Unexpected Lessons

Lesson No. 6 You Can't Always Do It Alone

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Warnings; Hidan's mouth and sexual references~

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It had taken about ten minutes of promising, confirmation, and reassurance but here he was cleaning up after the past two days. He couldn't leave the house messy, that was disrespectful, and disrespectful wasn't anything Itachi aspired to be, ever.

He smiled at the sight of the dishes on the drying rack. So it was satisfying for him, but what could he do? He liked things clean and orderly, or at least his mother did and he respected that. He wasn't Sasuke after all…

Itachi blinked and ran his fingers through his hair. He felt like he was forgetting something, but what? Just what was he forgetting? He rubbed at his temples while he leaned against the countertop. His eyes snapped open.

"My phone!" He hissed into the open air before taking off to find said cellular device.

He frowned spinning around the living room his eyes actively scanning every surface where his mobile might be placed. He sighed and took off towards his room. It should be there. At least, that was the last place he could think of. He huffed yanking out the top drawer of his nightstand.

'Okay, so it's not there…' He thought a bit desperately deflating onto his bed with a sigh.

'Just where the hell did I put my phone?' He snorted. 'Man, Hidan really has rubbed off on me…' He thought a little sadly. He sure did miss his zealous and sexual best friend. He flopped back onto the bed.

'I wonder what he's doing right now… We all have a break, usually he tries to bother me by now.' He jolted hearing more so than feeling a vibration. He shoved his hand under the pillow and pulled out the cold, white metal device.

His screen was alight with texts and missed calls. He frowned scrolling down on the lock screen. The majority of them were from Hidan and Kisame, a few were from the rest of the group wondering about him, and there was just one from Sasuke. It was the most recent message. He frowned and unlocked it to his line of messages.

Itachi, bastard, you didn't pick up when I called the house phone! Whenever you get this can you bring me my duffel? Oh and fucking answer your friends so they don't bother me anymore! They're freaks. –Sasuke Uchiha

Itachi sighed and rolled his eyes. That definitely was his little brother for you. A total dick, but unfortunately he actually liked the brat so he'd do it for him. Of course, he had to tease him a little.

Sasuke, dear little brother, did they interrupt you and your delinquent's sex? They do tend to have great timing like that. –Itachi Uchiha ox

He smirked seeing that his little brother was already replying. The kisses and hugs always did that to him. Well, that and he'd just made fun of his little brother's sex life. And completely ignored his question. He did enjoy annoying his otouto. It was practically a hobby.

Shut the hell up, Itachi! And what's with those kisses? Are you gay? Is there something you need to tell me? –Sasuke Uchiha

So defensive, Otouto. I take it they did. I'll bring your duffel over later. You really should be more responsible. I hope you remembered your condoms. –Itachi Uchiha

This time there was a pause between his replies. Itachi frowned. He better be using protection with that delinquent! He sighed and pulled himself into a sitting position staring down harshly at the screen as if staring would make him reply, if he did at all. His phone buzzed and he blinked.

Aye! Bastard! Are you really fucking ignoring me right now? I called your little bastard and he was in the middle of some seriously kinky fuckin' sex! Jashin! Answer your fucking phone numbnuts! ~Fucking Hidan

Itachi swallowed. So he was pretty furious and he probably didn't take much joy in that phone call. He sighed unsure of what to do. His phone buzzed again.

I know you fucking have your damn phone bastard! I can't fuckin' believe this shit! You're ignoring me! Are you with that hyper son of a bitch? I swear to Jashin! You fucking blow me off so often for that retarded son of a bitch! ~Fucking Hidan

Itachi sighed again and winced when his phone began ringing. The shrill noise made him tense. He stared down at the screen unsure. If he answered Hidan would just chew him out and ignore him for the rest of the week. Which in hind sight wouldn't be that bad… He swallowed and answered unable to even get out a greeting before the other teen began shouting furiously into the receiver.

