Fortune Summoners: Secrets of the Elemental Stone Rewritten
by Lunar Wave

Summary: Mission: Turn Fortune Summoners from a simple RPG game to a Light Novel/Fanfic!

One and ONLY Disclaimer so don't bother looking through other chapters for disclaimers!
I DON'T OWN FORTUNE SUMMONERS! ALL CREDIT GOES TO LIZSOFT! Also, thank you, Carpe Fulgur, for localizing this interesting story! Not the best gameplay experience, but the story is really good~


Elemental Stones: stones imbued with the power of an Elemental Spirit,
granting the wielder of one the ability to control that element via "magic".

In the country of Scotsholm, three centuries have passed since they were
first created. Elemental stones are now mass-produced and widely used,
making magic a personal, commonplace part of people's lives.

This is the story of one particular young girl who lives in Scotsholm…

(Town of Tonkiness, First Street)

The Town of Tonkiness. A town with such a strange name that some wonder why it was named so. With such an odd name, you would be quite surprised to see how relatively normal it is, especially for a town. Stone brick walls surrounded the town guarding it from the monster infested landscape around it. Within this small town are houses, with walls made of wood and stone and roofs of colored tiles, ones that would not be out of place in the Medieval Era. Stone brick roads connect the houses and the gates. At the center of the plaza is a fountain. Overall, it was a normal sort of place. Not many tourists travels to this town, and if they did, it would only be for one night and they'll move on. The main reason people go here is for a retreat from stressful lives. The town has one of the most peaceful and carefree atmospheres in the whole of Scotsholm.

One day, a carriage has arrived at the Town of Tonkiness. Movers. Those were quite rare for the town and it was quite the talk when a carriage carrying some furniture and items were brought to a house on Second Street. This house used to belong to a kind old grandmother, until she died quite a long time ago. About a month ago, a carriage of furniture came with a man who introduced himself as the son of the recently deceased owner of the home, and thus the legal owner of the house. Some of the people recognized the man, and with the land's deed, he was able to fix up the items in the house. Now, the family is officially moving in, and some interested people stared at the carriage.

The new movers were the Plumfield family, a small family of three, consisting of a father, a mother, and a young girl, no more than eight years old. Any passerby who would look at them would immediately regard to them as a normal family, simply moving in from somewhere in Scotsholm. The father stepped out of the carriage first, with a huge sigh of relief.

"Here we are at last!" The man said, stretching his legs in relief after being sore from the long ride across the country. He scanned his surroundings, breathing the clean air and grinned. It's only been a month since he was last here in this town, when he moved some furniture, but he was finally able to enjoy it with little load. "Arche, we're here, this is our new hometown." The young girl's eyes as she yawned awake, having slept the whole way. She looked at her surroundings with bleary eyes, wondering where she was silently. When she remembered, she jumped out of the carriage, her emerald eyes wide open, twinkling like stars.

"Ah, so this is the Town of Tonkiness?" Arche Plumfield looked around, studying everything about her new hometown. Her brown hair was slightly disheveled from the sleep, her orange headband a bit askew, but this did not make her any less cute. She wore a red and white dress, fastened to her waist by a brown belt. A red shawl was draped around her shoulders. She looked like a relatively normal girl. That is, until their eyes strayed upon the girl's back, where a sword rested in its sheath. The sword was a relatively normal sized sword, for an adult, but on the kid, it was absolutely enormous.

"We haven't been here since you were a baby, Arche." The girl's mother looked upon her daughter, as she herself steps out of the carriage. "Goodness, it's busier than I remember!"

"Yup!" Arche looked around, pointing out everything that could be called busy, with a positively happy smile on her face. The couple smiled. The last time they brought Arche back here was when her grandmother died. She was still too young to remember her grandmother, so she doesn't even know she had grandparents.

As far as Arche knows, there are only three people in her family: herself, her father, and her mother. Neither the father nor the mother had siblings, and there were no plans for Arche to have a younger sibling.

"So which house was our item shop again?" Arche asked her father, snapping him out of reminiscence. Her father had decided to open an item shop in town so that they could earn a bit of money… Especially with their current issues regarding that…

Her father thought for a bit "Which street was it again… Ah yes. It's on Second Street. The first archway on the left. " He looked at the old wooden arch, and pointed it to Arche. That street over there, Second Street. First house on the right, you probably can't miss it. It has an Item Shop Sign hanging from the wall."

"Ok!" Arche ran, carrying a pack with her as she ran. "Let's go!"

