Unexpected Lessons

Lesson No. 1 People Before Possessions...

Warnings; Mentions of abuse.

Summary; It starts out as a normal relaxing week, but a late night knock changes all of that for Itachi. Suddenly Tobi is plastered to him crying and for a good reason too. As Itachi will learn even though he's a genius he still has many things to learn. And he gets those lessons from unexpected places.

A/N: This story is dedicated to stephfarrow94. Stephy I can't even begin to tell you how amazing you are or how much I love you. You're like that big sister I always kind of wanted, but then never really did because I'd have to share my mom. Nevertheless this is all for you. I hope you love it.

Disclaimer; I don't even have a bank account so I'm quite sure I can't own Naruto.

Itachi sat reading his book quietly. His parents were going to be gone for a week on business and his brother was spending that same amount of time with his delinquent boyfriend. So needless to say Itachi was rather happy. He'd be alone in the peace in quiet of the empty house. He wasn't planning raging parties or even having anyone come over. He wanted to be completely alone, but alas we never get what we want now do we?

At first things appeared to be going very well. Itachi woke up and lounged in his pajamas while he ate his favorite cereal. He then proceeded to take a long hot shower. And since then the only thing he'd done is read and snack. No interruptions, no problems. It was a rather nice change of pace for the teen. One he figured he'd get to enjoy for at least six more days, but he couldn't be more wrong. Not even an hour later there was a persistent knocking at his front door. This continued for ten minutes straight even though the porch light was off and so was every light except Itachi's lamp beside his bed. He sighed.

'Who the hell could this be?' He thought bitterly not very happy for the interruption.

He thumped down the stairs and stomped to the door throwing a small fit as he flicked the lights on. He drew in a deep breath before unlocking the door and opening it to find a blubbering Tobi suddenly clutching him. From the force of the impact Itachi fell backwards taking a visibly upset Tobi to the ground with him. His irritation momentarily forgotten he rubbed soothingly at Tobi's back whispering comforting hushed words into the slightly younger's ears. Tobi's cries died down and Itachi stood up slowly with the younger situated on his hip. He shut the door softly not wanting to upset the teen any more than he already was. Itachi padded over to the couch and tried to place Tobi on the couch though it seemed he wouldn't have any of it as he clung tighter to his elder. Itachi sighed and ran a hand through his hair which had fallen out of its elastic in the commotion.

"T-Tobi doesn't want 'Tachi-san to l-leave…" Itachi's eyes softened.

"I won't leave you Tobi. I'm just going to put you on the couch so I can get us some tea." Tobi sniffled.

"Pr-Promise?" Itachi smiled.

"Promise." Tobi reluctantly slipped from Itachi's comforting form and settled stiffly onto the cold leather couch as the older teen disappeared into what the younger knew was the kitchen.

'What the hell happened to him…?' Itachi sighed as he put the kettle on the stove to warm. He leaned against the counter and looked up at the ceiling as if it held the answers to everything.

'Why is he so upset? How did he even get out here? It's not like it's a short walk from his house to ours. Tobi lives on the other side of town with his mother… There wasn't even a car outside. I really hope he didn't walk here… Stop! Just stop! He'll tell me. There's no need for me to come up with unnecessary assumptions or scenarios. I'm sure that there's a half-way logical reason for Tobi showing up at my house at ten o' clock at night…' The kettle began to whistle cutting off all of his thoughts with its annoying chatter. He took it off the stove, flipped it off, took out the tea leaves, and placed them in the water to let it steep. He watched the clock carefully.

'Just three minutes. He doesn't like his tea very strong and this is about him not me…' The minutes ticked down painstakingly slow, but they eventually came to an end. Itachi took great care putting everything together and carrying it carefully out to Tobi who was painfully quiet and aware of himself and Itachi.

"'Tachi…" Tobi whispered tugging on his shirt slightly when the elder bent down to place the tray on the coffee table. Itachi looked back and smiled warmly at the other.

"Yes Tobi?" He responded softly.

"'Tachi… Am… Am I disgusting…?" Tobi asked his head hung in shame. Itachi blinked the question hitting him in the gut.

"Why would you think that Tobi?" Itachi asked floored. A lone tear sparkled as it fell in almost slow motion for Itachi when it splattered on the black skinny jeans below the voice reached his head.

"J-Just answer it!" He demanded desperately. Itachi turned and dropped to his knees.

"Tobi… Look at me." Tobi shook his head tears flying off his face in the process. Itachi reached out with his left hand to grab his chin but the other teen sunk backwards tears falling all the while.

"Oh Tobi…" He whispered. "You're not disgusting…"

Tobi shook his head again the tears hitting against Itachi's face stinging his skin.

"You're just saying that! They—" He hiccupped stopping his speech for a second before he quieted down.

"They? Who are they Tobi?" He shook his head again splattering the tears onto Itachi's face. He sighed running his fingers through his hair again.

"Will you finish what you were saying before?" Tobi nodded slowly.

"Th-They said th-that I w-was disgusting an-an-and—" Itachi pulled Tobi forward into a hug.

"Shhh…" He shushed him softly rubbing small circles on his back. He felt the tears patter onto his shirt steadily. His eyes faced the clock. He rubbed until his fingers ached, turned numb, and then some. He refused to stop until the shaking did. It took two hours, but the shaking subsided. Though Tobi was still plastered to him sniffling, hiccupping, and occasionally coughing. He hated to break the silence, but it was necessary.

"Tobi?" He prompted gently only receiving an answer in the form of him clinging tighter to Itachi's body. He smiled ruefully.

"I'm not making you leave… But does your mother—" As soon as the word came out of his mouth Tobi began shaking and sobbing again. Through the sobs came broken and startling words.

'She gave me to them! She just handed me over like I was nothing and… And they did horrible things to me 'Tachi-san! The made Tobi feel dirty and gross and they told him horrible things! And they made Tobi do horrible things! And Tobi doesn't understand why she did that to him or why they did those horrible things to Tobi!' The words echoed through Itachi's head.

It wasn't enough to say that Itachi was surprised or sickened. He was beyond that. He was flabbergasted! He was repulsed! He wanted to kill whoever did this to his best friend. His mother has always had problems, but this? This? Selling your own flesh and blood? Giving it away to criminals? Without a care in the world? Itachi's grip tightened causing a rather pained whimper to escape Tobi. Itachi immediately loosened his grip whispering his apology in Tobi's ear as the teen allowed himself to be pulled back for inspection.

His face was red from crying, his eyes were puffy and swollen for the same reason, his nose was running, and he had a bruise on the side of his face. Itachi sighed and pulled the boy onto his hip. The dishes and old tea be damned he had more important things to deal with…