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Pokémon on Team

Ash - Pikachu, Lucario, Grimm (Absol), Typhlosion, Houndour, Ponyta

May - Glaceon, Blaziken, Mawile, Munchlax, Lilligant, Vulpix.

Chapter 20

City by the Sea

"I HATE YOU, ASH KETCHUM!" May shouted, her voice ringing out amongst the trees of the forest, startling a few Pidgey from their perches. The brunette stormed off into the trees with Glaceon chasing behind her, leaving Ash alone on the path with Pikachu and Lucario.

They'd left Vermillion City nearly a week ago and had been sharing opinions on a number of different topics until one thing led to another and they started arguing. After that things escalated quickly with names and insults being traded between them. May despite her innocent looks had unleashed a volley of obscene language at Ash to illustrate her point of hating him. Quite a few of the things May had said left Ash in a state of shocked silence as he'd never heard of them before.

May marched along not paying any attention to where she was actually going, just wanting to put as much distance between herself and Ash as possible. While she walked she was muttering under her breath about how stupid and insensitive Ash could be, how he refused to see her side of things and a multitude of other questions. Until she came to one she could answer and know that her answer was the truth.

"How can I love someone like him?" She whispered, hearing her own words May stopped nearly causing Glaceon to crash into the back of her legs. May raised her head to take in her surroundings, she was still in the forest but looking at the trees around her she found that she was in the middle of a Metapod evolving ground (AN like a breeding ground), sunlight shone through gaps in the leaf canopy formed by the trees reflecting off the green carapaces of the bug type Pokémon filling the area with a soft emerald light. Hearing the flapping of wings May looked up and was a flock of Butterfree fluttered above her head. May decided that because this was such a beautiful place and the Pokémon didn't seem to mind her presence she would rest here to collect her thoughts. Laying down on the grass she thought about the last question she'd asked herself, she crossed her arms behind her head and watched the Butterfree that flew around above her.

"I know why I love him." She mused out loud, "He's heroic, brave and a great friend. He always sees the best in people, even if they don't see it in themselves, He make me laugh and feel happy. If I'm scared then he'll protect me, he'll help anyone who needs it and doesn't want anything in return. Ash is an amazing person and Pokémon Trainer. I love him because he makes me feel whole, he completes me." May fell silent as she thought about the fight she'd just had with Ash, quickly becoming ashamed of herself for the language she'd used and hated herself for saying she hated him. Tears welled up in May's eyes as she thought about what Ash could possible think about her after what had happened between them.

Glaceon had curled up next to May, listening to her trainer's spoken thoughts. Glaceon knew that May was just talking to herself but still listened to every word said, while Ash and May had been fighting she and Pikachu had tried their best to stop the argument but nothing short of attacking them would've stopped their trainers. They knew that once Ash and May had started something then nothing could stop them till it was finished.

Before chasing after May, Glaceon had told Pikachu to talk to Ash and calm him down so he would be thinking straight when May came back. Lucario said he would help Pikachu work on Ash while Glaceon was more than capable of helping May.

"Glaceon," May said turning her head to look at the ice type. "How could I have said all those things to Ash? I mean I know why I said them but at the same time I don't. Do you think Ash hate's me know?"

"Gla Gla Eon, Gla Ceon Glace." (Translation – "Master Ash could never hate you.")

"But I said all those….Wait, did you just call him Master Ash?" Glaceon nodded. "Why?"

"Glaceon Gla Glace Glaceon." (Translation – "Master Ash's Pokémon call you Mistress.")

"That's only Lucario and Gardevoir."

"Glaceon Glace, Ceon Gla." (Translation – "Not anymore, they all do now.")

"Really?" Glaceon nodded again. "So you think it's only fair to call him Master?" Again Glaceon nodded, "I suppose you're right but do you really think Ash doesn't hate me?"

"Gla." Glaceon shook her head, "Glaceon Gla, Eon Glacoen Glace Gla Glaceon." (Translation – "No." "Master Ash won't hate you, give him time to calm down then talk to him.")

"You're right." May said reaching out and scratching behind one of Glaceon's ears causing the ice type to purr in enjoyment. "We both said things we didn't mean." May turned her attention back to the Butterfree above her, watching them go about their business as she relaxed, letting the anger she felt moments ago fade away. A few minutes later May was sound asleep, breathing lightly with Glaceon watching over her.

Ash was still on the path, he was having a similar conversation with Pikachu but with one quite large difference. He was on the ground twitching form the number of electric shocks Pikachu had given him. Every time Ash tried to speak, Pikachu would give him a jolt of a few hundred volts to shut the raven haired Aura Guardian up. The electric mouse in question was currently sitting on Ash's chest, his cheeks still sparking as he berated his trainer.

"Pi Pikachu Pika Kachu Chu Pikapi Pikachu. Kachuka Pichu Chukapi kachu Pika Pika Chu." (Translation – "I've known this since we met but you Ash are an idiot. May is your friend and you've just destroyed that friendship.") Pikachu kept shouting and shocking Ash to make his point that arguing with May was one of the stupidest this Ash had ever done and punishing him for the hurtful things he had said.

"PikaAAARRRRGGGHHH!" Ash cried out as he tried to speak but Pikachu wouldn't allow it. The near constant attacks and almost crippling aftershocks played havoc with Ash's concentration so he wasn't able to call on his aura to protect himself. Ash looked at Lucario who was stood to the side, his eyes pleaded for assistance. "LucAAARRRGGHHrio, please heAAARRGGHHHlp me!"

Pikachu, I think that might be enough. Lucario said, Pikachu's head snapped around as he glared at the Aura Pokémon. Even though he was bigger than Pikachu, Lucario knew exactly what the mouse was capable of, he looked down at Ash. I'm sorry Master but it seems he won't listen to reason and I will not resort to violence against a fellow team member under these circumstances….He does had a point though, you said many things you know not to be true about Mistress May and it was plain to see in her Aura that she was deeply hurt by what you said. Imagine what Lady Delia would say if she'd heard your language, she would be greatly ashamed of you.

Pikachu had stopped shocking Ash with Lucario spoke, Ash knew exactly what his mom would say and do if she'd hear him. He let out a sigh and put a hand over his was due to Pikachu's shocks his movements weren't as fluid or gentle as they would've been. His hand fell on his face causing him to groan at the feeling of slapping himself.

"You're right, both of you are, I need to find May and apologise to her." Ash said but found that when he tried to sit up he couldn't. His arms were weak and wouldn't support his weight. Pikachu sniggered at the state him trainer was in. "I'll find may in a minute, when I can move properly." Ash said glaring at the laughing electric type before closing his eyes and focussing his Aura to speed up his healing.

May woke up when she heard Glaceon hissing at something, she sat up rubbing her eyes as she looked around the clearing but saw that they were the only ones there. There was nothing else close by that she could see or hear but there had to be something to have Glaceon react like she was.

"What is it Glaceon?" She asked, Glaceon didn't answer the ice type just stared at one of the many bushes surrounding them. May noticed that the Butterfree had flown away leaving behind empty Metapod shells. The bush rustled and May reached for a Pokéball, a couple of seconds later a group of Rattata ran out of the bush stopping when confronted by the growling Glaceon.

"It's alright Glaceon, they won't hurt us." May said reaching to stroke the ice type's back, she gasped in pain and quickly pulled her hand back the second it made contact with Glaceon's fur, it was standing on end and was as sharp as broken glass. The Rattata looked back at the bush before running around May and Glaceon disappearing into the trees. It was then that May could feel a slight tremor coming from the ground and hear a low rumble in the air. "Glaceon," May said standing up, "I think it time to go back to the path."

May started to walk backwards with Glaceon doing the same as the shaking grew stronger and the rumbling louder. Glaceon shot an Ice Beam at the bushes and trees creating a wall of solid ice before she turned around and nudged May's legs to make her move faster.

