Drabble series: around Blake and Nellie - Blellie - of the fact they are best friends, but not the typical ones. Just something to write, on my lazy days. These drabble series won't be long (maybe in five parts) because I suck at writing drabbles. So, yeah. Owning completely nothing, excepts idea.

ps: can you spot a little hint from The Breakfast Club?

part one: the best kind

"Yo," she says, flatly and monotonously, as she comes closer.

He ignores her, so does the brunette cheerio he's making out with, and smiles onto her lips, pressing the brunette a little bit harder against the wall. The brunette seems to like it when she responds with a moan, opening her mouth for him to explore more. The raven-haired rolls her eyes, wearing an 'are-you-kidding-me' expression, and slowly thumping her boot on the floor, a sign that her patience (if there's are any left anyway) are running thin.

Not far away, Shanna, the new kid, watches in worry. She nudges her friend, and whispers out, "Isn't that Blake Reynolds?"

Abraham perks up at the blond's question, glancing at what her eyes set upon before turning it back onto the book he has been reading. "Yeah."

"And isn't he, like, the most feared kid in the school?" she asks out of curiosity. "Lily said so, anyway."

Abraham stops reading at this point, he rises a brow, waiting for what's next to come out from the blond's mouth. Shanna fidgets with her bag, her eyes still eyeing the scenery at the locker a few feet away from them, "But, isn't that girl afraid? She looks like she's looking for trouble."

The Asian however laughs, closing his book shut now while the blond stands in utter confusion, and shock at the sudden burst of laughter. "That girl is always looking for trouble. Lily didn't tell you the whole story, I'm guessing." Abraham smiles sweetly, once the laughter subsides. "That girl—"

When he says this, the raven-haired girl has lost every bits of her patience and she stomps her boot hard against the ground, huffing. The couple before her eyes remain kissing, although she could see the way the brunette opens her eyes in shock at the sound of her boot. "Fuck this," she mutters harshly, and pushes the jock away from the brunette, leaving everyone speechless when the jock is push away practically five feet from where he was standing a second ago.

"The hell—"

"I am not here to watch you swallow a girl whole, you dumbass. You need to take me home. Now."

Shanna gasps in horror, almost couldn't believe her eyes of what had happened. Abraham however, only smiles in return, "—is his best friend. But, as you can see, they don't really see eye to eye. At all times. It's a platonic kind of friendship, you know? But they work well. She keeps his feet 'on the ground', and he keeps her from 'sinking in'."

"Fine." Blake huffs out, rolling his eyes at the raven-haired girl and goes up to the brunette, who is now quivering and almost looks traumatize. The raven-haired girl shots him a glare, but says nothing. But she smirks however when she realizes the expression on the brunette's face.

"Oh my god, she looks like she craps herself in the pants. You better check her out- I think she's dead."

"Demon," he hisses out, a warning towards her.

She chortles at the nickname he has for her, smirking wider.

"Don't worry baby," he says, leaving a lingering peck on the brunette's lips. "She won't hurt you."

"Sure I won't." The raven-haired girl scoffs out. He quickly spats her a glare, but she ignores it, tilting her head to the entrance of the school- a gesture she needs to go home, this instant. He sighs, giving another kiss to the brunette and murmurs a 'call me' before the raven-haired girl drags him away, commenting something about how his choice of bimbos are getting dumber day by day.

"Platonic kind of friendship, huh?" Shanna swallows worriedly.

"Yeah. But they're the best kind of friendship I've seen so far," Abraham admits.

"What's her name?" The blond asks, determined to know as many things about this new school and the environment as she could.

Abraham pushes his book into the locker, and shut it. "Nellie. Nellie Clark."