into the soft warmth of his bed, his body aced from a long day of work. His blankets cuddled him in their arms but he knew that he was going to have to get up again soon. He was right, not ten minutes later he hear a bell.

Edward stood before the door to his masters bedroom. Taking a breath he turned the copper handle. Ivan's room was much more luscious than Edwards own room. It had a fireplace on the far wall and a bookshelf to the left. He had a four poster bed with black silk curtains, the bed itself was dressed with black satin sheets with matching pillow covers. There were two couches facing the fire place and Edward could see that one of them was occupied. He looked only to find that the inheritor of the chair was sleeping with a thin blanket that was falling off. The innocence of the sleeping face made Edward feel safe. He reached out a hand to pull the blanket up so that it covered the man fully. A hand grabbed his wrist and he was pushed to the floor.

The once sleeping man was now straddling Edwards hips and holding his hands above his head. "Eh? I thought Toris had the night shift tonight?" Ivan had a heavy Russian accent. "T-Toris is sick. So I took his shift" said Edward.

"He's sick, is he?"


Ivan had never really looked at the Estonian man before. He had always chosen Toris or Ravis because he hadn't looked close enough to see how beautiful Edward was. He had never looked past the glasses. And now that he was looking he could see Edward's creamy, pale skin, his defined jaw line and his soft, lush lips. Ivan had a feeling that just because Toris wasn't here didn't mean he couldn't have a good time. "You will do well" very well Ivan thought to himself.

He placed his lips so that they were almost touching the Estonians "I'm sorry if it hurts" he breathed.

Ivan pushed his lips to Edwards in a forceful kiss. Ivan was hungry and Edward could tell that he wasn't going to last long before he gave in. He licked the bottom of Edwards lip asking for entre. Edwards's lips didn't move. Ivan gave a grunt of irritation and bit down hard. Edward gasped in surprise and Ivan took this as his invitation. He made his tongue explore all of Edwards, his cheeks, his tongue and the back of his throat. Edward chocked slightly on Ivan's large tongue, the man was twenty-one years older than him, and tears dared to leek from his eyes.

Ivan's hands roamed over his captive's body. He ran them along and down Edward's shirt, finding the bottom and reaching up under it. He tweaked Edward's hard nipples and Edward bit his own lip, drawing blood, to stop a moan from leaving his lips. Hearing this Ivan squeezed them a harder and was rewarded. "Ahh!" Edward cried.

"You like that, do you?" he did it again and Edward could feel himself getting hard. One of Ivan's hands moved away and went lower. It brushed against Edward's crotch before squeezing lightly.

Ivan felt a sudden pain in his own groined. Edward kicked out again and Ivan crumpled to the floor. Edward shot up and made a run for it. Something grabbed his ankle, it was Ivan's hand. He pulled as hard as he could and Edward fell to the floor. "You cannot get away from me" Ivan hissed. Edward got his hand and slapped Ivan's face as hard as he could. Ivan looked at him at him in surprise, his eyes wide. He let go of Edward's ankle. Edward ran and ran as far as he could.

"Shit!" Edward pulled himself into his room and punched the pillow on his bed. "I forgot may glasses" he thought of going back to Ivan's room but quickly dismissed that idea. He went down the stairs to the lounge room, being as quiet as possible. Once in the lounge room he ran to the phone.

"Hi. Um Poland? Hi! I know we haven't been that close before… But I need your help"

Ivan was lying in his room. He didn't move and was beep in thought. Getting up he walked to his bed but did not lie down. His hand raised itself to his cheek and he ran it over it tenderly as not to ignite the brows that were now forming on his cheek. Then he pulled it down again, scraping his nails over the brows. A small moan escaped his lips. He did this again and again until he was hard and his cheek was bleeding. He couldn't help it. He'd been a masochist since a young age. But he never let anyone know of his painful fetish, he had once and ever since then General Winter had topped him.

"He slapped me" He thought of Edwards face at the moment, it was filled with anger and fear and it made Ivan flush with red.

"I think….."

"I love him"