The rumbling was easily heard not and the shaking was making leaves fall from the trees. May reached down and grabbed Glaceon before turning and breaking into a sprint. She heard the ice wall break and risked a glance back over her shoulder, what she saw only spurred her to run faster. A stampede of Pokémon had broken through Glaceon's wall like it was made of paper, Mankey swung through the trees, Pidgeotto flew low to the ground letting smaller, slower Pokémon jump on to their back. May was swept along and easily over taken by the Pokémon. She knew that she needed to get away from whatever was behind her because if it was able to scare all of those Pokémon then it had to be strong and she wouldn't be able to take it on by herself.

Ash had managed to sit upright but was still working on getting control of his legs that still twitched from the residual electricity. He was meditating to speed his recovery when he felt an enormous spike in Aura, his eyes shot open and he turned to look at Lucario.

"Did you feel that?" He asked, Lucario nodded as he looked into the forest, the direction they'd felt the Aura spike come from. The Aura Pokémon settled into a fighting stance with Pikachu standing alongside him, ready for battle.

It came from the direction Mistress May ran off in. Lucario said.

Ash felt his heart rate increase as fear gripped him, he forced himself to stay calm though. Closing his eyes again Ash let his Aura senses flow out, once they'd reached their limit Ash started to tell Lucario and Pikachu what was heading towards them.

"There's a small group of normal type Pokémon coming this way, they're being followed by a larger group. The larger group is made up of a few different types, I can sense flying, fighting, normal, grass, there's other but they're too close together to know what they are." Ash paused before mentioning the next Aura he could feel, he took a slow calming breath before speaking again. "May and Glaceon are behind that group and the spike is following them and closing the distance fast."

Ash pulled his Aura senses back and opened his eyes, he pulled a Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air.

"I choose you, Typhlosion." The fire type appeared in a flash of light and ignited the fire around his neck. "Typhlosion, I need you to do me a favour. May needs help but I won't be able to get to her in time because I can't move right now. I need you to find her and bring her back." Typhlosion nodded and was about to run off when Ash spoke again. "You need to be careful though, there's something out there that's coming this way and it's strong. There's a group of Pokémon coming this way as well but they're just trying to get away from whatever's out there so don't hurt them. May's not too far away, just head that way and you should find her easily."

Ash pointed in the direction Lucario and Pikachu were facing, the Volcano Pokémon nodded again and ran into the trees with a determined look in his eyes. Typhlosion immediately had to jump over a group of Rattata as he started his mission pouring on the speed to get to May as fast as he could.

May could hear trees and plants behind her being pushed aside and snapped like twigs but she didn't dare look back, she just held Glaceon closer to her chest and ran faster. A raised tree root caused May to trip and fall to the ground, May started to get up when a flurry of golden stars flew above her head, followed by a groan showing that the stars had hit their target. Typhlosion ran up to her, extinguished his flames and knelt down indicating for her to climb on to his back.

"You want me to get on?" May asked, Typhlosion nodded and May climbed on to the fire type grabbing his fur with one hand and clung to Glaceon with the other. Typhlosion shot a Flamethrower into the trees before turning and running back to Ash. May risked a look over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of a figure surrounded in a shining blue light. Glaceon moved to look over May's shoulder and started to fire Ice Beams, creating barriers against whatever was chasing them.

Ash had managed to get to his feet and was now stood alongside Lucario, he'd released Grimm as well. The dark type had proven to be a strong Pokémon with a decent amount of experience before he was caught by Ash's dad, so Ash knew that whatever was heading towards them Grimm would be able to hold his own against it.

Grim was positioned next to Pikachu and was ready to act when he needed to, his scythe-like horn shining in the sunlight. A minute later Typhlosion burst out of the trees carrying May and Glaceon, the fire type stopped behind the defensive line Ash and the other Pokémon had formed.

"Good job buddy." Ash said rubbing Typhlosion's head as May climbed off his back, Glaceon jumped out of May's arms and ran to the line standing next to Lucario. Typhlosion followed stood next to Grimm reigniting his mane, even though they didn't know what was coming towards them the Pokémon were ready to act at a seconds notice.

"Ash, I'm sor…." May started before Ash interrupted her.

"May, now's not the time, we'll talk later." No sooner had Ash said those words then the figure that had caused the wild Pokémon to stampede and had chased May came crashing out of the trees. They now had a clear view of the figure but they couldn't tell who or what the figure was. The figure was roughly 6 foot in height and was wearing a long cloak, their entire body was shrouded in blue energy.

Ash took a step towards the figure, slowly extending his Aura again to try and work out what he was facing. He heard May release Blaziken and Munchlax from their Pokéballs. As his Aura made contact with the energy surrounding the figure a booming and familiar voice raged in his head.

HELP ME! Ash recoiled, holding his head in pain and felt to the ground, May ran to his side and dragged him away from the figure as fast as she could. The Pokémon were about to attack but the figure held out an arm and the Pokémon found they couldn't move except for Grimm who dashed forward, his horn glowing dark purple as he got in close to use Night Slash.

"Grimm, stop!" ash shouted but it was too late Grimm's attack hand landed and the figure bellowed in pain, swinging their other arm around and batting Grimm away. The Disaster Pokémon hit the ground hard, rolling over and over again until he slammed into a tree further down the path. May helped Ash to his feet and slowly reached for another of the Pokéballs not taking her eyes off the figure but she was stopped by Ash's hand. She looked at him and saw he was shaking his head, Ash took a step away from May and moved towards the figure again. He extended his Aura once more, this time though he was prepared for what might happen.

Ash grabbed the figure's outstretched arm and ignored the voice that thundered in his head he channelled his Aura so it could surround the figure. Sweat started to pour from Ash's forehead as he fought against the energy already covering the figure. The hold that the figure ha on the Pokémon weakened allowing Lucario to break free by encasing himself in Aura. The Aura Pokemon then quickly released the other Pokémon by using the same process, once they were all freed Lucario ran to Ash and added his own energy to Ash's.

May sent Blaziken to get Grimm and bring him back so she could treat his injuries. As the fully evolved fire starter left to retrieve the dark type May searched through her bag for potions and berries to heal Grimm she found a small vial that Adam had given her. It held the same yellow liquid Adam had given to Donna for her Mightyena, it would help Grimm recover from his injuries. May was going to give it straight to the dark type when she remembered that Adam had said to only give the Pokémon a couple of drops with their food so she quickly pulled some Pokémon food out of her bag and added the liquid to it. Blaziken placed Grimm on the ground next to the food and as the Disaster Pokémon ate May applied potions and berry pastes to his injuries.

As she worked May looked over at Ash and Lucario, their eyes were a solid, sky blue and they both wore strained expressions on their faces as they fought against the energy surrounding the figure. Slowly but surely their Aura was dispersing the energy that coated the figure, Pikachu and the other Pokémon were shouting encouragement to Ash and Lucario knowing that there wasn't much else they could do. After eating the food along with a few berries and the potions May had applied to his injuries Grimm was back on his feet though he was still hurt and limped slightly as he slowly made his way over to the other Pokémon.

After a few minutes the blue energy that surrounded the figure started to flicker as it weakened and was fading quicker allowing Ash and Lucario to move their combined Aura faster, within a few more minutes the figure was nearly fully covered in Aura but just before the Aura finished coating the figure a blast of the blue energy threw Ash and Lucario back. Lucario landed hard, his head hitting a rock dazing him. Ash rolled with the blast and came up with an Aura Sphere floating ready above his open palm.

"Calm down, we're trying to help you." Ash said staring down the figure.

DO IT! The figure roared. Seeing no other option Ash launched the Aura Sphere, hitting the figure dead centre of the chest. The figure cried out in pain as Aura flashed across his frame before falling to his knees, then starting to fall forward. Ash ran forward and stopped them from hitting the ground face first. After catching the figure Ash turned them over so they were face up. The hood of the cloak that had been obscuring the figure's face fell back revealing a face that Ash and May had seen when they were in Pewter City.

