4 chapter

Eduard had felt the sun rise and fall and then rise again before he realised that he was even more lose than he had been the first day. His fell to the ground in a tired state. He lay there for a long time when he hear it. A screaming sound. It was one of pure pain. Whatever it was sounded like it was being torn apart.

"FUCK!" Eduard's ears perked up. Was that- It couldn't be. It was human! He heard another noise then. It was just as loud as the first noise but it was unmistakable.


A gun. Someone was being shot. Eduard crawled along the ground till he came to a tree. He hid behind it and listened.

"You bastard!" the voice had a heavy Russian accent. The next voice was unmistakable.

"Hahahaha! That, like totally, took the bite out of you now didn't it!" was that Feliks?! Why was he shooting a Russian?! No. Not a Russian. Ivan!

" You should know better than to steal something that belongs to Master Toris!" Master toris!? This was just confusing. "He wants you to stop taking interest in his play thing!" Eduard heard Feliks reload his gun.

"Eduard is not a play thing!" Ivan yelled "And he doesn't belong to anyone!" this was about him! Eduards breathing increased at the thought of Ivan getting shot because of him.

There was another shot fired but it hit wood as Ivan bodged. He may have bodged the shot but he hadn't thought there would be anything waiting of him.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Ivan screamed. Eduard heard the crunch of bones and the snap of metal gores.

"Oh! Look at the bear I court in my trap!" he giggled "I think you've had enough. You've learn your lesson" He heard Feliks walk right by him. "Stay away from Eduard! Or I'll, like totally, kill you!"

After half an hour Eduard crawled from his hiding spot. "Ivan" he whispered. There was movement somewhere near him. "Ivan can you make some noise?" he heard a soft cough and a small whimper. Eduard crawled towards the noise. About two centimetres from the Russian Eduard felt something wet on his hand. He smelt it and the rusty smell of blood filled his senses. He ran/speed crawled the rest of the way to Ivan.

"Ivan! Are you ok?!" Eduard pulled Ivan's head onto his lap.

Ivan coughed "It's not that I don't like being on your lap… But could you get the bear trap off my legs?" Ivan pointed to his legs.

Eduard carefully placed Ivan's head back on the ground and felt down his body to the trap. It was heavy and well built. The metal was rusted and Eduard hoped that Ivan didn't get a disease. He pulled at it. Ivan screamed.

"Ahh! I'm sorry! I just can't see what I'm doing!" He said trying to find a leaver or something like that.

Ivan watched as Eduard ran his hands around the metal contraption. "Eduard. Find the left end and there should be a leaver" he hissed in pain. God that Polish bastard was going to get it. And Toris! Ivan was thinking of ways to kill the two of them when the trap opened. He bit his lip so hard that it bled but it didn't stop his scream.

He felt the blood pore out of him. "Eduard! You need to stop the blood flow! Please!" He said lifting his head. The sight he saw was not one he expected. Eduard's eyes were covered in bandages and his hands were working on getting his shirt off. He pulled it off and ripped it in two. Binding Ivan's legs he tied them and applied presser. Ivan marvelled at Eduards chest. God damn Ivan! You shouldn't be thinking about that right now! You're bleeding!

"E-Eduard…" he hesitated "What happened to y-your eyes?" Eduard's head didn't move as he spoke.

"I had an accident" was all he said. He crawled next to Ivan and lay down. "It's night time right?"


"We have to keep you warm" Eduard wrapped his arms around Ivan "Or you may fall asleep and not wake up" I won't be able to sleep with you holding me, Ivan thought. But he didn't move. Eduard was finally holding him. Like willingly holding him! No Ivan. No. He's just keeping you warm so you won't die. He doesn't have feelings for you.

Eduard was so glade that it was night because if it was day Ivan would be able to see the blush on his face. God he was being so bold!

Ivan awoke to Eduard moving next to him. "Eduard what are you doing?" he moved to look at Eduard and saw that he was covered in blood.

"Eduard! You're covered in blood!"

"Oh. I guess it's from hugging you. I hope you don't mind but I had to rip up your jacket to bandage the wound on your shoulder. Oh! And I took the bullet from your shoulder too" Ivan moved his should. He hissed. It didn't hurt as much as it did yesterday but it still hurt. He sat up.

Looking around he said "Do you know the way out from here?" Eduard's eye brows moved up on his face and his cheeks reddened.

"I was kind of lost when I found you" he mumbled.

"Kind of?"

