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Emma, with her cape and hood on, was casually sat at the bar enjoying her drink when a bunch of pirates entered the bar. Normally she wouldn't pay too much attention to them, and just drink her beer quietly, but the pirates didn't seem to be familiar with that term.

"Who's the greatest Captain in the land, lads?" Asked a man.

"CAPTAIN HOOK!" Answered what appeared to be the captain's crew.

"That's right! Now let's celebrate!" Yelled the captain.

Emma didn't like noisy atmosphere, she'd rather drink alone with her thoughts. But tonight was not going to be a quiet one. The pirates were now drinking loudly –and how the hell was that even possible? Bloody pirates…- and shouting the "wonderful" stories of the "great" captain Hook and his big bloody ship the Jolly Roger. Emma would have loved to tell them to shut the fuck up, buuut by being a thief you have to maintain certain anonymity, and she was smart enough to know that arguing with pirates isn't the best way to stay low.

So she stood up, said goodbye to Ruby, the waitress, and walked towards the door when she heard: "No one can steal from me and get away with it, so put that back."

Emma figured it was the captain's speaking to some poor lad, who she didn't really care for, and all of a sudden an idea popped in her mind. She walked out of the bar and couldn't repress a smirk when thinking of stealing the famous captain Hook and getting away with it. Emma loved a challenge

Which is why she found herself at the docks looking for the Jolly Roger. She found it quite easily and had to admit it looked amazing… An amazing ship with no guards whatsoever…. Oh he was asking for it.

She went on the ship and looked for the captain's quarter. After visiting a few quarters she finally found what she was looking for, a huge room, not as messy as she had imagined, filled with precious things. But she didn't want to steal something valuable, she didn't need money at the moment, she just had to find something he would notice an… she stumbled upon one of his boot. "I take it back, it's a mess." But then the idea of stealing his boot made its way to her mind. Yes, she was going to steal one of his boots to give him a lesson of humility. She put the boot in her satchel and as she was walking out of his quarter, she caught from the corner of her eyes some pieces of gold on his bedside table. Coins of gold, left there, unguarded and within her reach… Boy, was he just begging for it!

She left only one coin on the table; to symbolize her presence and then she made her way back to the bar, while flipping a coin and sporting a devilish grin.

She was a couple of meters away from the bar and yet she could hear them shouting and singing.

"He fucking had it coming." She thought.

As soon as she entered the bar, she nodded at Ruby and walked the stairs that led to the rooms. –Emma was practically living in one of the rooms, only leaving when a deal made her move.

She entered her room and waited for Ruby to come up. Ruby opened the door a few minutes later, and as soon as she had closed the door, Emma let her smile bloomed.

"I know that smile, what did you do?" Asked Ruby.

"I just taught him a lesson." Emma replied innocently, while lying on the bed with her hands behind her head.

"Him... Hook? Do you know who he is?" Asked Ruby concerned.

"Of course I do! That's why it feels so good! Just look." Emma straightened and grabbed the satchel, took out the boot and placed it on the bed.

"A boot? You stole a boot from Hook?" She asked incredulous.

"Told you, I just wanted to teach him a lesson. Oh and I also got some gold coins that were laying around." Emma threw the coins next to the boot.

"Emma…" Said Ruby both amazed and desperate.

"We'll split obviously."

"That's not…" The red-haired girl looked closely at the boot and the coins, and couldn't help the smile that crept on her face.

"I guess he had it coming." She declared before laughing.

"You have no idea." Said Emma smirking.

"We'll talk about that later, granny's must be waiting downstairs.

Later that night, when Emma was slowly falling asleep, a captain entered its quarter and quickly realized someone had stolen the coins he had just stolen himself during a fight two days ago. But Hook knew that leaving one coin behind wasn't a mistake, it had been made on purpose. It was a challenge, and he loved a challenge.

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