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My name is Asterion.

And I am a cursed man, if I can be called such. For I am the Minotaur, half man and half bull.

I am feared as a monster for my appearance. And Minos, my mother's husband, uses that fear for his own ends. He has imprisoned me within this labyrinth, and every seven years, he sends fourteen virgins, seven boys and seven girls, in for me to kill.

To my shame, I have killed every one, though not to eat, as most would believe, or even for joy.

No, the virgins are given a chance, and are sent in with gleaming swords. And when they see me, before giving me a chance to explain, they attack.

And I defend myself.

With my great strength, none have ever killed me, though I have been wounded.

Their corpses laying within my home remind me that perhaps I am a monster. But if I am, it is only because that is what Minos and the Gods made me.

It is Minos that defied Poseidon, causing Mother to fall in love with father and conceive me. It is Minos that took me away from Mother and locked me away. It is Minos that demands Athens sends virgins to Crete to be sacrificed to me. It is Minos that instills fear of me into others. It is Minos that sends them into my prison, armed with swords and the hope that if they slay me they can leave.

If I am a monster, then I must ask, what is Minos?

As for the Gods, how cruel must they be that they allow mother to conceive me? How cruel must they be to allow me to remain imprisoned and forced to kill?

Their punishment backfired the minute Minos found he could use me.

Why do they not release me from his service?

I know that when the next sacrifice comes I will kill again. I may not enjoy my life and I may be cursed, but if I am a monster, I must wonder, what will the after-life be like for me? Will there even be an after-life?

No, I fear death more than I do life. It is for that reason I have not ended it already, or let one of the sacrifices kill me themselves.

It for that reason, I know I will kill again...

Just so that I might live.


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