"Completely lost!" he huffed "Ok! Time to get out of here!" he changed the subject. "Ivan do you think you can walk?" Ivan moved to look at his legs. They were bloody and crushed, he doubted that he would ever walk again. But he couldn't let Eduard see or hear him in this weak state. He moved so that his hands were on either side of him and pushed up. Slowly he pulled one leg under nether him. Then the other leg so that he was kneeling. He wasn't actually pulling any presser on the wounds.

He pulled one leg so that he was in a proposing position before pushing up and falling with a scream. "Ivan!" Eduard ran forward blindly before he himself fell as well.

Ivan found himself with Eduard on top of him. Their lips were so close. Ivan licked his now dry lips. He wanted to kiss Eduard so badly. His blood was pounding, which was probably not good for him in his current state. He went to lean his head in, capture Eduard's lips, kiss him to the ground (well more than they already were). But he didn't. Ivan remembered Eduard's reaction to his last attempted at contacted. The memory stopped him from doing anything. He just lay there.

"Ivan!" Eduard sobbed "Are you ok!? You're being so quiet! You're not more hurt are you?" Ivan moved so that they were sitting instead of lying.

"Y-you're…. um… you're sitting on my legs" he squeaked softly. Eduard jumped up off Ivan's legs, stumbled, then got his balance.

"Oh Ivan! I'm so sorry!" he stopped talking for afew minutes before saying "Ivan how are we going to get home?"

"I can't walk and you can't see" Ivan humbled to himself. Looking at the worries on Eduard's face he looked around for something that he could use as a walking stick. There were no branches near him. "Eduard turn around until I tell you to stop"

"Ok" Eduard started to turn slowly. Once he was facing the right way Ivan told him to move forward three steps. His leg brushed up against something hard.

"The thing touching your leg. Could you bring it to me"

"Why do you want it for?" Eduard asked softly.

"It will make a good walking stick"

Eduard picked up the stick and turned to Ivan. Taking it in his hands he snapped it in half. "You are not walking! You're wounds are to serious! You might cause some permanent bamage!" Ivan hit the ground with his fist.

"What do you suggest we do then?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject!" Ivan yelled at Eduard "Since you have no idea where we are and will never know where we are because you can't see!" Ivan's voice went soft and he started to cry. "I-I'm s-sorry *sob* It's just *sob* I love you so *sob* much! A-And you hate *sob* me!" his voice broke and tears fell from his eyes.

Eduard watched as the whole of Ivan's world unravelled before him. The big Russian man was sobbing for him. His tears were running off his large nose and down his face. Eduard listened to the sound, stunned to stay in his spot. "A-and I'm sc-scared that I'l-l hurt you" Ivan's words hit Eduard's heart hard. Eduard couldn't hold back any more.

He ran to the sound of Ivan. Tackling him in a massive hug "Ivan! It's ok! I do l-love you" Eduard's words were muffled as soft lips covered his own. Ivan pulled away quickly.

"I'm so sorry! I just! I just-!" Eduard kissed Ivan hard. He slipped his tongue into Ivan's mouth, licking his lips, biting them, making them his. He licked the inside of Ivan's cheeks hungrily. He pulled Ivan's cute, slightly chubby body to his own. Removing his lips from Ivan's he hugged him lovingly.

"Ivan we have to get out of here" he said softly "And once were out of here I want to know what Toris is doing ordering Felik's to hurt you!" He got up so that he was sitting next to Ivan.

"Do you have any idea how to get out of here?" Ivan asked softly. Eduard rubbed his temples before looking at Ivan. "What? What is it?" Ivan said with a little more hope in his voice.

Eduard hesitated "Most people wouldn't know this but I can lift 40killows" he bit his lip softly. Ivan's eyes were on Eduard now. "I-I could carry you…"

"What! N-No!"

"Yes" Eduard stood up and placed his hands on either side of Ivan's waist. Before Ivan knew what was happening he was over Eduard's shoulder. Eduard began to walk. He walked for a little bit before walking into a tree.

"I can see that you can carry me now. But you can't see" Ivan spoke "Maybe if you could carry me in another way so I could be your eyes"

"Ok" he said placing Ivan back onto the ground. Eduard squatted before Ivan who climbed slowly onto his back. Once Ivan was on he stood up "which way should we go, my eyes?" Eduard said as Ivan looked around.

"We should go the way I was brought" Ivan stated " Turn around completely then walk. I'll tell you if there's a tree or something in front of us"