Author's Note: Yup like I said you may recognize Pam, Greg, Trinity, and Sidney, and yes they are the same ones, but they completely separate characters, from the other story, this story though similar are completely separate from one another. Their names are about the only things that are the same; although some of the same issues in the story that are taken from my other story to come up both are completely separate stories. Now that I got all that cleared up, on with the next chapter!


During one of those years at College, there was only one set of visitors to the place, a family. They had up and moved, she had a job as a teacher, him more into the paranormal, took a job in that. There was a great demand in Pleasantview for more teachers, and there were a few paranormal actives to investigate here, but if it all turned out to be a big joke, he would take his second passion, medicine, they could always use more doctors. Asleep in the backseat, was their little girl, a toddler. "Shouldn't be too much longer, looks like we're just entering the shopping and downtown district of Pleasantview now." A few seconds later Trinity woke up and stirred in her car seat. "Ohh look who's awake; we're almost to our new home, Trinity."

She had been halfway potty trained and a small start in walking and bit of talking. She hadn't really been sat down and taught to talk yet, but she could say a few words as she stretched and wiggled in her car seat, "Pee-pee," wiggling and giving them that look.

"Are you wet," he mother asked.

"No, no wet, need pee-pee," wiggling a bit, to let them know she had to go, but wasn't wet yet, but needed to go soon, "a pee-pee, need a pee-pee!"

"Oh boy; got to find some place to stop for a pee. I know I have to go pee-pee too pretty badly too, but can wait though until we get to our new home."

"I have to go pee too."

Laughing, "Guess I'd better stop somewhere so we all can go potty." He kept driving a bit, and spotted the old house, as good as spot as any, and pulled up into the driveway, and looked at the place for a few seconds, trying to determine if the place was empty, or not. Greg saw it, a figure moving in the house, "Oh I thought I saw something or someone moving in there. So looks like someone is home, I'm sure they'll let us use their bathroom." Jogging up to the front porch, as his wife Pam unstrapped Trinity from the backseat car seat while he went up and knocked on the door. "Hello, anyone there, we just really need to use the bathroom, can you let us in?"

Fricorith had agreed with his cousin Gvaudoin, he would take the day shift, and Gvaudoin took happily, the night shift, to look after the house. So he, as odd as it was for a ghost to be out wandering the grounds in the daylight hours he was inside the house finally having a look around when they pulled up. Words the man was speaking he did not understand, not one word but he came over and peered out the window. He didn't understand why they were here, or what they wanted. Fricorith was quite wary of these Sims, not really afraid and terrified, but had he been alive he sure would be, not knowing why they were here, knowing what had happened in the past. He sensed there was nothing evil about them, he sensed that God was in, and with them, but did not understand a word they said. He was very wary though almost to the point of him been scared, or at least he would be if he wasn't dead and with God. It didn't help even in life he was and still is very shy of strangers, and strange, was exactly what they were to Fricorith, very strange, looking, at least in dress. Fricorith's figure went invisible as looked out the window at them first before he passed right through the wall to get a look at these strangely dressed Sims. He needed to go out and see them himself to figure out why they were here, what they wanted, did they intend ill will or harm? "What do you want? Who are they God; and what are they doing here? I don't like this, why are they here? What do they want?"

"Please anyone home, it's an emergency…"

Why did he look so freaked out, maybe something was wrong, was, is, there something wrong? "Has something bad happened, or maybe they need help. Do they need help, I don't think they are evil, but why are they here? Why no one but our spirits live here now." Not only did they speak completely different languages, but Fricorith's speaking was not the kind that was heard. Fricorith however could sense it their hearts, at times heard what sounded like words, but not only was it a problem, in that the language he did not understand it, really it wasn't the same language he spoke in life or death, but he did not hear it well whenever they spoke, it was the same only worse for him. It was like trying to talk through, or under, water, it was just sound, basically like there was no distinguishable words just very garbled. In simple words, the dead were not allowed to communicate to the living and likewise especially the living they were not allowed to communicate with the dead unless they did it through God/Jesus in prayer. The only acceptation to the rule came in the form of babies, toddlers, and some very young children, who were still at that age where they could easily see and sense the spirit realm, as they had come from Heaven.

