A/N: When we last left our heroes, Ash went out to retrieve the fire crystal himself after an argument with Dawn, causing her and the others to go after him before he did something wreckless. But after finding their way through Mt. Coronet, they were greeted by Cilan, who had the red fire crystal in his possession. In order to keep Ash and Dawn from getting the crystal, Cilan pushed Ash and Dawn to what seemed to be their dooms. What will happen to our heroes? Read and find out!

The teenagers watched in horror at the sight before them; Ash and Dawn spiraling towards the ground after Cilan had pushed them to what seemed to have been their deaths. Not only did Cilan try to kill them, but he also had the fire crystal, bringing Team Plasma one-step closer in taking over the Pokémon World. As Ash and Dawn continued spiraling down, they noticed that a Pokéball from Ash's belt clip came loose, falling to the ground quickly. Gary rushed over to pick up the Pokéball while Ghetsis recovered from the electric attack moments before. Gary looked at the Pokéball, noticing a flame symbol on it, in which all of a sudden, gave him the greatest idea of all time.

"This better work." Gary muttered to himself, throwing the Pokéball in the air. The Pokéball popped open, revealing none other than Charizard, who quickly saw his trainer falling to his doom. Charzard swiftly flew towards Ash and Dawn, catching them on his back while giving Ash his signature stare.

"Charizard! You saved us." Dawn sounded almost amazed.

"But how?" Ash elevated his eyebrows in shock. He then looked down below, seeing Gary holding up the Pokéball that Charizard originally came from. "Thanks Charizard." Ash turned his attention back to his old friend, causing the Pokémon to let out a roar.

"So what do we do now?" Dawn stared over at Ash, hoping that he would have some type of plan.

"What we're going to do now is get that fire crystal back from Cilan." Ash continued to stare at his former friend who was currently standing over the ledge.

"Do you have a plan on how to get the crystal back?" Dawn didn't want Ash to jump in and try to be the hero without a legit plan. That's what had got him in this mess in the first place.

"I'm thinking of one." Ash snapped, but immediately became apologetic. "Sorry, I'm thinking of one." Ash eased his tone a bit.

"Wait a minute. There's one of him and there's two of us," Dawn pointed to him and herself.

"Yeah? So?" Ash shrugged his shoulders.

"We can outnumber him, Ash." Dawn began to sound irritated. "Plus, he'll be outnumbered when it comes to Pokémon."

"That's right." Ash realized. Ash noticed Pikachu sitting on one of the cliffs before patting Charizard on his back. "Charizard, go and get Pikachu." Charizard responded with a growl, flying over to cliff to grab the electric Pokémon. Pikachu quickly climbed on Charizard's back, staring out at Cilan.

"Pika!" Pikachu pointed to the fire crystal. While Ash didn't have a plan, Pikachu had already thought of one.

"Do you think it will work Pikachu?" Dawn sounded skeptical of Pikachu's strategy. "I mean, it seems like almost a long shot."

"Pika! Pikachu, Pika! Pika!" Pikachu's face turned into steely determination, assuring Dawn that this could have been easily the best plan possible.

"All right." Dawn agreed, although her voice was filled with uncertainty.

"So first thing's first, we catch Cilan off guard." Ash continued to keep his eye on Cilan, seeing how he was all alone at the top of the cavern. "Should the other's know about the plan?"

"That would help. Put me down by Paul and Gary and I'll explain everything to them." Dawn said. Ash quickly nodded his head as Charizard flew down next to the trainers, allowing Dawn to jump off and gather Gary and Paul. Ash stared over at Ghetsis, noticing that the man was attempting to get up after being attacked by Electivire. While Ghetsis got back on his feet, Charizard stared him in the eye, prompting the leader to sit back down in shock.

"What on earth is this?!" Ghetsis sounded almost frightened.

"Meet Charizard, Ghetsis. He's here to make sure you play nice." Ghetsis scoffed at Ash's words, continuing to stare at the dragon Pokémon.

"Please, what's this Pokémon going to do? Use flame thrower on me?" Ghetsis cackled.