"Mewtwo." Ash whispered, the psychic type's eyes were shut tight as he sweated and shivered. "Lucario, help me." Ash said putting one of Mewtwo's arms over his shoulders, Lucario ran over and did the same with Mewtwo's other arm. Together they picked up the Genetic Pokémon and walked into the trees, not wanting anyone to find out about Mewtwo. May and the Pokémon followed, Blaziken carrying Grimm so he wouldn't struggle to keep up, until they found themselves in the same place May had stormed off to right after the argument. When Mewtwo had charged through the area he'd created a small clearing. Ash and Lucario lay Mewtwo down in the middle and immediately set to work. Lucario used Heal Pulse to try and stabilise Mewtwo while Ash started pulling all his medical supplies out. Pikachu saw some of the empty Metapod shells and dragged one over to Ash, once the shell was next to Ash's leg Pikachu got Ash's attention and pointed to the shell.

"Thanks Pikachu." Ash said snapping part of the shell off and crumbling it up into a powder before pouring into a medium sized vial of berry juice. He saw May looking at him quizzically and decided to explain what he was doing while he was working. "While I was training with Riley he taught me a few ways of making healing potions from things you can find naturally in different places, like Metapod shells in the forest or Cacturne needles in the desert. Metapod are mainly defensive Pokémon and if another Pokémon eats some of the shell it'll boost their immune system, though it only works with empty shells a Metapod shell can only be ground up their too hard otherwise plus you'd be attacking a Pokémon." While Ash was talking he was adding pieces of berries, potions and revives to the liquid in the vial, shaking it every so often to mix the ingredients. "Kakuna shells do the same but if you're giving the finished potion to a Pokémon that isn't a steel or poison type you'd need to add some antidote. They do work better on poison type Pokémon though."

Ash put a couple of other ingredients into the vial and added a little more of the Metapod shell before screwing the lid on tightly and shaking it for a minute. Ash then held the vial between his hands, releasing a slow and even breath his hands glowed with Aura. The glow became so bright May had to look away, when the glow died down she saw that the healing potion in the vial which had been a sickly yellow colour was now a vibrant green.

Ash unscrewed the lid of the vial and lifted Mewtwo's head off the ground, he could feel heat radiating from Mewtwo's skin nearly burning his hand. Ash ignored the heat as he carefully poured the liquid into the psychic type's mouth. The liquid quickly filled his mouth and was about to spill out when Ash stopped pouring the liquid in, May knelt down on the other side of Mewtwo opposite Ash and gently rubbed the Genetic Pokémon's throat to help him swallow the mixture. Once the liquid in Mewtwo's mouth was gone Ash poured some more in as May continued to help Mewtwo swallow it, while the two trainers were doing this Lucario turned to the assembled Pokémon.

Please set up the camp, we'll need to stay here for the night. He said, the Pokémon nodded and got to work. Typhlosion dug a fire pit and stayed close to Mewtwo keeping him warm, Blaziken and Grimm went to collect some firewood, Munchlax went to find water while Pikachu and Glaceon walked into the trees looking for some berries for food. Lucario released Ash's and May's other Pokémon and explained the situation to them, Houndour and Vulpix stood guard patrolling the camp and Lilligant went in search of some healing herbs leaving Ponyta and Mawile in Lucario's care due to their young age.

Grimm and Blaziken were the first to return to the camp, Blaziken carried an armful of firewood and Grimm following behind her still limping slightly but not as much as he had been. May moved back from Mewtwo and quickly set up the firewood and a small flame from Blaziken lit it. Munchlax came back next having found a stream not too far away from the camp, May handed a couple of canteens to Blaziken asking her to fill them. Munchlax then led Blaziken to the stream he'd found so she could get the water May had asked for.

Lilligant ran back into the camp with a hand full of herbs passing them to Ash, she then released a mixture of Sweet Scent and Aromatherapy over Mewtwo to help him heal and rest. Sweet Scent acted like an anaesthetic and would make it easier for Mewtwo to sleep while Aromatherapy would tend to the fever that gripped him.

Pikachu and Glaceon were the last to come back working together as they pushed a large bowl made from ice which was filled to the brim with an assortment of berries, enough to feed everyone in the camp, except Munchlax for obvious reasons, and replenish their supply of healing berries as well.

"Thanks you two." May said to Pikachu and Glaceon as she scratched them both behind their ears, getting a coo of pleasure from each of them. May then took a few berries from the bowl and started to prepare them for eating, while Ash and Lucario continued to tend to Mewtwo. A few minutes later Blaziken and Munchlax returned with the water and handed them to May. The brunette used some of the water to fill the pot and put the berries she'd prepared into it, while they cooked she pulled a blanket from her bag and folded it up before placing it under Mewtwo's head to act as a pillow.

Ash and Lucario fed a little more of their Auras into Mewtwo before moving standing up and taking a shaky step back. Blaziken and May quickly moved to support them, Blaziken steadied Lucario while May grabbed hold of Ash.

"Thanks May." Ash said with a yawn. "I'm just tired after helping Mewtwo. Lucario's the same." The Aura Pokémon nodded, his eyes slowly drifting closed. "It took a lot of Aura to calm Mewtwo down."

Thank you Blaziken, I… Lucario's sentence trailed off as he fell asleep from exhaustion. Blaziken lay Lucario down next to Mewtwo and left him to rest.

"You should get some rest too Ash. I'll wake you when the food ready." May said, Ash nodded sleepily and lay down.

"May," Ash said as he drifted off, "I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean any of it, I can't even remember what we were fighting about."

"I'm sorry too Ash." May said as she knelt by his side, "I don't know why I said all the things I did. Can you forgive me?"

"Only if you forgive me." Ash replied groggily.

"Deal." May said with a smile, Ash returned the smile as his eyes closed. May leant over to place a kiss on Ash's forehead but after a nod from Glaceon, Vulpix ran forward and nuzzled into May's neck. The force of the nuzzle was enough to move May's head so instead of her lips making contact with his forehead they landed on Ash's lips. May frozen at the unexpected kiss, holding it longer then she should've. May forced herself to end the kiss supressing a groan as she lost the feeling of Ash's lips on hers.

May looked at Ash to see whether the kiss had woken him up, finding that he was still asleep but he was now wearing a smile on his face. May smiled and gently stroked the curls on Vulpix' head while telling the fire type not to do that again.

Glaceon shared a victorious smile with Blaziken while May wasn't looking before the fire type tipped her over so she landed on top of Pikachu. Glaceon blushed and quickly jumped off the electric type and started to growl at Blaziken.

"Glaceon, calm down otherwise you'll wake them up." May said gesturing to Ash, Lucario and Mewtwo. "They need to rest, so everyone needs to be quiet for a little while. If you want to train Munchlax or Blaziken can show you where there a stream, there should be enough space there for you but try and keep the noise down. If you don't want to train then just stay here and relax."

Typhlosion and Houndour followed Blaziken to the stream to get a little training done with Vulpix chasing after them moments later. Munchlax wandered over to a tree at the edge of the clearing and sat in its shade quickly falling asleep, Grimm did the same under a different tree so that he could fully recover from the blow he'd taken from Mewtwo. Lilligant stayed in the clearing using Aromatherapy to try and repair some of the damage Mewtwo had done. Pikachu sat by Ash and Lucario keeping a vigil over his friend and his teammate, Glaceon sat close to May in case she was needed and the final two Pokémon had no idea what to do. Mawile ran into May's arms and Ponyta followed a minute later kneeling down behind the Co-Ordinator and resting her head on the ground.

May settled Mawile onto her lap and opened her bag taking out her grooming supplies, while she kept an eye on the food May scrubbed the dirt from Mawile giving her a clean coat. She then moved onto combing Ponyta's coat bringing out its natural lustre, the Shiny fire type whinnied in contentment at the treatment.

After half an hour the food was nearly finished, May added some noodles and a few spices to the berries to complete the dish. May knew she wasn't the best cook but she'd been practising and knew how to make simple dishes and put her own spin on them by adding different berries and spices. She stood up and walked over to Ash, nudging him in an attempt to wake him up. Ash just muttered and shifted in his sleep.

