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Sweden and Finland had rented a small but cosy house not too far from the reception. This was where they were now going.

They walked closely side by side and Finland continued to complain about the cold, using it as an excuse to get closer to Sweden who knew it was all lies but accepted it anyway. He loved having Finland close. There was nothing he would want more than that.

When Sweden could see the house, he elegantly picked up the smaller man, as if he had done this a thousand times before. Finland yelped just a bit before smiling warmly and his arms were put around the Swede's neck.

"Carrying me over the door step?" he mumbled into his ear when Sweden stood still to find the keys. He rested Finland's lower body and legs on his own knee while one hand continued to hold around the shoulders and the other rummaged through his pockets.

"Mmh. 'Course. I'm a good husban', right?"

"Mmhmmh. You indeed are," the Finn answered with a whisper and faintly let his tongue slide along the shell of Sweden's ear. He relished in the feeling of the bigger man shivering while fumbling with the keys, struggling to get the door open.

Once inside, Sweden put Finland down with a care that could have fitted for one handling the most precious porcelain. And though Finland wasn't exactly made of porcelain, he was still most precious to Sweden.

With one hand he closed the door and the other rested on Finland's waist, then he turned around to face his wife. It was official now, Tino was really his wife. What more could he possibly ask for?

"Such a good husband," the Finn whispered and let his fingers wander over Sweden's face, thumb brushing ever so gently over his lips.

. . . Except, perhaps, for ravishing Tino. Then he couldn't demand more. Just having Tino under his hands and under his lips, agile but careful, exploring fingers dancing over heated skin that blushed, eyes that closed in intense pleasure while muscles tensed and relaxed, delicate sounds escaping slightly parted but very swollen lips...

He shivered by the mental picture and leaned closer to Finland, putting an arm on the wall on the left of his head. It would be clear to anyone who looked into his eyes that he was aroused and yearned for having Tino even closer and be even more intimate. The royal-blue pools showed that his mind was only filled with indecent thoughts he would never have dared to think before. Lust clouded them and gave a darker shine but made them clearer as well.

He dreamt only of ravishing his little Finn, to leave his mark on him to tell everyone to back the fuck away, because if you messed with Finland, you automatically messed with Sweden. And you didn't want that.

"Husband, are you okay?" Finland then asked lowly, tilting his head ever so lightly. Sweden nodded while he breathed out heavily and felt the hair in the back of his head stand up, goose bumps covering his skin and his body make a single shiver that was very visible to the other, even in the dim light of the entrance.

The Finn at first looked in doubt, then smiled deviously and leaned his head back to get a better look at the other's face.

"Husband?" he mumbled again, his voice low and alluring and it was simply too much for the bigger of them. He let go of a sound that was a mix between a growl and a sigh while bending forward so he could press his lips to Finland's neck, feel the muscles and tendons move as words passed through, feel the warmth of Finland and feel the way his pulse began to race.

"Are you serious? If I say 'husband'-"

"Do I look like I'm jokin'?" Sweden growled against the skin, lips moving further up to plant feathery kisses all the way to the shell of his ear where they daringly parted and gave room for the tongue to dart out and give the shell a gentle touch that had Finland sigh softly.

"Mmh, no."


Sweden leaned closer, heart pounding and mind racing, and by feeling his body make contact with Finland's, he closed his eyes and dared to move a leg in between Finland's who willingly spread them a bit apart, though not enough for the Swede to brush his knee against where he wanted it to. Finland knew this and he breathed out a chuckle against the other when their lips met.

Once more, it was the explosion of all kinds and nuances of colours and it was blood rushing through the veins, fire that seemed to spark in the body, in the heart and it was blood that seemed to boil as they moved together, demanding instead of soft. They were both too serious and too aroused to really take it easy. Their mouths pressed against each other forcefully, wanting to get more than just this but none was willing to give in and declare defeat.

Sweden was unable to contain a growl and he pressed harder against the Finn who simply just hummed in content, then yelped when he felt his side be grabbed harshly before strong and confident fingers began to rub the area, feeling the soft material of the dress and the strong wires of the corset.

"I want to feel your skin burn under my fingers," he whispered into Finland's mouth, mind fogging over as he lost more and more of the rationality and self-control that had kept him from doing anything like this to the man in front of him before, "I want to feel your skin melt under my lips. Off with this." He tugged carefully at the dress and pulled back after giving a final peck to the Finn's lips.

"A-Aren't you quite co-confident," Finland panted. His eyes were closed and his chest rising and sinking fast, his lips curled into a beautiful smirk and his cheeks were already flushed. But he didn't hesitate in obeying the Swede. Quite the opposite, really. He had found one turn-on in the man, now he wanted to find more.

So he slowly and sensually reached behind his back to grab the zipper of the dress and pulled it down a bit, watching the Swede whose gaze wasn't even near scary or fearsome in this moment. He watched as the other's jaws were set tighter and he saw the Adam's apple bob just a bit when the sound of the zipper being pulled down reached his ears. Finland couldn't fight off a cunning smile.

When it was finally all the way down and he could wriggle out of the dress, he did so equally elegantly and alluringly, ending up standing in just the corset and the garter belt and stockings.

Sweden was pretty sure he could hear the wall groan when he grabbed for further support while his breath hitched in his throat as he looked down at his beautiful Finn.

"Must hav' be'n a hassle," he growled when he reached a hand behind Finland's back and played with the laces a few seconds before pulling at the one that would make it fall to the floor. But before he did that, he suddenly turned them around so it was Sweden who had his back against the wall and Finland who was in front of him.

