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Watching the Sinnoh Pokémon League was tough. Watching the Unova Pokémon League was tougher. Dawn had trouble sitting in her seat with Piplup and Buneary in her lap while her mother Johanna couldn't help but notice her daughter fidgeting. Of course, Dawn would be excited. Her boyfriend, Ash Ketchum was in the Unova Pokémon League competition trying to compete in getting the coveted honor of getting a chance to battle the head of the Elite Four. He had come so close the year before, placing in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh League, but Dawn knew Ash had the talent to win this one. She didn't doubt him for a moment. Dawn was so into the battle on television that she didn't notice that her mother was chuckling at her. Young love, Johanna thought to herself, seeing Dawn interested in the battle only because Ash was about to come on television any moment.

"Dawn, you might want to stop fidgeting." Johanna told her daughter. Dawn, Piplup and Buneary all turned their heads to the mother figure in the room. "I get that you're nervous about Ash battling, but you'll end up on the floor if you don't stop moving around so much." Dawn blushed at her mother, turning back at the T.V.

"Sorry mom." Dawn apologized. "I'm just really excited to see Ash battle in the finals. He could win the whole thing."

"I know he can." Johanna smiled, looking back at her daughter. "By the way, when was the last time that you actually spoke to him?"

"Early this morning, mom." Dawn answered. "I called him before he had to be at the arena to wish him good luck. Sometimes I wish that I was there with him."

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Johanna smiled.

"You didn't say the same thing about dad." Dawn raised an eyebrow, still looking at the television. "Instead you were upset that he was gone for so long." Johanna tensed up a bit. She knew where this conversation with her daughter was going.

"Dawn, we're not going to talk about this now." Johanna lowered her head.

"But we never talk about dad. You won't even tell me where he is." Dawn crossed her arms.

"Because where he is isn't important." Johanna's stern answer meant that the conversation was over. Dawn decided not to press the question any longer and turned back to the television.

"Fine." Was all Dawn said. Johanna sat down next to her daughter, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Why don't we just enjoy the battle that's on T.V, okay?" Johanna's face brightened.

"Do you think that Ash is battling next?" Dawn questioned.

"He might be. The final battle is supposed to be on in 20 minutes." Johanna looked at her watch. Dawn turned to look at the lock, another thing on her mind.

"I wonder if Brock and Gary are watching the battle too."

"I'm pretty sure they are." Johanna said. "They are Ash's friends you know."

"Look, the battle's back on T.V!" Dawn screeched while pointing at the television.

"Buneary!" Buneary covered her ears, giving her trainer an annoyed look. Dawn blushed heavily.

"I'm sorry Buneary. I'm just so excited." Dawn and Johanna looked back to the T.V, watching the final battle of the Unova League take place

Ash Ketchum watched the gigantic jumbo-tron that was plastered in the middle of the Unova League battlefield. He had been waiting for this moment ever since he stepped onto the island of Unova. He was in the finals, hoping that he could win it all. He was looking forward to the battle as well—it was against his main Unova rival Trip. Ash had never been able to beat Trip before, but he was certain that he would beat him this time. However, Ash couldn't lie—he was nervous. Very nervous. It was probably the most nervous he'd had been since knowing he had to battle his main rival (and now good friend) Gary Oak in the Johto Pokémon League. Ash stared at the clock as if time was precious, and was about to stop forever until he heard a familiar call come from his friend, Pikachu.

"Pika, Pi?" Pikachu looked at his best friend with a concerned look.

"I'm fine." Ash turned to his friend, picking him up while scratching behind his ears. "I'm just nervous, that's all which is weird because I've never been nervous before."

"Pika, Pika." Pikachu patted Ash's shoulders, trying to give him a confidence booster. Pikachu had a point. Ash could do this. And even if Ash had lost, everyone would still love him the same, and he wouldn't be a loser. But he had to prove something to himself, to Trip and to all those fans who came to watch. He had to prove to Trip that no one from Pallet Town were considered 'hillbillies'. He had to prove that he was just as good. Ash had to prove that he had been doing this longer than Trip. Pikachu jumped from Ash's arms, raising his small fist up as if he was doing a fist pump.

"Pikachu, we're going to win this!" Ash patted Pikachu's head with a smile.