"Maybe no one is home, Greg, looks pretty old and rundown."

"I know, Pam, but I saw someone, someone is home. Please, my little girl just wants to use the potty, so she doesn't wet her pants. Please do the right thing, she's just learning how to use the potty, do the right thing, don't make her have an accident."

Words again he didn't understand. "I don't understand anything they say. It must be a different language, or maybe because I'm dead, perhaps both. It's just sound, I don't hear any words they say. Ohh what a cute toddler they have," cooed Fricorith loving young ones, and had a closer look at her. It was the one thing that easily melted him and his shyness away as he went over to see the little one.

Trinity was whining and was getting antsy now, she wanted to pee soon, or she might have an accident she did not want at all! Trinity looked right at Fricorith and pointed to him she saw Fricorith despite the fact that he was invisible. She smiled at the teenager she sensed he was a good Sim that he meant no harm, and dared to talk to him about her problem to let him know. "Pee-pee, pee-pee," she cried and squirmed and crossed her legs as held a hand on her bladder area, it wasn't that bad, or really at the urgent stage yet, but figured it just might help things to move along faster to get her to a potty sooner. "Need pee-pee."

He smiled and nodded ah, that he understood, he heard the little girl and actually what she said. "Oh she needs to, oh of course, that must be it, why they are here." Trinity she at least was apparently speaking his language or he could at least see plainly the urgency of the situation. Though being dead he had no use to do that anymore, but he understood why they were here now, the little girl just needed to relieve herself, and he promptly went back through the wall and unlocked and opened the door. So long as there was not any trouble, and they promptly left afterword, he had no problem letting them in, to go relieve themselves; it would be very rude to not do that. Do on to others, after all, and be polite, to help the needs, of others, even simple needs, such as this. After all, if he was alive, he would expect no different if for some reason he suddenly had an urgent urination need come up, and politely asked to come in, and relieve himself, of course he would expect the same, and answer to be, yes.

"Thank you so much," and dashed in the door, behind him his wife carrying their toddler, and looked around, empty, no one home, or so it appeared, to be an empty lot home. Although apparently, no one was here he looked around to see who opened the door and more importantly, where the nearest bathroom is. "Uh, where's the bathroom?" No answer.

"Well looks like no is here but someone must have opened that door. Well no matter, they have to have a bathroom. I really hope they have a bathroom."

He hadn't been in in the house since before he had died, he just observed the work he could see from the outside how it was fixed up and repainted, but he never seen any of the work or changes that had transformed the whole inside, until today. From what he understood and could see being done this Rainelle was just keeping up the grounds keeping up the place and repairs and updating things and such especially since that was what she pray told them that was what she was doing or was being done until she was murdered. It was Fricorith's good reason for being on high alert now, to stave off the evildoers on the property. Although most of it was like it was before their deaths similar in many ways, new or fresh paint/wallpaper and cleaned up, but a lot had been changed, too, a lot, and had very, modernized stuff now, he never seen before or would had a clue what it was. However he knew exactly where they were, one in each room, what the little girl needed to use and Fricorith was about to go on upstairs to go fetch one for her, when he remembered, being a ghost he really couldn't do certain things. Right, he could not really exactly go fetch it but he could show himself to them and then show them where it was so it could be used. "I'll go get…," looking at the female going up the stairs but the man had remained downstairs, "Where are you going? Oh yes it is up there, right in my room, there's one in each room she must be going to find a chamber pot."

"Hello anyone home?" Greg called out looking around it was silent too silent. "Someone has to be here, who would have opened the door if no one was home?"

"Maybe the door was open and the wind blew it open, I don't think anyone is home or lives here for that matter, Greg," Pam said.

"If that's the case, I don't think anyone will mind."

"I'll check upstairs for one, you look down here for one," said Pam as she took off upstairs with Trinity to find the bathroom.