"No, because that would have been a little too predictable." Ash furrowed his eyebrows, giving Charizard a smirk. Charizard simply got down to Ghetsis's level, and flicked Ghetsis as if he was a piece of lint. Ghetsis rolled to the wall and hit it with a loud force, while Charizard let out a snicker. Charizard's moment was short-lived however, when he turned his head to see Cilan running for his life. "Looks like we're going after Cilan, Charizard." Charizard braced himself, bringing Ash and Pikachu along for the ride. Charizard spotted Cilan heading towards a cave but was able to stop in front of the entrance, causing the trainer to stare the dragon Pokémon in the eye. "Give us the red fire crystal, Cilan!"

"And why should I do anything that you say!" Cilan yelled, focusing his attention on Ash. "Besides, I thought I had ended you!"

"Well, then I guess that you thought wrong." Ash's voice sounded deadly.

"I guess I'm going to have to end you right here and right now." Cilan sounded eerily calm.

"Cilan, what happened to you?" Ash's voice came barely above a whisper. "You were my friend when we were traveling through Unova. And now all of a sudden, you're betraying me in order to help Ghetsis?! I thought you had better character than that."

"You are in no position to judge my character!" Cilan bellowed. "After all, you've done some things that you aren't entirely proud of either. I've been watching you Ash, and I must say I am rather pleased with what you've become. You're deceitful, judgmental and you'll do anything to get what you want."

"That's not true." Ash quickly defended himself.

"So you didn't lie to your girlfriend, basically lie to everyone around you just so you could get this crystal? Just so you could look like the hero?" Cilan scoffed.

"I went to look for the crystal myself because I couldn't take it anymore. Ever since I won the Unova League, everything had been crashing down on me and I felt like I had to be the only person to fix it. You don't know what it's like to be me Cilan. I thought I could handle all this pressure, but in the end, it turns out that I feel like I'm going to fail everyone I ever cared about!" Ash felt his voice crack at the end of his sentence. When he mentioned everyone he ever cared about, the first person that popped into his head was Dawn. He thought about the argument that they had gotten into earlier in the day, and if he could make things right then he would. Ash let out a deep breath, once again wrinkling his eyebrows. "So I need you to hand over that crystal before you do something that you will regret."

"I won't regret a thing Ash, trust me." Cilan sneered. "What do you think you're going to do? You think your Charizard and Pikachu are strong enough to take me on?"

"That was exactly what I was hoping for." Ash emitted a low growl.

"Fine, if you think you could beat me then." Cilan went into his belt clip and pulled out a Pokéball. "Pansage, why don't we entertain our friend." Cilan released the Pokéball, letting out the green monkey Pokémon. "You know Ash; since you think you have so much to prove how about I let you go first. It could get rather exciting."

"That's fine." Ash turned his back towards Charizard who let out a menacing smile.

"Just one rule. You can't use Charizard." Cilan spoke up.

"Why? Are you afraid that Charizard will beat your Pokémon senseless?" Ash crossed his arms, speaking in a taunting tone.

"Fine, don't say I didn't warn you." Cilan smirked, looking over to his Pokémon.

"Now hold on a minute…" A voice that was neither Ash nor Cilan spoke. Ash and Cilan turned their heads to the figure that was on the other end of the cavern, the entrance that Charizard wasn't guarding. "You were going to get the party started without me? Well, that's not right." The figure walked forward, revealing to be none other than Trip.

"Trip! What are you doing here?!" Cilan shouted.

"Looks like I'm not the only one that had the same idea of trying to get the crystal from you." Trip ignored Cilan's question, staring directly at Ash. "Ash, Ash, Ash. You think just because you won the league that you're all that, don't you?"

"Just save it Trip." Ash gritted his teeth. "We all know that you're here working for Team Electric."

"And you know Ash, there is a funny thought." Trip crossed his arms, walking closer and closer to the teenage boy. "You seem to be a bit outnumbered."

"What are you talking about? You and Cilan are on different sides, remember?" Ash pointed to Trip and Cilan to make his point.

"Yes, we may be on different teams, but we both have the same goal, and that is to get rid of you once and for all." Trip noticed Cilan eyeing the both of them, deciding to turn his head and let out a sigh. "Can I help you, you imprudent, injudicious excuse of a triad?"