Arche's mother laughed, as she watched her daughter energetically run without a care in the world, even with a heavy sword on her back. "My, my. Wait for your poor, old, slow parents, dear." The man and the woman looked at each other and laughed. They paid the coachman and grabbed the remaining luggage left, trudging after the girl. What the people who watched this unfold found unusual was that the man carried little else than a small pack whilst he allows his wife to carry a heavy bag. The coachman would've commented on this, but it was not his place to do so, and simply offered to help the woman. The mother smiled, handing the baggage to him.

(Town of Tonkiness, Second Street)

Arche soon arrived in front of her new house, and excitedly pointed out every minute detail about it to her parents. Their neighbors were a family of farmers, merrily greeting the Plumfields as they passed the family of three. Their eldest member, and old grandma, greeted Mr. Plumfield.

"My, how time flies…" The grandma said, in a reminiscent manner, going into story mode like most elderly people. "I feel as though it was just a while ago when I saw you as a wee tot, James. And now, you are a fine man, with a little daughter of his own." The grandma chuckled. Arche looked relatively confused.

"Umm… granny, dad's name isn't James…" Arche mentioned. "It's-"

"Let's go in Arche." Arche's dad quickly interrupted the girl, "surely you want to see what our house looks like from the inside?"

Arche immediately spun around and gave a quick nod. "YAY!" The father took out a key from his pocket and inserted it in the knob. Soon the family was inside once more.

"Arche, please help with a few chores in the house, ok? We still need to add the finishing touches." The mother told her. Arche nodded, smiling. The house was a two-storey house, with an attic. The first floor was to be their item shop, with the father as the shopkeeper. A door on this floor leads to the storage room. The second floor was their kitchen/dining room. There was also a bedroom here, which was now to be the two parent's rooms. The toilet was here as well. Finally, the attic was converted to solely Arche's room, her own place. She looked into her pack and pulled out a stuffed rabbit, placing it on the bed.

"This is our new house, Chocolat!" Arche spun as she crashed into the bed. "I wonder what adventures we'll have here?"

"Arche, if you're done unpacking, please come down and help us!" Her mother called from below. Arche nodded, leaving her pack on the nearby table. She ran down the stairs. The mother gave her a list of chores for her to do. Arche obediently complied, running around the house, pushing crates, taking out trash, and all the little things she needed to do. When she was done, her father called her. Arche's father was busy fixing up the cash register.

"Arche, I ordered a custom made knife from the weapons shop. Can you go get it for me?" Her father asked the girl.

Arche nodded enthusiastically. A weapons shop! What kind of weapons would be there? "Where is it?"

"First street, shop on the right. There should be a big sign with a sword on front or something. It shouldn't be that hard to find. If you can't find it, just ask around. It's the only weapons shop in town after all."

Arche nodded. "I'll grab my pack and go there!" Arche rushed up the stairs. Soon, she was, once more, carrying her brown bag and saying "see you later," rushing out the door, her sword still dangling on her back. The father smiled as he watched the child leave. But this smile has a trace of sadness on it.

(The Weapon Store of Tonkiness)

The Weapon Shop Owner was not exactly expecting any particular visitors for that day, so he lounged around, sitting on his chair as he rubbed his bald head in boredom. Upon hearing the bell indicating the entrance of a customer, he immediately went on alert. What he saw surprised him instead. It was a little girl. Now normally, he'd shoo kids away from the weapons, as they might hurt themselves, and he was about to do so until he saw the sword dangling from that girl's back. In other words, potential customer. She was looking at everything in the place with perfect awe, from the mace, to the axe, the sword, the cutlass and the lance. Even the armor. The girl looked overawed and happy as she looked around. She saw the man and walked towards him.

"Neh, sir, did you make all these weapons?" She looked at the man with shining eyes. The man immediately took a liking for the girl.

"That's right!" He puffed up his chest in pride. "Little missy, these ol' hands made everything you see here!" The girl looked positively amazed as she dropped her bag and started looking around once more. The man picked up the bag. Upon seeing what kind of bag it was, he gingerly placed it on the table and called to the girl.

"Aye, little missy! Is that sword on your back the real thing?"

"Uh-huh! It's just my Dad's blunted practice sword, though." Now it was her turn to puff up her chest. "I never lost to any of the boys at fencing at my old school!"

The man chuckled, as he finally found what he wanted to see. "Not only that, but you actually have an Adventurer's Pack, eh? They don't exactly give this around for free. Where's your license?" Arche grinned and pulled out of her pocket was a card which says:

Arche Plumfield
This card certifies that the name inscribed above is a
recognized adventurer by the Adventuring Committee.

