Unexpected Lessons

Lesson No. 2 The Power Of A Embrace…

A/N: There are times where I just wished I could get a hug and I know someone who has the best hugs, her name is Stephy. I may not have ever received a hug from her, but I know they're the best because she gentle, loving, kind, and caring. Plus chances are she's been through it too. This is all for you Steph!

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Itachi sighed toying with Tobi's hair. He'd long since gotten him calmed down and into his bed. He refused to leave Itachi at all and the same goes with changing his clothes. It seemed the boy was attached and afraid of being alone even more so now.

Itachi smiled. Looking at him here, like this, he looked so peaceful and cute. Itachi traced the outline of the bruise softly. He knew there were probably numerous much worse bruises discoloring his whole body, but for some reason this one bothered him the most. Maybe it was because its purpling black was collected over moonlight skin or maybe it was because it was in such a notable place, but either way it just made him want to cry.

Itachi slid his hand softly down Tobi's jawline. The skin, though bruised, was still smooth and soft if a little swollen. The coloring was the only testament to what he'd been through for the past month. Itachi had worried, of course he had, but he knew better than to stick his nose into Tobi's business. He'd heard the tales and rumors, but he had no idea that this was what he was going through. He sighed again his fingers ghosting softly around the plump lips of his best friend.

'This is all my fault Tobi… I should've been more worried. I should've known something was wrong. You usually call me. Or contact me somehow. Or I hear something, but I didn't. Kami, why wasn't I worried about you? Why did I figure you'd just show up happily retarded as always brightening up my day when it was particularly bad? I'm such a horrible best friend. I don't deserve someone like you… I really don't…' Itachi squeezed his eyes shut tears popping out at the corners as his thumb rested on Tobi's full bottom lip. And that's when he felt the fingers wiping away his tears.

His eyes fluttered open slowly revealing onyx to a bright orangey-gold. He stared at him for a moment before his eyes widened as he realized that Tobi probably knew what he was doing this whole time. His cheeks tinged pink as his mouth open and closed like a fish trying to breathe. He closed his mouth and swallowed. He parted his lips to explain only to be stopped by the soft whispering voice of Tobi.

"'Tachi it's not your fault. Don't think that okay? It's hers…" He trailed off with tears glimmering softly in his eyes from the light of the full moon. Itachi sighed and pressed a kiss against the first tear that fell. He rested his forehead against Tobi's.

"I think that's enough tears for one night." Tobi nodded swiping at them clearly slightly uncomfortable. Itachi caught his hands and smiled softly at him.

"C'mere." Itachi urged softly opening his arms to his best friend. Tobi looked at him warily for a second before smiling back timidly and curling into the comforting warmth that Itachi seemed to radiate. Tobi sighed softly feeling safe for the first time in a month. Itachi smiled feeling genuinely happy for the first time in a long time…