Thanks for those who reviewed. :) Now I have news; I am going to Hong Kong, for five days. Therefore, this is my last on updating anything until next Saturday- so no Golden Being. Another short drabble (although I suck at it so much) for the moment I'm doing nothing, and for your entertainment- whoever you may be. Fair warning; THIS ISN'T CENSORED. Loves, from far away.

part two: she wrote, he wrote


Nellie's essay:

Blake's an asshole. He likes to show off when he's winning at some stupid sports, and is a sex-addict. Like, it's either he's sexting someone on his goddamn phone or he's swapping saliva with some chick. It's disgusting. He's disgusting. And I hate every fiber of his being. But he's the first guy who stood up for me and got into a fist-fight because some fat dude called me a 'whore' and twisted my good-hand wrist. He's an asshole- but I know he's always going to be there for me. And... in some weird-ass way, he is kinda cool.

Underneath all of it, she drew a monkey with a big nose and weird eyes and point an arrow that it's Blake. She thought it was a masterpiece.

(When she gave it to him, he told her it was 'horrible, demon', but he kept the crumpled paper and never, ever threw it away)

Blake's essay:

Well, my best friend would probably be... Nellie. Or as I like to call her 'demon'. Why? Because she is one. She once kept her nails so long and when she smiles at some angle, her fangs would come out and I swear she kinda grew horns on her head and a tail on her as- butt. On her butt. Nellie hates me. And I don't really like her, at all. But it's because of her, you know, that I don't get over my head too much. That I realize who I am; yeah, I'm awesome and hot and whatnot, but there's more to life than that. I guess I have to thank her for making me remember it always- even if it takes her to call me 'super, mega idiot' once in a while.

PS: she hates sports, but she never missed any of my football games. So that's cool. Getting her out of her comfort zone. In your face, demon!

(she called him 'super, mega idiot' when he gave her his essay, but kept it in between the pages of her black-covered diary anyways)