"Pika!" Pikachu said drawing May's attention. He made a few sparks fly from his cheeks and wore an evil grin.

"Sorry Pikachu, not this time." May said, she then remembered how Ash had woken her up when they camped at Mount Moon. "Ash, the food's ready." She sang cheerfully, Ash's eyes snapped open and his pupils flashed blue before returning to their normal brown colour.

Ash sat up and looked around the camp and when his eyes stopped on Mewtwo he put a hand on the psychic type's forehead. He left it there for a few seconds before pulling his hand back and smiling.

"He just need to rest and he'll be fine in the morning." Ash said.

"What about you, are you okay now?" May asked.

"I'm fine. I just needed to get my energy back, same as Lucario." Ash replied reaching over Mewtwo and shaking Lucario. The Aura Pokémon Yawned as he stood and stretched to wake his muscles up.

"What about your eyes? When you opened them they were blue but they changed back to brown a second later."

"That happens sometimes when I'm recovering from using a lot of Aura. There's nothing to worry about." May smiled and went to wake Munchlax, asking the normal type to go and tell the Pokémon by the stream that that it was time to eat. She promised the Big Eater Pokémon an extra helping of her Pink Surprise Pokéblocks if he did it quickly. Hearing that Munchlax ran as fast as his short legs could take him.

Munchlax returned a few minutes later with Typhlosion, Blaziken, Houndour and Vulpix behind him. They all settled down to eat, staying quiet so they didn't wake Mewtwo. May didn't like the silence that had fallen over the camp and decided to speak up.

"Ash, where's next on your list of places to visit?" she asked keeping her voice down.

"Porta Vista." Ash replied at the same volume. "There were a couple of places before Porta Vista but I don't want to go through them again. Too many bad memories."

"Bad memories? Why?" May asked, "I know you told me about your adventures in Kanto and Johto when we were travelling around Hoenn but I can't remember them properly." Ash then retold his experiences aboard the Saint Anne and on the island of giant Pokémon. As Ash finished his story Mewtwo stirred in his sleep, grunting as he tried to sit up. Ash reached over and gently pushed Mewtwo back down.

"Mewtwo, you need to rest. You'll be better in the morning." He said, Mewtwo slowly opened his eyes and turned to Ash's voice.

Where…Where am I? Mewtwo asked shakily.

"You're in the woods about a week's walk outside of Vermillion City. What happened to you?"

I…I don't know. The last thing I remember clearly is passing a flock of Spearow above Celadon City then a feeling of sickness and worry came over me, I could feel fear as well. After that my recollections are incomplete until seeing you in front of me. I have no idea where those feelings came from, I was perfectly health and content before they struck.

There was a moments silence before Mewtwo spoke again.

My abilities are still recovering but I can sense that you have encountered a similar situation not too long ago.

"In Rota, Mew was using Transform to turn into other Legendary Pokémon and attacking at random. When I was calming her, I felt her emotions they were the same as you felt but there was something else. I couldn't work out what it was, I still can't and I don't know how to describe it. Did you feel anything else?"

I felt nothing else. When I have recovered my strength with you permission I can examine your memories to try and identify what it was you felt.

"Sure, but first you need to eat something and get some more rest." Ash and Lucario helped Mewtwo sit up right while May feed him the berry soup she had made. Mewtwo didn't like being treated like child but accepted their help as he knew he wasn't able to do much except talk and turn his head at the moment until his strength returned to him.

While they ate Ash and May told Mewtwo about their journey so far and what they'd done in the past, sometimes telling stories together and other times telling them separately. They kept talking once they'd finished eating, a little while later Ash remembered an important piece of information that would interest Mewtwo. What Ash remembered had happened while he was in Unova with Iris and Cilan.

"You're not alone." Ash said. Mewtwo and May looked at Ash in confusion for his sudden and cryptic outburst.

I assume that refers to me but I don't understand what you mean. I am the only one of my kind in this world. Mewtwo replied.

"No, you're not." Ash said smiling, "When I was in Unova I met another Mewtwo. At first I thought it was you but then I heard a girl's voice. That Mewtwo was a girl and she stopped the Genesect." Ash then quickly explained how he came to know of the female Mewtwo's existence, Mewtwo's eyes grew wide as Ash told his story.

There is a female Mewtwo in Unova! Why have I not detected her presence? If she is truly like me then she will be a powerful psychic and I should've been able to sense her mind even at this distance.

"I don't know but she did say she wanted to be left alone so maybe she's found a way to hide herself."

It is possible, I have used similar methods to kept myself hidden. Plus I never considered the possibility that I wasn't alone so I never thought to search for more of my kind. Can you tell me anything else about her? The excitement in Mewtwo's tone surprised Ash and May, even though Ash expected Mewtwo to feel something about discovering he wasn't alone he didn't think he'd hear it in the taciturn psychic type's voice.

"If you're feeling strong enough then you could read my mind. You might see something I missed." Ash said, Mewtwo nodded and with slowly raised his arm placing it on Ash's shoulder so that his hand could touch Ash's head.

My abilities are still weak so a physical connection is required to strengthen the link between us. Ash nodded in understanding as Mewtwo's eyes flickered blue before the colour faded away. Mewtwo frowned and tried again, his eyes flickered again but this time they stayed a solid blue. He saw the battle in New Tork City and the female Mewtwo shifting into a different forme, he examined each memory Ash called forward searching for any details that would tell him about this new and mysterious member of his species.

While the connection between them was strong Mewtwo asked Ash if he could look at the memories from Rota. Ash agreed and pushed the memories of the female Mewtwo away bringing forward the events in Rota. As Mewtwo felt the emotions Ash had felt coming from Mew he realised that he had felt what Ash mentioned but to a lesser extent. He finished looking at the memories and let the connection between himself and the young Aura Guardian fade away, as the blue energy in his eyes did the same. Once the connection was completely gone Mewtwo let his arm drop away from Ash and could feel a great need for sleep grip him.

I need time to rest, I wasn't as strong as I thought. Mewtwo said before slowly lowering himself back to the ground. Thank you for sharing your memories with me, it brings me great comfort to know I am not alone. Mewtwo's eyes drifted close as he finished speaking and a small smile graced his lips as he fell asleep.

Ash and May stayed awake for a little longer talking quietly before deciding to get some rest, they pulled out their sleeping bags and crawled inside wishing each other a good night. Ash went to sleep quickly due to him still feeling tried from helping Mewtwo, it took May a while longer but she fell asleep too.

The Next Day

May was the first to wake up and once she'd gotten out of her sleeping bag she started stretching out so she didn't pull a muscle while exercising. Just as she finished her stretches Ash woke up, he quickly warmed his muscles up while May and Blaziken jogged to the stream to get some fresh water. When she returned with the water she saw that the other Pokémon had woken up except for Grimm, he'd stayed up all night keeping watch knowing that Mewtwo's existence was a secret that only a few people knew about.

Ash and May started their exercises, as did their Pokémon while keeping quiet so Mewtwo could rest peacefully. They started with push-ups, Ash added an extra challenge to his by having Pikachu and Glaceon sit on his back. May did something similar but only with Vulpix sitting on her back, the other Pokémon were training in their own way Blaziken and Lucario were doing chin ups, Typhlosion and Houndour ran circuits around the clearing with Ponyta alongside them. Munchlax, Lilligant and Mawile were using rocks that had been unearthed during Mewtwo's rampaging episode to do some weightlifting. Munchlax and Lilligant were performing the weightlifting in the traditional way but because of her fairly short arms she was lifting the rocks with the large jaw that hung from the top of her head. By lifting the rocks this way it also helped Mawile learn to control the amount of force she exerted which would help her during Contests.

The exercises continued for about an hour with all of them switching activities every so often. Ash and May spent a little time going over self-defence moves before stopping for breakfast. Ash started to boil some of the water May had gotten earlier while she went to the steam to get washed and changed. When she returned to the camp she saw that Mewtwo was awake and seemed to be almost back to full strength as he used his abilities to lift and move a couple of the fallen trees to the sides of the clearing.