"Pi, Pikachu!" Pikachu nodded his head.

"Can we have the contestants on the battle field please?" Ash and Pikachu began to walk to their respective side of the battlefield, noticing Trip with his camera along the way.

"Can I ask why you're pointing your camera at me?" Ash turned to Trip, sounding annoyed.

"Because I want to document you before you lose the Unova League." Trip smiled. Ash gritted his teeth as he took his place on the battlefield. Pikachu stood beside Ash, glaring at Trip from across the arena.

"Here are the final two competitors in the Unova League. Standing on one side of the field, it's Ash from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region! On the other side, it's Trip from Nuvema Town in the Unova Region! Both trainers have one Pokémon remaining. Call out your remaining Pokémon and let the battle begin!" The announcer screamed. Its show time, Ash thought to himself.

"Pikachu! I choose you!" Ash yelled. Pikachu ran on the field, getting into a battle stance. Trip grabbed one of the Pokéball's from his pocket, squeezing it hoping that he was making the right move.

"Serperior! Let's go." Trip threw the Pokéball, Serperior popping out of it. Ash looked out at the battleground, a strategy forming in his mind.

"Pikachu, let's start with Quick Attack!" Ash commanded. Pikachu began to run quickly towards Serperior, hoping to attack first. But as soon as Pikachu reached Serperior, Serperior moved out of the way.

"Pika?" Pikachu looked around, trying to find where his foe went.

"Now, use Solarbeam!" Trip yelled out. Pikachu and Ash weren't sure where Serperior went, but out of nowhere, Serperior appeared to attack Pikachu. Serperior unleashed a powerful Solarbeam that sent Pikachu flying across the field.

"Pikachu!" Ash called out to his friend, hoping that he was all right. Pikachu lay on the ground, Ash clenching his fist with worry. He couldn't let Trip win so easily. Just then, Pikachu slowly got up, glaring at the plant Pokémon.

"Use Leaf Tornado." Trip ordered his Pokémon. Ash had to think of something or he was going to lose the battle. For now, Ash had to have Pikachu run away from the attacks. That's it! Ash thought to himself.

"Pikachu! Use Quick Attack and run around Serperior!" Ash commanded. Pikachu quickly did as he was told, running around the Pokémon who was trying to attack. Serperior began to feel dizzy, not sure where to attack the Leaf Tornado and lost control of his power. The Leaf Tornado started heading towards Trip and there was nowhere for Trip to go. Trip jumped out of the way with the Leaf Tornado hitting the wall of the field. Trip slowly got up from the ground, growling at his foe. "Now Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on the ground!" Pikachu obliged with his trainer, releasing a Thunderbolt straight to the ground. Trip raised his eyebrow in confusion. What is he up to now?

"Serperior, use Solarbeam again!" Trip yelled out. Ash and Pikachu had a plan this time.

"Pikachu, use Electro Ball!" Ash yelled. Pikachu's tail started to glow with electricity, an electric ball forming. Pikachu twisted his tail aiming the Electro Ball quickly at Serperior before Serperior had a chance to attack. Serperior flew back into the wall as the Electro Ball hit with full impact. Trip turned his head, mortified that his opponent could have possibly beaten him. Serperior struggled to get up, his eyes opening slowly. Pikachu and Serperior felt exhausted, not sure if either of them could keep the battle up much longer.

"Let's just end this right here." Trip smirked. "Serperior, use Frenzy Plant!"

"Just the move I was hoping for." Ash grinned. "Pikachu jump as high as you can!" Serperior unleashed the Frenzy Plant, but as quickly as Serperior unleashed his attack, Pikachu jumped in the air as high as he could—and just missed Serperior's attack. Trip looked shocked watching Pikachu jump back onto the battlefield.

"What on earth was that?" Trip looked shocked.

"Didn't know Pikachu could jump that high, did you?" Ash smirked.

"No, I didn't know that." Trip softly admitted to himself. He wasn't going to give Ash the satisfaction that he was actually impressed. "Serperior, use Solarbeam!"

"Like I figured." Ash smirked. "Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!" Ash pointed towards his opponent. Pikachu quickly ran towards Serperior while Serperior tried to charge up. Serperior found that it was unable to charge due to the last attack. Electricity engulfed Pikachu as he ran towards Serperior. Serperior looked stuck; he didn't know how to attack next.