"Don' wanna squish you," Sweden mumbled as an answer to Finland's confused expression. Because as much as he had been sure of himself to never harm his precious little Tino, no matter how much he had said to himself that he couldn't expose his dear Finn to danger, he was beginning to doubt in himself. As he slowly lost bits and parts of his self-control and lost himself more and more to the most basic instincts, he was afraid he would squash the small man.

That couldn't happen if Finland was in front of him.

If either of them noticed how the Swede started to cut vowels again, none of them commented it. It seemed he couldn't keep up with forming the words perfectly if he was in a state of arousal and euphoria.

Sweden pulled at the laces and he could see how relieving it was for the other as Finland took a deep breath and then exhaled just as deeply when the piece of clothing was dropped to the floor. The Swede's fingers instantly began to run over the exposed skin, dancing on the neck and tracing lines over the chest and collarbone, dropping lower to draw invisible stripes over the hot stomach and abdomen, feeling how the muscles tensed just beneath the skin and he let his touches become more powerful, dig just slightly into the smooth and pale flesh.

He relished in the way Finland sighed, his eyes looking directly into the warm and scintillating eyes that had only rarely held such depths. It created another spark between them when the eye contact was maintained as they began to kiss again. Somehow, they managed to make it slower, more sensual but not at all less a fight for dominance. Sweden's fingers still explored the stomach, the chest, the sides and everywhere he could reach - which was a lot - and the skin under them really did seem like they were on fire. So heated.

A moment later, another part of his self-control was thrown out the window as he dropped his hand further down and around the man, grabbing one of the cheeks of the ass, having to suppress a laugh when Finland squealed against his lips. Half a second later, the man sighed and moaned when Sweden began to massage it, kneading it carefully, slowly, wanting to know exactly what could turn his precious Finland into a puddle of needy goo.

It was a shock for him - though a very pleasant one - when the other grabbed his hair and forced his head back a bit, breaking off the kiss.

"Now... now it's your turn," Finland panted and his voice was thick with lust, his eyes dark for the same reason. "Undress."

Sweden couldn't remember the last time he had accepted being commanded with. But he for sure knew in that moment, when he kept his gaze locked with Finland's and began to unbutton his tuxedo, that he would never want to take orders from anyone else than this man. No one could provoke the same feelings in him and it was only Tino that managed to leave him panting already before they were undressed.

The tuxedo came off rather quickly and was sloppily thrown to the floor to add to the pile of formal clothes.

As he reached for the top button of his shirt, a small and very hot hand grabbed his and hindered the movement.

A questioning look got him no answer before Finland placed his other hand on the belt of his trousers.

"One service is the other worthy, don't you think... husband?" he whispered. Sweden, who had formerly had his head leaned forward and away from the wall to maintain eye contact with his gorgeous Finn, now slammed it back against the wall and swallowed heavily, both hands clenched into fists as he fought a desperate fight to not do something to Finland that he would later regret.

He didn't get to say much before the small hand began to fumble with the belt, fingers working clumsily. They had just gotten it right when Sweden found it in him to take the hand and pull it away. No.

"Tino, nej," the Swede gasped, knowing that what the Finn was about to do could send him back many, many hundred years, to a point where his basic instincts were what controlled him. "Afraid of hurtin' ya, Tino."

"You can't hurt me, Berwald," Finland promised and though the Swede didn't at all believe that, there was something in the voice that stirred an emotion much deeper and much more forgotten than lust and arousal. It was the echo of undying trust, an endless belief that Sweden would never be able to harm him, no matter the situation.

Even now, when Finland wriggled his hand out of the other's grip and carefully loosened the belt while having his eyes on Sweden, ready to stop if the bigger said anything, Sweden's love for the very same man seemed to grow even stronger. Finland trusted him, Finland believed he would never hurt him. He had to show that the Finn didn't hope in vain, he had to control himself.

It was just so damn hard. Especially when he could feel the zipper be pulled down, fingers brushing against his hard erection. His jaws were set even tighter, his head leaning so hard against the wall it could seem he tried to break it and his hands were wavering in the air, not daring yet to put them on Tino's shoulders - or, oh God, could he even dare to grab his hair? - but not wanting to move them, either.

"You can't hurt me," the Finn once more said, his voice so incredibly silky and though edged with lust, the promise of eternal trust seemed to dance just on the tip of his tongue. He let the trousers fall to the floor, watched Sweden for a few seconds before reaching his hand up to the man's cheek. Sweden instantly leaned his face into the hand.

He was a very big and very strong man and he easily came off as confident and sure of himself. Due to his silent personality and his hard gaze, people never got close enough to realize the truth. In some cases, yes, he was sure of himself and wouldn't waver for a second in his opinion or thoughts. In others, he was very insecure, just as questioning about himself as any young teenager. It was only in wars and the Viking raids he had believed so much in himself. He knew how to do that, had done it for centuries, he had automatically gained some kind of expertise in that.

This was something completely new. He suddenly needed to be careful and he needed to not just rip off clothing - if he had even cared for that in the past - and take whoever was unfortunate enough to be his victim. As a Viking, any variant of 'no' had not been an answer and he had taken whoever he had liked, be it because of look or wealth. If he could gain something from it, he would do it. And so would Denmark and even Norway.

He needed to bury all of those memories, needed to bury what he knew about being intimate with another.

He knew what sex was. Now he needed to learn what making love was.

Sweden suddenly felt extremely vulnerable and weak. He was exposing himself completely to another, letting someone else have complete and absolute control over him like this. Tino could practically do what he wanted.

"Berwald, it's okay. I trust you. Do you trust me?"

"More th'n anythin' or any'ne els'," the Swede instantly answered and with disgust noticed how weak and shaking his voice was. But it was true. Tino was the one he trusted the most. He would trust his life with that man if it ever became necessary.

