Once aupon a time Drwho was sealing around the yuniverse in his Tadris when sudenley he heard a explsion outside oh no was the Tardis blowned up? So he went ouside to look and yes there was a damaage on it. "Oh no I wil have to sotp for repairs" said Who and so he went back insid and begun to fly the tardis to earth. But insted he crash landed on the dalek planet dalektopia because the tardis it didnt have the powar! Dr ho gets out of the tardis and looked around the Dalektopa "Hm it apears I have landed in Dalketopia land of the Dalkes this ins very bad!" and so he trieyd to get the tradis to fly again but it didntt work. So Doctor woo was stuck on the dalekt planet. Ok I must get some spaer parts for fixing the tradis then I excape the Dalek planet!" explaimed Who and so he went to look for some sparte parts in the creey world. Soon he found an abanded storeroome full of spaer parts and picks them up for repareing the Tardis. Suddeny a loud scraem "EXTERIMANTE EXTERRIMATE WE ARE THE DALEKTS!" and so Dr who runs away but it was Too Late they dalkets had seen him! "HAHAH WE ARE TO END THE UNVIERSVE PATHEFIC DR WHO HAHA!" they craemed and Drwhwo runs to the Tradis and quickley repaired it for him fly away fast. "Oh no the Daleks will bring end of world I must sop them!" said dR Who and so he loked his compyter on how to stop dalekts please. And the computer said "you must find the arefaect of stoping daleks made 10000 years ago it has ben lost to time and space for milions of years" "Ok" said Doctr I will find it for saving the world yes!"