Greg peered in the door leading to the deep basement. "Whoa, that is some basement this place has here. Wow, running up and down those stairs, would certainly give you your exercise, without a doubt." No bathroom there, and as he closed the door, and turned around, "Whoa, oh, y-you you're a ghost." The young lad only gave him a funny look like he did not understand a word he had said, and he didn't, but Fricorith probably guessed Greg was startled by the fact he was looking right at a ghost. The lad was dressed in very old clothing of an era or two gone by. "Ohh, this is so not a good time to spook me, I kind of got a full bladder," and prayed as he had been instructed in his work to not tamper with the fire of God but to pray to Him to transfer the message to the dead. Praying, "Lord, transfer my words to him, so he hears them, so he understands what I say. I know this is the way it needs to be done to communicate with him, Lord instruct him if he needs to speak with me to pray to You God and then I will hopefully hear what he says too. Please tell the young lad this it is not a good time to spook me my bladder is fairly full, and I would be very unhappy if I was spooked right now and be frightened and wet my pants. Tell him after I relive myself the lad is welcome to give me a little scare if he likes, especially since I'm a Knowledge Aspiration and enjoy being spooked by ghosts. Please tell him sorry for disturbing you we just need to use the bathroom; my little girl needs to use the potty really badly."

Fricorith gathered from what he was doing he was praying, oh and praying he loved to do, and understood perfectly. Then suddenly he looked up boom got the message from God what the man had said. Fricorith was amazed, he got all of that, some of that he didn't quite understand the Aspiration bit he was new to it still, but the rest he got and fully understood. He understood he was praying to God to transfer the words, the message, likewise, he in turn, did the exact same, so he was heard. "Oh I will not, I will not, after you relieve yourself I will, if you like, me to do that if that is something you would like." Though the language was very different and the words not only had to be transferred over into the other's native language as well as to the words the other understood. Fricorith had still gotten the message, and prayed one right back. Likewise, Greg had to get the words Fricorith had pray-spoke translated to the language Greg spoke and to his modern words. "Follow me I will show you where one of the chamber pots are, so your daughter can use it as well as yourself."

Getting the massage, 'Follow me I will show you where one of the toilets are, so your daughter can use it as well as yourself.' "Oh wow, this so strange, and wonderful, how the communicating with the dead works, this is so fascinating this is the first time I ever done it. I got your message though so I heard what you said, what about you, can you hear what I say or rather pray," he pray said.

"So did I yes. It would be very rude of me if I did not help you out. Yes I hear you."

"Wow I can sense feel God's presence here with me, I feel His hands on my shoulders. If I didn't feel that doing this, I would be running for the hills right now. What about you?"

"Oh yes so do I, God He is right here, the Lord is right here, yes it is the same with me, He is mediating our words for us. Let me help you to find the chamber pot. Although obviously I have no need to urinate and defecate anymore, but if I were still alive I would expect the same treatment if were in the same situation." Fricorith did not think let alone knew how many years had gone by let alone of how much or what has changed, or what Rainelle had done to update this whole house. Namely, that the use of chamber pots was updated, the new version of a chamber pot was a fairly new word for him toilet or potty well surprise, surprise, when Fricorith went to his old room. He looked around he then looked under the bed and went so far as haunt raising it up a bit and then checked around. Talking to himself not pray-speaking it to Greg, "My chamber pot, where is it, I had one in my room, and hmm, that lady must have moved it, somewhere." Oh dear is all Fricorith could think of that little girl will wet herself if he did not find one soon and the parents would also be terribly uncomfortable as well. Maybe in another room, he checked his cousin's room, same problem and then his parent's room, and aunt and uncle's room, and same with his grandparents, no chamber pot. "Where did Rainelle put our chamber pots? I cannot find our chamber pots, anywhere." It had taken a few minutes to search each room but none were found. Pray-speaking this, "I don't know where they are, we had one in each of our rooms, but they are gone. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what, what's he sorry for, and what's he doing, what's gone?"

