Unexpected Lessons

Lesson No. 8 Unlikely Friendships Are Beautiful

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Sasuke frowned surveying the situation and quickly decided he'd much rather be anywhere at all, even surrounded by screaming hormone crazed girls, than right here right now. He was already regretting his decision and impatience.

Itachi cleared his throat glancing over at Naruto a little amused with that fact that the loud-mouthed delinquent didn't have a word in his vocabulary –not that it was terribly big to begin with— to say anything at this situation. He raised an eyebrow and silently looked between the two before wetting his lips to speak.

"I take it you were too impatient to wait for me to arrive with your duffel, Otouto." He stated more than asked. Sasuke scoffed.

"Yeah, because it really looks like you were going to be there soon." He hissed with his eyes narrowed before glancing around once more silently wondering what the hell had happened.

"What the hell happened here?" Naruto spoke up gaining (sort of) coherent thought.

Itachi's eyes snapped to Naruto and narrowed dangerously. He took a protective step forward and glared into the younger teenager making him very visibly uncomfortable. He shifted from foot to foot before shooting his big mouth off again.

"Damn, your stares are worse than, Teme's!" He practically shouted causing Tobi to flinch and step back from the loud blonde. Itachi growled and stepped around Tobi bringing himself to stand protectively in front of said teen.

"Control your voice." He said cooly to the teen across from him.

Sasuke glanced nervously between the two knowing that both weren't particularly fond of one another. The tension was pliable in the air. Naruto glared back defiantly ready to shoot his mouth off again, but Sasuke knew the look Itachi wore in that moment and took action to save his boyfriend's ass. He placed his hand on his arm causing the other to look back and he simply shook his head. Naruto backed down.

"What happened?" He tried in a more controlled voice. Itachi looked behind him at Tobi and frowned slightly.

"It isn't my place to say what happened. It's not my story. It's Tobi's." He replied gently stepping out of the way so Tobi was in their sights.

He just looked at them. It was unnerving because everyone knew how energetic and immature the teen usually was and this calm, calculated air he suddenly had was very different. It was almost scary, but looks can't kill, especially not such a calm look. There was no malice. Just a unnerving calm quality in the bright orange depths. Tobi shrugged.

"It's a fairly bad story, just look at Hidan." He said pointing to the pitiful mass of flesh clinging to the door frame for dear life.

He looked back to them. He shrugged again. He was indifferent to telling them. It didn't hurt him. He couldn't really feel anything at this exact moment. He just felt present.

"Are you sure you'd like to know?" He asked.

Naruto looked around the room once and then to Sasuke. Sasuke looked pained and sad. Somehow he knew what happened. There's no other way he'd look that way. Naruto shook his head his messy locks falling into his eyes.

"There are some things better left to those with a smaller mouth. I'll be outside whenever you're ready, Sasuke." He said the last part specifically to his boyfriend touching his arm to grab his attention for a second. He pecked him on the cheek and walked out twirling the keys around his pointer finger.

Sasuke swallowed and shook his head before rushing forward, though he skidded to a stop just before Tobi and opened his arms. He wanted to hug the other teen, but he didn't want to trigger anything or hurt the other boy. That wasn't his intention. He always held a fondness for him with his bright, happy personality and orangey-gold eyes. In fact he was the only friend that Itachi had that he was fond of. The rest were just freaks.

Tobi stepped forward and let himself be hugged, though it wasn't very likely, the two were close friends and Sasuke had been very worried about him. He'd been looking for the other teen when he hadn't showed up, but his brother wasn't very worried and so he decided he wouldn't be either. What a horrible choice he'd made. He should've kept at it and found him.

Tears began to roll down his cheeks and plop onto the shoulder of the hoodie. He pulled the teen closer and hugged him a little tighter. He was well aware of the eyes on them, but he didn't care. Not when he could've done something for his friend.

"I'm so, so sorry." He whispered clutching him tighter still.

Tobi smiled and wrapped his arms around Sasuke. He leaned into the crying teen. He found comfort with the other Uchiha. He was strong, steady, and solid. He was a constant. He missed him that was for sure.

"It's not your fault. It's no one's fault, but my mother's." He whispered back.

Sasuke buried his face into Tobi's neck. He hated crying, but he was so relieved, so sorry, so happy, and so sad all at once. It was difficult for him. He cared for the older teen more than he cared to admit. A lot more than he ever would care to admit. He was his role model, his idol.

"I missed you." He whispered back in response.

He couldn't blame himself if Tobi didn't want him to. He didn't have that in him. So he opted for telling him the truth because he had missed the ball of happiness with shining, bright eyes. He missed him a lot more than he ever thought he would have. It was a little too much to take in at once.

Tobi smiled over Sasuke's shoulder. Someone had missed him… That was nice to hear. He didn't think anyone missed him. Of course he hadn't thought he meant much to the younger teen. Obviously that wasn't true with the weeping and the embrace, but he doubted everyone for a reason.

"I missed you too, Sasuke, but your boyfriend is waiting for you. You should get your bag and leave." He said softly pulling away from the warming embrace.

"But… But…" He started with a frown only to be cut off.

"I'll be fine, Sasuke. But you only have a week of break. You should spend it the way you want to, how you originally planned." He said sternly.

Sasuke sighed and nodded. He gave him one last hug before disappearing down the hall and coming back with a large black duffel. He stopped by Tobi and looked at him.

"You'll text me?" Tobi nodded and gave the concerned teen a good shove.

"Go!" He urged.

"Your Prince Charming is waiting." He said with a wink causing Sasuke to smile and shake his head before leaving the house which was signaled with a loud slamming of the door just like always.

"I didn't realize you were so close with my little brother." Itachi spoke up a hint of jealousy in his voice. Tobi turned around to face him and smiled sheepishly.

"It just kind of happened…" He said with a small shrug.

"How the hell did that shit happen?" Hidan finally interjected into the conversation leaning less on the door with his tears mostly dried up.

"When Itachi threw me out and locked the door I wasn't the only one he locked out. Sasuke came later and his phone was dead. So I tried to tell him to let Sasuke in. But he didn't believe me and we ended up talking for a while until I had to go. We exchanged numbers and ended up talking a lot." He explained.

"That's rather odd." Kisame added standing and moving closer to the exit. Tobi shrugged.

"Unexpected friendships are always the best." He responded before yawning. Itachi instantly took notice of this and looked at the other two.

"Satisfied, Hidan?" Hidan nodded shamefully.

"Great. Now get out." Hidan turned on his heel and ran like a wounded puppy. Kisame on the other hand smiled.

"Well this was… Yeah, I'll be leaving too. I'm sure you two are fed up with company. I'll show myself out." He stuttered before leaving quickly.

Itachi sighed and shook his head. He looked over at Tobi and frowned. He hated how they acted around him. He swallowed and stepped towards the other.

"I'm sorry about them." He said softly. Tobi smiled at him brightly.

"They'll come around."

Itachi smiled and pulled him into a hug. He smiled down at the shorter teen. He knew they were both tired. The day had proved to be emotionally taxing. He scooped the other up gently and carried him off to bed. Ignoring the little squeaks he let out, no matter how adorable they really were. They both needed their rest.