"Gee, how long did it take you to come up with that saying? I'm so fascinated." Cilan rolled his eyes, feigning interest.

"For your information, it took me three days to figure out what to say to you. I've been watching the both of you, see?"

"Wait a minute, you've been watching us? How?!" Ash blurted out, noticing the both of them were observing his stunned demeanor.

"Ash, apparently I have eyes and I've been watching you." Trip stated the obvious.

"No, I mean who told you where I was. How did you know where to find us?!" Ash wanted information.

"I'm afraid I cannot disclose that." Trip turned to Cilan, walking over with his hand out. "Now if you will give me the fire crystal, I will gladly be on my way."

"Did you really think that you were going to get the fire crystal like that, Trip?" Cilan burst into laughter, wiping his pretend tears.

"It was worth a try." Trip shrugged his shoulders, before getting back to the matter that was at hand. "Well then, if you don't give me the crystal, then I'm afraid that I'm going to have to pry it out of your cold, dead, carcass." Ash turned his head to Charizard, giving him a nod of his head, letting him know it was okay to do what he had to do. Charizard released a gigantic flamethrower towards the two arguing enemies, causing Cilan to drop the crystal as it fell down to the bottom of the cliff.

"The crystal!" Cilan looked over the edge before turning his head back to Ash. Pikachu and Charizard quickly ran over to Ash's aid, equally showing their annoyance and their anger. Pikachu's cheeks started to light up with electricity. The flame on Charizard's tail intensified, showing it's anger to the minions of Team Electric and Team Plasma.

"The crystal is the least of your worries right now." Ash's lethal tone returned. "Now, I'll let you choose how you're going to suffer in pain. You either can get shocked by Pikachu who has over 50,000 volts or get burned by Charizard which I should tell you isn't a fun experience if you make him mad. Now, what's it going to be?" Before anyone could answer, the ground started to rumble, equaling the three enemies to face one another in confusion.

"All right, what's going on here?" Trip yelled at Cilan.

"This isn't us!" Cilan turned to Ash.

"Most definitely not me." Ash answered back. Ash's first intention was to look over the cliff to see if his friends were all right, but one false move and he could go overboard all over again. Ash looked over at the entrance to the cave, noticing a bright orange light coming towards them. Whatever was heading towards Ash didn't look friendly, and Ash was about to find out the hard way for disturbing its slumber. The figure appeared before Ash, Trip and Cilan, glowing a bright orange and revealing to be a bird Pokémon, and that Pokémon was none other than the legendary Pokémon, Moltres.

"I don't believe it." Trip whispered.

"That's Moltres." Cilan's eyes widened while Ash stared at Charizard and Pikachu.

"Pika, Pika…" Pikachu muttered. This most definitely wasn't a part of the plan. The gang didn't even know that Moltres was going to be here.

"I think it's time that I get the crystal for Team Plasma and get out of here." Cilan smirked, running towards the end of the cliff to find out where the crystal had landed, but he didn't get very far when he noticed Dawn and Irene on Irene's Altaria with Dawn holding the crystal in her hand. "Well, this should be like taking candy from a baby. What's a young girl going to do about us taking the fire crystal?" Dawn shook her head, emitting a smile towards Cilan.

"There's something that you don't know Cilan. I'm not just an ordinary girl. If you forgot, my mom's a top coordinator and my boyfriend is the Unova League Champion. I had to have learned something from either one of them." Dawn took out a Pokéball, throwing it up in the air. "Pachirisu, use discharge!" An electric squirrel Pokémon came out of the Pokéball, staring over at Trip and Cilan, it's cheeks lighting up with blue electricity.

"It looks like we're going to have to fight fire with fire. Pikachu, use Thunderbolt." Ash instructed his friend. Pikachu's cheeks started emitting yellow electricity, hitting both Cilan and Trip in one blow. Pachirisu emitted his electricity moments later, sending the two minions from Team Electric and Team Plasma blasting off into the air. As Cilan and Trip disappeared, Ash and Dawn stared at one another with Dawn giving her boyfriend a feeble shrug.

