Author's Note: Okay I needed a long break from the other story I was writing after that hard chapter, I will be getting back to it but I need a less serious lighthearted story to write that was burning in my mind. So, you might recognize some of these characters right off the bat. If you read my other story Two Families Connected you will recognize Pam, Greg, Trinity, and Sidney, yes same ones, but completely separate characters. Also you make recognize the guardian's name Angelique as well. To clear it up, yes she is the same one and same mother to well, read on. I might have just given away the mystery to who she is in my other story.

The Guardian

Many, many years after their whole family had perished, well over 95 years, ago now, and here it was rumored that the owners had some descendants who were kidnaped or taken from the orphanage and adopted. Just like back in those days, as it is now, it was not uncommon place, for young kids, especially good-looking ones, to be injected with a youth suspending serum. So it was entirely possible that some or all of those children were alive and well, have children of their own, or very possibly still children themselves. No matter the situation, Rainelle was now assigned to be the overseer of the estate. Now it was her task to fix it up, the whole place, for the descendants, and keep the ruffians out until the descendants could be found, and hopefully the Will, as well, if there was one. Rainelle had found that the house was quite old, very old in fact, so old that there were no modern convinces at all, plainly put, everything and I mean everything needed updating. Of course, money was not a problem apparently the Tricou's did have money in ye old bank account and had acquired quite a lot of interest over the years. So updating and fixing up this old place so it was like new again wasn't at all a problem. "Ohh that is great, just great, oh; no wonder why I can't find one in this place, there isn't one, only… Ugh-ewww, oh guess I'm using one of those, for now, ugh, just hopefully, not this one, maybe I can find a cleaner one, that doesn't have dried up old, ewww, ugh," Rainelle commented so disgusted to have to use one of those. It was mostly because the first chamber pot she had found was so dirty. Rainelle had almost puked when she saw the ancient dried up feces stuck to the chamber pot. It was not like she had never seen one or knew what they were, it was just she was used to toilets. So Rainelle did windup having to use it for a good week until the fixtures came in that she could use. The house was old and creepy but she did her best to cheer it up some. Rainelle placed new flowers both potted and garden type flowers down by the graves in the backyard, and had lovingly tended and watered them. Meanwhile, workers came and went, to fix up holes or leaks, some airy spots in the house, and whatnot, that needed fixing up, and or updating, so it was all like new again, to give the old place a much needed facelift. Rainelle had tended to what she could do both outside and in, as well as look for the Will as well as oversee the construction of the workers. Of course, she had inspected the graves and had wondered how they died, but until they came out of their graves, all she concluded was they must have been the previous owners, the ones she was estate sitting. Rainelle was respectful of the 2 dead laying here praying by the graves to God to tell them not to be upset or angry that she and any other men who came here in the daytime, were just here fixing up the place, for their descendants. Well because of this, they never bothered her even when they chose to come out and haunt the place, the 2 ghosts knew now, why she was here, and understood she was being very respectful of them. Rainelle had finally seen the 2 and was shocked to find out they were only teenagers but oddly, they never spooked her. Yes even the one that seemed a bit upset more, the girl, but even the boy never got more upset, then just one or 2 angry screams, but both left her alone, and never spooked her. They had a look at her and floated around her, sensing her taking her in, she was good, but never spooked her. Apparently, because she was respectful to them, they in turn were respectful to her as well, and did not ever frighten her. They only came out and observed her work or her working on the house or watering the flowers by their graves, and sensing she was a good Sim, and after being told she was just here to look after the place, left her be in peace. There was no need to be angry with her, however, had she not prayed to tell them why she was here, oh yes, you can best be sure they would have been very angry with her and spook her. However, one night it happened, Rainelle's time had come. Someone came in and in an attempt to play with fire, and the past, knowing she was looking for the Tricou Will as well as finding the descendants so there was no choice. Rainelle had to now be killed while playing with the dead, to try to get rid of the evidence. Not knowing it, the guardian was there, in the deep basement, and was disturbed; she had awoken from her deep slumber, when the bloodcurdling screams of Rainelle's pain filled death, awoke her! "What are you doing here why do you have a gun and a torch for?! Leave these premises at once! Leave, before I do alert the sheriff! You're trespassing on private property! I'm the overseer of this estate, and I say you have no business on this property. If you do you had best show me clear evidence of what that might be now."

"This is the only evidence you need to see," the Social Worker says as she blasted the gun to Rainelle's belly! It put her down, but had not killed her, that was what the fire from the torch was for! Yanking on Rainelle's writhing body, she threw her on the stack of scrap wood in the yard. Then piled up some more of the scrap wood throwing it on top of her, before she lit the stack of wood to burn the evidence! Rainelle was searching for the 6 Tricou children long since hidden under new last names, in the orphanage. Rainelle was coming too close, to finding out, the truth, so it was the Social Worker's evil intent, kill her, or in this case, burn her to death, to stop her, before that ever happened. Rainelle's screams filled the cool night air, until she gasped out her last breath, and the Grim Reaper showed up.

