The Diary of a Redshirt (part two)

Author: Gevaudan

Fandom: Star Trek

Set: During the second five year tour of the Enterprise, after the events in (The Motion Picture'. This makes Pavel Chekov a Lieutenant and the chief of security.

Disclaimer: All characters other than Mark Wallace are the creation of Gene Roddenberry and property of Paramount. Mark Wallace is mine not that anyone cares…. As per I'm not making any money…at all…not from this, not from anything *sigh*. Actually I just got my first weekend job! So I might get paid for that. J

Mark Wallace's Diary

27th July 2271 – U.S.S. Enterprise

Whew, today was my first day aboard the Enterprise. And at times I thought it might well be my last. I beamed over at 0900 hrs from the dry-dock and reported for duty. Upon which I was told by the transporter tech, Lieutenant Rand? Yeah, I think so, to report to the security office. Off I skip only to find I don't know where it is and have to return with my tail stuck firmly between my legs. Of course I mean that figuratively. Lt. Rand gives me this condescending, amused smile of one who knows something that you don't and calls for a security escort…so I sound like an escaped convict before I've even reached my CO. Eventually a fellow ensign arrived and led me through a myriad of corridors, all of which looked suspiciously alike until we arrived…back at the transporter room. My 'guide' was Kevin Clark, turned out that he was new aboard too. So now we have TWO lost security ensigns rather than just the one.


So Lt. Rand, totally failing to hide her smile by this time calls for another security escort. While waiting I got chatting to Kevin, he's a nice enough guy, has quarters just down the corridor. Discovered he failed navigation twice.

Go figure.

While we were talking this guy enters the transporter room wearing security gear. Now he was a youngish man, about 26 definitely no older than thirty, but he was, uh I don't know how to put this, he was shorter than both me and Kevin, which considering Kevin is only a little over 6 foot and I tower over him by at least three inches meant he was pretty short. So I, without thinking to check his rank, assumed he was an ensign.

I realised my mistake about the time Kevin pulled himself to attention and crisply announced, 'Lieutenant Chekov, sir.'

In the meantime I snapped to a miserable couple of seconds later, uttered a half-hearted 'sir,' and prayed that the deck would swallow me up.

It was too much to hope that he hadn't noticed.

Somehow he managed to make me feel about three inches tall while looking up at me and carried on looking for a five seconds that felt like eternity. And the glare he gave me certainly revealed why he was in security, set it on the Klingons and he'd have them queuing up to give him information.

But he wasn't using it on Klingons, he was using it on me, and I was turning into a quivering wreck.

'Are you Wallace?' he asked finally.

I nodded and nearly whispered, 'yes sir.'

He nodded, a gave what could have been a crooked half smile.

'Follow me, I'm sure I can find you a job somewhere.'

Did he have to?

I should have known from the glint in the eyes. Pavel Chekov was in security for another reason. Good things come in small packages.

So does dynamite.

To be continued….

Part Three:

What is Chekov's assignment for Wallace…?

Will it hurt?