Meanwhile though it was a bit scary because it was the big potty the big grownup potty Trinity wasn't really ready to use it because she wasn't expected to. Little toddler potty-chair is all she knew, that and she was just plainly stubborn and grouchy. When she was a child, it would be Greg's job to try to encourage her to be nicer, she was fully outgoing but very grouchy, and too playful maybe for their liking, but with some encouraging that could all be changed for the better. For now, Trinity let mother know of her displeasure, and what SHE wanted to do, and SHE plainly refused outright very naughtily as to what mother had in her mind and asked her to do, for her own good. No she would not do that, and SHE would do what SHE wanted to go do right now, not at all what her mother wanted her to do and not what Trinity needed to do. What SHE wanted was nothing to do with it, with using the toilet for its normal intended purposes, but to play in it! "No," crying a bit, as she pointed to it.

"It's okay Trinity, the big potty is the exact same as the little potty you would use. You won't fall in I'll hold you," pulling her tights type pants down and undies Pam put her on. "Okay, go potty."

"No!" Of course she didn't want to go not only was she not used to this but Trinity was being stupidly suborn and disobedient. However she was forced to stay on there to try, but the longer she sat there the more she wiggled to be let off. Trinity had never seen mother use it until now when she was forced to sit and watch mother use it, in case that was the reason, of disbelieving, or confusion, or any fear she had, well now saw it in action and was expected to use it now. Oh but aside from the obvious need to urinate she just plainly wanted to play in it, but mother was not letting her and she fussed about it that she wasn't allowed to play in it. Heck even at their old house she wasn't allowed to do that!

"See same thing as a little potty this is just the big potty, but you can use it just the same. When you become a child that's what you will use, this is just the bigger grownup version of your potty-chair, that's all. Up you go, and try again; I will hold you so you're safe and don't fall in if that's all you're worried or scared about."

Sat back on the big potty again, yet again she refused to go again, and this time after trying to wiggle off of it, she let everyone know her displeasure and unhappiness as she screamed up a storm. As plainly obvious as can be she was being a big fool! "No, no, no," then started the screeching screams.

"I'm so sorry I cannot find the chamber pots, so relieve yourselves outside, I'm so sorry, I can't find them I looked for a chamber pot but can't find one. This worker Rainelle she must have put them somewhere else, but I don't know where, since have not been inside of the house since before I died. Where she moved all the chamber pots, I don't know. Please I'm sorry just please go relive yourselves outside by the trees really it's quite alright you…"

"You can't find the toilets…," screaming, he knew to whom, "Trinity."

Straight transfer, Trinity, in a word confusion, "Trinity, Holy Trinity, you mean God? Dear me I certainly hope you are not misusing the Lord's Name are you? You better not be."

"No my daughter her name is Trinity. She's screaming that's her. I think she might have not have made it, had an accident, wet herself wet her pants."

"Ah I see, sorry I thought you were swearing or, misusing God's Holy Name. Oh but that is lovely a lovely God-name, beautiful. Oh dear so she wet upon herself, I'm sorry that happened, I did not want that to happen. My apologies, I'm so sorry, I did not want this to happen, at all. Sounds like she's a little upset with herself, just give Trinity a little wash, she will be fine. Again I'm sorry I could not find it in time before that happened."

"Neither did I want that to happen. Oh well accidents happen." They were now in the hallway and Trinity was screaming on the floor and holding herself and kicking the floor throwing a tantrum when Greg came downstairs followed by Fricorith. "What's going on, did she have an accident?"

"No, not yet, but she refuses to use the toilet, and I'm sure she's not afraid of using it the toilet, but she's just refusing it altogether. I showed her I went right in front of her and put her back on but she screamed out she doesn't want use it."

"Stubborn little Taurus I don't know what to do with her when she gets like this."

Then she saw Fricorith. "Greg, I think this place is haunted let's get out of here, there's a ghost right behind you."