"Then take a deep breath and kiss me."

The command was obeyed with only a few seconds delay before Berwald lowered his head to meet Finland's searing lips and where the kisses had former been an expression of lust and arousal, the wish to continue and go all the way, it was now one of faith, trust, a way to show Sweden that Finland would take over if he wanted that. In that kiss lay all the emotions they felt for each other and it was no surprise for either of them that Sweden began to silently cry once more. Only few tears but they were there.

Finally. Someone who was ready to meet him head-on and wasn't afraid of him - at least not anymore - and someone who was ready to guide him where he needed it. Someone who was ready to stand up against him if he went too far. This was Finland, this was Tino. Everything he had ever wished for, and even more than that.

"It's okay," Tino whispered against his lips and let his hand fall. Slowly, very carefully. Fingers slid over his cheek, caught the few tears that ran from his eyes, and neck where they could find bare skin, went over the shirt and even through the fabric, Finland could feel goose bumps cover the strong body. Sweden's breathing was fast and just slightly scared, although, of course, aroused and he was still very turned on. The moment of vulnerability and weakness hadn't dampened thatin the slightest.

He was glad that Tino didn't ask for permission to touch him further down; he wasn't sure he would have been able to give a definite answer.

But as Finland began stroking him through his boxers, he felt his face flush and his mind fog over even more, his heart setting an unhealthy pace and he was very sure that the sound that left his mouth could be called a whimper. Lips parted, absorbing the sound, and Sweden somehow recognized the unfamiliar feeling of another tongue in his mouth.

His breath hitched in his throat when sensations and facts overwhelmed him. There was a hand touching his cock, lips on his and another tongue than his own in his mouth. The fingers quickly went from soft and careful strokes to actual pumping movements and Sweden didn't really understand how he didn't simply turn into a puddle of whimpers on the floor.

How could he remain standing like that when his legs felt like jelly?

But it was far from enough. There was something in the way, something hindering the hand in being free and make those movements even more unbearable.

And it was so embarrassing to ask Finland to take off his boxers, and Sweden was pretty sure he reached the limit for how much he could blush. Finland, though, didn't comment on it, simply pulled them down as asked, and had to break the kiss.

The loss of lips and tongue meant that the Swede could fully concentrate on the sensation of small fingers wrapping around his member and pumping it. Once more, he found himself slamming his head back against the wall, liquid fire mixed with adrenaline having replaced the blood in his veins. Oh God. This was... this was so good. He didn't know where his hands were in that moment and neither did he care. Only the feeling of one hand taking care of his member while the other began to fumble with the buttons on his shirt, wanting to get that off, too, filled his clouded mind.

Sweden decided to do that, making his own hands useful.

"Tino," he choked out, nearly having forgotten how to speak in the haze of deep and enveloping lust that seemed to deprive him of oxygen. He was dizzy but he knew one thing - he should also be touching Finland instead of standing here like an idiot. "I wan' t' touch ya, Tino."

"Go ahead," the Finn whispered, continuing his devious actions and smiled up at the Swede who instantly dropped a hand to grab Finland's waist, resting there for a few seconds while he tried to get his mind together. When he didn't succeed, he aborted that mission and instead focused on drawing sensual lines from the waist and over the frilly mini-skirt. Fingertips slowly slid over the soft skin of his thighs, making the Finn hiss but in a way that even Sweden knew meant 'Keep going'.

And although it was hard to really focus with that one hand pumping him, he managed to somehow undo the garter belt and the stockings. His hands were shaking as they pulled down the stockings just a bit, enough to gain him easier access to what he really wanted.

As one of his hands carefully curled around an also very hard erection and Tino moaned, his eyes finally falling shut, Sweden was sure he could feel his heart stop, even for just a moment. It only started when Tino nodded, silently giving Sweden permission to continue and he did so.

He copied Finland's movements, trying to cast off the shadow of his Viking nature that didn't understand what he was doing. Taking in the sounds of Tino moaning and his own panting breathing, he could feel heat start to build in his stomach and he knew this was way too early. They had only been touching for... well, quite some time, but it had onlybeen touching! It was way, way too early to finish now.

He wanted more, demanded it to last.

Tino whined in pleasure when the Swede leaned even more forward, his back giving a few cracking sounds, and planted feathery kisses on his throat, feeling the pulse race, blood rush through the veins so fast it had to make him dizzy. His lips moved against the heated skin, greedy and wanting more than this. Before he knew it, his other hand had found Finland's face and held it there, fingers gripping the cheek so he had better access to the throat.

The Finn moaned and his hand pumped faster and harder, made the strokes longer and tighter. His body shivered wildly as Sweden followed, speeding up and slowly believing he got to know what this was all about. Trying to remember what made Tino wriggle especially much or moan just a bit louder, he carefully nibbled the burning skin beneath his lips. This resulted in a loud groan and Tino tensed so much his hand also tightened the grip around Sweden's cock, making him hiss and his eyes close.

They both pumped each other faster and harder, Sweden quickly picking up the pace and rhythm as he never ceased lavishing the neck with attention and kisses that turned deeper over time and he didn't deign bruises or hickeys a single thought.

All of a sudden, he felt Finland drop to his knees and he opened his eyes once more, looking down and fearing he had done something wrong or had been too rough or something so Finland had somehow passed out.

Of course, it showed to be something completely different. Tino didn't even seem in doubt about what he did when he took the Swede's hard and flush cock into his mouth.

Sweden nearly choked on the air that hitched in his throat and it was out of pure instinct that he grabbed for the closest thing for support - the blond locks of Tino's head.

