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Prompt: Tied

Pairing: Suigetsu x Sakura



As a shinobi of Konoha Sakura had a certain affinity for trees, forests, leaves... those kinds of things. It kind of came with the territory.

She did not feel the same way about this particular tree. Maybe that was just because of the fact that she was tied against it so tightly she could barely even move to make threatening hand gestures at the smirking man laying sprawled near her feet.

"Untie me now." Sakura spat, trying to look intimidating as possible while still trussed up like a turkey.

He cracked open one violet eye and smirked even wider,"Don't think so."

She let out a stream of verbal abuse mixed with a healthy dose of threats until the man - she didn't even know his name, not that it mattered - opened both eyes and muttered,"Shadup."

That only increased her ire.

"Jeez," he groaned finally, taking a slurp from the small bottle at his side. Sakura suddenly realised that the heat of the bright summer's day was making her very thirsty as well," you come through here - shrieking like a banshee - and interrupt my downtime" he paused to take another long slurp" and then you get mad at me for getting annoyed. Women."

"Where is Sasuke?" She hissed, staring him down.

"Beats me, pinkie." He closed his eyes, seemingly entirely nonchalant about the fact that she positively seething. Then, he said," Say: did you match your underwear to your hair? That's stupid."

Sakura almost exploded - literally. While turning a very fetching cherry-tomato shade of red.

"You think I looked stupid! You matched your top to your eyes, you weirdo!" She spluttered, pressing her thighs together tightly as much as she could with her legs tied.

The very sharp toothed smile that spread slowly across his face was deeply,deeply, unnerving.

"And my underwear too - wanna see?"


So, this is intended to be a collection of multiSakura pairing oneshots/drabbles; please leave suggestions as to prompts and/or pairings because I could really use the inspiration!

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