"Mewtwo, are you feeling better now?" May asked. Mewtwo gently placed the trees down and turned to face May.

Yes, I feel much stronger now. Mewtwo paused, Thank you…for helping me. I am in your debt.

"You don't owe me anything, I'll always help a friend." May replied smiling.

A friend, yes a friend. Mewtwo smiled for a second before frowning.

"What's the matter?"

I am inexperienced in friendship so I do not know how to proceed. Mewtwo paused again before remembering how May had started the conversation, How are you feeling? He asked unsurely. May smiled at his attempt.

"I feel great. Come on it's time to get something to eat." May walked over to Mewtwo and put a hand on his shoulder. Mewtwo nodded and together they walked over to the campfire where Ash dished out the breakfast he'd made onto plates handing one to May and another to Mewtwo before quickly putting out food for the Pokémon with the help of Lucario and Blaziken. The enticing smell of the food had woken Grimm from his sleep but once he'd eaten the dark type entered his Pokéball to get more sleep.

Once they'd all eaten and Ash had gotten washed and changed Mewtwo offered to take them to the nearest city. They would have to fly as he didn't have the strength to teleport just yet. Ash and May told him there wasn't any need to but Mewtwo insisted as it would give them time to talk. Mewtwo took an hour to meditate and let his powers grow stronger before Ash and May returned all their Pokémon except for Pikachu, though it took Lucario took some convincing before he agreed to go back into his ball.

Ash, what you felt from Mew I too felt it but not a strongly. I believe that is why I could still control myself, if only a little. I am unsure of what it was but I do have a number of theories. Mewtwo said as they soared above the trees, the psychic type used his abilities to gather wisps of clouds to cover them hiding them from the sight of people on the ground.

"What so you think it could've been?" May asked, Mewtwo was silent for a minute while he thought about how to explain what he thought the feeling might've been.

It may have been Mew's connection to the Tree of Beginning and its surrounding areas or possibly the fact that Mew is a psychic type, though that wouldn't explain why what I felt was weakened as I am a stronger psychic. Mewtwo was silent again as he let Ash and May take in what he'd said before speaking again. There is another possibility but I would have to consult the Helix to confirm the theory though it may not be the right time to do that.

"The Helix? What's that?" Ash asked.

The Helix is the name for the council of Legendary Pokémon, when in need of great wisdom and guidance the Helix is consulted. The possibility is that legends say Mew is the source of the Pokémon of this world, that may be because Mew can learn nearly every attack there is. As a species Mew are thought to have birthed all Pokémon excluding the Legendries, that is if you believe the myths. That could be what I felt, a residual connection between Mew and the Pokémon. It would explain why what I felt was weaker then what you felt from Mew, being a clone of Mew made by man and not having a 'natural' birth so to speak.

They flew on in silence after that landing in the woods just outside of a town a couple of hours later.

"Thanks Mewtwo but you didn't really need to do this." Ash said as one of his Pokéballs burst open and Lucario appeared in a flash of light.

It was the least I could do after how much you've helped me. I hope you don't mind but when I was reading your memories I sensed your thoughts about where you were heading next on your journey so I have flown you there instead of the nearest town. We are now in the woods close to Porta Vista, about an hour or so from the outskirts. Mewtwo smirked slightly seeing the shocked looks on Ash and May's faces, he turned to leave before stopping and turning to look at May.

I sense something different about you…You possess memories that are not your own. How did this happen? May explained how Gardevoir had shared the memories of New Island and Mt Quena after hearing her thoughts of wanting to understand what Ash, Misty and Brock had experienced. After she finished Mewtwo nodded in understanding before asking a question.


"What do you mean?" May asked in return not sure what Mewtwo was asking.

Why did you want to understand? You were told of the events that occurred, wasn't that enough to understand?

"Being told something is different than understanding what it is or what happened."

What do you mean by that? I don't understand what you are trying to explain.

"It's like being told how food tastes, someone can tell you that a fruit tastes sweet and juicy but you won't understand what they really mean unless you've tasted it yourself. It's the same with Pokémon battles or Contests, you can be told what happened like being told that an Elekid used Thunder Punch against a Sableye or a Marill used Hydro Pump and Ice Beam to create a statue. You can hear people talk about those things but unless you see it yourself than you can't fully picture what happened or feel the rush of the crowd. That's what I'm trying to explain." May said, Mewtwo had been nodding while she spoke as he began to understand what she meant.

I believe I understand now. The process you're describing sounds similar to when I examined Ash's memories. I knew what he meant when he was telling the events surrounding the other Mewtwo and his experiences in Rota but I know have a full understanding having felt what Ash felt and saw what he saw. Thank you May, I now grasp the need you felt to know what occurred from the point of view of someone who was actually there. Mewtwo turned to leave again, Good luck to you both and know that I treasure the friendship you have given to me. Mewtwo quickly flew into the air and disappeared into the clouds.

"Where do you think he's going?" May asked as she and Ash stared into the sky.

"I don't know, maybe Mount Quena so he can fully recover his strength or he might be going to Unova." Ash replied. "Come on we might as well go to the Pokémon Centre and go explore. There's something I want you too…actually never mind, you won't want to see it."

"See what? Ash you can't mention something then not tell me what it is." May said putting her hands on her hips while she waited for Ash to answer.

"There's a school of Tentacool and a giant Tentacruel in the ocean here." Ash muttered just loud enough for May to hear.

"T-Tentacool." May stuttered, Ash nodded. "T-That's alright, I'll just stay out of the water. I did want to go swimming in the ocean though."

"There might be something I can do about that, come on." Ash grabbed May's hand and they walked at a good speed making it from the woods to the Pokémon Centre in about an hour. They handed their Pokémon over to Nurse Joy, booked a room and called home to update their parents on how their journey was going, obviously leaving out what happened with Mewtwo. When asked how they'd gotten from Vermillion City to Porta Vista so quickly they just replied that they'd met a friend along the way and he'd given them a lift. After they'd made their phone calls there was still a little time left before their Pokémon would be ready so they went to their room and put their bags inside before returning to the reception area. Once their Pokémon were returned to them after being given a check-up Ash and May walked to the beach, still hand in hand.

"Stay here for a minute, I'm going to see if I can talk to the Tentacool." Ash said, he kicked off his shoes and rolled the legs of his jeans up to his knees. Pikachu and Lucario stayed with May and Glaceon on the beach while Ash walked towards the He then waded a little way into the ocean before getting down on one knee, putting him hand just under the surface of the water. His hand glowed with Aura for a few seconds before he released it in a pulse. The Aura could just about be seen if you knew what to look for otherwise it would just look like the sun reflecting off a small wave.

Ash stayed with his hand in the water as his eyes watched the water around him, after a minute he saw some ripples coming towards him. He lifted his hand from the water but remained kneeling as a group of Tentacool rose up in front of him.

"Hi there, I was hoping you could do me a favour. My friend wants to swim in the ocean but she's afraid of Tentacool, so if you see her swimming could you give her some space?" Ash asked. The Tentacool didn't seem to like what Ash was asking and swam closer to him with anger in their eyes. The jewel in the centre of their heads glowed purple as they prepared to attack.

Ash was about to move back when a large tentacle rose out of the water between him and the Tentacool. Ash slowly reached out and touched the tentacle.

Greetings, Guardian. Ash heard a voice in his voice say, It has been many years since you were last here. I sensed the power inside you when we last met. I will honour your request and make sure your friend is not disturbed. If I may ask, why is she afraid of my kin?

Ash quickly summarised why May had her fear and heard the voice chuckle.

I see, I have something else I wish to ask. What has become of the wise female you accompanied you? Ash explained how he travelled with Misty for a while and she is now the leader of the Cerulean City Gym. I understand, next time you speak with her let her know she is remembered. I will take my leave now. Should you have need of anything else feel free to ask and if possible I will do what I can. The tentacle slowly pulled back from Ash's hand sinking back into the ocean, the Tentacool following seconds later.