"Serperior!" Trip yelled. "Charge up and use Solarbeam!"

"Serperior can't use Solarbeam." Ash simpered. "After using Frenzy Plant, the user needs to let his Pokémon recharge a bit. It can't use any attacks until then." Trip's face turned stone cold. The next thing they knew, Serperior swatted Pikachu with his tail, but not before Pikachu landed smack dab into Serperior with the Volt Tackle. Serperior and Pikachu both fell to the floor, both trainers looking at their respective Pokémon, hoping that one of them could last longer than the other. Slowly, Pikachu began to get up while Serperior also tried to stand tall. In the end, Serperior fell back down, with squiggles in its eyes. Trip backed off for a moment, staring at Ash. He lost. Trip lost the competition. Ash continued to stare at Pikachu who stood back up. The crowd erupted in a ginormous cheer. They had a new winner of the Unova League. Ash stared around at the crowd, dawning that he was the one that won the competition. Ash turned back to Pikachu who looked at his trainer. Like Pikachu said, they won. Ash ran over to grab Pikachu to give him a gigantic hug. "We did it Pikachu! We did it!"

"Pika, Pi! Pika!" Pikachu hugged his trainer tightly. Finally, after all these years of training, Ash and Pikachu were victorious. They won the Unova League! Ash and Pikachu saw cannons of confetti going off, Ash beaming with pride.

"Serperior is unable to battle! Pikachu wins meaning Ash from Pallet Town is the winner of the Unova League Championship!" The announcer screamed over the intercom. Ash looked at Pikachu, thinking this all had to be a dream.

"Pikachu, can you do me a favor?" Ash wondered.

"Pika?" Pikachu wondered

"Can you Thunderbolt me? Please?" Ash asked. "This all can't be real. I didn't really win." Pikachu gave Ash a jumbled look but complied. Pikachu unleashed a Thunderbolt towards his friend but all Ash did was fall over. Pikachu let out a sigh, trying to help his friend up. "Yep, this is real." Ash settled. Pikachu shook his head, a small smile growing on his face. Ash quickly stood up, his face bringing out a huge grin. Ash and Pikachu were led to the stage where they were standing to get their trophy—and to be interviewed by Unova T.V that was being broadcast all over the world! The guys are never going to let me live this down, Ash thought for a moment. He shook that out of his thoughts as he was handed the Unova League trophy.

"Congratulations to Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town for winning this award! Now he had the chance to compete against Alder the head of the Elite Four!" The announcer smiled, looking into the camera. Pikachu waved to the camera, instructing Ash to do the same. Ash was completely in shock. He remembered to at least smile on television so that he didn't look disappointed. Ash quickly let out a grin, showing the world his trophy. "So Ash, now that you've won the Unova League, what are you going to do?"

"I'm thinking of just heading home to the Kanto Region, relax a bit, train my Pokémon and then come back to battle Alder, if it's all right with him." Ash turned his head to Alder who nodded his head.

"Sounds perfectly fine to me." The head of the Unova Elite Four agreed. Ash and Pikachu looked down at the trophy, marveling in the glory. Ash held the trophy above his head, Pikachu helping his best friend. Ash and Pikachu didn't realize Trip watching from the corner with Serperior, a look that didn't match the rest of the coliseum. His face twisted in rage as he clenched his fists. Why did Ash have to be such know it all, Trip thought to himself. He took his camera out of his pocket, snapping a picture of Ash. You think you're so all mighty, don't you Ash Ketchum? Well then, let's see until we meet again. Trip turned around, heading towards the exit of the stadium, not wanting to have to answer questions about Ash and how Ash had beaten him in one of the most important battles of their Pokémon careers. As Trip walked outside of the stadium, he looked at the gigantic screen noticing that Ash was still talking. Just then, pictured on the screen was a girl with blue hair, yellow hairclips and a white hat with a Pink Pokémon emblem on the front. Trip stared at the picture, a smirk on his face forming. Reading the captioning on the television, he realized that the girl was none other than Ash's girlfriend who was all the way in the Sinnoh Region. A plan formed in Trip's mind, but he had to head towards his room to pack before he was going to put the plan into action.

"He won! He won!" Dawn screamed, jumping up and down the living room holding Piplup and Buneary.