She changed and took her other form, a bat, and flew up and out the door and outside. She was enraged at the trespasser, and looked at the fire, and the woman cackling evilly. What was she here for Angelique wondered for a second before she sensed the smell of blood in the air? No matter what she was here for, she was a trespasser and she was not welcome, reverting to her bodily form Angelique's fist landed hard on the jaw of the trespasser. She then recognized the woman, as she spotted the Grim Reaper, then the charred remains of what looked like a body burning in the fire! "Oh no, no, no it can't be, Rainelle no, no, NO! Mr. Angel of Death, Mr. Angel of Death, a word with you if you please, before you do commence to your work, in private if you will." Her words were no longer verbal or at least it was not distinguishable, well, not to that human ear anyhow, as she spoke to the Grim Reaper to find out what just happened. Angelique wanted to know if this was an accident, or something much more, heinous, which she suspected more so, had happened, so as to make her proper judgment, as to what she would do with this trespasser. The Grim Reaper being an Angel, only spoke to Angelique the truth, he told her everything; it was a murder, which ended her life! Back in her normal language, "Murder, you killed her! You're a murder! Get off the property now," she hissed. The two ghost children came out to meet the murderer, and yes their guardian. "Gvaudoin, Fricorith, glad you're here." Speaking in the Spirit, communicating through God to the children so that only the 3 understood it, the 2 children as well as the Grim Reaper as he did his business to prepare Rainelle's soul to go up to Heaven to be with God. "Yes children have a nice good long and hard look at his evil murder, sense the evil in her, know it, learn it, if anyone like her ever comes onto this property, that has an evil heart, or spirit like hers, do not hesitate to do something about it. With the warning, do not end the life; that is completely all up to God to decide on. So only stop the trespasser, unless the Lord instructs you to do so otherwise." Now Angelique turned around and swung another hard fist to her face, before speaking in a normal language. "Get out of here, now, before I ask the Angel of Death here to take your soul to Hell where it belongs! Or better yet, I'll have him exchange your wretched life for Rainelle's, which would be the right, just and decent, thing to do! Especially after you took Rainelle's life, you murder! You had no right to do that! You are not God, and it is only He who gets to decide when life starts and ends, not you!"

"Who are you?"

"Oh you know how I am, you vile Social Worker, I only got new clothes and changed my hair. I'm surprised you don't recognize me; I know I sure remember you, and what you did to my little boy, then to his family. Wasn't it you who killed them too, the Tricou's?"

"No, no it can't be, Angelique, it cannot be, it can't be you!"

"Oh but it is! Looks like you have been nipping at that drug you feed the orphans now aren't you? I should know I took a shot of it before I discovered another way to suspend my youth, to halt it altogether. It is a nifty discovery though, why hasn't it been 90 years now since discovering something to suspend the ages of children. Looks like to me, you took some of that drug yourself, oh yes, now didn't you? Looks like it also works on adults too if you take enough of it, but it only slows the aging process down significantly, but not entirely halt it, like being a Vampire does. You have aged quite a bit since the last time I saw you, nearly an elder yourself, but still young."

"You, you, you," the Social Worker only stuttered as she shuddered, quite fearfully.