"Tino," he whispered, eyes closing tightly when he felt the hot and wet tongue slide over his erection, effectively spreading both pre-cum and saliva and he moaned embarrassingly loud, once more letting his head knock into the wall behind him. "Tino, åh Gud, nej." English words disappeared from his vocabulary, his native tongue instead taking over.

He had never tried this. Never had he even thought of how good it could be.

Finland's tongue that ran up and down the shaft, following the big and pulsating vein before closing his mouth around the tip and then the shaft again, sucking it hard and deep, letting it rest against the slick muscle that was his tongue.

Sweden could only whimper when Finland apparently decided to take it further, his mouth moving lower on the cock and though he started lightly at one point, he continued. Not even Sweden's mindless blabbering could stop him from taking him so deep.

"Tino, Tino, Tino," the Swede whispered, helpless but to begin to rock his hips in tact with Finland's bobbing of his head, the sounds driving him crazy. His fingers intertwined in the blond locks of Finland's head and he hoped for everything in the world that he didn't end up forcing Finland to continue, because oh God, this was too good to end. This couldn't stop. The rush of blood, the ecstatic feeling of adrenaline and lust that seemed to fill his veins and his mind.

Tino moaned against him, a sound that created vibrations and sent them through Sweden's cock, made him hiss out loudly as he unconsciously twisted the blond hair around his fingers, the hot pool in his stomach shrinking and instead becoming a hard knot that began to beg to be untied again. Finland's hot mouth continued to envelop him, take him deep and his tongue swirled around the tip of the cock, smother it with pre-cum and saliva and when Sweden dared to open his eyes, he could see a tiny trail of the man's drool run from the corner of his lips.

His eyes were closed and cheeks coloured a deep crimson, yet he looked like he enjoyed himself. Like he actually liked this, to suck off Sweden who had become a whimpering mess from his touches.

"Tino, nej, jag-"

As if he had understood what Sweden was about to say, the Finn pulled away and looked up at him, a hand still around the base of the member, pumping it slowly to keep him on the edge. Then he said the dirtiest thing Sweden could possibly imagine him to say in that moment.

"I want you to come," whereupon he picked up from where he left, lips tracing the shaft from the tip and until he couldn't take more, then back up, nearly letting go before going down again, letting his tongue join in again. What his mouth couldn't handle, his hand took good care of, stroking what was left while the fingers of the other hand began to massage his balls.

Sweden was impressed by himself when he didn't come right then and there. But it was close. His fingers twisted the hair more and more, gripped it tighter while the knot in his guts seemed to curl in on itself, become so painfully tight that Sweden cried out when it was allowed to untie. He came hard, spilling into Finland's mouth and it was not on purpose when his hands forced the Finn to stay where he was until the Swede could once more breathe properly.

That didn't happen before his legs gave in, power having left them when he emptied, and he slid down the wall, mind completely blank and a thick, white fog the only thing he could see. His now limp cock slid out of Finland's mouth with a wet pop and though he would probably have found the sound gross, he couldn't really think about it right now.

He was exhausted. That was... oh God, could words succeed in describing it?

Trying hard to focus, the silhouette of Finland straddling him became clear.

"Berwald?" he whispered. His voice was slightly anxious and hoarse. Sweden blinked a few times, only now aware of his mouth hanging open and that he looked like an idiot. He closed it and looked at the Finn before him. Then felt more heat rise into his cheeks.

"You have..." He didn't finish but instead stretched out a hand to wipe away a trail of the white, sticky liquid that he hadn't been able to swallow. "You... swallowed?" Sweden seemed deep in shock by this. He had never tried it, never imagine how it could be. To him, it didn't seem appealing.

"I couldn't really do anything else," the Finn breathed out and gently tapped the big hands that rested on either side of Sweden. A chuckle escaped him when Sweden's eyes widened and though still glazy with release, they got a shine of horror.

"God, no, Tino, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to!" He was truly horrified. Did this mean he had hurt Tino? Had Tino found it uncomfortable? Of course he had, Sweden had more or less forced him to do it, hadn't he?

"Oh God, it was really not on purpose, I-"

He was silenced by a forceful kiss - and frowned. Salt. He could taste something salty on the lips and though he wasn't used to this kind of thing, he knew it was his own semen. It didn't matter, though. It was on Finland's lips and he wanted them to be clean again so he removed the last remains of the white fluid with his tongue, causing the Finn to sigh contently before pulling away.

"Don't apologize, Berwald. I don't mind it," he said with a small chuckle. Sweden was still not sure if that was true but he didn't get long to think about it before Finland spoke again, this time much more insecure, nearly shy. "But could you... I mean, I also..." He blushed again but kept looking up at the Swede, hands finding his chest. The heart was still racing, not really having come down from the high yet.

Sweden instinctively looked down and saw that the other's member was still hard. It had been neglected when Finland had taken care of him. Small beads of pre-cum trickled from the slit in the top and created a glistening trail down the shaft. Sweden took his attention back to the Finn's face.

"Uhm, i-if you don't wan-"

"There's nothing I would rather do." So while sharing another soft kiss that still tasted salty, Sweden gently pushed the Finn back until he lay on the floor. Then he stopped. What now? This was the position he was used to take people in. What did you do when you wanted to genuinely please your partner? How did you make them feel good?

Finland seemed to once more catch his insecurity but instead of rolling his eyes - many would see this situation as something completely natural and instinctual - or making Sweden feel even more stupid than he already did, he instead helped him.

"Kiss me. Everywhere. Burn my skin away with your lips and your tongue," he whispered, shivering both from the cold of the floor and from arousal. Swallowing a single time, Sweden nodded shortly and crouched above the Finn, leaning forward. His lips connected with the skin on the throat he had former assaulted and he could feel the pulse still race like chased by thousands of evil spirits. Tryingly, he moved further down, to the crook of the neck, lips pressing harder against the skin when it became more sparse and thinner.