"That was some good strategy." Johanna sounded impressed. "He really has proved that he has what it takes to win."

"I have to call him!" Dawn ran to the phone, dialing Ash's number. Dawn turned to the screen to see Ash still on television before it hit her that he wasn't going to be able to answer her call. Dawn put the phone down, looking glum.

"I have an idea." Johanna said, getting up from the sofa. "Why don't you go and visit him in Pallet Town."

"You mean take the ferry and surprise him?" Dawn asked.

"Exactly my point." Johanna turned to her daughter.

"Well, it is going to be Ash's birthday soon. Maybe visiting him will be a good idea." Dawn said.

"That would be a great birthday gift for him. After winning the Unova League, he might want to spend time with you and get some time off from Pokémon."

"That means I have to pack." Dawn started to head up the stairs, a smile forming on Johanna's face.

"What am I going to do with her?" Johanna asked rhetorically. Glameow jumped onto the couch, curling up into a ball with a smile on her face.

"Meow." Glameow responded before taking a well-deserved catnap.

In Professor Oak's laboratory, an Eevee and an Umbreon were busy watching one of the channels on T.V. It had been a busy day in the Pokémon lab, so to keep themselves busy while their owner finished up his work, they put on Unova T.V which had been added to the cable package recently. After watching Ash and Pikachu on stage, accepting their reward, Eevee pointed with a smile. Umbreon raised an eyebrow turning to the screen. He recognized Ash and Pikachu and right away Umbreon turned to the door.

"Umbreon! Umbreon!" Umbreon yelled out. Eevee turned to see what Umbreon was so interested about, but in the midst of trying to get Umbreon's attention, Eevee knocked into the table, knocking over a test tube that was empty.

"Eevee." Eevee became worried. She heard footsteps come towards the room as she cowered to the corner of the room.

"What's wrong Umbreon?" The person appeared in the doorway to reveal none other than Gary Oak. Gary looked at his Pokémon before noticing the broken test tube. "Oh no. What happened to the test tube?" Umbreon turned to the corner to find Eevee still cowering in the corner. Gary walked over to the corner of the lab to see Eevee's guilty face. "Eevee, did you do this?" Gary wondered.

"Eevee." Eevee slowly admitted. Gary let out a sigh and went to grab the broom.

"It's all right, I'll pick it up." Gary assured his Pokémon. "I'm not mad, Eevee. Just be careful next time, okay?" Eevee quickly nodded her head. "So what did you guys call me in here for?" Umbreon pointed to the television, showing Ash and Pikachu still on television. Gary stared at the television for a moment, a smile forming. "So…Ashy boy finally did it." Gary threw out the broken test tube before heading to the phone. "There are some people that are going to be interested about this, aren't they guys?"


"Umbreon!" Gary smiled at his friends, dialing the number of one of his closest friends.

"Zoey? Hey there." Gary leaned against the wall. Umbreon and Eevee turned to one another, sticking out their tongues playfully. After saving Eevee from Team Rocket and the evil Pokémon magician, Gary and Zoey became a couple and although it was hard for them to keep their relationship since they were apart, they still found time to call each other and write. Umbreon sometimes blamed Eevee for the reason that they were together. "Yeah, did you watch Unova T.V? Ash finally did it." Umbreon zoned out from Gary's conversation, looking up at the screen with interest. Eevee and Umbreon were hoping that they were going to be able to watch the competition again. They needed something to keep them busy while Gary practically flirted on the phone. Eevee started to scurry out of the room, Umbreon soon following wondering what Eevee was doing. Umbreon and Eevee exited through the back of the Pokémon lab to where Ash's other Pokémon were, busy as ever. They noticed Ash's Sceptile sitting in one of the trees while Ash's Torkoal took a nap in the summer sun. Eevee couldn't wait to tell the Pokémon the news. Umbreon let out a smile to his friend. Eevee, Umbreon shook his head thinking to himself. Gary reappeared from the Pokémon lab to find Eevee with the other Pokémon. Before Gary could ask what was going on, he turned to see his Grandfather Professor Oak walking towards them. Gary smiled, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Gary, just the person I wanted to see." Professor Oak acknowledged his grandson.

"What's wrong grandpa?" Gary wondered.