"You fuckin' dick wad! Is that little bitch there with you? Are you wipin' his ass too? I bet you are you fuckin' pansy! I can't fuckin' believe you! The rest of the fuckin' group were worried sick about your ungrateful fuckin' ass! You didn't even fuckin' text us to tell us what the fuck was up with you! Dipshit! Do you fuckin' think you can jus' ignore us and be all fucking hunky dory? Jashin damn it! Three motherfuckin' days you asshat! Jashin you fuckin' piss me off you arrogant asshole! I can't even believe you! What the hell is your damn fucking problem you piece of shit?"

Itachi swallowed and rubbed the back of his neck. What was he supposed to say? Obviously he should've checked his phone, but he was a little busy. Though he couldn't exactly divulge just why he'd been neglecting his cell…

"Asshole! Don't just sit there like a motherfuckin' retard! Use your damn words you fancy sack of shit! I wanna fuckin' know why your ass just fell off the fucking face of the damned earth for three fuckin' days! And you better have a damned good reason for it!" He hissed.

Itachi sighed softly. He opened his mouth several times, but each time he couldn't formulate a good enough lie to keep his friends at bay until Tobi was ready. He tugged at his hair frustrated with himself. How could he be so stumped right now? When it was so important?

"You know what asshat? Fuck you and fuck that little bitch too! I'm coming over there right fucking now! Because obviously you're too fucking stupid to even communicate properly! I can't fuckin' believe you, Itachi."

His voice had faded at the end. Even his insults were half-assed. He wasn't feeling it. He didn't understand why one of his best friends couldn't fucking tell him what the hell was going on! It pissed him off to no end and there had better be a damn good reason for it!

Itachi dropped the phone on the wooden floor. He didn't know when he stood up, but he suddenly was. And he really didn't know what to do with himself. He needed help. He needed back up. He couldn't go to Zetsu and even if he had wanted to he couldn't because he didn't have his number. His mind was racing. Who? Who? He gasped and scooped up the phone dialing a familiar number.

"Itachi?" The voice one the other end of the phone sounded utterly surprised and disbelieving.

"Kisame, it's Hidan. He's furious with me for not answering and he knows Tobi is here and he's coming and—"

"Shhh. It's okay, Itachi. I'm not far from there. I'll be there in about five minutes. Don't worry." Kisame cut him off easily with soothing words. Itachi drew in a breath.

"Thank you so much, Kisame." He said his voice shaky with fear and nerves.

"Anything for you, Itachi. Look I'm going to run, so I'll see you in a few." The dial tone sounded in his ears sharply. He took a few seconds to breathe with his eyes closed.

"I-Itachi-san?" Tobi asked softly peeking around the doorframe to peer at the obviously stressed teen keeping him safe.

Itachi's eyes popped open, a soft light bouncing around as he looked at Tobi. He smiled softly at the other and held his arms open. He wanted a hug. Despite all of his protests every time Tobi had ever attempted to give him one, or succeeded, he still gave the best ones.

"C-Can I get a hug?" He nearly whispered and then just like that warm arms were wrapped around his waist. He snaked his arms around Tobi and squeezed gently letting all the warmth and sunshine seep into him.

He was so jittery and nervous because of the threat Hidan posed. He was reckless when angry and disappointed. Obviously he wasn't doing something right. Sometimes he thought he couldn't do anything right. He sighed and nuzzled into Tobi. He'd always been at least a half a foot smaller than Itachi.

"I-I'm really sorry, Tobi." Tobi squeezed him tighter.

"Why?" He whispered his voice coming out strong and steel-y.

"Because Hidan… He's coming over here. And he's extremely angry with me. He… He blames you for it too…" He whispered back shaking slightly. Tobi sighed softly and pulled back looking into Itachi's glowing orbs.

"'Tachi, we're going to be just fine. Hidan listens to you. Even if he hates me, he'd never do anything that you'd disapprove of. You mean too much to him." He said softly, but there was this tone of authority that he never knew Tobi's voice could hold. Tears sprang to his eyes and he nodded vigorously.

Somehow his words seemed true even if Itachi didn't quite believe them. Hidan usually did listen to him. And even if he didn't Kisame would be there for him, to talk Hidan down. Itachi drew in a shaky breath. None of this would be particularly pretty or orderly, but you can't control everything. Sometimes you just have to realize that you can't do it alone. That you need other people there for you and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.