They were making their way back to the ship. Killian was leading the small group, completely lost in his thoughts of how Emma's safety had completely changed his priorities. He couldn't understand how his revenge had just disappeared from his mind as soon as he had realized Emma was gone, and even though he should be mad at her, every time he turned to look at her he couldn't help the grin on his face as she grinned at him and the relief he felt when he saw she here, safe. While Killian was trying to wrap his mind around all of this, Emma and Smee were following him and were talking quietly so as not to be heard by Killian. Smee was telling her about the Captain's reaction and attitude after he had noticed her kidnapping.

"Ya should have seen him Miss! Doing all the work the crew would normally do because he thought he would be doing it faster!" Smee whispered while trying not to laugh at the memory.

"Really? He thought he could do everything on his own?" Asked Emma smiling at Killian's back.

Smee was about to add something when Killian abruptly turned, an eyebrow raised and a suspicious look in his eyes.

"What are you two blabbing about?" Asked Killian.

"Nothin'!" Replied Smee quickly, too quickly.

Killian's eyes focused on Smee.

"We were just talking about your charming attitude." Replied Emma in a shrug.

"I'm always charming." Replied Killian, which made Emma raise an eyebrow.

"Exactly Captain!" Said Smee, trying to get back on his captain good side.

"Smee, tell the crew they have the night off." Said Killian in his Captain voice, and Emma couldn't help imagining him using this voice in a completely different situation and… 'wooow! Where did that came from?!'

Emma shook her head and blinked rapidly a few times. Then she focused on Killian and realized the bastard was smirking.

"Shut up." Emma said while moving past him and his handsome smug face.

"Didn't say anything." Said Killian, his smirk getting bigger.

"You were about to." Replied Emma.

"You know me so well, love."

Killian followed Emma, smiling to himself 'She will give in'.

They were finally on the ship and Emma noticed the quietness right away. It reminded her of the first time she went on his ship, to teach him a lesson. She lightly laughed at the memory, earning a quizzical look from Killian who was watching her from his position against the mast.

"Come here." Said Killian gently.

"Why?" Asked Emma, even though she was making her way towards him.

"Because I said so." Replied Killian as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

"In that case…" Emma stopped and smirked at him.

"Always so stubborn Swan…" Said Killian more to himself before adding: "It's for your own good I promise."

Emma froze; her smirk and happiness disappeared from her face quickly. Memories of Neal came crashing in her mind, making her remember that she couldn't trust anyone even Killian. She needed to get off his ship and she needed him to leave her life.

'Why is he acting this way? What does he want? I… the bean! No… he doesn't know I have the bean… maybe he still wants me to steal the bean… a deal's a deal after all… but she couldn't stay near him any longer. He was changing everything, and she couldn't allow him to do that.'

"Swan!" Yelled Killian, who was suddenly standing right in front of her. He looked concerned, but everything can be faked thought Emma.

"I…" Emma swallowed, "I want to go home."

Killian seemed disappointed for a few seconds before putting on a neutral face.

"I'll get you home, trust me. Now if the lady can follow me…" Killian was looking intensely at Emma, offering his hand.

'Just take the hand and at the next stop you run away' Emma told herself.

But Emma couldn't bring herself to take his hand so she just moved past him and went for his cabin. She didn't see the way Killian's hand closed and the way he nodded sadly to himself.

Killian followed her to his cabin. Once they were both in the room, Emma raised an eyebrow.

"I am not sleeping with you." Said Emma as her walls strengthen.

Killian scoffed at her words, before rummaging in a closet.

"Your loss, love. But um…" Killian stopped as he grabbed a bottle, looked at it, frowned and put it back; "I just wanted to get a better look at your bruises."

"Oh no that's fine." Emma quickly said. The memory of him taking care of her hand was too much to handle and she really didn't need another moment like this.

"Emma… a barn collapsed on you and you went into a house on fire. So yes, I am going to attend to your wounds and there is nothing you can do about that. So just sit, take off the coat and be good, would ya love?" Said Killian, looking satisfied at the objects he held in his hand or were hanging off his hook.

"I can take care of myself, I'm a capable woman." Said Emma while crossing her arms, but the effect was lost as she slightly hissed in pain.

Killian looked at her suspiciously before saying: "But like I said before, I am a gentleman. And I am very much interested in your adventures." Said Killian standing in front of her.

Emma seemed to hesitate for a while, before making up her mind.


Killian grabbed a chair and moved it closer to the bed. He sat on it and put his items next to him.

Emma sighed before slowly taking off the coat, wincing at the way the sleeves brushed her burnt skin. She may have left the burning house with the coat on, but she had entered the house with only the shirt he had given her and the sleeves had burned, burning her skin as well.

Once the coat was off, Emma realized that the shirt wasn't even a shirt anymore. Not only the sleeves had burned but the bottom of the shirt as well, leaving her stomach bare and badly bruised. She sat on the bed with her arms crossed over her bare stomach. Killian was looking at her arms, with a painful expression on his usually handsome face. 'Average face!', thought Emma.

"What happened to you?" Asked Killian in a soft voice, while carefully taking her right arm with his hook.

"A barn collapsed on me and I went into a burning house, remember?" Said Emma a lot harsher than she intended to.

"Emma…" Whispered Killian as he examined her arms carefully. His gaze shifted to her eyes and Emma's anger and guard faded as she lost herself in his eyes. She saw his stare dropped to her lips and she thought he was going to kiss her; she wanted him to kiss her. He liked his lips and turned his head away from her. Emma was disappointed even though she knew she shouldn't feel like that, she should be pushing him away not create sexual tension.

