A/N: Okay. I'm sorry but I decided to rewrite this story. The first one wasn't good enough so, I had to start over. Here's the first chapter.

Tif and (Name) stood in the hallway staring. They shook their heads not because they couldn't believing what they are seeing.

"You're seeing what I'm seeing right Tif?" (Name) asked her. "It depends on what you are talking about? That hot teacher's ass or Ginpachi?" She looks at Tif. "You're looking too huh?" Tif smile. "Oh yeah... But I know what you are talking about."

They continue to stare down the hall. A ton of girls stood crowed around Ginpachi. They were laughing and giggling. Some were actually flirting with him.

"Tif who are they?" (Name) asked. "New college students. Fresh out of high school." Ginpachi continues to laugh and talk to the girls. When he looks at (Name) she turn away from him. He laugh. "You're still not talking to Ginpachi Sensei?" Tif asked. "Nope. He has been an ass lately. And I hope he chokes on his lollipop." Tif laugh. "You two are at it again? This is some high school shit. Grow up." "But he started it." Tif roll her eyes. "Well you know he's childish. Be mature and end it. I can't believe Ginpachi is popular now. Those girls are stupid. They act like they never seen a teacher with old people hair." (Name) nods. "Or, they could be crowded around him because someone leak his age again." Tif nods.

"Ginpachi Sensei is so handsome. I got his class next semester," a female student said. "You are so lucky. He's so hot. You know he doesn't have a girlfriend. I am so in there. I'm going to be his girlfriend soon." Tif and (Name) stare at her like what did she say? "No, I'm going to be his girlfriend."

The two students started arguing while walking down the hall. (Name) and Tif mouth flew open.

"Did you hear that Tif?" (Name) asked her. "I sure did. I want to date him-I mean... You should have smack both of them then told them that Ginpachi is your boyfriend." (Name) sigh. "I know. I wanted to but I couldn't." She leans towards Tif and whispers. "Ginpachi and I decided to keep our relationship a secret remember?" Tif nods. "Oh yeah..." "Even though were in college and I'm old enough. There is no teacher and student dating on this campus. I don't want to get him fired." "Yeah you're right."

Ginpachi walks pass them. Following him were the annoying giggling freshmen girls. Tif and (Name) shook their heads. "Come on, let's go to homeroom."

When homeroom started. The door slams open. "Alright class let's get this started. Welcome to another year of school. I call it Hell. Those who don't know my name is Mr. Sakata. You can call me Ginpachi Sen-" Ginpachi stop talking. He looks around seeing his homeroom for this year is the same students he had last year and the year he taught high school.

"What the fuck? Are you serious?" He said them. "What?" Shinpachi asked. "You guys again? For the third year in the row?" The class stare at him. "Well, yeah." Ginpachi threw his attendance sheet on the floor. "GOD DAMMIT? Why every year do I have to get you brats for homeroom? Huh?!" "Because you like us?" Kagura said. "HELL NO! I don't like you brats!" Ginpachi shouted. "Ginpachi... We don't like you neither motherfucker," Sougo said without a care. The class laugh. "And if you're not going to pass that joint then don't come in here smoking," Toushi told him. "For the last time. It's a damn lollipop!" Ginpachi shouted. "Stop lying Ginpachi Sensei. Just tell us that your smoking marijuana and you don't want to pass it. It's cool man," Kagura him. "Ginpachi is smoking a blunt..." Sougo said laughing."That's illegal!" Shinpachi said. "I knew I have smelt something funny." Tae-chan said. "Smoking weed Sensei? Damn, you think you know a guy," Katsura told them. "All of you just shut the hell up! This is a lollipop. A LOLLIPOP!" "Stop lying," Kagura told him. "If you pass it we won't snitch on you," Toushi said. "You're a crack head Hijikata," Sougo said. "I can't believe I got your brats again. What the hell did I do to deserve this? Another year of this shit," Ginpachi said. "Another year of Ginpachi Sensei you guys," Sougo said. The class sigh loudly. "They need to give us a better teacher." "I know right?!" The class shouted. "Shut the hell up!" Ginpachi shouted back.

After sitting a few more classes Tif and (Name) walks around the school. She sigh.

"Another year," (Name) said. "Yeah...*Sigh* Why us?" Tif asked her.

"I don't know Tif. I don't know."

They laugh then heard giggling and laughter down the hall. Female students continue to talk to and follow Ginpachi Sensei around the school.

"There goes Ginpachi again. With his groupies," Tif said. (Name) shook her head. "Ugh... I don't like him right now," (Name) said glaring his way. "What started the argument between you two?" Tif asked. "He was being a dick as usual." "Meaning?" "We was talking at his apartment and the conversation lead to an argument. He called me an immature little brat. Then when I said I want to be alone. He said so leave you damn brat. After that he kicked me out his apartment." Tif gasp. "No he didn't." "Yes he did. So I got mad then keyed his car." Tif laugh. "Seriously? Damn..." "Yup. Now he's upset and he wants me to apologize. Hell no. I would never apologize to him. He's just using the girls to make me jealous." Tif stare at her. "Are you jealous?" "Yes. But I don't care. I'll continue to ignore him."

A teacher ran towards Ginpachi then started talking to him. They watch his expression change from boredom to excited. The two teachers walk down the hall quickly.

"What was that all about?" Tif asked. (Name) hunch her shoulders. "Who cares," she said. Tae-chan ran towards them. "You guys..! Have you heard?" She told them. "Heard what?" Tif asked. "Tsukuyo is here." They were surprise. "What? You mean Tsukuyo the Art teacher? From high school?" (Name) asked panicking. "Yeah, she just transfer here today. She'll be working here for now on. Isn't that exciting?" (Name) eyes widen. "No! Where's Ginpachi?" (Name) shouted while looking worried. "Why?" Tif asked. Tae ran off. "Because I don't want Tsukuyo and him to meet." Tif look confused. "Why? Oh... I remember, you're were jealous like last time. And now you're jealous again." (Name) stare at her. "N-No I'm not." Tif put her hands on her hips. "You thought they were dating in school..." "Not now. I have to go find him before he falls for Tsukuyo the Art teacher...!" (Name) ran off. "Girl! Get back here! Nothing is going to happen if Ginpachi see her again."

(Name) ran down the hall while scanning every classroom. ("Nope, nope. Dammit. Where is he..?!") After she turn the corner she spots Ginpachi. "There he goes. And no Tsukuyo in sight." She sigh in relief then ran towards him with a smile on he face. "Ginpachi...?" When she for closer she slow down then stop. She frown. He is already speaking to Tsukuyo with a smile on his face. Like he is happy to see her. She smile then touch his shoulders. (Name) drop to her knees then yells. "NOOOO-"

"Would you be quiet. Other classes are going on," A teacher told her. (Name) continues to shout but quietly. "Sorry. Noooo..." She whispered.