Finland encouraged him with humming noises and sharp intakes of air sometimes, making Sweden feel a bit more secure in himself. At one point, he even dared to nibble again, this time at the collarbone which got Finland to gasp before he hissed in pleasure. A thing that the Swede instantly memorized and swore he would never forget.

Feathery kisses continued until he reached a nipple and he once more found himself unknowing of what to do. He... believed he had heard somewhere that you could kiss them but what if Finland didn't like it?

His worry was thrown out the window when a shaking hand brought his head closer, mouth brushing over the bud and Sweden could feel a small shiver go through the Finn. Being confirmed in his former belief, he did it again, only with more power. His lips closed over the nipple and carefully pulled at it, eliciting a high-pitched moan from Finland which encouraged him once more. Using his tongue to poke the bud, he relished in the feeling of Finland arching his back ever so lightly, another sound of pleasure escaping his lips. His skin was beautiful, Sweden suddenly realized. It was normally snow white and pure, without blemishes or bruises. Now it was painted a vague pink, the blood in his body rushing fast enough to bring out colour in every part of him. There were still no blemishes or bruises but something in Sweden's mind told him this would soon be changed.

When he no longer pulled new sounds of pleasure from the man beneath him, Sweden went lower, lips ghosting over the rib cage and the navel, every so often pushing themselves against the shivering and oh, so soft skin, earning him gasps and squirming. And he hadn't even reached the best part yet.

When he did, though, he once more reached the limit of his already sparse knowledge. But instead of waiting for Finland to instruct him, he did what Finland had done to him. Slowly taking the member into his mouth, he let his tongue swirl around it, lick along the shaft that was smaller than his own and though the sensation was strange, he didn't find it anywhere near disgusting.

The Finn mewled. He actually mewled and his back arched again, this time lifting further from the floor and his hands didn't hesitate in finding a tight grip in Sweden's hair, causing the bigger of them to moan softly which in return sent vibrations through the Finn and he squirmed around another bit.

"God, Berwald," he whispered and Sweden was about to pull back but the hands demanded him not to. "Continue. You're doing great." And Sweden had barely done anything.

But the words - and definitely also the hands - encouraged him to continue and he lowered his head once more, his lips closing tighter around the cock as he started to suck while he tried to make his tongue whirl around and help in creating pleasure at the same time. He soon found this too troublesome, though, and had to settle with just the lips. This also seemed to work.

The cock brushed against the top of his mouth and beginning of his throat and he felt his gag reflex instantly begin to protest. But this time, he didn't ask or wait for help, even if he was in doubt about exactly what to do. He could quickly draw a parallel to a thing in his young days as a Viking. If you had a troublesome city that didn't want to surrender, you kept on attacking until it finally gave in.

Sweden did this now, too. He took a few moments to let his gag reflex settle down before he took Finland deeper and he went dizzy for a second when he realized he had forgotten to breathe for a while. Taking in air through his nose, he could smell the wonderful scent of Tino and enjoyed both smell and movements of the same man.

Finland was incredibly tense in his back and his thighs and his fingers intertwined in Sweden's short, blonde locks when his hips began to move, thrusting in and out of the Swede's mouth, making them both moan and groan, their faces flush red. The hips quickly found a pace that Sweden could agree with and it made a strange feeling of calm fill his mind and his body. As they worked together, Finland's breathing turned shorter and sharper, air taken in small portions until it was barely there.

When it reached this point, Sweden remembered another thing the Finn had done to him. A hand was pulled down to his balls and carefully massaged them. This earned him a loud cry from the Finn and he tensed another bit while Sweden continued to suck him hard and deep until it all became too much.

The cry turned into a howl of his name as Finland came in his mouth, back arched beautifully and hands still in Sweden's hair, holding him in place if the man should have thoughts of pulling back.

Not that he had. The sensation of the hot semen painting the walls of his mouth white was not gross, just strange. He swallowed without a problem, though had to do it in two rounds because of the amount. It was very salty and with a faint hint of something spicy. When it was all gone, he went up again, lips still attached to the shaft to pick up the last remnants and he finished with a hard kiss to the tip, making the already shivering Finn shiver even more.

The hands in his hair fell and ended on the floor beside him with a thud. Finland's eyes were closed and his face had the same colour as the late summer sun setting over endless steppes with snow.

Sweden licked his lips.

"Tino?" he asked, voice slightly hoarse. The Finn nodded, though his eyes were still closed. Sweden ran a hand along his thighs and over his abdomen and chest. He wasn't tense anymore.

"Are you okay?"

A breathy laughter escaped the small man and he cracked open an eye to look up at Sweden.

"Understatement of the year," he whispered and with a single gesture beckoned Sweden closer. "That was wonderful, Berwald." They kissed slowly and passionately for an unknown amount of time. It surprised Sweden slightly that Finland didn't mind tasting himself on Sweden's lips but he didn't care. This meant that kissing after a blowjob was still possible - a thing he had heard many men didn't like. He was glad Finland wasn't the same.

The kiss ended when they both needed air and they drew apart, looking into each other's eyes. Finland frowned ever so lightly, yet still smiled.


Sweden knew what he was on about. Even if he had just emptied, he wasn't done. He could still go and this time, he wanted to go all the way. His body demanded more and it demanded to feel Finland even closer, demanded to take him. It should be visible in his eyes, the glint of lust returning and his hard gaze that fought against it to regain dominance.

"So-sorry," he mumbled and drew back to sit on his ass. "You don't have to... If ya want t' sleep, it's okay."