Ash smiled as he stood up and walked back to the beach and May. May handed him to towel so he could dry off before putting his shoes back on and rolling the legs of his jeans back down.

"What did you just do Ash?" May asked as she sat next to the raven haired trainer on the warm golden sand. "It looked like those Tentacool were going to attack you but something stopped them."

"I asked the Tentacool that if they saw you swimming could they give you some space. I don't think they were too happy about that because they were going to attack me but the giant Tentacruel stopped them. He said that he'd make sure the Tentacool didn't bother you and he asked about Misty. When we came here the first time there was this really nasty woman who wanted to destroy the Tentacool and Tentacruel's home in the reef to build a resort. The Tentacool and Tentacruel didn't like that idea so the attacked the city, Misty managed to talk them out of it and they returned to the reef." May leant over and kissed Ash on the cheek.

"That was really sweet of you Ash, you didn't need to do that." She said.

"I know but you said you wanted to swim so I thought I'd try and make it so you could." Ash replied smiling as he pulled his shoes back on.

"How did the Tentacruel get so big anyway?"

"The reason Tentacruel is so big is because of all the chemicals and waste that came from trying to build the resort was pumped straight into the sea, all that stuff caused on of the Tentacool to evolve and grow to that size." May nodded and looked over to their Pokémon, Pikachu and Glaceon were stood in front of a small sand castle, well it was meant to be a sand castle but looked more like sand ruins as it wasn't built with much skill. Pikachu and Glaceon seemed to be defending the sand castle against Lucario's attacks by either using their own attacks to blow up the Aura Pokémon's attacks or using Iron Tail to deflect them. "What are they doing?" She asked. Ash looked over and smiled.

"It's a training exercise Riley had me and Lucario do while we were in Rota. He'd have us stand in front of a statue of the queen and tell us to defend it against their attacks, it was his way of teaching us how to protect Queen Ilene from anyone who wanted to attack her. It was so that if Riley wasn't around and we were temporarily promoted to Guardian of the Crown in his place we'd be ready. I started using it to help train me Pokémon for when they didn't have a chance to dodge an attack, it sort of became a game we played. Pikachu called it Defend The Castle, the Pokémon would split up into teams one would attack and the other would stop the attacks." May nodded in understanding and turned back to look at the open ocean in front of her.

They stayed on the beach for a while just watching the ocean and enjoying each-others company. Eventually they decided to go back to the Pokémon Centre to get something to eat. On the way there May saw a sign, she stopped staring at the sign as a smile crossed her lips. Ash read the sign and remembered the same sort thing had happened last time he was there but this time it was different.

Pokémon Costume Contest

Enter and win an Official Contest Ribbon

Dress like and act with a Pokémon

Appeal rounds must consist of performance between Co-Ordinator and their Pokémon.

"You're entering aren't you?" Ash said, May just smiled wider and nodded. "Who are you going to enter with?"

"I'm not sure yet, it's not for a few days so I've got some time to figure it out." May replied. They continued on their way to the Pokémon Centre and after eating they put their things in their room. Ash and May went out into the Pokémon Centre's training fields and released their Pokémon. May looked over her Pokémon the easiest for her to copy would be Blaziken, Munchlax, Lilligant or Mawile. While May was deciding Ash started handing out training exercises to his Pokémon before training himself alongside Lucario.

If I need to act like my Pokémon then Munchlax and Mawile are out because Munchlax is quite lazy so to act like him I'd just be lying down and eating. Mawile is still too young for Contests and I want her to get stronger before I use her. I should probably take Lilligant out as well because I don't have enough time to find a costume that looks like her. Delcatty, Glaceon, Vulpix, Altaria I can't really look like them so that leaves Blaziken or…May's thoughts trailed off when she saw Ash and Lucario performing a Kata, slowly flowing from one move to the next gradually gaining speed and power. A new idea burst into existence in her mind, she grinned wildly and turned back to her Pokémon.

"Guys, just relax for now. Munchlax return." May said pointing a Pokéball at the Big Eater Pokémon. Munchlax disappeared in a flash of red light and May ran back to the Pokémon Centre. She returned a few minutes later and saw that her Pokémon where training alongside Ash's. She smiled and called over to Ash and Lucario. The two Aura users stopped their training and walked over to her.

"Ash, would you and Lucario be able to help me with something?" She asked.

"Sure what is it?" Ash replied.

You never need to request for my assistance Mistress May. Lucario added.

"Lucario, please don't call me Mistress." May said.

As you wish Mistress May. Ash laughed as May sighed, they both knew that Lucario wouldn't stop but she had to try.

"Anyway, I had an idea when you and Lucario were training together. Would you be able to teach me how to do that with one of my Pokémon?"

"Yeah, which Pokémon are you going to enter with?" Ash asked.

"I'll show you, come on out." May said throwing the Pokéball into the air, after the light from the release had died down Ash and Lucario could see a white Pokémon with a long body. She had a small head with small triangular ears, a purple spot adorned her forehead along with a yellow spot just above her nose. Long, yellow tipped whiskers that split at the ends grew from her snout and her upper eyelids were purple. Her arms were almost completely covered by her fur which had purple tips and like her whiskers split at the ends. Her paws were the only visible parts of her arms under a flap of fur which was used as a whip during battles. A single ring of fur ran around her waist and slightly further down her fur changed from white to purple resembling a pair of pants and on her feet were three claws. Finally there was a long, skinny, white tail which like the fur covering her paws was tipped in purple and split at the end.

"Shao." The Pokémon said as she stretched out. Ash took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the Pokémon before him.

Mienshao, The Martial Arts Pokémon. Mienshao use the fur on their arms as whips during battle moving them so fast they can't be seen and skilfully use them to disable an opponent. They are extremely respectful Pokémon to trainer that care for them and will never respond to trainers they deem unworthy. It is not uncommon to see Mienshao training alongside their trainers.

"I didn't know you had a Mienshao, May." Ash said.

"Yeah I caught her as a Mienfoo in Unova but she doesn't like performing in Contests much. I usually bring her out for the battle rounds." May replied. Mienshao looked at Ash and bowed to him, Ash smiled and bowed back as a sign of respect. Ash and Lucario then spent the next few hours teaching May and Mienshao the pattern of moves they were performing. Mienshao learnt the moves quickly and was able to do them flawlessly after a little while. May however was having difficulty and struggled to remember the pattern and get the moves exactly right.

"Hahahahahaha, you really think that pathetic idea will get you through to the battle rounds." They heard a voice say, Ash and May looked over their shoulders towards the door leading back into the Pokémon Centre and saw a familiar figure leaning against the doorframe. "That'll never win anything, especially in the Co-Ordinator is as useless as you are."

"Leave. Now." Ash growled, May glared at the person who was mocking her. Mienshao stepped in front of May and took a defensive stance.

"Ah, come on Mr. Guardian you can't be mad at me can you?"

"I can when you insult May. Now Ursula, go away."

"Fine I'll leave, for now." Ursula turned and opened the door back into the Pokémon Centre, she looked over her shoulder as she walked through. "When you realise what you're missing being with her come and find me." She winked and let her hips sway as she walked away. When the door closed a small Aura Sphere flew at it, Ash looked over his shoulder at Lucario. Lucario shook his head and nodded towards May, Ash turned and saw May looking down at Mienshao. Ash knelt down next to the fighting type, who was staring at the door in anger.

"Did you throw that Aura Sphere?" He asked.

"Shao." Mienshao replied with a nod. "Shao Shao Mien Ienshao Mienshao, Ao Miensh Mienshao." Ash looked shocked at what he'd heard, he turned to Lucario.

"Did she just say what I think she said?" He asked.

I believe so Master, Lucario said, Mistress May, do you know where Mienshao learnt to talk like that?

"Like what?" May asked, "I didn't really hear what she said, she talk really quietly most of the time."

"I don't really want to repeat what she said but she stated an opinion on how Ursula came into the world." Ash said.

"What do mean by that?"