"I know I think he's the owner or son or relative of the owner of this house. He was helping me find the…"

Well it didn't take Fricorith long to figure it out. The child was not smelly nor was there any wetness so, just a tantrum bad behavior. In warning to snap the child out of it Fricorith slap clapped his hands together near her face to grab her attention then sternly shook a finger at her. Trinity continued on with only a few seconds break but went right on back to her tantrum, this time however, he made it clear, much clearer, "NO!" A simple thing with toddlers and babies they are much more seeing when it comes to ghosts and spirits at this age, they are also much closer to God at this age, and can discern and sense things much easier and better than adults. There was no need for a pray transfer all heard it, and for Trinity there was no fear she understood this teenager meant no harm, but he meant business, but did not heed it too long.

"Well that was loud and clear," Pam said, there was no need to have the pray transfer, Fricorith just said it loudly to grab the toddler's attention period. Besides English French both meant the same and were said the same, no, only difference was the spelling and the accent! Gesturing that he didn't understand what the lady, who he assumed was the man's wife, had said. "Greg, what is he doing?"

"I don't think he understood you, you'll have to pray if you want to talk with him." Doing that, "She said well that was loud and clear, you saying, no, did you pray that or just say that?"

"I sort of just said it no need to pray for a young one such as this, they are very close to God at this age and can see their guardian angels at times, sense and see thing like spirits or, ghosts, like me, so there was no need. So why is she doing this, I don't think she wet herself to make this much fuss over it, or is she acting badly, why the crying screams?"

"No she didn't wet herself yet, but she just won't use the toilet, she's refusing to use it, and now she's getting stubborn and angry that she is being told to use it but she won't use the toilet. It might be fear because she has never used the toilet before. Still, fear or not, she should just try using it to avoid an accident, and besides, when she's older, she will have to use it."

Fricorith concluded one thing from this, they let her still wet on the grass outside and she wasn't ever held over a chamber pot before and was simply afraid of it. That he got, sometimes children get irrational fears of things, or she was just at that age where she was going through a development stage and this was just a pause to focus on learning something new such as talking or walking. "Oh. If this is a bad temper and more for naughtiness, and she is being insolent or naughty, then discipline her, and tell her to use it, anyway. If it is fear only, and she is not being disobedient, then no need to discipline her. Oh but of course she may relive herself outside that is quite fine with me. Do that outside by the trees, please, take her out there right now, and let her wet out there, if she won't use the chamber pot because she is afraid. She must be still used to that way, if she has never used a chamber pot before."

Oh he got it but didn't understand why he was suggested to wet outside, maybe so Trinity if she was going to wet, oh maybe he meant wet herself yes do it outside not inside. "Here let me give it a try, see if she'll go for me, I have to use it anyway," taking her in the bathroom.

"Where is he going?"

Praying asking as Greg instructed, "He's going to try one more time, to see if Trinity will use the toilet, see if it is fear or not, besides he has to use it too."

"Oh I see, yes, sometimes children just need to be shown there's nothing to be afraid of. I was like that too, for spiders. Then I found out they are more afraid of me than I am of them, and was told what wonderful good they are. So once I saw that there was nothing to be afraid of, and the good they do especially, I was fine, now I like spiders. So I guess the chamber pot is in there now."

Getting the rest of what he said then this message with the word switch, 'So I guess the toilet is in there now.' "How could you not know where the toilet is, or that it was in there all along?"

"I didn't know where it was, I looked for them, but I couldn't find one. Rainelle must have put one in there, and got rid of all the rest. Being the only one here, before she died, she would really only needed one, maybe two chamber pots. So it stands or reason she got rid of the rest if there was no need for them. It also might be because they are too old and dirty, so she might have gotten rid of them, and gotten a new one, for that reason too."

"Oh yeah if they were sitting around for a few years, it might be better to get rid of them and to get a new toilet. Who though?"

"Rainelle she is buried in the backyard, she was murdered here; her innocent blood was spilled here. We did not ever scare her; she was very respectful of us, and prayed to tell us why she was there what she was doing. She was just looking after our home and looking for our descendants, heirs of my grandfather, orphans, he looked after, I understand this; it is their home too, my nieces and nephews. She also made our home, nicer better looking. It is very much the same but also different looking since I was alive; she made our home look better. I like it but a lot of it is, new, very strange to me. I have no idea what a lot of these things are, I don't understand them."