"Don't be silly," Finland chuckled, his forehead smoothing again and he propped himself up on the elbows, eyeing the Swede with warmth sparkling in his violet eyes. "I... wouldn't mind myself, actually." It was embarrassing to admit but he knew there could be no secrets about this right now. And he really didwant to try the 'real thing', too.

"... You sure? I don't want t' hurt ya, Tino."

"I am absolutely and one hundred per cent sure, my Swedish husband," the Finn said, a little breathless when he sat up properly, stretching out a hand to brush Sweden's cheek. A smile could be seen on the usually blank face and he took the hand to gently plant a kiss on the back of it.

"Continue t' use that word an' I can't answer for the consequences."

"You don't have to. And you still can't hurt me, silly."

Sweden settled with a wide smile as he picked up the Finn, cradled him in his arms and gingerly carried him to the bedroom.

Once inside the spacious room, they quickly found a giant bed with capacity enough for three persons. Sweden put Finland down on the sheets and initiated a deep and long kiss where he crawled atop of Finland, kissing him hard enough to make him groan and force his head down into the bed.

In no time, it had turned to feverish movements of hands that wanted more contact, wanted to get closer even if it wasn't possible. Hands ran over naked skin, pulled at hair and flesh, fingers brushing over nipples before teasingly twisting them gently. Lips crashed together again and again, quick and nibbling until both of them needed more and they weren't satisfied with just lips meeting. This time, it was Sweden who wrestled Tino's mouth open and slipped his tongue into the other's mouth, relishing in the soft cry that was muffled by the invading tongue.

Finland paid back by gripping his hair and forced him closer, a surprising amount of strength being put into that one hand while the other vaguely raked over his chest, leaving red marks that would soon disappear. This had Sweden groan lowly and he was about halfway in taking his hand around the Finn's throat before he remembered that such a thing would scare him - you only choked resisting victims, not your wife.

Instead he let the fingers brush over Finland's cheeks and tilted his head to gain better access to the mouth, his tongue swirling around Finland's and it was a strange sensation to taste himself mixed with Finland's. The muscles danced around with each other, fighting to become the more powerful oneand their breathing was quickly reduced to nothing but short pants that didn't provide them enough oxygen.

Hands dropped lower to teasingly stroke the other's erection, thumbs brushing over the tip and anew smearing pre-cum over the soft and delicate skin. Movements grew even more frantic until they nearly bruised each other by the power and the need, the desire, the lust. Pure lust and nothing else.

"Tino," the Swede growled, his voice not far off that of a wolf's, and Finland opened his eyes, formerly having closed them in pleasure, looking up at the other. He knew he should be scared by what he saw because in those eyes he saw more than just hunger for him and more than just the craving of his body.

In the deep blue eyes he saw wildness he had only seen once when Sweden had beaten up Denmark and it had resulted in Denmark getting a multitrip ticket to the hospital. The wildness that descended from many centuries back, a ferocity that had gotten him to kill, to slaughter, to burn down homes and churches, raid buildings and steal whatever he could. The same wildness that had gotten him to rape the men neither Denmark nor Norway wanted.

It was the same ferocity that now glistened in the royal-blue orbs and when he bent forward to kiss Finland's neck, the Finn could feel it linger on the lips, feel the way Sweden fought against instincts so old he could barely have known anything else. Sweden fought against that very same wildness when the lips parted and his teeth grazed over the throat.

The Swede was like a beast set free after many years in captivity. He was wild with lust but tamed by love, making it a lot harder to fall into his Viking-self. But it was still very possible, he could feel it tear at his body, his mind, and he could feel himself shake fiercely, trying to stop himself from biting down on Finland's neck. He begged Finland to stop him, begged Finland to show resistance, to yell at him to stop, or even push him away. Anything that would make Sweden's mind clear and make him realize what the hell he was doing, that he was falling back into his old self he had sworn to never show little Tino.

But maybe it was good he didn't do just that. Because back then, if you resisted the Vikings and fought back, you were beaten, raped or killed. Sometimes all three, in various order, depending on the mood of the Viking.

"You can't hurt me," Finland whispered and Sweden could feel the muscles and tendons move in the throat. His wildness got the best of him for a second when he couldn't help but bite down, softly but enough to leave a mark. Yet, Finland still whined and squirmed around and there was no hint of immense pain in his voice.

"Jo. Jo, jag kan, Tino," Sweden choked out, his body so tense he couldn't believe muscles hadn't been torn yet.

"No, Berwald, you can't. Trust me, and trust you. You don't have to hold back." His voice trembled and his hands once more showed incredible strength when they forced Sweden's head away from his throat and made him stare directly into Finland's eyes. "Berwald. You can't hurt me. Do what you feel like. We'll take it from there, just please, go on."

It took a few seconds for Sweden to nod and he took a deep breath before he nodded once more and Finland dropped his hands to touch the Swede's sides and brush over his stomach, his nipples while maintaining eye contact. Berwald dipped his head again to plant more kisses and soft bites along the left side of the milky white neck, leaving marks and bruises. Then he lifted his right hand and let the fingers brush over the mouth, tapping on the lips to get them to part. His heart was beating fiercely in his chest as the lips did as wanted, allowing the fingers entrance. A tongue swiftly swirled over them, lips sucking them and a slight whimper escaped the Finn when Sweden growled against his throat and intensified the bite just a bit.

Berwald, stop, Berwald, please, stop yourself, stop, for God's sake, you're hurting him!

But Finland continued coating the long digits in his saliva and he was panting when Sweden gently withdrew them, the small face completely flushed and violet orbs hidden behind slightly quivering lids.

Sweden wasted no time in taking his wet fingers to Finland's entrance and they stopped for a second, tense and crooked, before he forced them to relax and let just one prod at the hole, waiting for the Finn to agree. The vague nod that followed got Sweden to slide the finger inside, past the tight ring of muscles. Finland hissed vaguely but kept nodding, signalizing that Sweden shouldn't dare stop now.