"I guess we sent them off Team Rocket style." Dawn let out a small smile towards him.

"We should probably copyright that. That way, Team Rocket would have to feel of some importance." Ash released his own grin, joking along with her. Ash and Dawn almost forgot about Moltres, who was currently in a staring contest with Ash's Charizard. Ash broke eye contact with Dawn, heading over to talk to the legendary Pokémon. "Hi Moltres. Look, I know that it looks bad, but all I want to do is protect the crystal from Team Electric and Team Plasma. They want to use the crystal for bad things, which could end the Pokémon world, and all I want to do is help you. So will you please let me help you save the world of Pokémon? If they ever find the rainbow crystal then you will cease to exist, as you know it. The only way to save you is if you let me take this crystal. As soon as we stop them for good, I promise that I will return it." Moltres continued to look at Ash, as if the Pokémon was observing him. After a moment of contemplating, Moltres nodded its head in agreement, the anger in its face vanishing. Moltres bent its head towards Ash, allowing the trainer to pet it in reassurance. Ash and Moltres gave each other a warm smile before Ash started walking off with Charizard and Pikachu in tow. Charizard turned back around, noticing that Moltres's face had hardened towards it, clearly not appreciating the staring contest that happened moments before. Charizard relented, turning back around to walk with his trainer. Charizard picked up Ash and Pikachu while Altaria led Irene and Dawn back to the ground, where Gary and Paul were currently watching over Ghetsis.

"So, did you get the crystal after you singlehandedly almost blew our chances?" Paul harshly asked Ash. Deep down, Ash knew that Paul was right. Because of him, both Team Electric and Team Plasma would have gotten away with the crystal. But luckily he was able to learn from his mistake and prevent a catastrophe from happening—for now.

"Yeah, I got the crystal." Ash turned to Ghetsis, his eyebrows furrowing. "So what are we going to do about him?" As if on cue, Charizard walked over to pick up the man that looked to have been the second in command of Team Plasma, and threw him up in the air, in the same hole that Trip and Cilan had blasted off in moments before.

"Well, that looks like it answers your question." Gary stuffed his hands in his pockets, staring over at Ash. Ash suddenly felt guilty, turning to Irene with an apologetic look on his face.

"I'm sorry I took your bracelet Irene. I thought that I could have stopped Team Plasma on my own, but then I didn't calculate that Team Electric would have been here." Ash held the bracelet for Irene to take. After a moment of thinking over whether or not to accept Ash's apology, she took the bracelet and flashed him a grin.

"At least you got the crystal. And I have to admit, your Charizard is ultra-killer." Irene gaped over the fire type Pokémon.

"Thanks, we've been through a lot together." Ash patted Charizard on the side while the Pokémon beamed. Charizard turned to his owner, unleashing a gigantic flamethrower to let him know that he was happy to have been used by him once again—and as a punishment for almost losing the crystal the first time. "Okay, I guess I deserved that." Ash grimaced while looking at his Pokémon, who simply let out a grin.

"Yeah, you did." Paul shrugged his shoulders but then let out a small grin, which was odd even for Paul. "But at least you made our job a little easier and now we only have to find two more crystals."

"The water one and the electric one, in which the electric one is the key to this whole ordeal." Gary added on.

"So which one do we find next?" Dawn wondered.

"I would suggest that we go and we find the water crystal. But we're going to have to ask Cynthia and Alder where the location is." Gary turned his attention to Ash who suddenly looked remorseful again.

"That means that I have to own up to my mistake." Ash let out a sigh.

"Mistake or not, we have the crystal." Paul tried assure him. "As long as we have the crystal, you won't get in humungous amounts of trouble."

"Not by Cynthia and Alder I won't." Ash admitted, turning his attention to Dawn. "But by my mother, I'll be grounded forever. I just hope Cynthia and Alder haven't told her—yet."

"Well then, I guess that we better head back to Irene's house in order for you to own to your mistakes." Irene's cousin Debbie popped out of nowhere and added.

"All right, just who are you?!" Paul yelled. The others ignored Paul's shouting match with Debbie as they headed towards the exit of Mt. Coronet. One crystal down, two to go.