"Oh overseer of the estate, she kept up the house. So yes, they do that, they look after an estate fix it up if need be and look for a Will and Testament what the dead's wishes were concerning money and hears and estate, who gets what when someone dies. So yes, if there were other heirs, they would have to be looked for. It's usually also their job, to look after an estate like this, if it's to be kept in the family, if it needs fixing up, that's what they do, they will have it repaired fixed up to make it safe and in good use for whoever. New things you probably don't know what they are. If you have been dead for many years, things will be a lot different. Just looking at your clothes I can tell that you have been dead for a very, very long time." Fricorith had old era clothes on not the red shirt and skull choker and black pants he normally has on; so try think Little House on the Prairie or a western type show like that, maybe Rococo type of clothes from an era like that.

"Yes, I know many years have passed. I only wish to know one thing where my mother and father's graves are. I wish they were here so that we could see each other when we come out. I see them up in Heaven, but I wish to have their graves here, it upsets me, likewise with my cousin. Our guardian moved them; somewhere, I wish she hadn't done that."

"Guardian, so, who is your guardian, you mean God?"

"Oh yes but it was a woman she was a Vampire, now she is normal again she changed she was an elder then she was a teenager. Then the last time we saw her she was older like you but still young like me, a teenager. She left to go somewhere, leaving us in charge to look after the house, my cousin and I. She came back one day looking very strange she was older like you but young like me, strange. It was scary how she had made herself young, a teen like magic and I don't like it. She told us to take rounds to protect the house, we obey, my cousin Gvaudoin she looks after watching in the night, I look after the day, for anyone coming here to cause trouble. I know you aren't here for trouble, but that's what we watch for. Our guardian she left to better herself, to learn, school she said."

"Oh Young Adult it sounds like it sounds like she went to College. She was an elder," Fricorith nodded, "oh, she might have gotten a Genie Lamp, it is a magical lamp, and she must have wished for Youth that would change her back to a teenager, if she wished for Youth. About 30 years ago now we have had College but even then most didn't go to College, but nowadays most do; it's still an option to go to College when you're a teenager. That's probably what she did she wished on the Genie Lamp for Youth was made a teenager again and took the opportunity to go to College. A Young Adult is a cross between your adult body, but the rest is all teenager, to you I'm sure it was strange and scary what she did to herself, but she's good it sounds like she didn't do it to be evil. Genies can grant wishes and that is a wish they can grant. It gives you a chance to relive your youth. College if you don't know is more schooling more school."

School he understood, "Oh more education school, oh that's wonderful, yes. Yes, I think I now understand what she did, maybe God wanted her to do this she did say it was the Lord's bidding so she leaves and He would look after us, but we also had to keep watch of the house too. When she was here she looked after the place as well as guarding the house. All I know is her first name is Angelique, and I don't know why she choose to do this, to look after us, and this house, but she was in a sense just like Rainelle just keeping up the place but she also kept us safe from evil intruders. They already once dug us up to change us all to give us this purpose."

"Purpose, what purpose, you were resurrected once before?"

"Resurrected? No, they were stopped they were going to do that though; by evil means is what Angelique said. Our bodies were dug up our spirits were still in this form like you see me now; and my soul is with God right now. They started to dig up our dead bodies to try resurrecting us for their magical experiments and to try giving us a purpose Aspiration, to test Grilled Cheese whatever this is. They were using, or were going to use, evil means, to bring us back, by magic dark evil magic."

"Whoa, so they dug you up to try giving you an Aspiration, to try to test out the Grilled Cheese Aspiration? Was this Sim you speak of green colored green skinned by any chance?"

"Yes! Very green, her skin was green, and she looked so evil very scary."

"Oh she was a witch then, an evil witch; until recently, that was the only way to resurrect a Sim was to use an evil witch to bring you back from the dead. Trust me you do not want to be resurrected that way. Nowadays there is a good way to bring Sims back from the dead, as if they were never dead, by going through God and the Grim Reaper to do it, a sinless way, but you have to pay money for it to be done. Actually my husband is in that career to get that machine."