"Well, Mienshao said that it involved summoning a demon and two tonnes of manure. Along with some other things that I don't want to repeat." May looked at Mienshao in shock, she sat down next to her Pokémon putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Mienshao", she said, "I know Ursula isn't a nice person but you still can't say stuff like that, it drags you down to her level and I don't want to see you do that. Though she might have a point, I don't think I'm going to be able to learn the moves properly before the contest, we'll have to think of something else to do." She ended sadly.

I think there may be a way to let you continue with your idea Mistress May. Lucario said, May and Mienshao looked at him in confusion.

"Are you talking about an Aura Link?" Ash asked, he'd had the idea when Mienshao admitted using Aura Sphere but dismissed it because May couldn't use Aura.

I am Master, though it wouldn't need to be a complete Link just stable enough to accomplish the task at hand. Ash thought about it for a minute before speaking again.

"It'll be hard to do but if you help Mienshao with the Aura Link and I help May learn the pattern of the moves then it should work." He said with a smile.

"What's an Aura Link?" May asked.

"It'll be easier to show you, but first I need to make a phone call. I'll be right back." Ash ran into the Pokémon Centre coming back about ten minutes later with another familiar figure behind him but this figure was a welcome sight. It was a man wearing a blue jacket and a wide brimmed hat of the same colour and a Lucario walked behind him.

"May, it's a pleasure to see you again." The man said taking May's hand and lightly kissing it.

"It's great to see you too Riley, I don't want to sound rude but what are you doing here?" May said.

"Ash called and said he needed some help and permission to show you something that's a secret meant only for Aura Guardians." Riley replied, making Ash wince slightly at the last part. "Normally I wouldn't allow it but Ash explained the situation and I think we can make an exception this once."

"If it's something that only Aura Guardians can know then you don't need to tell me. I'll just think of a different appeal." May said, sounding shocked.

"Queen Ilene overheard the conversation and agreed that you can be trusted to keep this a secret so are you ready to learn about an Aura Link?" Riley asked, May nodded. "Come on then, we need to go somewhere else. What you're about to see can't be seen by anyone else." Ash grabbed May's hand and they all walked to the far corner of the fields where no-one would be able to tell what they were doing, Riley following them with his Lucario following them with all the Pokémon. Once the other Pokémon were close to the corner resumed their exercises.

"May, what I'm going to show you, you can't tell anyone about and I mean anyone. An Aura Link allows an Aura Guardian to synchronise their movements with another person or Pokémon." Riley explained.

"If Aura Guardians use it then how will I be able to do it?" May asked, confused about why she was going to be taught an Aura Guardian technique.

"You won't be doing it, Mienshao will." Riley said, "Ash told me your idea for an appeal and how you were having trouble with the pattern of moves. He said that Mienshao knew the moves so while my and Ash's Lucario help Mienshao learn to form an Aura Link, Ash and I will help you learn the pattern of the moves. As long as you know what move comes next it'll be fine, the link will allow Meinshao to guide your movements into the right positions. The Link usually works best when Lucario use it but because of Mienshao's ability to use Aura Sphere they can use it as well, though it won't be a strong as it would be with a Lucario." Riley said, "I'll demonstrate. Lucario, you ready?" He asked looking at his Lucario, his Aura Pokémon nodded and their eyes flashed blue. Riley lifted his right arm and waved it with Lucario doing the same in perfect timing, Riley then moved his arm in a number of patterns to show how the link worked. Lucario then took over and showed that he could move his arm and have Riley do the same. After a few minutes they broke the link and Riley smiled at May, "That's what a full Aura Link looks like, Lucario didn't know anything I was about to do but was still able to follow it. The Link between you and Mienshao won't be as strong that's why you'll need to know what move is coming next and have a basic understanding of what you need to do."

May nodded in understanding and the rest of the day was spent by Riley and Ash helping her understand the pattern of the Kata and Mienshao being taught how to Link her Aura to May's. They stopped when it started to get dark and by that time Mienshao had grasped the basics of forming an Aura Link and only needed to try it to see if it would work. May had improved as well remembering most of the pattern of moves and just needed learn the last couple.

"Riley, thank you so much. Is there anything I can do for you?" May asked as they walked back to the Pokémon Centre.

"There is one thing next time you come to Rota bring this Ribbon with you." He replied smiling. May nodded and when she opened the door into the Pokémon Centre Riley stopped.

"Aren't you coming in with us?" She asked, Riley shook his head.

"No, I need to get back to Rota. I'm still the Guardian of the Crown before I came here I doubled the Queen's guard but she still needs to be protected by an Aura Guardian." Riley said as he took a Pokéball out of his pocket. "Good luck with your Contest May and know that both the Queen and myself are behind you." Riley threw the Pokéball into the air and released his Gallade asking him to Teleport them back to Rota. Gallade nodded and they disappeared in a glow of multi-coloured light.

Ash and May returned their Pokémon and went into the Pokémon Centre handing their Pokéballs to Nurse Joy again. While they waited for their Pokémon May was trying to work out how to get a costume that would make her look like Mienshao, she decided that after they'd eaten she'd go and look around the town to see if there was anything she could use as a costume. A few minutes later their Pokémon were returned to them, Pikachu jumped on to Ash's shoulder while Lucario and Glaceon released themselves from their Pokéballs. They went to the cafeteria and sat down to eat, while they ate May told Ash she was going to go shopping so that both she and Mienshao would be able to spent the whole of the next day practicing for the Contest. Ash nodded and said that he'd go with her so he could get some supplies before he forgot. They finished eating and were about to leave the cafeteria when May pointed at the TV that was attached to the wall, the TV was on a news channel. There was a woman on the screen, she looked to be in her mid-twenties. She had dark caramel skin and even darker brown eyes, her hair was a warm chocolate brown which had slight curls in it and hung partway down her back. She wore a white blouse and black jacket as she sat at a news desk.

"In Celebrity News, there's romance in the air for Champion Cynthia Shirona of Sinnoh. It has been revealed in an exclusive interview conducted by Lumiose Press Journalist Alexa Paquet during the recent Regions Festival in Vermillion City. Cynthia has always kept her private life a secret but chose to speak out on this occasion. This is the first time there has even been a hint of a love life for the Champion of Sinnoh, though many people have tried to win her heart none have succeeded. Many thought at Cynthia was in a secret relationship with Dragon Master Lance Wataru but this interview proves otherwise. The lucky guy who has captured the heart of the blonde haired beauty is none other than the winner of last year's Silver Conference Adam Henry Williams. The interview revealed that they were childhood friend and though they reunited many times during their journeys they never talked about their feelings towards each other. They met by chance during the Regions Festival and Adam decided to take the risk and admitted his love for Cynthia, a love that Cynthia returned. I for one wish them both the best in the future, though I am sure there are many people who are envious of Adam being the holder of Cynthia's heart. This is Leanne Spring, reporting for Kanto News."

"I guess that takes some of the attention off of us." May said. "Now come on I want to go and find my costume." She grinned grasping Ash's hand and pulling him towards the Pokémon Centre's doors. Pikachu nearly fell from Ash's shoulder only just managing to keep his balance, Glaceon followed behind them quickly with Lucario walking after them all shaking his head. They spent the next couple of hours walking around the shops, May found a few things she could use for her costume along with some accessories and Ash bought more berries and medical supplies to replace the ones they'd used. Ash also bought a small set of weights to help train the Pokémon, as a way to help them increase their strength. The weights would also increase their speed, by attaching the weights to a Pokémon and having them run while carrying or dragging the weights.

Once they'd finished their shopping they went back to their room at the Pokémon Centre putting their purchases in there before going out to the training fields again and May let Mienshao out of her Pokéball.

"Mienshao, do feel up to trying the Aura Link now? Just to test it." May asked.

"Shao." Mienshao said before closing her eyes and focussing her energies like she'd been shown earlier. May felt a coolness coat her body and something nudging at her mind, she relaxed closing her eyes and letting out a slow breath as she let her mind go blank. A minute later both May and Mienshao opened their eyes, a slight blue tinge could be seen in their pupils.