Ash and the others had reached Irene's house by the time that it had gotten completely dark. By observing out the window, Ash noticed Cynthia and Alder pacing while the girls (plus Brock and Max) looked as worried as ever. Ash ran his fingers through his hair, afraid of how he was going to approach this. Ash didn't expect Dawn to put a hand on his shoulder, which slightly eased him.

"I'll go in there with you. That way you won't be on your own when you get mobbed with questions." Dawn suggested. Ash stared over at her, seeing her sapphire eyes glisten in the moonlight. Ash continued to stare at his girlfriend before taking her hand and letting out a sigh.

"All right, I can do this." Ash sighed. Ash and Dawn slowly entered the house while Cynthia, Alder and the girls turned towards the doorway. Misty got up from the sofa, walking over to her longtime friend. At first, she gave him a small smile as he showed the crystal that was in his pocket—and then she slapped him hard on his arm. "OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Ash yelled.

"That was for worrying us, you jerk!" Misty yelled. "You don't realize that what you did was completely irrational, stupid and to top it all off, dangerous!"

"At least I got the crystal." Ash shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, you could have been a little more careful next time." May traversed her arms, walking over to her friend.

"What if you needed our help?" Brock spoke up.

"What if you were killed?" Max added.

"Well, I wasn't. I got the crystal. I'm sorry if I worried you, but I felt like this was something that I needed to do." Ash sighed. He turned to Cynthia and Alder, ready to accept whatever punishment they were willing to give him. Instead of Alder and Cynthia being mad, they simply smiled at him.

"Well, as long as you're all right Ash. That's all that matters." Cynthia said.

"And as long as you got the crystal." Alder added. Ash showed the Sinnoh and Unova Champions the crystal, which Cynthia took into her hands, placing it in one of the pouches that she carried.

"But next time, if you're going to go and get the crystal, you might as well let us come and help you." Cynthia said.

"I promise." Ash nodded.

"Well, now that the fire crystal has been obtained, it's time for us to get the water crystal." Alder said, the teenagers' all staring at him. "Oh, Dawn. You might want to let the others in so they can hear this. I know they were standing outside in case we got into a yelling match with their friend." Dawn nodded her head, opening the door for Gary, Paul, Irene and Debbie.

"It's okay, you can come in now." Dawn assured them. Gary and Paul nodded their heads, entering the room while Irene and Debbie stood by the doorway.

"Now, the water crystal is located in Hoenn. Sootopolis City." Adler said while the others stared at him.

"Where it Sootopolis City?" Paul raised his hand to ask.

"It's located in a crater that was formed by a volcano. There's a tale that many years ago, an underwater volcano erupted and forced itself from the depths to create a crater. The crater emerged from the sea and became filled with rainwater. One of the few ways to get there is either to dive in the underwater cavern or to fly. It's also said that Sootopolis has a great nighttime view." Max recited as if it was almost from memory.

"That's correct Max." Cynthia applauded. "That means to get there; we're going to need water Pokémon."

"Which probably isn't a bad thing for Buizel since he stowed away from the lab with Bulbasaur." Dawn mentioned to Ash. Ash let out a weak laugh, staring at his friends.

"Yeah, I don't think I'm going to forget that." Ash looked over to Dawn while Cynthia nodded her head.

"Now, I suggest that we eat before we hit the hay. Tomorrow we have to leave bright and early if we're going to want to catch the next ferry to Hoenn." Alder instructed.

"Sounds like a good idea." Dawn nodded her head while the others agreed. Dawn started to walk to the kitchen to see if Irene's mother still had some food left over from earlier, while Ash simply stared at her. Paul walked over to Ash, giving him a knowing look.

"You might want to talk to Dawn about the argument you guys had earlier." Paul suggested.

"Is there a reason why?" Ash wondered, shaking his head in confusion.

"Well, because after you stormed out when you brilliantly decided to get the fire crystal on your own." Paul took that moment to rub everything in. "Dawn entered the kitchen while we were eating, and she started crying because she thought that you didn't care about her." Hearing Paul's words made Ash feel guilt-ridden all over again.