"Tel' me if 't hurts," he begged, voice uncharacteristically deep and edged with lust.

"Of course," Finland whispered and his lips curled in a smile. Sweden waited another few moments for the other to get accustomed to the sensation. Then he began moving the finger, sliding it in and out. In a slow pace, at first, but when he could feel the tightness begin to give in just a bit, he dared to speed up. The Viking in him still tried to get the best of him and make him take Finland right then and there, his cock throbbing and hard again, just as Tino's was. They were both very ready to go again but Finland was far from prepared enough. Sweden was big - in every meaning of the word - and he didn't want Finland to be hurt for anything in the world. Especially not if it was just to give himself a short-timed pleasure.

"Another," the Finn then panted, throwing his head to the side and his eyes closed tightly. Sweden didn't hesitate in bringing in the second finger, pushing it in beside the first and once more past the tight ring of muscle. Finland winced and for a moment, Sweden thought he would be asked to pull them out but it didn't happen. Instead he repeated his former movements, starting slow and gradually sped up until Finland seemed comfortable with two fingers. The Swede stared down at him, the hard and wild shine in his eyes still present but it didn't seem to scare off little Tino as he returned the gaze when he opened his eyes.

"Hurts?" Tino shook his head, smiling softly.

"Nej. Fortsätta," he just said and beckoned Sweden closer, eyes glistening, and took an arm around his neck to hold the bigger man against himself, their chests pressing against each other. "Kyssa mej, Berwald." The Swede wasn't slow in obeying those words, crashing their lips together as well as adding a third finger which made the Finn cry into the other's mouth, the hot cave absorbing the sound.

Soft velvet moved against his own, massaged his and silently told him it was okay, that he was doing great. Sweden nodded faintly, continued to make scissoring motions with the fingers, thrusting them in and out in a gradually accelerating speed until Finland began shaking so much even Sweden knew he was ready. He didn't need the man's words or the stroke of his hard and leaking cock to know that he could go.

And so he did. Pulling out his fingers again, the Swede spat into his hand instead of using the lube they had gotten from Denmark. Finland commented it.

"Denmark gave us-"

"Fuck him," Sweden growled, his voice deep and hoarse, filled to the brim with lust and the wildness so deep-rooted, "don' wanna hear his nam' now."

He coated his throbbing and needy cock with the saliva before lining up with Finland's entrance.

"Klar?" Finland nodded fiercely and Sweden took a firm hold of his hips and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead before pushing inside.

The Finn whined and clenched the Swede tighter, nails digging into his back and shoulders, and Sweden hissed and tautened his grip on Finland's hips, bending his own body forward as he pressed his way inside, burying himself to the hilt before finally holding still. Oh God, Tino was still so tight, even after being prepared. The walls clenched around his cock and he was shivering and so very tense, on the verge on ignoring the pain it would cause Finland if he moved but the man's face already showed pain and he was already wincing, tears beginning to crawl into his eyes.

Sweden saw them and through the haze of lust and wildness he recognized them and their meaning and in a desperate wish to console him, he let a hand drop down between his legs and gently began to stroke his neglected member. It made the Finn whimper and his body tensed again but as soon as he had gotten used to the feeling of having Sweden inside him, it became bearable. Shivering and still uttering low whines and whimpers, Finland nodded to the other, signalizing that he could move. The sounds he let escape his mouth were now full of want, desire and lust.

And Sweden did so.

"Sorry, Tino, I'm so sorry," he whispered while pulling out a little bit, then pushed back inside, hissing once more when he was completely enveloped by the tight heat of Finland and his mind seemed unable to fathom any thoughts, any words that might or might not have escaped the little Finn's whimpering lips. Only the very basic instincts of moving back and forth, in and out, and he did so with a power that only built and a pace that only fastened.

Moans and whimpers filled the room along with the sound of skin slapping against skin, growls ripping from Sweden's throat while Finland mewled. Nails dug further into his back, leaving deep and red marks on the pale skin where they drew long lines.

Adrenaline rushed through Sweden and he could barely breathe right, only vaguely registered how Finland at one point swung his legs around his waist, wanting him deeper, faster, harder, yet not able to say so. His breath was caught in his throat every time Sweden thrust inside him. The Swede shifted position just slightly and it resulted in the Finn giving a cry so loud Sweden wondered if the neighbours had heard it.

"Voi Luoja," the man gasped and his eyes fell shut when he wriggled to try and get Sweden to hit that spot again. "Please, Berwald, again," he begged and Sweden was only happy to comply, shifting again to regain the posture after Finland had moved around. He thrust deep inside again, feeling the tight walls clamp down on his cock, as if trying to deny him access but then not allowing him to get out. Few more thrusts and Finland cried out again, his back arching beautifully and Sweden's fingers gripped harder around the fragile hips, not for a second thinking about the risk of breaking the bones.

Now, when he had found that special spot again, he kept on aiming his thrusts directly at it, slamming mercilessly against that particular bundle of nerves that had Finland mewling and crying and he nibbled at the man's collarbone, nibbled at the throat and the nipples, wherever his teeth could find naked skin, white flesh that would bruise before long.

It didn't take long before Sweden's movements became less controlled and more frantic, more desperate and wilder, searching for the blissful release. He began to snarl and he let go of Finland's hips, something in the back of his mind telling him he would snap the bones if he didn't let go, and he instead grabbed the sheets beside the Finn's head.

