Author's Note: this is my first Vampire Diaries fan fiction. I would have written one long ago but I have a problem of mixing up fact and fiction when it comes to TV shows like this. But I've decided that I really want to do this. It's a Delena story because I ship that couple.

So basically, this based from the season 2 finale all the way to season 4. I initially wanted to stop at season 3 but then a very significant event happened in Damon and Elena's relationship and that is that Stefan and Elena broke up.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

I Loved You Too Much

Elena's Point Of View

Damon was dying. Tyler had bit him that day in the woods and now he was dying. I didn't know what to do. Stefan and Bonnie were trying unsuccessfully to find a cure for him and Caroline was downstairs in case Damon started hallucinating again and attacked me. I was sitting in his bed with his head cradled in my lap and tears were streaming down my face.

"I've done so many things to hurt you Elena. I'm so sorry." Damon rasped.

"It's okay. I forgive you." I murmured.

"You should have met me in 1864. You would've liked me." He managed before dissolving into a fit of coughing.

"I like you now. Just the way you are" I whispered back to him.

He was going to die. I decided that I had to do one thing for him. I gently pushed myself up on my elbow and pressed my lips gently against his. I loved Damon. I did. It's just that Stefan was my boyfriend and I knew it was wrong to have feelings for Damon while dating Stefan but I could not help it. The heart wants what the heart wants. Anyway, Damon was dying. I didn't matter anymore.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." I smiled slightly at him. I could see the immense pain he was in when I looked at his face. I wanted to do something. Doing anything would be better than to sit here and wait for him to die. A small voice in the back of my head made me rationalize what I was thinking. Stefan and Bonnie had already tried everything. The only thing I could do was to sit and be here for him in his final moments.

"You should go."

"No. Damon, I'm not leaving you. I'm not."

I hugged Damon harder and my tears began to fall faster. Just then, Stefan burst into the room.

"Oh thank God brother. Get her out of here will you?" Damon groaned as another wave of pain took over him.

"What? No. Damon! I said I was going to stay!"

"I'm going to die Elena. I don't want you to see that. Go home. Please." He begged.

Stefan approached me and firmly took both of my hands in his. "C'mon Elena. Lets go."

"Stefan let go of me! Stop it!" I yelled.

Stefan ignored me and threw me over his shoulder. He brought me down to the living room where Caroline was and then put me down.

"Caroline, do me a favor and take her home will you? Oh, and make sure she stays there."

Caroline nodded and took my hand gently.

"Stefan! Don't do this! He's my friend! He's my friend and he's dying! Stefan!" I screamed at him.

Caroline tugged at my hand and forced me to follow her out of the house and into her car. She took me home and waited till I was in my room safely.

"I'm so sorry Elena. I just..."

"Just stop Caroline. It's not your fault."

Caroline looked torn and she lingered for another minute before she went downstairs.

Stefan's Point Of View

Elena was making this so hard. With her crying and screaming and struggling. I didn't want to forcibly remove her from the house but Damon was going to die and both of us did not want to put her through the trauma of watching that. It was for the best.

"Hey. How you doing?" I asked.

"Never better brother. I bet I could still beat you in a fight."

"Always the humor Damon. Listen, I'm so sorry. I did my best. I tried so hard to find a cure for you but I could not. I'm sorry." I felt so awful for not being able to save him. Now my brother was going to die a painful death and it was all my fault. I made him turn after all. If he had died in 1864, this wouldn't be happening.

I was interrupted from my self-loathing with the sound of a voice. I looked up in surprise to see Katherine leaning against the door frame with a tiny bottle in her hands.

"Well that's a touching sight." She remarked.

"What are you doing here Katherine? Klaus released you?" I asked in shock as I slowly stood up and walked toward her.

"Something like that. He wanted me to bring you this. And he wanted me to tell you that he hopes this could be a peace offering for killing your girlfriend.

She handed me the bottle. There was blood in it. "What is this?"

"It's the cure. Klaus heard about Damon dying and decided to help him. He has plans for you to become his partner in crime in the future. At least that's what he said."

"Hello? Dying over here!" Damon coughed out.

"Well my work is done here. I'm not sticking around." Katherine said before she spun around on her heels and took off.

"Wait. Before I give this to you. I want you to promise me something."

"What the hell? What do you want?"

"I want you to leave Mystic Falls. You have feelings for Elena and I know she has feelings for you. But she is my girlfriend. If I save you, I want you to leave tonight. I don't want you to even say goodbye because she will get very upset." I explained

"You can't ask that of me Stefan."

"Then I guess I'll just leave you to die then." I got up from the side of the bed me made my way to the door.

"Wait! Okay. Okay. I'll leave. Just give me the damn cure." He begged

I went over to him, uncorked the small bottle and poured the blood down Damon's throat. He instantly began to regain his strength. I could see the pain slowly leave his face. He relaxed as the life began to flow back into him. It was cruel to use this against him like that but it was necessary. Elena would never be able to commit herself fully to me if he was around and I loved her too much to let her go. With Damon out of the picture, Elena and I could go back to having the relationship we did before Damon showed up and when she still hated him.

"How you feeling Damon?" I asked.

"Great. I'm well. It cured me. That blasted hybrid's blood actually heals werewolf bites. Amazing..."

"I'll go get you some blood." I left the room and went down to get blood from our store for him.

Damon's Point Of View

He asked me to leave Mystic Falls. He asked me to leave Elena. I didn't want to agree. How could I? But then it occurred to me that I was not dating Elena. She was not my girlfriend and she was too moral to dump Stefan to be with me. If I refused the cure and let myself die, I would be dying for nothing. Sure Elena had feelings for me. But she would never admit it. She may have kissed me earlier but quite honestly, she thought I was going to I took the cure. I promised Stefan that I would leave.

I began packing. I shoved clothes into a bag and contemplated how my life was going to change. How could Stefan do this to me? I never thought that one day he might actually blackmail me like that. I was so close to shutting off my humanity again. I craved the numbness that came with it. And just like that, I flipped the switch.

Taking my bag in one hand, I walked stoically out of the room and out the door. Stefan saw me just as I was leaving. I looked at him and without a word, I kept on walking.