I was frozen in shock. How did they find us? Were they seriously that determined?

"Hey!" The tall strawberry blonde one called up to me, "Do you mind if we come up?" He asked, shivering as a gust of wind swept past their standing forms. I shook my head, but realized they couldn't see me clearly up this far. Moving to the side, I slowly crept down the jutted mountain rocks toward them, making sure to seem like I was a fragile human. When I had come about two feet from the ground, I jumped, and purposely landed with a loud thud.

I walked over to where they were standing and came face to face with the one that had talked up to me. He was a good foot taller than me and his blue eyes stared into mine, asking me silently to say yes.

"What's your name?" I asked him, putting my hands on my hips as my eyes swept him up and down.

"Iggy. Then that's Fang and this one is Gazzy." He replied, gesturing to each one by name. I looked at each of them, but my gaze rested on the one called, Fang. His black eyes reminded me of the night sky without stars or a moon. They stared at me, searching me up and down. He seemed to know something, something the other ones looked over. Maybe he recognized me.

"Alright." I said, nodding slightly and looking back at Iggy. "Come on up."

We started back up the mountain, climbing slowly up the jagged wall. Fang was a lot faster than I thought, never really looking for edges to hold onto but speeding up like it was a race. Signs of a true vampire hunter. But I was still faster, climbing higher and higher away from them, coming closer and closer to the mouth of the cave.

I jumped in and waited for them to get closer. Gazzy, probably being the youngest, was panting heavily while Iggy and Fang just rolled their eyes at him. I smiled, actually smiled, at the small family, just realizing that they were kind of like mine. Fang was obviously the leader, while Iggy came up with the master plans, and Gazzy being the youngest, just sat there and acted when told. Just like my family. I was the leader, Ella came up with the plans, while Nudge was the youngest and didn't do much except talk.

The blanket around Ella shifter on the ground as she unwrapped herself and got up. She came over to us and smiled at Iggy. His mouth seemed to fall to the ground as he stared at her. Only wearing a navy blue tanktop, a sleeve-less leather jacket, and tight gray skinny jeans would probably make any guy swoon. I looked over to Gazzy who was peering around me to where Nudge sat. Seeing him watching her, she slowly got up and came to stand on the other side of me, smiling at him the entire time. She was wearing a purple tank top, black jean jacket, and regular blue jean short shorts. His mouth dropped to the ground as well, his eyes traveling to her chest. A small noise came from the back of my throat, barely a low growl. Pretending it came from down below, I peered out of the mouth of the cave and then stepped back.

"I think we should move towards the back of the cave. It sounds like something's down there." I said, acting like an innocent frightened chick. If I do say so myself... I got skills.

We all went to the back of the cave and sat down around the fire. It was me, then Fang, then Iggy, then Gazzy, then Ella, and then Nudge. They acted the part of being cold while I leaned back and let the cold air nip at my exposed skin. I was only wearing a black tank top, black leather gloves, black skinny jeans, and black boots. As you can see, black is my signature color. Fang stared at my arms for a second before turning his head away and gazing into the fire. I coughed, startling everyone out of the awkward silence.

"So," I started. "What are you guys doing all the way out here?" I asked Fang, watching his face for emotion. He just sat still.

"I could ask you the same thing." Was his reply. I scowled for a fraction of a second, thankful for once that the four others were occupied staring at each other.

"Well, if you tell me, then I'll tell you." I bargained. He smirked, his eyes barely flickering towards my face.

"Alright. Iggy, Gazzy, and I are vampire hunters and are looking for three girls who live in these mountains." His eyes darted toward Ella and Nudge, then back to me. He'd come clean that fast? Or was he catching on? Probably the second one.

I smiled. "Cool. Ella, Monique, and I are hiking to the other village in the East. Our ill grandmother lives there and we're the only living relatives to help." Smooth, Max. Real smooth. I mentally smiled at myself, fist pumping the air.

"Really? Because we were just there not too long ago and they said that not a single male or female was sick." He said. Maybe it wasn't so smooth. I shrugged.

"Who knows? She could have died a while ago. We're not that fast of walkers." God, that was such a lame lie. He nodded.

"I guess. But I don't think that's the case." His head was now turned towards me, his eyes staring into mine. Talk about a sexy hunter. Did I just say that?

"Really? Then what do you think is the case?" I asked, not daring to look at him. All of a sudden, cool breath brushed against my ear, making me jump slightly.

"I think that you and your sisters, suck at lying. I also think that you are the hottest vampire I've met, and am sad that I'll have to kill you sooner or later." My stomach tightened. How could he talk about killing me so easily? Did his job seriously make him that heartless and cold? I slightly growled, a noise barely audible in the back of my throat.

Two could play at this game.