"Tino," he snarled, frantically thrusting faster and deeper, yet not at all more contained. The hot pool in his stomach grew again, grew and grew until it became white-hot and unbearable and he stared down at the Finn, eyes narrowing in wild seek for release but he wanted, oh God, Tino should also feel good, that was the most important thing in this. His release didn't matter a single bit if Tino didn't feel good.

"Tino, h-how are you?" He only got a whimper in reply and Sweden stroked the man's cock and licked his neck, nibbled at it before giving a soft bite, all the while he aimed perfectly at the Finn's sweet spot. It all became too much for the small man and with only few more thrusts, he once more cried out, his entire body tensed, his back arching and he came in Sweden's hand, the white liquid splattering over the fingers and his own stomach and chest.

Feeling the already tight heat hug him closer, Finland clamping down on his cock and the tension that was finally released, Sweden followed not long after, growling like an angered dog as he forced himself inside one more time before he also came, spilling into the small man, making the cry continue before it died out with a broken sound and he fell back into the mattress, sweaty and shivering.

Sweden, though, was not quite done. Even if he had already come and he was empty, he kept thrusting into and out of Finland's body, still growling and he only stopped when he felt his own muscles relax and turn into jelly.

For a few seconds, he managed to remain crouching over the Finn, though his arms shook, but in the end, he couldn't keep it up and he fell down beside the other, pulling out with a wet pop.

It could be half a minute they lay there and it could be half an hour. All that Sweden knew was that he at one point rolled to the side and embraced Finland tightly, pressing him tightly against his chest, not caring in the slightest about the sticky substance on the smaller man's body.

And slowly, he felt the blood slow down and he could feel his inner Viking let go of him, letting him return to his overprotective and insecure self.

"Tino? Tino, are you okay?"

"Mmh," the Finn mumbled and looked up at him, eyes clear and wet. He lifted his arms and put them around Sweden's giant body. "Will bruise like hell tomorrow but it was definitely worth it." Sweden's eyes widened in horror and he gingerly pushed the other away a bit to study the places he could remember having attacked. Finland was very right. Already now, bruises and marks started to appear on his neck and collarbone.

"Oh God. Tino, I'm so sorry." He had wanted this to be soft and loving, caring. He had just wanted to make Finland feel good without hurting him and yet, he had given him bruises. That had to have hurt and that was not what he wanted! "I didn't want to hurt you, Tino, I'm so sorry-"

"Berwald," Finland interrupted and put a finger over the blabbering lips, effectively silencing him. "Shut up. You apologize too much." But it was said with a wide smile and he looked genuinely happy. He gave the Swede a quick peck on the lips before nuzzling closer to him. "It was fantastic. You have nothing to apologize for."

"But-" Sweden pointed at the biggest of the bruises and Finland simply laughed.

"Idiot. Now everybody will know who I belong to."

"... Like they were ever in doubt."

For a while, they listened to each other's breathing as it went back to normal, felt each other's body and tried to get closer even if pretty much all of their limbs were already tangled together.

"You know," Finland then said, voice slurred by sleep but he was still awake, "I'm still boss."

Sweden frowned. What was- ... oh, right. Stomping with the foot and the 'Ja'-thing.

"No way. I'm boss, you're the wife."

"So you're saying women are less powerful than men?"

"Rule of nature. Men's muscles are bigger and men are supposed to protect the family."

"Hmpf. Not fair," Finland muttered but there was a chuckle hiding behind the words. It was an idiotic discussion, really. They were both men, Sweden was just a tad stronger. A big tad.

A quick line of thoughts went through Sweden's mind. He knew he wasn't very... experienced when it came to making love and he also very much knew that he wasn't secure of himself in that kind of situation, either. He was confident in basically anything else but it seemed Finland knew a lot more about this subject than Sweden did.

"I'm boss, nej, let me finish, outside of bedroom. You're boss in bedroom. Hmm?" It took a few moments for Finland to react but when he did it was with loud laughter. Sweden let him laugh, even if it embarrassed him, knowing that such kind of offer wasn't very normal.

"And... if I want it outside of the bedroom?"

Sweden felt a chuckle force its way forth and out of his mouth, a deep and warm sound he wasn't used to.

"Then we'll take it from there."

"No, we settle this now. If I'm boss of sex, we have a deal."

"Boss of sex? Oh, how you can put it, Tino," Sweden chuckled and ruffled the other's hair gently, planting a sweet kiss on his forehead. Finland didn't seem affected by it.

"Pleeeease. You can decide anything else!"

"If you eat surströmming just once."

"Forget it, man."

"You can still be boss but no fooling around in saunas that will get me roasted."

"Fooling around in saunas without you getting roasted?" Sweden thought about it for a moment. Well, saunas were extremely hot and it had already been warm enough in here so maybe it wasn't a good idea. But in the end, he decided to give up on the topic, knowing that neither of them would give in anytime soon if it continued like this.

"Fine. You're boss of sex, I'm boss of everything else." Finland made a triumphant sound.


As said; last chapter. It's kind of sad it's done, I think. I liked writing this. I hope you have enjoyed reading and that it hasn't been too boring or out-of-character. A review would be appreciated. :D Oh, also: I know that many people see SuFin as the softest, cutest and fluffiest thing ever (don't worry, I do agree!) but in my mind, Sweden doesn't know a lot about passionate intimacy, therefore resorting to what he does know. Hence why he's… not that soft here. *cough*
nej, jag- = No, I- (Swedish)

Nej = no (Swedish (and Danish))

Jo. Jo, jag kan, Tino, = Yes. Yes, I can, Tino (Swedish)

Nej. Fortsätta = No. Continue (Swedish)

Kyssa mej = Kiss me (Swedish)

Klar? = Ready? (Swedish)

Voi Luoja = Oh God/Oh my God/etc. (Finnish)