"I was wondering if you happened to catch a bit of Unova T.V while working." Professor Oak smiled.

"No, I didn't but Eevee and Umbreon did. They had been watching it all afternoon." Gary pointed to his Pokémon. "Does it have to do with the fact that Ash just won the Unova League?"

"That might have something to do with it." Professor Oak smiled.

"Well we don't want to embarrass him when he gets home, now do we?" Gary chuckled.

"I don't know, I was thinking maybe we shall." Professor Oak joked. Gary knew that his grandfather was kidding, but a plan was forming in Gary's mind. He decided that he should play a little prank on Ash when he got here. Gary wasn't called the king of pranks when he and Ash were in school for nothing. "Oh, but Gary on the serious note, Daisy is coming here." Gary's face suddenly froze as he turned to his grandfather.

"You can't be serious!" Gary exclaimed

"Sorry Gary." Professor Oak apologized. "But she said that she wanted to see you about something."

"Why does she want to see me?" Gary huffed. "I don't want to talk to her."

"I know you don't." Professor Oak sighed. "But, you might want to hear her out. She has something important about her research that she wishes to share."

"Then why can't she talk to you about it?" Gary whined. "I don't want to hear on and on about how she's better than me."

"Gary, you and Daisy need to put this sibling rivalry behind you." Professor Oak sternly told his grandson. "You two are family and you need to start working together."

"Why, so she can tell me that her Pokémon are better than mine?" Gary raised an eyebrow, his voice oozing in disgust. "How her's are stronger and how I'm wasting my time at being a researcher because she's better than me at that too?"

"Gary." Professor Oak said. Gary looked up at his grandfather, seeing his face was serious. "That's enough. You're 17-years old. I shouldn't have to continue getting in the middle of your quarrels with your sister."

"I'm not talking about her anymore." Gary turned his head to focus on Ash's Pokémon. Professor Oak let out a sigh, heading back to the lab. Gary didn't want to hear about his sister. He didn't want to hear about how Daisy was perfect and beautiful and smart. He was tired of living under her shadow. He wasn't' going to do it anymore. He was going to finally become his own person and prove to Daisy that he was just as good as she was—maybe even better.

Later that afternoon, Gary had heard that Ash would be arriving home so he decided to head over to his house to congratulate him in person. He called Ash shortly after the battle to congratulate him, but he felt that it would have been more fitting to do it in person. Eevee and Umbreon followed Gary in tow, excited to see Ash's Pokémon again. Eevee and Umbreon got along well with Pikachu and they wanted to wish Pikachu their congratulations. Gary spotted Ash's mother Delia Ketchum and her Mr. Mime in the garden, planting more flowers. Gary cleared his throat, knocking on the small garden door to get Delia's attention.

"Hi Mrs. Ketchum." Gary called out. Delia turned around, smiling at the boy that she had known for years.

"Good afternoon Gary." Delia smiled.

"Is Ash here?" Gary wondered.

"He's not home yet. He said maybe in the next hour. The ferry was running late from Unova to the Kanto region." Delia explained. Gary held up some treats that his grandfather instructed that he'd bring to Delia and Ash.

"My grandfather made these for you." Gary smiled.

"Thank you sweetie." Delia took the pastries from Gary and opened the garden door. "Why don't you come in the house and wait for Ash there? You wouldn't be the only one that showed up."

"Who else is here?" Gary questioned, his face turning confused.

"Why don't you go inside and find out?" Delia winked at Gary before returning to tending her roses with Mr. Mime. Gary shrugged and led Eevee and Umbreon towards the front door. When Gary entered the room, he spotted some familiar faces.

"No way!" Gary said almost sounding excited. "Brock? Misty? What are you two doing here?" Misty and Brock stood up from their seat to walk to Gary.

"We caught Unova T.V back at the Pewter City Gym." Brock explained.

"And we saw that Ash won the Unova League. We of course had to be here in person in order to wish Ash our congratulations." Misty added.

"Well, he's going to be surprised that were all here." Gary chuckled.

"He is." Brock nodded his head with a smile. "I figured he would have been here by now."

"Ash's mom said that Ash was held up in Unova trying to catch a ferry back here." Gary explained.

"I heard that they were working on some odd schedule." Misty said. "Hopefully he gets here in time so that we can get the celebration started."