Travis Reconar
Secretary of the Adventuring Committee

"A full-fledged adventurer, I see!" The man laughed, impressed by the girl's young age. The Adventurer's License. It's an item that grants the holder many abilities that boosts the girl's ability. The weapon shop owner looked at the back of the card.

"Ho, ho. Two Marks eh?" He was impressed. Such a young girl was able to get two Marks already? A customer worthy of respect, indeed.

"So, young customer, what can I help you with?"

"Oh, that's right! I'm here on an errand from my dad." The girl smiled. "I'm here to get a custom-made knife my dad ordered!"

"A custom-made…?!" The man looked positively confused until he remembered such an order. "Ah, yes, I remember. You'd be the Plumfield's daughter, Arche, then?"

"Uh-huh, that's right!" The girl nodded vigorously. That explains a lot for the man. Looking at her back, he was finally able to connect the dots. He then reached below his counter and took out a package. It was a knife, all wrapped up and ready to go. Arche took the item and stuffed it in her bag.

"Thank you!" Arche grinned, slinging the bag on her body.

"So, then, Arche…" Arche turned to the man. "It must be your father who taught you the way of the sword?"

"Ah, yes!" Arche practically glowed with pride as she smiled. "Dad used to be the best swordsman in the Guard!" The Scotsholm Guard, the highest rank of Royal Guards in the country. Truly a fearsome feat.

"Oh yes, he most certainly was. The stories about Mr. Plumfield, you almost wouldn't believe it! He was called the best swordsman, not just of the Guard, but of his entire generation!" Then the man frowned. "But I remember hearing that he was seriously injured after fighting some monster or another…" He quickly shook his head and laughed. "Ah, sorry, I'm… rambling. Gotta say, though – with a daughter who's cute as a button AND skilled with a blade, your papa must be a proud man, Arche!"

Arche was very pleased and happy with the praise she received from the kind man. "Hey, mister, can I come look at your weapons sometime?"

"'Course! You're welcome to come in any time! I'll see ya, Arche!" Arche smiled, running out the door. As she ran though, she remembered something…

"Oh yeah… Dad never taught me any more sword stuff after that…" Arche brushed that thought away, as the sun began to set. She'll need to hurry home.

(Home on Second Street)

When Arche arrived home, she was immediately greeted by the scent of food and she immediately rushed upstairs to see the cooking. Her father was also up there.

"Dad, here's the knife you wanted."

"Thank you, Arche." Arche passed the wrapped knife into her father's hands. The father went to the bedroom to place the knife somewhere. As the father was gone, the mother spoke to Arche.

"Arche, you have school starting tomorrow. Are you ready?"

"Yep! I've got everything I need! And with my Adventurer Pack, carrying them would be easy!" The Adventurer's Pack was standard issue to all applicants for an Adventurer's License. A special feature of the Adventurer Pack was that it was extremely light, and allowed people to carry items with little worry. It can also hold more than what it suggests it could, being linked to a pocket dimension space, so the bag is very useful to every adventurer. However, there's always a limit on the number of items the bag can hold.

"Arche's new school… it's a magic school, right?" Her dad said from the bedroom. He exited once more, to join his family on the table.

The mother nodded, "It's called the Minasa-Ratis Magic School, and it's the only school in the area."

The father looked worried. "Do you think this will work out? Arche's never taken magic classes before. And we don't…"

"Well, even though it's a magic school, most of the classes are normal. Math, English, so I suppose that she'll manage. All the other local children got there…"

Arche was not worried. In fact she was really excited. "I'm sure it will work out! I really, really wanna learn how to use magic! I haven't seen someone use both swords and magic yet, so if I learn, I'll be… a Mage Knight!"

The tension dissipated as laughter echoed through the house. Arche's father patted her head, "Don't get carried away, Arche. You'll have to actually learn magic to do that, won't you?" Laughter once more echoed throughout the house.


Arche crashed onto her bed, Chocolat raised in the air. It's become a sort of habit for her to talk to the stuffed rabbit whenever she sleeps.

"Phew! I'm tired from all the helping I did today. And tomorrow I start at a new school…"

Looking out the window, she continued. "Neh, Chocolat? Do you think I'll make lots of friends at my new school? I've made up my mind. Since Mom and Dad are busy with the shop… I'm going to go to school all on my own tomorrow. And this school I'm going to, Minasa-Ratis, has magic classes! MAGIC!" She threw the doll in the air, catching the rabbit and hugging it to her chest. "I've never seen magic before! Ooh! I can't wait to see it! Oh, get here soon, tomorrow! ..." She yawned. "Mm… So sleepy. Good night, Chocolat."

Chapter End

Party Members: 1

Leader: Arche Plumfield

Members: None

Number of Marks of Heroism: 2