"Ah I see, so it was evil magic. So what is Grilled Cheese?"

"Grilled Cheese is a food but it is also an Aspiration. We all have one an Aspiration, every Sim has one. From babyhood to child stage, you have the Grow Up Aspiration you Aspire to grow up and learn and grow. Once you become a teenager, you choose your Aspiration your grownup one, Family, Romance, Knowledge like we both have, Popularity, Fortune, Pleasure, and yes Grilled Cheese. You can once you are a teenager, change your Aspiration with a machine. The Grilled Cheesed Aspiration is a backfire Aspiration however; it's what you get if you misuse the machine, when you are not in gold or platinum Aspiration."

"Misuse, so it's a punishment?"

"Uh yes in some sense you can call it that a punishment, that's what Aspiration you will get not the one you wanted if you misuse the machine while your Aspiration is low, in green or red, to change your Aspiration you will get the Grilled Cheese Aspiration. To help you understand it is in some sense a punishment for being stupid or foolish misusing the machine unless it was the Aspiration you wanted. It's stupid like sticking your hand on something hot when you know it will burn you. You can however also choose it as your Secondary Aspiration. So, you have Grilled Cheese, as your Aspiration, is what you're saying?"

"I'm very confused, what you speak of is very confusing, I'm having a hard time understating it what you speak of, but I think I got that. No not Grilled Cheese I think I got one you mentioned I have Popularity, Friendship the Friendship Aspiration. When Angelique sensed them, she came out stopped them, and only allowed it, but, how can I say this… She would not allow the experiment of this Grilled Cheese but we could have one, so we all did get one. But this was done all through God, she prayed to Him to let us have it since it was something we were supposed to have. This was to protect us, so they wouldn't ever try this again. That was the only reason why she allowed it, it was something we were supposed to have, and to protect us, likewise, she got one too, then," he looked over as Greg and Trinity came out of the room, before going on. "At that time, all of us were here, my aunt, uncle, grandparents, my parents, all here, their graves, before we all got our purpose, Aspiration, but after that night, they were all gone." Pausing nearly crying, "Angelique she said she took them, and she put them somewhere so they would be safe, so something like this would never happen again, but she never took us with them, she let us stay here. She said she could not part with us. She assured us they were safe though, and she would frequently go check on them. I only wish to know where they are their graves."

"I wish we could help you somehow. Well, how did it go in there did she do it?"

"Did she relive herself?"

Pray speaking, "It didn't, I asked her if she's afraid but she's not afraid she just won't do it she won't use the toilet. I put her on the toilet, but she refused. Since, I had to pee too, I showed her how to use it, and put her back on, and she still wouldn't use it. So it's not that she's afraid I don't think, I think she wants to wet herself, she's being foolish." As soon as she was sat on the floor, she grabbed herself and started kicking and resumed her tantrum.

Oh foolish Fricorith understood as well as disobedient is what all this sounded and now looked like, there was only one cure for both of those things, and it was one of those things that he would not tolerate, especially out of guest, young or not. "She won't use the chamber pot, so it is not fear; she is just being disobedient then?"

"Yes she won't use it she refuses to."

"Okay then, so spank her, then, and make her use it, even if she doesn't want to use it, you will make her use it, because you told her to use it. Make her obey by spanking her, if she won't listen, she is committing a sin by being disobedient in what you asked her to do, and so she must be spanked."

"Spank her, did you say spank her?"

"Yes spank her, you do it, or I will. She is a guest in this house, only, and I do expect her to act properly. If you refuse to spank her, I will do it, do I make myself clear?"

"I, I can't do that…we, don't do that anymore, it's brutality."