"This isn't a full Aura Link so both of you need to think about doing the same thing at the same time." Ash said, "Okay, let's start small. Lift up your right arm." May and Mienshao slowly lifted their right arms, their timing was a little off but not bad for a first attempt. "Now put your right arm down and raise your left." Again May and Mienshao followed Ash's instructions their timing still off but getting better. "Now for something a little more complicated. Stand on your right leg and move both your arms so their pointing straight forward." Mienshao and May did what Ash said but May was struggling with her balance and that was affecting the link between her and Mienshao. Ash stepped forward and steadied May as he told her to bend her supporting leg slightly to make her stance more stable. As Ash started to move away from May they heard someone wolf-whistle, the sudden noise broke Mienshao and May's concentration causing the Aura Link to shatter. They both fell to the ground landing heavily, Ash would've caught May but hearing the noise made him spin around and drop into a fighting stance.

The person who made the noise was male around 17 years old he had auburn hair and black eyes. He was a little under 6 foot and had a slightly muscular build. He wore a green t-shirt under a black coat along with beige cargo pants and green trainers. May looked over her shoulder to see who had interrupted them, she scowled when she realised who it was.

"What do you want Kenny?" She asked as she stood up, brushing the dirt off her clothes.

"Come on May, don't be like that." Kenny replied taking a few steps forward but stopping as he saw Ash shift his weight and tense slightly, "And tell your friend to relax, I'm not going to do anything." He added nodding towards Ash. May put a hand on Ash's shoulder and Ash rose out of his stance.

"What do you want Kenny?" May asked again, crossing her arms over her chest. "Shouldn't you be in Sinnoh, I thought you were still chasing after Dawn asking her out on a date?"

"I was in Sinnoh for a while but when I heard you were in Kanto I thought I'd come here. I mean I realised, why chase after a girl when I can go out with a more…developed woman." Kenny said his gaze dropping to May's chest. Ash noticed and took a step in front of May, Kenny glared at Ash not recognising him. "Who are you anyway and what are you doing with May?"

"I'm May's friend and I don't have to explain myself to you." Ash replied, "Now will you leave us along, May wants to do some training for the Contest in private." Ash turned away from Kenny, moving May with him and talking to her softly about how to keep her balance easier. Kenny took a step forward to interrupt but stopped when he saw Pikachu growling at him and vicious arcs of electricity crackling across his yellow fur. Seeing Pikachu alongside the mysterious person with May was all Kenny needed to figure out who the person was.

"Ash?" Kenny said uncertainly, Ash looked over his shoulder and nodded.

"Been a long time Kenny, now if you don't mind May's wants some privacy to train."

"Alright, I'll leave you two alone but May I'm not going to give up. Ash, you've got some competition now." Kenny said as he turned and walked away.

"What happened to him?" Ash asked, "Kenny used to be nicer than that."

"He met Drew, after that he changed. Dawn's told me some of the things he's done, mostly it's just been asking her out on a date but every now and again it gets a little X-rated." May explained.

"What'd you mean by that?"

"Well, let's just say that because Dawn is always with Zoey Kenny said he'd take both of them out as long as….certain things happened afterwards." May's cheeks tinted red, she felt embarrassed talking about it to Ash. When she saw the look on his face her face went a darker shade of red. She could tell he had an idea of what she was referring to but couldn't quite get his head around it. May leaned into Ash's ear and whispered to him what Kenny meant. Ash's face went the same red as May's when he understood what May meant and from the feeling of her breath on his skin. He could feel a dislike for Kenny growing, hearing how he'd been speaking to Dawn, Zoey and how he might start talking to May.

Once she finished whispering to Ash May pulled back and immediately started to work on her balance again, trying to move past the subject and get the focus of their attention back on to her training.

"I'm just going to go and grab a drink, I'll be back in a minute." Ash said running back to the Pokémon Centre, leaving May to her practice. Mienshao gave May a few tips on maintaining her balance with Lucario translating. Pikachu tried to help but all his tips involved using a tail to keep balanced so he stayed quiet. Ash came back a minute later carrying two bottles of water, he put them down on a nearby bench and released the rest of his and May's Pokémon telling them to do whatever they wanted while he helped May. After an hour May's balance had improved enough to be able to perform the Kata during the Contest without falling over and breaking the Aura Link.

Ash was about to call it a night but May and Mienshao wanted to practice their Link more and attempt to do the Kata while Linked. Ash said okay and once May and Meinshao were Linked they went through the pattern slowly with Lucario standing in front of them going through it as well so they had someone to follow if they needed it. Now and again Ash would tell them to hold a move as he pointed out a slightly mistake or to see how May's balance held up. They trained for a little while longer then stopped for the night, they went back into the Pokémon Centre, their training was paying off quickly as May and Mienshao were performing together easily there were only a couple of things that needed to be fixed. May was still having a bit of trouble remembering the order of the last few moves and her balance still needed a little work but that could be done tomorrow.

"Come on May, that's enough for today. We can finish this tomorrow and you can work on you costume as well. Right now we need to get some rest." Ash said, May looked at her watch and nodded when she saw the time.

"You're right, it's getting late." She said, they recalled their Pokémon and made their way back into the Pokémon Centre with Pikachu jumping on to Ash's shoulder, Glaceon and Lucario walked behind their trainers. When they go inside they went straight to the room they'd booked, the room was similar to the one they had in Viridian City. There were two single beds instead of the one they had in Viridian City, a table and chair, a small bathroom and a dresser but unlike the room in Viridian this one had a small TV in it. Ash grabbed the remote from the top of the TV and dropped down on one of the beds turning the TV on, starting to flick through the channels. May took some clothes out of her bag and went into the bathroom to get changed, she came out a few minutes later wearing a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants. Ash then went and got changed himself coming back in wearing a black t-shirt and shorts, he got back onto his bed and picked up the remote again, still flicking through the channels looking for something good to watch. Pikachu and Glaceon sat on the ends of their trainers beds while Lucario sat cross-legged on the floor meditating.

May sat on her bed and went through the things she'd bought earlier in the day she pulled out a few of the items along with a sewing kit from her bag. She spent a bit of time piecing her costume together before packing her things away and looking over at Ash. He was still lying on his bed watching the TV, May got off of her bed and sat down next to Ash.

"What are you watching?" She asked, as she turned her head to look at the TV. On the screen she could see adverts for Pokéballs and other things.

"It's an old movie I used to watch all the time when I was a kid. I haven't seen it in a while so when I saw it, I thought why now watch it again." Ash replied, "Do you want to watch it with me?"

"What's it called?"

"Homeward Bound."

"Okay, I'll watch it with you. Budge up so I can get comfy." May said, Ash nodded and moved over letting May lie down next to him. She snuggled into his side, resting her head on his shoulder and putting an arm over his chest. Ash responded by putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer, they stayed like that for the rest of the film.

When the film had ended Ash looked May and saw that she was sleep, slowly he disentangled himself from her and gently lifted her up. He carried her across the room bridal style and with Lucario moving the covers back he placed her in her bed, pulling the covers back over her. He smiled as he saw her making herself comfortable, on impulse he bent over and kissed May's lips lightly. The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds before he stood back up, he didn't know why he did it but it just felt right to do it. Ash then turned round, switched off the TV and got into his bed, not noticing the astonished looks of Lucario, Pikachu and Glaceon. He didn't notice the smile that graced May's peaceful face while she dreamt of a future with Ash thanks to that one simple kiss.

Tomorrow we'll carry on training, Ash thought as he drifted off to sleep, May just need to get those last few moves and finish her costume after that it's just a matter of practice. I hope she can keep her focus though, that's the only thing that could go wrong. I'll try and think of a way to help her somehow. Those were the last things that went through Ash's mind before he fell asleep, leaving the dumbfounded Pokémon staring at his sleeping form before they too fell asleep.

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed it and it was worth the wait.

Did you spot the reference to Twitch? I couldn't help it I just had to put it in.

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