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Life With Jack Frost

Chapter 1

Night fell and it's already winter. Wherever you look, all you can see is snow. Plants and trees are covered with frosts and blankets of white, shining snow. Roads and pathways are covered with snowdrifts and the roads started to become slippery.

You're walking while listening to your favorite music and saw a bench nearby and decided to rest for a bit and enjoy the white, clean and bright view outdoors. You closed your eyes when the frigid cold wind ran into your face. You shook my head, making my hair wiggle.

While picking a piece of paper and pencil from your bag, a gale of wind stroked and your paper flew away. You followed it and didn't care even though your jeans got soaked when you strove through the banks of snow.

Suddenly, you tripped onto something and you knelt in the frigid white snow. You looked back and saw a long stick with a peculiar curve at the end. Groaning, you picked it up and threw it angrily away from you.

Instantaneously, you saw someone's two pale bare feet in front of you and when you looked up you saw a teen boy wearing a pair of brown jeans and a blue sweater with frosts all over and the most odd thing about the young boy with light blue eyes, who must be the age of sixteen or eighteen, is that he has a white silver hair.

He's looking down to you quite furious and irritated but you don't know why. He picked up the stick that tripped you and wiped the snow out of it. You've been staring at the boy and when he gazed back at you, he leaned closer and kept analyzing you curious face. His lips twisted in a smile when he realized that you're following him with a glance.

"You…. can see me?" the young boy asked and you got intrigued about him.

"Of…. Course…" you said sounded unsure about your response.

The young boy smiled wider and he helped as you stood up. While rubbing your hands on your jeans, the teenage boy circled you and you felt nervous about it. You swerved to look at him and gave him a blank stare. He stopped and raised his brown eyebrows feeling troubled more than you.

"Are you sure?" He asked and looked at you from head to foot.

"Sure of … what?" you asked again and put your hands on your hips.

"That you can see me…" the young boy added while touching your chin.

"Stop it!" you yelled, "Your hands are freezing cold…" you added.

Suddenly you widened your eyes and started to look around. You walked a few steps and back to where you were last time and felt that the young boy was following you. You stopped searching and you spun to face the odd teen boy.

"Are you following me?" You asked bitterly, feeling uncomfortable with him.

"Obviously…" he said simply with a weird grin, he breathed deeply before he continued, "What are you searching for exactly?"

"None of your business," you said coldly and continued searching, "Why does it matter to you anyway?" you added without glancing at the boy.

You suddenly heard a sound of a rustling paper behind you. You straightened and gazed back at the boy and you saw him holding your piece of paper that you have been searching for a while now.

"You've been holding it this whole time!" you shouted furiously and walked to him. The boy laughed and hid it behind his back. You tried to snatch it but he's just too fast for you to get it. Groaning, you sat on the bench and crossed your arms while staring frantically at the boy as he stood in front of you, leaning on his staff.

"What's your name?" he asked nicely and stared but you didn't talk back to him.

He sighed deeply and sat beside you. You moved farther and looked away trying to ignore him and suddenly he moved his face closer to yours. You abruptly felt frigid and shaky when he stared at you.

"What's your name?" he asked again with with a polite smile. You pushed him away and your cheeks became red when you looked at the weird young boy.

"(F/n), happy?" you muttered. The young boy twisted his lips into a smile. While he stood up, you stared at his staff that he has been holding since you saw him. The white-haired boy noticed.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked, breaking the silence. You looked at him serenely and back to the staff he's holding.

"A… wooden stick," you said feeling awkward with your answer. The boy smirked and leaned closer to you.

"No…" he muttered and continued, "it's a staff, a wooden, magical staff…"

You looked at the boy vacantly and raised your eyebrow as you stared at him, "Seriously? A wooden, magical staff?" you said disbelieving the boy. "You see that paper?" you said and pointed at your paper the boy's holding, "It's a portable magic rug." You said gloomily and glanced at him, "Are you crazy or what?" you added.

The teen glared and feigns a smile. He looked back at you and leaned again on his staff.

"What if, you wake up tomorrow," he said and you listened to him attentively while he continued, "And you found me in your room. Will you believe everything I'm saying?"

You shook your head while laughing and stared at the crazy teen in front of you. "As if!" you shouted with a high tone.

"What if I did?" he asked sternly and gave you a playful grin.

"What's your price?" you asked boastfully feeling sure that he can't do what he's saying. The teen smirked thinking of what deal he'll do with you. Suddenly he smiled and glanced at you.

"If I did, I will be your guest for the whole winter." He said and blinked.

"Sure, whatever…" you replied expressionless.

He reached out his hands to shake hands with you and you reached back while glaring. You stood up and reached your palm asking for your paper. He gave it back and you snatched it angrily and went back home.

You put your earphones on while walking and stopped for a while. You looked back to where the teen boy was but he's already gone. You looked around and shrugged your shoulders.

"That's one crazy person…" you murmured.