"Oh don't look so shocked, it's not like I don't know. In fact, I know exactly what you did do. What you did to my son, and to his family. You killed them; you murdered them. Then you tried to do some sick experiment on them, what oh 40 years ago now, was it you coming to dig up the dead. If I hadn't stopped you then, I'm sure you would have done much worse. Unlike you, I have no desire, to kill, but I will harm you, if you don't leave this place and this family. I know what you and your kind, do, what you already did do, what you were trying to do, once already you tried to change them. Get off this property at once; and never come back, you or your kind, or I will not hesitate, but to deal with you, the next time it happens anyone of your kind step foot on this property again!" She gave her one final warning before putting her under it. She stomped once and darted after the Social Worker but she stood her ground holding out the torch and gun futilely to do away with her. There was really no point in trying to kill a Vampire, which was already considered dead, anyhow, as Angelique shook her head. This was it, she had no choice left now, she enchanted her under the Vampire spell, and put the Social Worker under it, it was not to bite the victim, but to simply knock her out, long enough for the police to get here and to do their job. It was bad enough they had already done this once to the family before she chose the Vampire way, to be ageless and to be the guardian, but here they were at it again, this time to cause worse evil. She had only hoped to keep her child and his family out of harm's way by moving them to a public place, yes the graveyard, she had named, Gothier Green Lawns, to keep them all in the public eye, so in case if someone had ever tried to do that again, they would be under, public scrutiny. Angelique kept the children here only because she could not bear to part with them. The day Rainelle had showed up Angelique had assessed her very carefully. She soon realized Rainelle was a worker an estate sitter, and looking for the heirs and her intentions, were that both, of business, and pure. In fact, Rainelle enjoyed cleaning and had beautified the place, so Angelique had no problem at all after seeing what Rainelle was up to, with Rainelle living here even permanently, if that was the case, and raising a family, Angelique would be her guardian too, just so long as her motives all stayed pure. "You spilled innocent blood. This murderer is now in Your Hands, as of now my Lord, how you see fit to deal with it, and, this one! As for me, I will go back down to rest, until I am needed again, once all this mess has been taken care of. Off to bed now, children, it's quite late. I'll alert the authorities, to come get her. So I don't want you out hunting tonight and complicating the matter as I try talk to the sheriff about the murder that has taken place here. It might be hard enough to deal with that and trying to explain what I did to stop her. They may not like it, especially that I'm a Vampire." The girl Gvaudoin nodded with a smile and gave her thanks and told her to be safe and to run if she had to, before she jumped back into her grave. The boy Fricorith remained for a bit longer. "I'll be safe I'll be careful. Yes, I will do that if I have to, and thank you for your concern, I appreciate it. Fricorith off to bed with you now, go back to your grave." Fricorith remained there and just looked at her and held out his arms, wanting a hug. "Oh you just want to thank me with a hug first? He nodded, "That's so sweet of you, but I can't do that. I would really like to, but I can't, one day maybe. I'm a Vampire, and you're a ghost, and although we are both considered dead, I still can't do that as much as I would love to give you a big hug, I can't, it can't be done, I don't think. Only in Spirit, there now, you had your hug now off to bed with you. Oh you're sacred, oh it's okay you don't have to be. You're just scared this will happen again. Oh, I know I do understand, but I'll keep things safe, that's why I'm here, to be your guardian to watch over you to protect you to keep you safe. I'll be awake until daylight hours, but I will be on high alert, now, until it is all safe to fully hibernate in my coffin." Fricorith nodded telling her to keep watchful eyes out now, before he jumped back into his grave. "Yes I will. I know one day one day, there will come a day, I know it."

Many years had passed by; things changed likewise so would she, the Lord had directed her she needed to be awake and to school herself, she was to prepare herself for more education for in time she would be renewed, to grow to have a new life, to become human again for a time. So she did just that, in the daylight hours she took the study books and regular reading books and went deep in the basement to read there by light of the candles by the coffins, safe from the burning sunlight. At night, Angelique kept watch and tended to things. It was like this for a while until Angelique heard new word from God. She was instructed to leave and go find a new home; there the Lord would bless her. She was to leave everything as is; that included the two children who rested here they were to be left behind. As much as it pained her to do this to leave she did, she obeyed, and moved out but only after praying protection for a great number of hours over the house and every room, and the children, and told the children the night she left, her reasons for leaving. Angelique did as she was told and obeyed God, and moved out of the House of Fallen Trees, to a small home right next door so she was nearby if there was ever any trouble. She was instructed to learn further to study skills more, to school herself, she obeyed. Every night she studded and kept watch of the old house. One day she had a special delivery a Genie Lamp. The Lord instructed to rub it and wish for Youth, Peace of Mind, and a long life. She obeyed wishing for Youth transformed her elder body back to her old teenager body, she had blond hair again! "I'm young again; I'm a teenager, why, why did You want me to do this? I'm not a Vampire anymore either, why, why I, I'm normal." Finally, she got it without having to pray for the answer, she knew God was giving her a second opportunity at life after trying so hard to shorten hers to try to be with her son. Now she could go to College. So taking the peace of mind for permanent platinum Aspiration, and more time added to her teenage years, so she had as much time as she needed; to get scholarships for College. She went to school and took a job, and got some scholarships. With a short time left before aging to an Adult, she was told to go to Crypto Night; to meet an old friend, and let her do to her what was done before. She realized what God meant when she met up with the same Vampire who turned her the very first time. Being turned again turned out to be a blessing, not only no more aging and more time to work on skills and scholarships. It seems you can get a scholarship for that was well, being 'dead' as well. So with the Vampire cure in her inventory, she furthered her education until she was ready for College. Only then, did she take the Vampire cure, right before leaving for College. There, she grew up to a Young Adult, as she entered College. At College, Angelique graduated top marks it was only then that she found her true calling, it was to teach. "Please look after this old house, and the children, and the family nearby, please let no harm come to any of them while I'm away. Please children guard the house; I did this for you for many years. Now you are quite old enough, to do this on your own, to look after things while I'm gone. I will come back, to check on things, and to visit you as well, to see how things are, but it is now your jobs to guard and to look after things to watch out for evildoers, that may come on this lot." During her years at College however, she returned a few nights just to check on things, but for the most part, the 2 children would now look after the place, under the watchful eyes of God, until she returned to being their guardian of them and the house after College. However, for now, the Lord had instructed her she needed to now go and teach others and to grow. Even though Angelique was now officially on her own, she had remained nearby the estate living in town, but would often go visit the house and even sleep in one of the coffins at night, to just be near the children.