"She did?" Ash could barely speak.

"Not only that." Misty walked up from behind to give Ash some more insightful details. "Did Dawn ever tell you what she wanted to get you for your birthday?"

"No, she never told me." Ash shook his head, thinking back. "She kept telling me how she wanted to get me something amazing but she never went into details. Do you know what it is?"

"I don't." Paul honestly said, but after seeing Misty looking hesitant on whether to tell Ash, his eyes widened. "Misty, do you know anything about what Dawn wanted to get Ash for her birthday?"

"This is kind of an embarrassing subject to say aloud." Misty leaned over to Ash's ear in order to whisper incoherent words. Ash's eyes widened at Misty's answer as he turned his head in surprise.

"That's what she wanted to get me?" Ash said almost a little too loud.

"Shh…she wanted to be the one to tell you." Misty instructed. Ash looked over to Dawn who was still in the kitchen, talking to Brock and Zoey about the latest encounter with Team Plasma, and how she was gushing over Ash's Charizard. Ash found himself in a love-struck daze, staring over at her as if she were a priceless jewel. "So do you want to know what I think?"

"What do you think?" Ash asked after taking a moment.

"I think you should try to get to say it." Misty said. "I mean, get the ball rolling. If you want, you could talk to her in private." Ash thought about Misty's words for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.

"All right, I think I'll do that." Ash agreed. Ash walked over to the kitchen while Paul headed next to Misty, watching his once rival make a move.

"So what was that you were mumbling about?" Paul wondered. Misty let out a small grin, placing her hand in Paul's while gazing into his eyes.

"I don't think that's important to know right now." Misty assured him. "It's between Ash and Dawn. But you know, I saw some stars in the sky earlier. Why don't we go out to Irene's backyard and see if we could find different types of Pokémon in the sky?" If someone had asked Paul this question six months ago, he would have given a hard laugh followed by a rude no. Now, it was one of his favorite things to do, with Misty at least.

"You're on carrot top." Paul affectionately said. "I bet I can find more Pokémon in the sky than you can."

"Oh, I wouldn't count on that." Misty spoke as she led Paul to the back so they could stargaze together.

Ash entered the kitchen, seeing that Dawn was knee deep in a conversation. He folded his arms, watching patiently as Zoey and Brock listened to every word Dawn had said. Dawn noticed Ash from the corner of her eye, giving him a smile, while Zoey and Brock greeted Ash warmly by inviting him in the discussion.

"Hey, do you mind if I talk to Dawn for a moment?" Ash questioned. Brock and Zoey gave each other a quizzical look before nodding their heads in agreement.

"Sure." Zoey smiled, but before either of them could leave, Ash grabbed Dawn's arm and led her out of the kitchen. Ash led Dawn to the guest room that Karissa had given them for the night, closing the door behind him.

"Was there something that you wanted to talk to me about?" Dawn wondered. Ash walked closely to Dawn, snaking his hand around her waist.

"I'm sorry." Ash apologized, placing his forehead on hers. "I'm sorry for making you cry."

"Wh…what?" Dawn croaked out, staring into Ash's eyes.

"Misty told me that you cried after our argument in which I stormed out." Ash explained, placing one of his hands on her cheek. "That was the last thing I ever wanted to do to you, to make you cry."

"I was overacting when I was crying; it's not your fault." Dawn tried to assure him, but Ash wasn't satisfied with her answer.

"I don't want to be one of those guys that make you cry because I say something that's hurtful. Look, you aren't a burden. I guess that I had so much pressure on my shoulders that I said all the wrong things." Ash shook his head, seeing Dawn was still staring deep into his eyes. "You make me feel alive inside Dawn. I never understood what being in love felt like and lately, I've known what it feels like—because I met you." Dawn felt tears come to her eyes, not even bothering to wipe them away. "Dawn, you don't have to cry." Ash assured her, but she shook her head, a smile appearing on her face.

"Ash, I'm not crying because I'm sad." Dawn explained. "I'm crying because that was the sweetest thing you've ever said. No one has ever told me that, and honestly, I didn't know you had it in you to say something so mushy."