Killian picked a bottle, opened it with his mouth, spat the cork away and brought her right arm –that he hadn't let go- close to him. He then poured the cold liquid on her burn, his gaze focused on the task while Emma was looking at him and noticing how he was softly biting his bottom lip and how his tongue would slightly poke out due to his concentration. Once Killian was done he looked at her arm and moved it a bit, before letting it rest on her thigh. Then he picked up her left arm with his hook, took another bottle with his hand and poured once again water on her wound.


Emma looked at Killian and realized she must have space out for a moment, because Killian was looking intently at her, his right hand was on her thigh and his thumb was making circles on her thigh. She looked at his thumb and Killian abruptly stopped and took off his hand.

"Sorry." Said Killian as he looked at the floor, and Emma was confused at his attitude. Where was his cocky attitude? His smirk and innuendos?

Suddenly Killian stood up; he looked at the door and spoke without making eye contact.

"You need to take off your shirt and pour water on your burns. I…will be, I…I yeah." Killian strode to the door, opened it and closed it behind him. Emma just stared at the closed door, confused as hell at what had just happened.

'Emma focus! Don't let Killian trick you. You need to take care of yourself and leave as soon as possible. Do not let yourself be fooled by him. Do not…' Her thoughts were interrupted as the door was violently opened. An odd force made her stand up as her eyes found frightened scary blue eyes.

"Oh Emma…" Whispered Killian as he closed the door, made its way to Emma before bringing his right hand to the back of her neck. He then softly smiled at Emma before kissing her. Emma was too shock to try and stop him, the only thing making her react was the realization that his kiss wasn't soft. It was passionate as if he was afraid she was going to disappear or as if they had been apart and they were finally reunited.

Emma brought her hands and roamed them over his back, ignoring the pain of her burned forearm. She pulled him close and he hummed happily as his fingers rubbed lovingly her cheek. But Emma couldn't do 'lovingly and happily', so she let herself fell on the bed, bringing him on top of her. And she noticed he hadn't crushed her, he was careful with her wounds. He then rolled them over so she was on top of him, and brought his mouth to her neck. He kissed and sucked her skin and Emma closed her eyes for a while. It was all too much, she felt too good in his arms and a little voice in her head kept telling her that 'maybe it felt too good because it was too good to be true'.

"Emma, Emma." Said Killian softly, making her open her eyes and look at him.

"Don't go anywhere." He said, and Emma knew he was talking about her leaving his ship, and she couldn't say 'ok', she couldn't trust him even though his eyes were begging her to trust him.

"I'm not going anywhere Emma, I promise."

Emma didn't like it, she didn't want to talk about her feelings, and so she kissed him hard to shut him up. Her hands began to travel down his chest and found his belt; she undid it and started to sneak one hand beneath his trouser, when the door burst open.

They both stopped and looked at who had just interrupted them and they were faced with a red-faced and breathless Smee. He didn't seem shocked or embarrassed by what he had clearly interrupted. Killian rolled her softly and sat on the bed, blocking Smee's view of her.

"What?" Spat Killian, clearly angry at the interruption.

"The soldiers, Captain. They're attacking us." And as if on cue, shouts were heard from the deck above.

Killian stood up, buckled his belt, grabbed his sword and stopped. He looked at Emma, who had sat.

"Don't go." Said Killian.

"I won't." Replied Emma, and that was probably the biggest lie she had ever told him.

"Emma, I mean it."

"Your crew needs you, I'll be fine."

Killian walked up to her, kissed her desperately and said, while looking into her eyes: "It's not over."

Emma just nodded, she knew her voice and her eyes would betray her if she tried to speak. Then Killian quickly left the cabin, closing the door behind him.

Emma listened to the shouts and noises before standing up. She went to his drawers, picked a random shirt, took off the one she was wearing and that was in shreds. She put the new one on and looked for a piece of paper and something to write on. After finding the items she began to write, she was not going to go without saying goodbye. Once the letter wrote; she sneakily made her way through the window she had crashed when she had wanted to escape. She jumped in the water and the impact made her wince a bit, but she pushed the pain aside and made her way to the shore where she hauled herself onto the docks. She looked at the Jolly Roger and was glad that no one seemed to have noticed her, and then she spotted a ship that was boarding. She made her way to it and learned, thanks to her assets, that the ship was headed to Tortuga. 'Bingo!' Thought Emma as she climbed aboard as if she owned the ship.

After a good hour of fighting, Captain Hook and his crew had managed to defeat the soldiers and were sailing away from the island. The crew was loudly cheering and celebrating while Killian quickly made his way to his cabin. He opened the door and quickly realized Emma was gone. He knew she would leave him when he left her earlier, but he had hoped that something would make her stay, that he would make her stay. He sighed and grabbed his coat, when he lifted it a piece of paper fell. He put the coat back on the bed, grabbed the paper and started to read it.

Kil- Hook,

As you've probably noticed I left your ship, if I'm lucky enough I should have a good head start so don't bother looking for me. As to the deal we had, you might want to check the coat's pockets; I may have a couple of surprises for you.

I hope you'll be able to skin your crocodile or drink yourself to death or just do what pirates do.

Emma Swan

Ps: I'm keeping the coins and your boot as my reward for your bean.

Oh and do you even own a real compass?

Killian couldn't help the smile that tugged at his lips as he held in his hand the bean and the compass he thought he had lost.

Killian put the bean in a drawer and opened the box containing the compass. The needle shifted a bit before indicating north, which was also the opposite direction of the bean. Killian smirked.

He then made his way to the deck and called out Smee.


"Yes Captain?"

"We're going hunting." Said Killian as he stepped behind the steering wheel.

"For the bean?" Asked Smee confused.

"A woman." Said Killian as he looked at the compass before spinning the wheel with a Cheshire grin on his face. 'If you only knew the irony Emma of you giving me the only tool that could allow me to found you.'