"I figured that more people would have come to see him." Gary sounded almost worried.

"May and Max are heading in from Hoenn." Brock assured his friend. "They should be here soon. As for Dawn, we haven't heard from her. Do you think that Ash did?"

"I don't know." Gary said. "He hasn't spoken about Dawn in any of our conversations. I did hear that they were still together just by watching Unova T.V."

"I'd like to meet Dawn." Misty said. "We could finally meet the girl that forced Ash to grow up."

"That's right, you never met her." Brock and Gary looked to their friend.

"Nope, and I would love to." Misty grinned. Brock and Gary were about to say something until the door opened showing Delia entering with Mr. Mime.

"I just spotted Ash down the road." Delia sounded enthusiastic.

"That's great, so what do we do?" Gary wondered.

"Hide, Gary. We hide." Misty instructed. Gary quickly took Misty's cue as he and Brock hid behind the couch. They had hoped that they were in a perfect position where Ash couldn't spot them. They heard the door open slightly and footsteps coming towards them.

"Mom? Is anyone home?" Ash called out. He found it odd that no one was here—or so he thought.

"Pika, Pika?" Pikachu called out as well. Ash placed the trophy down by the door, walking to the kitchen hoping that someone would show up.

"I wonder where everyone is Pikachu." Ash sounded a bit worried.

"Pika, Pi." Pikachu patted his trainer's leg, hearing something. Someone was making sudden movements, which made Pikachu's ears flop up in the air. Pikachu started following the noise, only to find none other than Eevee under the table eating a Poffin that Gary had given her earlier. Apparently, she had chosen the wrong time to eat it. "Pika, Pika, Pi!" Pikachu yelled out in excitement, engulfing Eevee in a hug. Eevee turned to Pikachu, a smile on her face. Ash walked over to see Eevee under his table with Pikachu. If Eevee was here, then there was a good chance that Gary was probably here too. Ash looked behind the sofa to see Brock, Gary and Misty there.

"Well, looks like the cats out the bag." Misty sighed.

"Nice to see you guys." Ash let out a sly grin at his friends. "You know you have to do better at hiding."

"It's not our fault." Gary protested. "Eevee was eating which gave away our cover." Gary gave Ash a pat on his back, pointing to the trophy at the same time. "Way to go Ashy Boy."

"You're going to still call me that after all these years Gary?" Ash tried his best to hide his annoyance.

"Of course, and I'm not going to stop." Gary let out a cocky grin.

"Well, since you found your friends." Ash turned his head to see his mom coming out of the kitchen with a cake in her hand. "We're so proud of you honey."

"Mom." Ash blushed. Pikachu jumped onto Ash's shoulder, looking at the cake.

"Pika! Pi!" Pikachu started to smell something. Could it be? No way. Of course. It was ketchup. In a swift motion, Pikachu jumped off Ash's back to rush to the kitchen. He was hungry and he wanted some ketchup.

"Pikachu, make sure to leave some ketchup for everyone else." Ash instructed.

"Pika, Pi!" Pikachu agreed, heading into the kitchen to look for the ketchup bottle.

"I see Pikachu's ketchup obsession hasn't died down." Misty giggled.

"Nope, not at all." Ash smiled. He looked to his friends, grateful that they were there in this moment. Ash was about to answer when he heard a knock on the door.

"We were expecting more people." Brock informed Ash. Ash walked to the door, curious as to who was on the other side. Ash cleared his throat, opening the door to see who come to visit. Ash's jaw dropped in one instant, surprised and shocked at who was on his doorstep. Dawn, stood before Ash with a grin, glad to see that he was still the goofy teenager that she fell in love with.

"Surprise, hero." Dawn smiled. Ash quickly pulled Dawn in for a hug, not wanting to let go of her. Dawn wrapped her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes.

"I can't believe that you're here." Ash placed his forehead's on Dawn's. Dawn shrugged her shoulders, letting out a smile.

"As soon as I saw the news I knew I had to come here." Dawn explained. "It's not every day that my boyfriend wins the Unova League." Ash felt his cheeks turn red at Dawn's comment. He pressed his lips to hers; glad that everything felt right—but Ash and Dawn didn't notice a figure watching them in the distance, and the figure wasn't there to join in the celebration.