"Well, I do." Ash playfully rolled his eyes, causing Dawn to give him a wide smile.

"You don't have to apologize for what happened earlier. Can't we just put it behind us?" Dawn wondered.

"Gladly." Ash agreed. Ash continued to stare at Dawn for a minute, shaking his head in disbelief.

"What?" Dawn automatically sensed that Ash was being too quiet.

"I don't know what I did to deserve such a girl like you." Ash shook his head. "I feel so lucky."

"You feel lucky?" Dawn broadened her eyes. "I…I feel lucky! I sometimes wonder what it is you see in me."

"I see someone that makes me want to challenge myself every day." Ash admitted. "You make me want to be a better person, and there is no one in the world that I would rather be with. I don't need anyone else Dawn. All I need is you. They say that it could take a lifetime to find the one, but I think I already found her." Dawn wrapped her arms around Ash's neck, engulfing him in a sweet, loving kiss. The kiss began to turn passionate; with Dawn hoping that she was playing this right. This was how she pictured telling Ash that she wanted him, how she didn't have to second guess her decision, that she knew that he was the one that she wanted to give herself up for. Dawn broke the kiss for the moment, her breath sounding shaky.

"There's something that I need to tell you." Dawn slightly whispered while staring into Ash's eyes.

"I know." Ash said.

"You do?" Dawn slightly gasped.

"Yep." Ash continued to look into his eyes, almost certain that this was the moment he was waiting for. "But, I want you to tell me what it is." Dawn continued to stare into Ash's eyes, wondering if she should make the move. What should she do? She had never been in this kind of situation before. Dawn took one deep breath and while staring into her boyfriend's eyes, she undid the buttons on his vest, before taking it off and throwing the vest to the floor. Ash let out a small smile before pressing his lips to Dawn's, holding her tightly, before removing his lips and placing his forehead on hers. "Are you sure this is what you want?" Dawn didn't even have to think twice about Ash's question.

"Of course." Dawn said with a smile, removing Ash's cap before giving him a passionate kiss, to let him know that this was the time to take the next step in their relationship.

Irene sat outside of her house staring out at the sky. She was still processing everything that was going through her mind, and still contemplating whether she should tell her mother what was going on. Her mother had the right to know about what happened on Mt. Coronet, but she figured that maybe this would have been a great time to stay quiet about everything. As Irene looked up into the sky, she heard a rustling come from the bush, which somewhat startled her. Irene stood up from the steps, walking over to the bush before letting out a shriek. When she backed away, the figure that came out was Cress, a person that Irene was hesitant to trust.

"Cress, what are you doing here?" Irene wondered. "Shouldn't you be back with Team Plasma, trying to locate the fire crystal?"

"I should, I suppose." Cress sounded calm, walking over to Irene with a smile. "But, there was some business that I had to take care of first."

"Like what?" Irene scoffed, turning her head and walking back to the door.

"I want you to join Team Plasma!" Cress yelled out, causing Irene to turn around.

"What?" Irene spat out.

"I want you to join Team Plasma. Think about it Irene, together you and I could be the most powerful duo that ever existed." Cress tried to convince her.

"Why would I want to join Team Plasma?" Irene started heading back towards the house. "You plan on using the Pokémon World for evil! You plan to wipe out all of the important creatures that live among us. And for what? For power? For greed? No thanks. I already have my team and it's to stop the likes of you and Team Electric from ever reaching your goals!" Cress continued to stare at Irene, before his eyebrows creased in anger.

"Fine, if you won't join me, then consider this friendship over. The next time I see you, I will battle you as strongly as my brothers will!" Cress turned around and ran back into the bushes. Cress didn't notice Irene holding on to the locket around her neck, and tears streaming down her face, upset that her fears became a reality. That her friendship with Cress—was shattered and broken.

A/N: It looks like our heroes were successful in getting the fire crystal with Dawn and Ash finally taking their relationship to a new level. But it wasn't a happy ending for them all as Irene now has to deal with Cress as her enemy. And now, our heroes must focus on retrieving the water crystal from Sootopolis City in Hoenn. What will happen on our heroes journey to find the Water Crystal? Coming up on Pokémon: The Electric Project!