Dear Diary,

These damn vampire hunters are making my vampire life a living hell. They have been hunting us for weeks now and seem determined not to give up. It is quite annoying. Miss Nudge has seemed to take fancy to the younger teen. Even Lady Ella, always quite Ella, has seemed to take a liking to the tall strawberry-blonde haired one. I don't know what they see in the creatures that we're supposed to hate but even the tall dark haired one is starting to catch my attention.

Maxine, the Vampire

Fang POV

"You have got to be kidding me!" I yelled and kicked the nearest tree. "This is the 100th time we've lost them!" I screamed, turning to my companions, Iggy and Gazzy.

"Actually, I think it's the 700th time." A honey like voice giggled a few feet away. I turned to find nothing there.

Another voice laughed from behind me and I swung around to find nothing again.

"Come on. Is the big, bad, vampire hunter starting to give up?" A girl asked from a few yards away. I turned to find a blonde haired girl staring at me. I glared at her as she smirked.

"Come on vampire hunter. Come and get me." She taunted and smiled evilly.

Now if you're not already confused, let me explain. I'm a vampire hunter. Yes, a real vampire hunter. I never did believe vampires until I came face to face with one. Everyone thought I was crazy like my great-grandfather until some kids, Iggy and Gazzy, moved to town. Ever sense then we've been tracking and killing vampires together. We're like family.

Now if you're still confused by the girls we're chasing, let me explain that. We went to a town that was said to have some vampire sightings. From there we found some clues leading to the mountains that were said to be "taken over" by evil spirits. And so far we've come so close to catching these girls but they always seem to slip from our grasp.

"What's it going to take to get you near us?" I asked suspiciously. Another smile spread across her face, she seemed to take one step towards me and was suddenly in my face. The scent of her perfume made my mouth water and the look in her eyes made my heart skip a few beats.

For a split second I could of sworn her lips were on mine, but she disappeared before I could tell.

Hey! Sorry, I know it's really short but this is all I had.

Anyway, this is my first vampire story, so, I hope you guys liked it. R&R? Thanks, bye :)