"Brutality, this this here is brutality, that you do not love her enough to discipline her, when she needs it. Since you won't then I will." There were no more two words about it he made his form more solid so he could do this. Grabbing her up Fricorith glared at her with that 'I mean business so you best shape up,' look, "Stop this nonsense crying at once," he ordered her, "or I will spank you," he warned her. Trinity didn't heed it the warning and continued to scream and wail out in anger and nearly landed a kick on Fricorith, so left with no choice three firm hard swats were applied to her bottom, a yelp of shock and slight pain then silence. Thus proving if not one; she was capable of stopping, and obeying, but it was disobedience, and a rotten temper. "No, no, no more," aside from the bit of a whimper of pain she silenced the tantruming. Then she was promptly taken outside, "So since you refuse to use the chamber pot, (substitute the word chamber pot for potty or big potty) then you can go pee outside, or have your foolish accident outside. Either way I'm not having you, a guest in my home, to be making a mess." Straight outside and to the nearest tree he yanked down her bottoms and undies then scooped her up held her in a squat. He really honestly thought everyone still did this, but even though Trinity had never gone pee this way the position and the cue had the same effect, as it would have done for a baby. "I give you one more chance to do the right thing and relive yourself. Go pee relive yourself, pee, pssss, pssss, pssss, let it out, pssss, pssss." Glancing down as she started, "Yes there we are, yes, now no more of this nonsense and foolishness out of you, and no more crying and bad temper out of you. You disobeyed; you earned that spanking you got. When your father, or mother, asks you to do something, you obey them. When your parents asks you to do something, is for your own good, like now. You had to pee and you could have used the chamber pot when they asked you, and if you had obeyed them, you would have avoided the spanking you got. However, it was your disobedience that earned you that spanking, not any fear, you had if any. I will see to it that they understand this, from now on, to spank you to discipline you." Like Greg and Pam had done with pray-talk-transferring the message or words spoken, this wasn't so needed with toddlers and some young children she without the need to have it pray-transferred heard that loudly and clearly, and had took it to heart. The only transfer was the exchange of languages from Fricorith's mother tongue, to Trinity's mother tongue, that was it, but the message was the exact same, aside from chamber pot being switch to toilet or potty or big potty. She knew then how foolish she had been; her mother had told her that the toilet was just the same as the potty, and yes, she would have to use it when she was older. Trinity looked up at Fricorith and looked apologetic as well as relieved, "I know you are sorry and I accept you apology I love you and pardon you for your misbehaviors in my home," and gave her a little cuddle.

"What is he doing to Trinity?"

"He's," looking down as her water was flowing out, "getting her to go pee. I know you are getting her to pee but what are you doing exactly, is this, your form of discipline?"

"This no not really but yes in a way I'm just helping her pee, you said she didn't want to use the chamber pot or it might have been maybe at first, because she was afraid of it, for some reason, so she must still be used to going pee this way still. I just gave Trinity a chance relieve herself and well as to redeem herself, which she did, she looked at me apologetically and so I forgave her. It's fine with me, she goes this way; it's more comfortable to squat even for a pee. If I were alive I too like go pee this way, squat, but I'm far too old now to need this help, to be held like this," and started laughing. "Still she was being disobedient if she was truly afraid of the chamber pot she would have showed you that, but it was clearly disobedience." Fricorith waited until Trinity finished her pee then bonce dripped her dry and then handed Trinity to her mother and then to Greg only he scared him! This spook; was only to not only spook him as Greg had asked, but mostly, to instill in Greg the Word of God about children and obedience, and how to deal with acts of disobedience, to make Greg realize this, if he refused to discipline her, that it showed that he didn't love her. Finally Greg saw it this 'expert' in childcare was wrong and they really should be listening to what God says about how to raise godly children and yes He does say in His Word to spank them, and exactly how to do it, calmly, lovingly, and always, doing it with their or your child's wellbeing in mind. To show the child that sin has very real and very painful consequences in life that spank=pain, sin=pain, to make that connection, so as to try their best not to go astray, that it was an act of love and kindness, and lead them to God to obey Him especially.

"I, think we should leave now. Thank you, Fricorith, for all your help; you've been a blessing to our family. Ironic thing is, that's our family name Blessing, but it is you who has blessed us. Thank you again, Fricorith Tricou, thank you."

"You're welcome. I was more than happy to help you out. May God go with you in peace and His blessing with you and your family." With that, he departed in a mist back to his gravestone as soon as they left in that strange horseless carriage.